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This page contains tips and advice about growing a wide variety of plants from bulbs.

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Cutting Back Lily of the Valley?I live in Massachusetts; do I need to cut back my lily of the valley patch? It is fall and a lot of the leaves have died back or are turning yellow. Some are still green. This is a new house, new garden, I don't want to kill anything!


First Iris Blooms

Growing IrisesThis is a page about growing irises. Irises are beautiful colorful flowering perennials.


A close up of blooming Calla Lilies.

Why Are My Calla Lilies Blooming in the Fall?Calla lilies typically bloom from spring through September. If yours are blooming later in the season there may be climatic or microclimatic conditions that have allowed them to bloom later than normal. This is a page about, "Why are my calla lilies blooming in the fall?".


Naturalized Bulbs

How To Naturalize BulbsThis is a page about how to naturalize bulbs. Naturalizing your bulbs in the lawn and scattered about your garden presents a very pleasing, less formal effect.


A calla lily in a pot, inside.

Overwintering Calla LiliesDepending on your zone your calla lilies can either be left in the ground over the winter or will need to be dug up, dried out, and kept indoors. This is a page about overwintering calla lilies.


Bulbs Not Blooming

Bulbs Not Blooming?This is a page about bulbs not blooming. It is very disappointing to plant a variety of bulbs only to find that many are not blooming.


A beautiful pink lily.

Propagating Lilies From ScalesLily bulbs have overlapping layers, similar to an artichoke, known as scales. If removed and placed in a soil-less medium they will produce new bulblets. Scaling is an inexpensive way to increase the number of lilies in your garden. This is a page about propagating lilies from scales.


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Starting Dried Bulbs?Does anyone know what's the best way to start my dried elephant ear and canna bulbs? Should I start them in water inside until they re-hydrate? Or do I put them straight in the ground? I've herd that people will soak them in warm water with miracle grow, has anyone tried this?


Growing Miniature Iris (Dwarf Iris)

Growing Miniature Iris (Dwarf Iris)This page is about growing miniature iris. Miniature iris are relatively easy to grow, but are not as hardy as the standard varieties.


Amaryllis blooms in a garden outdoors.

Planting Amaryllis OutdoorsAmaryllis bulbs can be planted outdoors to flower in the spring and summer. In most climates they should be wintered indoors. This is a page about planting amaryllis outdoors.


An amaryllis with an unopened bud.

Amaryllis Not BloomingAmaryllis are grown for their beautiful multiple blooms. When they don't flower it is very disappointing. This is a page about amaryllis not blooming.


Elephant Ears Leaf

Saving Elephant Ears BulbsThis is a page about saving elephant ears bulbs. Elephant ears are not cold hardy, so in colder climates you will want to dig them and store them over the winter.



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Trimming Amaryllis Leaves?When do you cut the leaves of amaryllis bulbs that stay outside year round? I know you cut the flower stalks about 2 in. above the base once they have bloomed, but what about the leaves?


Calla Lillies

Identifying a Calla Lily Variety?There are many beautiful varieties of calla lilies. Searching gardening websites, books, catalogs, or even asking a master gardener can help you determine what kind of lily it is. This is a page about identifying a calla lily variety.


A glass vase with an Oriental lily growing in water.

Removing Algae From Water in Which an Oriental Lily Bulb Is Growing?Some lily bulbs can successfully be grown in a water and stone filled vase. However, if the vase is clear the water may also support algae growth. After cleaning the rocks replant in an opaque or wrapped vase. This is a page about removing algae from water in which an oriental lily bulb is growing .


Bulbs Held outside ready to be planted

Saving Money on BulbsOne way to save money on bulbs is to check the discounted items at your local garden center or nursery. Many bulbs can be planted throughout the year, even if it is too late for them to bloom the first year. This is a page about saving money on bulbs.


Flower leaves from a bulb that have been braided to keep them neat.

