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Tips for making the most of your money when buying products and services from others.

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Roll of Plastic Wrap

Use Winterizing Plastic As Shrink WrapThis is a page about use winterizing plastic as shrink wrap. When heat is applied to this type of window covering plastic, it will shrink. It can be used to cover craft projects and hard to wrap gifts.


Autographed Jersey

Setting Permanent Marker on ClothesWhether you are assigning or decorating clothing, sometimes you want that marker not to be washed away. This page is about setting permanent marker on clothes.


A senior man wearing a hearing aid.

Hearing Aids for Low Income Seniors?This page is about hearing aids for low income seniors. When you no longer hear clearly, communication can be a challenge. Hearing aids can be expensive and not the priority it should be.


Plug-in Air Freshener

Refilling Glade Plug-insThere has been a lot of discussion over the years about how to refill Glade Plug-ins rather than throwing them in the trash. This page collects advice about refilling glade plug-ins.


Saving Money on Address Labels

Saving Money on Address LabelsThis is a page about saving money on address labels. Address labels are a luxury that is nice to have if you send a lot of mail.


hair spray

Uses for HairsprayThis is a page about uses for hairspray. There are are a few things you can do with hairspray when you need a substitute for other products.


A stained wood flooring in an empty bedroom.

Luan Plywood FlooringThis is a page about luan plywood flooring. This tropical wood flooring is less expensive than laminates. As an underlayment it is smooth level and firm.


Woman with a Leg Cast

Underwear to Wear with a Leg CastThis is a page about underwear to wear with a leg cast. When someone unfortunately breaks their leg, they may be unable to wear pants and underpants that they are used to.


Putting a fitted sheet on a bed.

Buying Fitted SheetsMany people wear out their fitted sheet long before the pillowcases or top sheet. You can buy sheet pieces separately at many stores. If you can't find a match, you can use a contrasting or coordinating color instead.


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Who Makes Private Selection Rosemary Crackers?What bakery produces Kroger Private Selection Brand Rosemary Entertainment Crackers?


Person using a television with a remote.

Review Your Subscription Services

Many of us have cancelled cable but quickly found we're spending the same money on streaming services. Even worse, it's sometimes hard to remember what streaming services we're actually paying for. With subscriptions not just for TV but also music, ebooks, newspapers, video games, and fitness it can be hard to keep track.


A perfume bottle and matching body lotion.

Shop Semi-Annual SalesLadies, we all love smelling good and treating ourselves, but why break the bank in the process? Back in January, I went to Bath and Body Works semi- annual sale where they basically have all their fall and winter scents on major clearance while gearing up for spring.



A handful of shopping bags on a white background.

In-Store Return Policy Extended During COVID-19Do you need to make an in-store return for an item you don't need, no longer need it, bought extra of or are unsatisfied with? I'm here to share with you with my in-store return and experience at Lowes.


Items for sale at a secondhand store.

Reselling Thrift Store FindsYou might be pleasantly surprised at the great finds you can make at your local thrift store. A trained eye and some patience can sometimes yield great deals on designer clothes and accessories, art work, and more. Make a bit of ready cash by reselling your discoveries.


A happy woman with her phone.

Taking Advantage of Shopping RewardsRetailers have created lots of ways for you to save. Shopping rewards are made available when using their credit card, or if you sign up for a rewards program based on a point system, and more. Check out your favorite stores to see if they have a shopping rewards option.


A family shopping in a supermarket.

Shopping Clearance SectionsIf you have the time and are willing to shop the clearance sections in stores or online, you can find some great bargains. Shopping at the end of a season can lead to great buys for next year's clothing or holiday decorating, and more.


An empty shelf for an item on sale.

Asking for Rain Check for Out of Stock ItemsIt can be frustrating when a product is advertised at a great sale price, but the store sells out of it. Always ask for a raincheck when sale items are out of stock, so you can still get the deal.


A group of people bidding at an auction.

Buying Items at AuctionsAuctions can be a great way to get incredible deals on surplus property, equipment, and collectables. You need to have the time to inspect the items before buying at the auction sale.


