September 20, 2017

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Elevated Toilet Seat

How to Clean an Elevated Toilet Seat?An elevated toilet seat can sometimes create a unique cleaning situation. Here are some ideas about how to clean an elevated toilet seat.


testing blood sugar

Lowering Blood Sugar Without MedicationA proper diet is the best way keep your blood sugar low without medication. Lowering blood sugar without medication is possible but it takes dedication and close attention to what you eat and when.


Avocado Stem

If the Stem Snaps Off of an Avocado Will the Plant Die?When growing an avocado from a pit it is possible that the stem can be damaged and break off. Whether that spells doom for the plant or not may depend on the degree of development of you plant below the soil. This is a page about, "If the stem snaps off of an avocado will the plant die?.


Blackberry Coconut Pops

Blackberry Coconut Pops RecipeAdd some fruit to your coconut pops for a sweet flavor treat. Make this blackberry coconut pops recipe for a delicious cool snack.


White Embroidery Machine 3300 Not Stitching - embroidery machine

White Embroidery Machine 3300 Not Stitching?Troubleshooting the cause of your sewing machine not stitching may allow you to make the needed repair or adjustment. If you are unable to do so yourself it is time for a trip to the repair shop. This is a page about a White embroidery machine 3300 not stitching.


A red hot ceramic burner.

Using CorningWare on Ceramic Burners?While not recommended on high heat, it is possible to put CorningWare on a ceramic stovetop burner. Using CorningWare on ceramic burners is fine on low heat.


What Kind of Bedroom Furniture Is This?

What Kind of Bedroom Furniture is This?Antique furniture designed to store clothing often combines more than one type of storage space. The name applied to the specific piece or style is determined by whether it includes wardrobe hanging space along with either drawers or shelves, or not. Research or professional advice can often help eliminate the confusion. This is a page about, "What kind of bedroom furniture is this?".


High school age kids playing football.

Paying for School Sports UniformsSports uniforms for school can really add up and get expensive. Here are some ideas about paying for school sports uniforms.


Fancy bath bombs and soap.

Name Ideas for a Bath Product Business?If you are starting a business selling bath products, picking the right name is an important step. Here are some name ideas for a bath product business.


Wooden supports to keep a leaning fence upright.

Repairing a Leaning FenceOver time the posts on your fence may begin to rot, even though the fence boards themselves are still in good shape. This usually results in the fence section beginning to lean. There are some temporary fixes that can put off a more expensive repair for a good length of time. This is a page about repairing a leaning fence.


Plant Your Tomato in a Recycled Washing Machine Tub

Recycled Washing Machine Drum PlantersAn old washing machine tub makes a great container to plant in. Making recycled washing machine drum planters is easy.


Kool-Aid and Jell-O Popsicles

Kool-Aid and Jell-O Popsicle RecipesMix up two popular flavors into some deliciously refreshing popsicles. Make these Kool-Aid and Jell-O popsicle recipes for a yummy snack on a hot summer day.


Self Watering Basil Planter

Making a Self Watering Basil PlanterBasil likes to be watered regularly. Make this a little easier by planting in a self watering container. Making a self watering basil planter is easy and will keep your basil heathy and ready for any recipe.


An avocado plant with dying leaves.

Leaves Dying on an Avocado PlantIf the leaves on your avocado plant are dying, it may be a sign of serious stress from something like a fungus or parasite. Leaves dying on an avocado plant is not a sign of good plant health.


Jute String

Wrapping a Vase with Jute String?One simple way to decorate a plain vase is to wrap it with jute string. This is a page about wrapping a vase with jute string.


Man Buying
Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

Tips for Buying Walk-Behind Lawn MowersPicking the right lower mower for your yard will make the chore of mowing easier and maybe even more enjoyable. Here are some great tips for buying walk-behind lawn mowers.


An illustration of a man thinking with question marks above his head.

Opening a Singer Confidence 7469Q Quilter Sewing Machine?Sometimes an attempt to try and fix or make an adjustment to your sewing machine is thwarted from the beginning by an inability to open up the machine. This is a page about opening a Singer Confidence 7469Q Quilter sewing machine.


Cleaning the inside of a house.

Cleaning House After Losing a Dog to DistemperIf your dog has died due to a distemper infection, it important to clean your house very well so that other animals don't get sick. Cleaning your house after losing a dog to distemper is an important step to help protect your other pets.


Photo of a social security card and a calculator.

Is Age 62 the Best Time to Start Drawing Social Security?Making the decision to begin collecting Social Security benefits is dependent on several considerations. The earlier you retire the lower your check, and if you continue working while collecting benefits there is a limit to how much you can make before it affects your payments. Your health may also play a part in your decision. This is a page about, "Is 62 the best time to start drawing Social Security?".


Value of an Eclipse Riding Mower - old riding mower

Finding the Value of an Eclipse Riding Mower?Some older lawn mowers are highly collectible and may be valuable depending on their rarity and condition. Here are some ideas about finding the value of an Eclipse riding mower.