Braiding Bulb LeavesSome gardeners prefer to braid the leaves of their bulbs once they have flowered to create a neater look. However, there is concern that this will interfere with the process of photosynthesis. It is best to allow the leaves to die back naturally ensuring bulb health. This is a page about braiding bulb leaves.


Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum)

Growing Madonna LilyThese beautiful, fragrant, white flowering lilies are planted in the early fall. They produce leaves prior to the frost and then bloom in spring. This is a page about growing a madonna lily.


Pink and white calla lilies growing in a yard.

Photos of Calla LiliesThe beautiful trumpet shaped flowers of the calla lily provide interest in any garden. This page contains photos of calla lilies.


A snowdrop blossom with a bee.

Growing SnowdropA guide that's about growing snowdrop. Blooming early in the season, these pretty bulbs are known as opportunists. They are also resistant to deer, rabbits, squirrels and other rodents.


Easter lilies growing outside.

Dividing Easter Lilies?Like most overcrowded perennials, Easter lilies are best divided in the fall. This is a page about dividing Easter lilies.


An amaryllis with green leaves growing.

Amaryllis Leaves Stopped Growing?If your amaryllis leaf growth comes to a halt, you might need to confirm that the plant is getting the right amount of sunlight, warmth, water, and fertilizer. This is a page about amaryllis leaves stopped growing.


An amaryllis in bloom outdoors.

Getting an Amaryllis To Bloom Twice in One Season?This page is about getting an amaryllis to bloom twice in one season. Given the proper light, planting and temperature you may be able to see an amaryllis bloom again.


A grove of calla lilies in the woods.

Do Calla Lilies Spread?If planted in a suitable place in your garden your calla lilies will produce more bulbs. They can become overwhelming if not controlled or thinned out. This is a page about, "Do calla lilies spread?".


A lily of the valley plant in bloom, with small white bell shaped flowers.

What is This Plant? (Lily of the Valley)When moving into a previously owned home you inherit a garden often with plants that may be unfamiliar to you. Some of them such as this example are grown for their fragrant flowers, despite the entire plant being quite toxic. This is a page about, "What is this plant?" (lily of the valley).


Planting Bulbs

Tips and Techniques for Planting BulbsBulbs are a wonderful addition to your landscape, they will multiply and provide beautiful colors, shapes, and fragrances in your garden for years to come. Planting dozens of bulbs can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Read the following article for tips on buying and planting bulbs.


Some bulbs being stored for spring.

Digging Up and Storing Tender BulbsThis is a page about digging up and storing tender bulbs. While some plants that grow from bulbs, corms, or tubers do well in colder zones during the spring and summer, they may need to be overwintered to save them for next year.



Green shoots from bulbs planted in green pots.

Planting Bulbs IndoorsThis is a page about planting bulbs indoors. Bulbs can be grown indoors so that they bloom early, often in time for the holiday season.


A Carpet Of Colchicum (Meadow Saffron)

Growing Colchicum (Meadow Saffron)This is a page about growing colchicum (meadow saffron). These pretty crocus like flowers follow their foliage, and grace your fall garden.


Red and Yellow Asiatic lily

Asiatic Lily Not Growing?This is a page about asiatic lily not growing. Even under the right conditions, it can take some time for a perennial bulb to get established in a new location.


Fall Planting for Spring Bulbs

Fall Planting for Spring BulbsThis is a page about fall planting guide for spring bulbs. To have beautiful flowering bulbs in the spring you will want to plant them in the fall.


Blooming tulip bulbs.

Extending the Life of Your Tulip BulbsThis is a page about extending the life of your tulip bulbs. Choosing the right bulbs, garden soil and location, as well as year around care can help extend the life of your tulip bulbs.


blue flowers

Growing Bluebells (Hyacinthoides)This is a page about growing bluebells (Hyacinthoides). A bulbous perennial plant found wild in deciduous woodlands from northern Europe to the British Isles and is a commonly used garden flower.


Harlequin Flower

Growing Harlequin FlowerThis is a page about growing harlequin flower. These bi and tri colored flowers grow from bulbs. They enjoy a well drained, moist soil and exposure to full sun.