An older woman talking on the phone.

Using a Government Free Cell Phone Plan?A cell phone service needs to be reliable, even when it is free. This is a page about using a government free cell phone plan.


pile of coins

Using Coins and Coupons When ShoppingMaking the best use of your money when shopping is always a good idea, however it may take more time to use coupons or spend your change. This is a page about using coins and coupons when shopping.


Woman looking at a dishwasher in a store.

Buying a DishwasherDishwashers are a great timesaver but you want to make sure you get one that will truly get your dishes clean. This is a page about buying a dishwasher.


Man putting up an "opening soon" sign in a storefront.

Encouraging Companies to Move to Your AreaA particular business that you like may open one in your area if you ask them, and tell them how it would be good for their business. This is a page about encouraging companies to move to your area.


A board book with a damaged and bent spine, due to poor packaging during shipping.

Provide Feedback About Online PurchasesIf you are a frequent online shopper like myself, there are some times where you may not be happy with the item quality, or damages upon arrival. For example, I ordered a couple of new books online. The books were not packaged with care and just tossed in an oversized box. All the books suffered dented spines and that just breaks my heart to see!


Old Hardware store front.

Shopping at Locally Owned Hardware StoresKeep your money in your local area by supporting your neighbors' shop. This is a page about shopping at locally owned hardware stores.


Blue and Green spray bottles

Buying Spray BottlesSpray bottles can be useful for cleaning products, personal care products or even just water for cooling down on a hot day. This is a page about buying spray bottles.


Pile of user manuals.

Finding Manuals OnlineMany manufacturers publish their manuals online directly and many more have been scanned in by an owner. This is a page about finding manuals online.


The front of a Bed Bath & Beyond store.

Saving Money at Bed Bath & BeyondCoupons and sales can save you quite a bit of money on essential items for your home. This is a page about saving money at Bed Bath & Beyond.



A sign at the grocery store with free fruit for kids while shopping.

Free Fruit for KidsIf you're going shopping with your young ones, several grocery stores have free treats or fruit for your kids.


smartphone illustration

Smartphone Tips and TricksThis is a page about smartphone tips and tricks. Here are some great tips for everything from protecting your smartphone to saving money and time with one.


Gloved hands adjusting thermostat

Landlord's Responsibility for Lack of Heat?Sometimes an alternative heating source must be used when the usual source is temporarily not available. This is a page about landlord's responsibility for lack of heat.


Couple at farmers market purchasing flowers with a debit card.

Using Debit CardsKeeping close track of your purchases and automatic payments will keep you out of trouble with your financial institution. This is a page about using debit cards.


Blue car going through car wash

How to Choose a CarwashProtect your car's paint by finding a carwash that does not use the abrasive brushes. This is a page about how to choose a carwash.


Woman Looking at Expiration Date on Carton

Understanding Expiration Dates on FoodFood packagers are required to post expiration dates on their products for the information of the consumer. The date is in many cases a "best by" type of information. Many foods are perfectly safe past this date, but the consumer needs to use their best judgement. This is a page about understanding expiration dates on food.


Entering Online Coupon Code

Spiegel Coupon CodesAs of late 2017 Spiegal does not appear to be operating an active catalog. This is a page about Spiegel coupon codes.


Satellite TV

Satellite TV Providers That Do Not Require A Credit Card?A prepaid credit card may be a way for you to have the card they need. This is a page about satellite TV providers that do not require a credit card.


Woman Holding Pump Bottle

Use Pump Bottles in the BathThis is a page about using pump bottles in the bath. Using pump bottles in the bath helps prevent using too much product. Its a great way to save money!


An Apple macbook on a desk with a cup of coffee.

Educational Discounts on Apple ProductsYou or your college student may be eligible for a pricing discount at Apple with your student ID. This is a page about educational discounts on Apple products.


bulk eggs

Saving Money on a Sam's Club MembershipWhen you can coordinate food warehouse memberships and shop with other family members, everyone can save on their groceries. This is a page about saving money on a Sam's Club membership.