Cabbage Butterfly (Pireis rapae)

How to Stop The Cabbage Butterfly (Pireis rapae)The caterpillars of the cabbage butterfly can do significant damage to cool weather crops such as cabbage, kale, collards, and more. Rather than using pesticides that can damage the environment, try row covers. This is a page about how to stop the cabbage butterfly (pireis rapae).


Photo Christmas ornament.

Making Glass Photo Christmas OrnamentsAdding a photo to a clear glass ball ornament is a good way to create very personalized holiday decorations. This is a page about making glass photo Christmas ornaments.


Sliced red onions close up.

Slicing Onions - Tips and TricksNot only can onions make you tear up, but they can be difficult to cut if you don't use the proper technique. Check out these slicing onions tips and tricks.


Girl with Her Boyfriend

Is 13 Too Young to Have a Boyfriend?Many parents are concerned when their 13 year old wants to have a boyfriend. Going out can mean different things at different ages. While 13 may be too young for unsupervised dating, there may be alternatives that are acceptable to both parents and teens. This is a page about, "Is 13 too young to have a boyfriend?".


A grandfather blowing out candles at this birthday party.

Walk Down Memory Lane Party Ideas?Make the next birthday party you throw more personal by making it about the memories you have shared with your special someone. Here are some walk down memory lane party ideas.


Grow Grapes On Your Patio/Deck/Back Yard - grape standard in bucket

Growing Grapes in ContainersEven if you don't have a garden space, you can successfully grow grapes in a container on your patio or deck. This is a page about growing grapes in containers.


Leftover Spaghetti Pizza - finished pizza

Leftover Spaghetti Pizza RecipeIf you have leftover spaghetti, make a spaghetti pizza with it. Try this leftover spaghetti pizza recipe.


Removing Mold Stains from Linoleum Floor

How to Remove Mold Stains from a Linoleum Floor?Mold will stain just about anything it grows on and linoleum is no exception. Check out these ideas on how to remove mold stains from a linoleum floor.


Bobbin Winding Switch Not Working

Bobbin Winding Switch Not Working on a Toyota Sewing Machine?Some sewing machines have a switch that changes the function from sewing to bobbin winding. If this switch fails, you will need to fix it or have it repaired. This is a page about the bobbin winding switch not working on a Toyota sewing machine.


Simple Flowers with Paper Vase - inserting a finished flower into the paper vase

Simple Paper Flower and Vase Craft for KidsThe simple paper shapes and assembly steps for this craft make it a good one for you and the kids to work on together or for older ones to do alone and perhaps even elaborate on the finished project. This page contains a simple paper flower and vase craft for kids.


Cleaning Silver

How to Fix Sterling Silver Tarnished by Bleach?Silver can become tarnished in many different ways, but tarnish resulting from bleach is sure to require some thorough cleaning. Here are some ideas about how to fix sterling silver tarnished by bleach.


Farewell Party Cake

Farewell Party Cake Ideas for an Irish PriestA farewell cake is a great way to show your priest how much you appreciated their service. Check out these farewell party cake ideas for an Irish priest.


Bath Bombs Are Hard and Flakey - mint green bath bomb balls

Bath Bombs Are Hard and Flaky?Sometimes your ingredients may need a bit of an adjustment if the bath bombs you are making are too hard and flakey after drying. This is a page about a fix for bath bombs that are hard and flakey.


bolts of fabric

Finding Fabric Donations for Missions?If you are in need of a lot of fabric from your mission, getting the fabric donated will save you a lot of money. Asking around your local area is a good way of finding fabric donations for missions.


Canning Zucchini

Canning Zucchini in Pineapple Juice?Sweeten up your canned zucchini by putting them in pineapple juice. Canning zucchini in pineapple juice will make them delectably sweet.


An inkjet photo printer.

Printed Photos Have a Blue Tint?If your inkjet prints are coming out with a blue tint, you may be out of yellow or magenta ink. Running out of one of the colors on your printer can make the printed photos have a blue tint.


A bowl of mashed potatoes.

Mashed Potatoes with Goat CheeseYou can turn plain mashed potatoes into a special, tasty dish with the addition of goat cheese and spices. This is a page about making mashed potatoes with goat cheese.


Three kids wearing cute costumes.

Game Ideas for a Church Halloween Party?Have some spooky fun at your church this Halloween. These game ideas for a church Halloween party are sure to be a hit.


A green J-Popper kitchen tool for opening ring top cans.

J-Popper Ring Top Can Opener ReviewIf you often open cans with a tab pull top, a J-Popper can opener can be a handy tool to have in you kitchen. Read this J-Popper ring top can opener review before buying.


green tea smoothie

Name Ideas for a Smoothie Business?Be sure to make a smooth choice when you pick the name for your new business. Here are some name ideas for a smoothie business.