Growing Crocus

Growing CrocusThis is a page about growing crocus. A sure sign that spring is on its way is the appearance of these beautiful little flowers.


Stargazer Lilies

Growing Stargazer LiliesThis page is about growing stargazer lilies. These hearty, fragrant flowers are quite easily grown from hybrid bulbs.


Chinese Ground Orchid

Growing Chinese Ground OrchidThis page is about growing Chinese ground orchid. These orchids are hardy where the ground doesn't freeze, and native to China, Japan and Taiwan.


Acidanthera (Peacock Orchid)

Growing Acidanthera (Peacock Orchid)This page is about growing acidanthera. A perennial bulb that is related to the gladiolus, not to orchids.


Forcing Bulbs

Forcing BulbsThis is a page about forcing bulbs. Many gardeners enjoy forcing bulbs indoors, allowing them to enjoy beautiful flowers long before they would bloom in the spring.


Transplanting Bulbs

Transplanting Bulbs?This is a page about transplanting bulbs. Bulbs are normally transplanted in the cool weather of fall. This is not a hard and fast rule.



Transplanting Daffodil Bulbs?This is a page about transplanting daffodil bulbs. Bulbs often need to be divided and transplanted. Likewise, as gardens mature you may simply wish to relocate them to a sunnier spot.


Fall crocus bulbs.

Growing Bulbs in Every SeasonThis is a page about growing bulbs in every season. By selecting the right varieties of bulbs for spring, summer, and early fall blooming and then planting them in succession, you can enjoy the beauty of flowering bulbs most of the year.




Buying Daffodil Bulbs?This is a page about buying daffodil bulbs. Daffodils are available in a variety of colors, some are even scented. Your selection and costs will be defined by where you buy your bulbs.


A woman plantain a Hyacinth bulb.

Tips for Buying Flower BulbsThis is a page about tips for buying flower bulbs. The quality of the bulbs you buy will be reflected the the resulting blooms.



Growing Summer Blooming BulbsThis is a page about growing summer blooming bulbs. Warm soil and sunny summer days are the perfect conditions for the emergence of the summer blooming bulbs, such as: calla, crocosmias, gladioli, and dahlia.


Elephant Ears Plant

Getting Rid of Elephant Ears?This is a page about getting rid of elephant ears. Elephant ears, a member of the caladium family, are large showy leafed plants. They grow from bulbs and thrive in warm tropical zones. They can also be difficult to get rid of.


Growing Peruvian Daffodil, Spider Flower, Basket Lily, Spider Lily

Growing Peruvian Daffodil (Spider Flower, Basket...This page is about growing Peruvian Daffodil (Spider Flower, Basket Lily). These bulbs can grow well in containers outdoors when soil is kept moist and they are fed a slow-release fertilizer from spring until fall.


Guernsey Lily

Growing Guernsey LilyThis is a page about growing guernsey lily. These pretty lilies grow well in rock gardens and containers.


White Rain Lily

Growing Rain Lily (Fairy Lily)This is a page about growing rain lily (fairy lily). These pretty pink or white lilies are easy to grow. Expect to see them bloom in late summer or early fall a few days after a rain shower, hence the name.


African Iris

Growing African Irises?This page is about growing African irises. Most species of this bulb are native to south Africa.



Transplanting Amaryllis?This is a page about transplanting amaryllis. These beautiful flowering plants are often purchased as potted plants around Christmas. Transplanting the bulb from pot to garden or relocating plants in your garden is fairly easy.


Summer Hyacinth

Growing Summer HyacinthThis is a page about growing summer hyacinth. Summer hyacinths bear fragrant bell shaped flowers, 20 -30 blooms per 2 to 4 foot spike, in midsummer.


Pink Freesias

Growing FreesiasThis page is about growing freesia. There are many varieties of this perennial bulb that produce beautiful, fragrant flowers in the summer.


Purple Squill

Growing SquillThis is a page about growing squill. Squill is an easy to grow early spring flowering bulb that will delight you with its brilliant blue flowers.


Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs

Forcing Hyacinth BulbsThis is a page about forcing hyacinth bulbs. Forcing bulbs to bloom is easy to do and offers the added benefit of beautiful flowers earlier than they would normally bloom.


Yellow and Orange Daffodils

How to Grow DaffodilsThis is a page about growing daffodils. Daffodils are an easy to grow, early spring blooming bulb. They are available in a variety of colors in addition to the traditional yellow.


Purple Hyacinth

Growing HyacinthThis is a page about growing hyacinth. The brilliant colors and lovely fragrance of hyacinth makes them a desirable addition to your garden.


Yellow Tiger Lilies

Getting Rid of Tiger Lilies?This page is about getting rid of tiger lilies. Sometimes there are plants that you no longer want in your garden.


Tulips Not Blooming

Tulips Not BloomingThis is a page about tulips not blooming. It is very disappointing to plant a lot of tulip bulbs and then have them not bloom.


Mulching Tulips

Mulching TulipsThis is a page about mulching tulips. In some growing areas with harsh winters you may wish to mulch your tulips if you leave them in the garden.



Forcing TulipsThis is a page about forcing tulips. Forcing bulbs indoors is a way to enjoy these beautiful blooms early in the season.


Spring Flowering Bulbs

Storing Spring Flowering BulbsThis is a page about storing spring flowering bulbs. Bulbs can be left in the ground year after year, but some gardeners prefer to dig them up after flowering and store for the next season.


Pre-Sprouted Bulbs

Planting Pre-Sprouted Bulbs and FlowersThis page is about planting pre-sprouted bulbs and flowers. Although usually intended for decorative use indoors, these potted bulbs can be planted to create instant spring in your garden.


pink lilies

Deadheading Lilies?This is a page about deadheading lilies. You can tidy up your garden's appearance by deadheading your spent lily blooms.


Canna Lily

Growing Canna LiliesThis is a page about growing canna lilies.Canna lilies add a bright, lush, tropical feel to any garden.


Growing Caladium

Growing CaladiumThis is a page about growing caladium. Their beautifully colored large leaves make caladium a welcome addition to your garden.


Camassia (Wild Hyacinth)

Growing Camassia (Wild Hyacinth)This is a page about growing camassia (wild hyacinth). Native to North America and Canada, certain varieties of camassia will make a welcome addition to your perennial garden.


Growing Calla Lilies

Growing Calla LiliesThis page is about growing calla lilies. These perennial bulbs require some special care to produce exquisite late spring flowers.


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Cutting Back Lilies?When do you cut back lilies, in the spring or fall?


Deadheading Irises

Deadheading Irises?Once your irises have flowered, it is time to remove the spent blossoms. This page is about deadheading irises.


Growing Bearded Irises

Growing Bearded IrisesThis page is about growing bearded irises. Bearded iris come in a variety of colors. They are hardy, easy to grow and a good bulb for the beginning gardener.


Transplanting Irises

Transplanting Irises?This page is about transplanting irises. There are many different beautiful varieties of this popular garden bulb.


Winterizing Bearded Irises

Winterizing Bearded Irises?This page is about winterizing bearded irises. Bearded irises can need special winter care depending on the the severity of your winter.


Purple allium flower.

Growing AlliumThis is a page about growing allium. These sun loving bulbs are deer resistant and attract butterflies.


Blue anenome flower and bud.

Growing AnemoneThis is a page about growing anemone. These versatile bulbs will add color to your garden either in sun or light shade.


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Planting Zantddeschia Bulbs?Which way is up on zantedeschia bulbs?


Growing Amaryllis, Red amaryllis blooms.

Growing AmaryllisThis is a page about growing amaryllis. We are all familiar with the beautiful amaryllis sold around the holidays. These bulbs, originally from South Africa are easily grown outdoors in warmer zones. However, you can successfully grow amaryllis indoors in colder climates.


Orange and yellow tulip bulbs.