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Don't Get Scammed with Buying Amusement TicketsAmusement park tickets are always increasing. If we could save any money, we would love to right? But please be careful. Many tickets that sound too good to be true can be fishy or even fake. Do not fall for the scam.


A woman putting sticky notes on a window.

Using Sticky NotesPull your sticky notes off the pad from left to right, and they will not curl when you use them. This is a page about using sticky notes.


white telephone

Recording a Voice Mail Greeting on Magic JackUsing a computer phone service may require a different way of adding a personal greeting. This is a page about recording a voice mail greeting on magic jack.



Melted chocolate candy in a pan.

Do Wilton Candy Melts Contain Gluten?Candy manufacturers may make other types of foods that may contaminate otherwise gluten-free products. This page addresses the question do Wilton candy melts contain gluten?


A selection of glass canning jars.

Returning Broken Golden Harvest Canning Jars?This page is about returning broken Golden Harvest canning jars. When you purchase damaged goods you want to be able replace the defective product.


Photo of a social security card.

I.D. Theft InsuranceWhile some types of insurance are worth getting, I.D. theft insurance may be worth avoiding. This is a page about I.D. theft insurance.


blue leather couch

Distinguishing Real Leather From FakeFake leather can look pretty authentic. Knowing what to look for will help you in distinguishing real leather from fake.


Shipping With USPS

Shipping With USPSThis is a page about shipping with USPS. Sending a package through the post office can save you money. Tracking and insurance are available to ensure your contents are covered.


Carefully Read Food Ingredient Labels

Carefully Read Food Ingredient LabelsI've always read food labels. While I had no problems eating anything, I did tend to shy away from foods with a high salt content. Something else I looked for, particularly in meat products, was 'by products'. I avoided them entirely.


Woman framed by hanging clothing looking concerned

Avoiding Shopping ImpulsivelyThis page is about avoiding shopping impulsively. Making sure you really need and can afford what you buy is important.


Shoppers at Holiday Clearance Sale

Shopping Holiday Clearance SalesThis is a page about shopping holiday clearance sales. Many great deals for next year's celebration can be found at after holiday clearance sales.


Open Store Sign

Finding an Open Store in an EmergencyThis is a page about finding an open store in an emergency. When the weather gets severe, it can affect businesses. Your usual shopping locations may not be available.


Saving Money on Fashion Accessories

Saving Money on Fashion AccessoriesThis is a page about saving money on fashion accessories. Buying fashion accessories for full retail can be expensive. However, with a bit of creativity and bargain hunting you can own a nice array of accessories for much less.


man in orange vest with weed wackier

Tips for Choosing a Lawn Care ServiceThis is a page about tips for choosing a lawn care service. Meeting with representatives of companies you are considering hiring will help you understand their services and fees.


Man Holding GPS

Using a Garmin GPSThis is a page about using a Garmin GPS. With a dedicated GPS, you can just leave it in the car and let it help you find your way. There are a variety to choose from.


Cleaning Glasses

Saving Money on Optical Lens CleanerThis is a page about saving money on optical lens cleaner. Using lens cleaner is the preferred method for keeping your glasses dust and smudge free.


bulb catalog sign

Ordering From Garden CatalogsThis is a page about tips for ordering from garden catalogs. To turn those beautiful garden dreams into reality, follow these simple tips for ordering seeds, stock, bulbs and tools.


Amazon Purchase Being Delivered

Saving Money on Amazon PurchasesThis is a page about saving money on Amazon purchases. With warehouse deals and prime accounts there are ways to increase your Amazon buying power.


girl on hold

Dealing With Being on HoldThis is a page about dealing with being on hold. Hanging on a telephone call waiting to be helped can be quite frustrating.


Home Appliances

Saving Money on Home AppliancesThis is a page about saving money on home appliances. The retail price of new appliances can be more than you can afford. Often times there are slightly damaged or used appliances that will be just what you need.


Cell Phone Cord

Reinforcing Cell Phone CordsThis is a page about reinforcing cell phone cords. Recharging your battery every day can put a lot of stress on the cord, but there are ways to protect it.


Floral Arrangements on Wood Tables

Saving Money on Floral ArrangementsThis is a page about saving money on floral arrangements. When you need flowers for a person or an event, there are ways to save like finding a local florist, or by growing and arranging your own floral supplies.


Battery Tester

Using a Battery TesterThis page is about using a battery tester. Checking to see if your batteries are still good can be accomplished with a tester.


Using Cookware

Cookware Tips and Product ReviewsThis page contains cookware tips and product reviews. Finding the best and most economical pots and pans for your kitchen is important for reliability, even cooking and easy cleaning.


Prescription Drugs

Getting Help Paying for Prescription DrugsThis page is about getting help paying for prescription drugs. There are assistance programs available to help you reduce the cost of prescriptions.


Hand holding out 2 dollars.

Finding and Using RebatesThis is a page about finding and using rebates. Everyone loves to get a deal on purchases they make. Rebates, whether instant or mail in, are a great way to save money on things you buy.


array of silver jewelry

Identifying Silver JewelryDetermining the quality of the silver you have, isn't always easy. This page is about identifying silver jewelry.


A woman at the dentist.

Buying Dental Insurance?This page is about buying dental insurance. Money can be saved on dental work when you have an insurance policy.


A stack of teflon pans.

Safe Alternatives to Teflon Cookware?This page is about safe alternatives to teflon cookware. There are many kinds of stovetop pots and pans available today.


Patio Furniture

Buying Patio FurnitureThis page is about buying patio furniture. Doing some research will help you decide what kind of outdoor furniture will work for your setting.


Fair Trade Coffee

Buying Fair Trade CoffeeThis page is about buying fair trade coffee. Making sure the farmers are making a livable wage for the coffee they produce is important.


consumer buying a car

Negotiating Tips for ConsumersThis page contains negotiating tips for consumers. When making an important purchase let the merchant know that if they can't give you what you need, you simply won't buy their product.


Internet Advertising Trick

Avoiding Advertising TricksThis is a page about avoiding advertising tricks. The obvious goal of advertising is get you to buy the product. Sometimes the ad will direct you to a good purchasing choice, other times you may be encouraged to buy items that you don't need or really want.


Cell Phone Accessories

Saving Money on Cell Phone AccessoriesThis is a page about saving money on cell phone accessories. The cost of cell phone accessories can really add up.


Storage Product at Dollar Tree

New Product Through Dollar TreeI found this and other sizes, colors and shapes at my local Dollar Tree in Salem, OR.


Shopping Online Without a Credit Card

Shopping Online Without a Credit CardThis page is about shopping online without a credit card. There are ways to shop online without using a credit card.


A bunch of coupons cut out of ads in the newspaper.

Using CouponsThis is a page about using coupons. Coupons come at us from a variety of sources; the mailbox, newspapers and magazines, store circulars and receipts, on products and even in our email inbox. Here are ways to use them effectively to save money.


A woman typing in a credit card number for an online shopping purchase.

Online Shopping TipsThis page includes online shopping tipsg. More and more purchases are made on the internet nowadays, allowing for convenient price comparison and delivery and payment options.


A woman shopping at a warehouse store.

Getting the Most Out of Your Costco (or Sam's...This is a page to getting the most out of your warehouse membership, such as Costco or Sam's Club. Warehouse stores can save you a lot of money, but the cost can really add up at checkout. Be sure you are buying the products and services that will actually save you money.


Electronic Equipment for Less: Too Good to Be True?

Electronic Equipment for Less: Too Good to Be True?Electronics are a blessing and a curse to us. They can help us to waste our time, but they can save time too. We're capable of sharing photos, recording television programs, and earning college credits in our living rooms, but the price for it is expressed in dollar signs.


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Check Online Reviews Before BuyingSometimes you see wonderful new gadgets advertised on TV. Try going to or to see how customers rated these gadgets before you buy them.