Growing BulbsThis is a page about growing bulbs. Growing bulbs is a perfect way to add color to your garden, especially for the spring. Planting your bulbs during the winter will give your garden a great head start when it warms up.


Squirrel eating a flower.

Protecting Bulbs from WildlifeThis is a page about protecting bulbs from wildlife. Often the flower bulbs we plant with great anticipation become dinner for our friendly wildlife. Whether they dig up the bulbs or nibble the buds squirrels and other wildlife can decimate your bulb garden.


Growing Gladiolus

Growing GladiolusThis is a page about growing gladiolus. Gladiolus are a popular summer flowering bulb. They make a dramatic statement in your garden with their tall spike of lovely flowers in many colors.


bulbs in a box

Storing BulbsThis is a page for storing bulbs. Bulbs and rhizomes are one of the easiest ways to have showy spring and summer flowers. Here are tips for storing your bulbs until it is the right time to plant.


Growing Tulips

Growing TulipsThis is a page about growing tulips. Tulips are a very popular flower the world over. Learn how to grow these lovely flowers in your own yard.


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Will Tulips Rebloom?Will a tulip plant rebloom if it is planted in one of those very large pots, like a pot I used for tomatoes? The pot can hold about 75 lbs of soil.Tks!!


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Squirrels and Chipmunks Eating My Bulbs?What can you do to keep squirrels and chipmunks from eating all flower bulbs? I have tried hair and it only works for a short time.


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Caring for a Gloxinia Bulb?I have had a Gloxinia bulb for three years. I've put it to rest, brought it out, planted it and it never does anything other than gets tall and spindly. What am I doing wrong?


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When Can I Plant Bulbs in Zone 8?Should I plant bulbs now or wait til October? I'm in zone 8, in Tennessee.


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Leaves Yellowing on Hybrid Lilies?My hybrid lilies are turning yellow from the bottom, is this lack of water, too much water, or a pest?


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Getting Asiatic Lilies to Bloom Twice in a Season?I have a wedding in November. Can I grow and re-bloom my Asiatic lily indoors?


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Calla Lilies Drooping?Why are my purple and cream calla lilies drooping and not growing?


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Digging and Storing Tulip Bulbs?I would like to know when to dig up tulip bulbs and how to store them?


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Storing Flower Bulbs?Because we've just started a major renovation project requiring our whole yard to be torn up, I dug up all the bulbs, corms, and tubers around the house.


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Making an Amaryllis Bloom Again?How do I get an Amaryllis to rebloom? My mother-in-law, said it can be done.


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Planting Dahlia Bulbs?I got some Dahlia bulbs. Any tips on how to plant them?


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Planting Potted Tulip Bulbs?I bought potted tulips for Easter which are now in full bloom. How do I save them to plant in flower beds for spring blooming?


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Buying Amaryllis Bulbs?I am looking for a place to get some really pretty amaryllis bulbs and a piece of a Marshall Neal rose.


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Planting an Apple With Amaryllis Bulbs?I know that my mind is going but I'm certain that I heard somewhere that an apple put in a paper bag with a newly planted amaryllis bulb for 1 week would hasten root growth, stem growth, and eventually blooming. It has to do with the ethylene given off by the apple.


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Amaryllis Bulb Has No Stalk?My amaryllis bulb is just sprouting leaves, but no stalk. Is that normal?


Heaven SentI was taking pictures of flowers at our local park. It wasn't until after I had downloaded the images onto my computer, that I noticed this flower looks like it has a cross behind it!


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Looking For Cream Amaryllis Bulbs?I am looking for a cream amaryllis bulb to purchase. Does anyone know where I might find one?


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Starting A Bulb Garden?I would like to start a bulb garden. I live in New York, I believe it is in zone 7a. I really want to do as little work as possible because I have to help maintain 4 separate gardens. I would love to plant them and forget them. I would prefer hardy bulbs that I do not have to dig up to replant later on. It doesn't have to be just bulbs, any flowering plant that I will never have to replant will do.