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Link: Free 2010 Consumer Action HandbookFREE 2010 Consumer Action Handbook. I have mine, and it is great and I am sure it will be used frequently. It covers lots of things from checking up on doctors qualifications to the National Do Not Call Registry. It is beautiful to look at too and leaf through.


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Book Discount at TargetI have found that Target carries many new books at a considerable savings. If you have a store card, Target will begin giving 5% off in September to all card members. This is a good source for a book that is not yet at the library.


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Link: Product Safety WebsiteThis would be a great source of info to have on hand, especially for families with small children. It is is a database that is very thorough about household products; their safety and how to properly use them.


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Check Measurements Against Sizes Before Ordering ClothesBefore you decide to purchase clothing from a television shopping channel or a mail order catalog, measure yourself! Some designers use different measurements for different sizes. A size 2 for one designer, might be a size 4 for another.


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Share Your Customer Service ExperiencesShare your business experiences, regardless of if they were good or bad, with the manager or website of the company. Often times you will get a coupon and a really good service person may get a reward at work as well.


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Look Online for Discounts And ReviewsGo online to websites when going to purchase a new product you have never bought before. A lot of times you find discount coupons because they are wanting you to try something new. All you have to do is print it out.


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Link: Check Epinions Before ShoppingBefore you spend any money buying things this holiday season, you might find reviews at this website helpful. It also might help others if you also sign up and give your review of a product you own.


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Dial 99 During Recorded Telemarketing CallDo you still get calls from telemarketers even though you're on the Do Not Call List? If you get a call from a recording, dial 99 while the recording is playing and then hang up.


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Link: How Many Hours of Work to Fill Your TankThis information came from our local news station~ KVBC in Las Vegas, NV.


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Mention Disappointments When Eating OutDon't be too bashful to bring up your disappointments when eating out! List things that you feel are wrong on the back of your dinner ticket and mention it when you cash out to the cashier. Writing it on the form that is often supplied doesn't always get you somewhere.


American Gas Prices 1996-2008As we all cringe every time we go to the gas station for our next fill-up, I wondered just how the prices of gas have been over time. The DOE had data for 1996-2008 so I made a graph. The most recent spikes are not included. Gas today here was about $3.59 a gallon for regular.


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Buy Versatile FurnitureWhen you buy your furniture, try to buy items that can be used in several rooms. Certain tables, chairs, lamps, etc. will never be wasted if you can move them around.


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Ask for Credit for Poorly Developed PhotosWhen picking up your prints at the photo lab, be sure and look at your pictures while you are there. Most labs will reimburse you for bad shots that you took. It's not much, but it adds up over time.


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Keeping Track Of Mail-In RefundsHere's a good way to keep track of mail-in refunds. Keep a notebook with a list of all your refunds. Use a simple column system with the following headings: Name, Refund Address and Phone Number, Date Submitted, Refund Offer, and Date Received.


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Reusing Wornout Capri Pants?I have a pair of black linen capri pants that tore across the rear yesterday. This is the second tear in these pants, and the linen just seems very worn, so I don't think they're worth patching again.


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Need Instruction Manual For Camera Binoculars?I was given a pair of those Binoculars that take pictures but I did not get the detailed instruction manual. For the life of me, I can not figure out how to use them. I have gone on to the web site to see if I could get one there but no luck. Do you have any idea of how I might get one of the instruction manuals? Would sure appreciate any help you could give me.


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Don't Take No For An AnswerJust today I had another reminder of how true it is not to take no for an answer! I was on the phone, trying to get a credit card refund for an item I HAD returned, and at first the customer service person on the line said, "No."


Oregon Governor Lives on Food Stamp Benefit for a WeekThe Governor of Oregon, Ted Kulongowski, challenged himself and his wife to live on the equivalent of what they would get for food stamps, $3 a day for a week. He said one thing he learned was that the cheapest foods are on the top and bottom shelves of the supermarket.


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Buying HeadphonesThe most important thing to consider when buying headphones isn't how they sound, but how they feel in your ears. If they aren't comfortable, you won't want to use them in the first place.


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Stopping Calls from Creditors?I am having some financial problems that will be resolved shortly. In the meantime, how do I keep creditors from calling my job? I ask them not to call my job but they continue to call.


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Google Products Before You BuyBefore you buy a product, go to your favorite search engine and type the product, model and "reviews" into the search engine to see what others thought of the products.


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Buying a Piano?Buying a Piano. I am looking into buying a piano. I'd like to buy a good used one. . .


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Call the Paper For Special OffersWhen it comes time to renew a subscription, call them and it's likely you'll save big! I noticed last week that it would have been more expensive to auto-pay my Sunday paper (coupon central) than to send in a check every 3 months.


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Clock By The PhoneDo you have an extra clock in your home? Place it near the phone. Just watching the minutes tick away will remind you to keep those long distance conversations short!


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Can't Afford Your Prescription Drugs? Call The ManufacturerIndividual companies quietly give away millions of dollars in medication every year. If you or a family member simply cannot pay for much needed medicine, call the manufacturer directly.


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Shoe Dye Can Do Wonders for Sale ShoesOut of season shoes may be on sale super cheap, but not the color you want. Dye them another color! I bought several pairs of white shoes and dyed them!


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Free Information on Product WebsiteI see so many people asking for tips and recipes for using name brand products. Most of these have great consumer web sites with all kinds of info.


A small seedless watermelon, cut in half.

Use Your Own Mind When Making PurchasesWhat is a 'benhad'? It's not the lowest soldier rank in Xerxes Persian army, nor is it the latest hair style craze by Lauri Pedaja. A benhad is simply a person who has been had by the system.


Should You Join a Company's Reward Program?

Should You Join a Rewards Program?Many companies are now collecting reward points on their websites. You many have wondered if it's worth the time and effort to join these programs.


table of appliance life

How Long Will Your Appliance Last?This was in the Dallas Morning News. The idea being that if your appliance is older than the age posted, start saving up for a new one or expecting breakdowns. A friend quoted to me something about "if an appliance repair is over $150, buy another one".


Mattress Know-HowIt's a pricey investment and you want to get the most out of it, but a mattress only lives so long. The average life expectancy is ten years for a mattress, but those with pillow tops die sooner. One chiropractor suggests a maximum life of seven years for pillow topped luxury.


The Lures of AdvertisingAdvertising may seem entertaining, we may come in from the kitchen to see the latest commercial, but it's job is to sell products, and it does this very well. From the day early man decided to sell his carved wooden tool to another man, advertising has been a part of our lives.


Can with expiration date printed on it

When Expiration Dates MatterBefore we hit the beach, I spent ten minutes covering a wriggling and impatient boy with SPF 50 sunscreen. To my dismay, I didn't put a pale skinned youngster to bed that night.


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Can You Buy Just A Fitted Sheet?My fitted sheets wear out leaving me with a perfectly good top sheet. Can I purchase a fitted sheet to replace the one that I can't use any more?


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Do Rechargeable Batteries Save You Money?Does anyone know if rechargeable batteries really save you money when you have to pay for the electricity to recharge them?


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Saving on American Girl or Similar Dolls?I would like to know of anyways to save money for a $87 American Girl doll. I am 11 years old and am kinda out growing 'baby dolls' so my Mom suggested 'girl dolls'. If you know any other 18 inch doll brands or similar sizes, please post back!


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Finding a New Dentist?I haven't lived where I live for a great deal of time so I am not familiar with any dentists here. I would like to find a dentist, but not by using Angie's list or something like that. I have investigated online a lot, ruled out some, but still have questions.


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Using Mexican Pottery?I went to the Del Larosa region and shopped at a pottery shop called JMB. They said their cookware and coffee mugs, etc are lead free (although their website says they are below the acceptable standards).


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Are My Lenses Made of Glass or Plastic?How can you tell if your eye glass lenses are plastic or glass?


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