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Overwintering Bulbs, Tubers, and RhizomesMany plants store energy for next year's growth in tubers and rhizomes. The following plants can be stored over the winter in the same manner:


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Bulbs in a Mild Winter?Bulbs in a Mild Winter. With the mild winter we've been having my bulbs have started sprouting and my trees are budding.


California Bulbs Advice?I have bulbs to plant. Tulips, crocus, amaryllis, daffodils, etc. They are from my garden at my old house. I live in Southern California. I have them stored in the garage. My question is, Can I plant them in the ground now (March)? Will they come up this spring? What do you suggest?


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Looking For a Bearded Iris?I am looking for a Bearded Iris by the name of "Lip Stick Lies" It was white with random red lipstick marks on it. Does anyone have it in their yards or know where I can get one? Thanks in advance. Great Granny Vi from Southern CA.


daffodil bulbs stored in a panty hose leg

Storing Peruvian Daffodil BulbsHymenocallis festalis, the Peruvian daffodil, is a tropical, bulb bearing plant. When grown in the temperate regions, the bulbs must be lifted from the soil and stored indoors for the winter.


Storing bulbs.

Storing Spring Flowering Bulbs Fresh Until Planting...The best place for bulbs is in the ground, and the sooner you can get them there the better. The longer bulbs remain out of the ground, the less likely they are to live up to their full performance potential.


Blooming tulip bulbs.

Extending the Life of Your Tulip BulbsMore than a few gardeners have been disappointed by "one-year wonder" tulips. These spring bloomers are perennials, but they don't always act like it-producing spectacular flowers the first year, only to peter out or disappear altogether the second.


closeup of three beautiful blooms

Hymenocallis Festalis (Peruvian Daffodils)Here is another flower worthy of mention on the ThriftyFun web site, because it is in keeping with the ThriftyFun spirit.


red gladioli flowers in the snow

Digging Up And Storing Tender Bulbs (Corms...My gardening attention span seems to be tied to the growth and die back of the plants in my garden. As they wake up each spring, I find myself full of energy and ambitious to take on various garden chores.



Bulbs in Every SeasonBulbs in Every Season. I love the look and idea of bulbs, but the bulbs I have planted only last a few weeks. I see other gardens as I am driving through town that have bulb plants spring, summer and fall.


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Saving a Mushy Elephant Ear Bulb? - photo showing the condition of the bulb

Saving a Mushy Elephant Ear Bulb?Recently I was gifted an elephant ear. Upon removing it from the grower's pot, I notice that nearly the entire bulb was completely mush. The first photo is what was left, there are a few roots on either side. I potted it and I'm hoping for the best. Will it survive with the remaining roots? Or can it even survive with such a considerable amount of the bulb gone?


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Over Wintering an Easter Lily Bulb?I live in Houston, Texas. I purchased an Easter lily in the spring which I kept in its original pot. The plant dried up and I was going to toss it, but I noticed there is still a healthy looking bulb, or cluster of bulbs. (I am not sure, but it looks kind of like a large garlic bulb. Is that one or multiple?)


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Growing Dwarf Iris?I had a pot of indoor dwarf iris given to me as a gift. The flowers have now died so I dead-headed them, but now they have gone crazy and the plants have grown to around 35cm. What do I do with them now?


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Amaryllis Not Blooming?I've had my amaryllis planted outside for years. They grow well and multiply, but I've never had a flower on any of them. I live in central Florida and the plants are in full sun and well drained soil. How can I get them to bloom without digging up each bulb.


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Elephant Ear Bulb Rotted?I have been an owner of an elephant ear for the last year. It was my first try, and I left my pot outside all winter. However I did cut it back, but like I said before I didn't know to put it up in a dry area. Is there any way I can save it? I also had gotten another bulb from a friend, but she pulled it out instead of digging it and may have ripped the main root.


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Daylilies Not Blooming?My daylilies have buds on them, but after one week they just stopped blooming. What's wrong? They are not crowded; there is 2ft or more between each one.


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