Crocheted "Timber" Neck Pillow Pattern

How to Make a Crocheted 'Timber' Neck PillowThis unique neck pillow has a crochet pattern reminiscent of a log. It is perfect for use at a cabin or in a room with rustic decor. This page contains a crocheted timber neck pillow pattern.


branch tree with lights against a pink wall

Making a Painted Branch Christmas TreeUse a tree branch to create a lovely painted Christmas tree for a tabletop display or in place of a larger one. Add lights and ornaments and you are ready for the holidays. This is a page about making a painted branch Christmas tree.


finished Cake Cookies

Cake Cookies RecipeFun and easy to make, cake cookies are a delicious treat no one can resist. Here's a tasty cake cookies recipe.


Dye Ran on Wool Scarf

How to Fix Dye That Ran on a Wool Scarf?When dye runs from one part of an article of clothing to another it can be tricky to fix. There are a few products on the market that may help. This is a page about how to fix dye that ran on a wool scarf.


boy dressed as a truck

Halloween Log Truck CostumeWhile unconventional, a log truck can make a fantastic Halloween costume. Check out this Halloween log truck costume for you or your child.


Turkey Baster To Transfer Garden Chemicals - turkey baster and garden chemicals in containers

Using Bulk Herbicides and PesticidesSometimes the cost and scope of a garden weeding and planting project may require the purchase of bulk garden chemicals. Working with large containers of herbicides, fertilizers, or other chemicals can be awkward. This is a page about using bulk herbicides and pesticides


A stick of butter on a plate.

How Much Is a Stick of Butter?In the U.S. a stick of butter is typically equal to 1/4 lb = 8 Tablespoons = 4 ounces = 1/2 cup = 113 grams.


A cute kid wearing a crocodile costume.

Buying Halloween Costumes on eBayDon't buy a new costume for you or your children this Halloween. Buying Halloween costumes on eBay can save you a lot of money.


toast tongs

DIY Toast TongsSometimes toast is hot and difficult to pull from the toaster. Use these DIY toast tongs to get you toast out without burning your fingers.


Value of Figurine - stylized figurine a family

Determining the Value of a Leonardo Collection Figurine?Depending on how rare they are and the condition some figurines can be very valuable. If you need help determining the value of a Leonardo collection figurine it can be helpful to look at how much it would cost to purchase another one like it.


A football player wearing dirty football pants.

How to Clean Football PantsFootball pants often become grass stained and covered in mud. Read on to find out some ideas about how to clean football pants.


Recharge Your Car's Air Conditioning (Freon)

Recharging Your Car's Air Conditioning (Freon)Recharging the air conditioner in your car can be very easy. Here is how to recharge your car's air conditioning (freon).


Calming Hyper Puppies

Calming Hyper PuppiesPuppies need a lot of attention and exercise as they grow. Finding ways to give them room to play should help calm them down. This is a page about calming hyper puppies.


Cooked Vegetable Burgers

Freezing Cooked Vegetable Burgers?Preparing vegetable burgers ahead of time and freezing them for later use is a great way to have them handy for when you need a quick meal. This is a page about freezing cooked vegetable burgers.


Testing Rose Cuttings For Roots - planting rooted cuttings

Testing Rose Cuttings For RootsWhen propagating roses from cuttings you may become impatient to see if they have developed roots. While there are a number of suggestions available for checking for roots, this page contains a method that ensures little to no damage to delicate new roots if they have begun to develop. This is a page about testing rose cuttings for roots.


Photo of a French Bulldog's face close up.

Dog Started Pooping Inside at New House Without a Dog Door?Moving to a new home can be stressful for everyone, inducing your pets. If your dog started pooping inside at new house without a dog door it's probably confused and stressed and may need a dog door installed.


Crispy Quail Eggs on plate

Crispy Quail Eggs RecipesQuail eggs are delicious but need to be cooked delicately as they are very small. Try these delectable crispy quail eggs recipes.


A bowl of cornstarch.

Using Cornstarch to Kill Roaches?Cornstarch, by itself, cannot kill cockroaches but when mixed with plaster of paris, it is effective. Using cornstarch to kill roaches alone is not effective.


A bedroom with several bunk beds.

Organizing a Bedroom Shared by Adults and Children?Sometimes, kids and adults need to share a room which might mean the room needs to be laid out differently than if it was just for one or the other. Organizing a bedroom shared by adults and children takes a little extra planning.


Close up photo of homemade fudge.

Problems Making FudgeChefs will tell you that cooking is an art and a science. The science can come into play when making fudge. Not only do proper measurements play a role in the success of your batch of fudge, but so does the cookware used and believe it or not the weather. This is a page about problems making fudge.



Simple Seafood Tostadas

Simple Seafood TostadasThis seafood tostada dish is super exotic with all the beautiful tentacles about! It may look daunting to serve up but it's really, very easy and absolutely delicious.


Easy Moussaka baked on pan

Easy MoussakaThis Greek dish is made with eggplant, and is really delicious.


Tabbouleh in bowl

TabouliTabbouleh is a chilled grain and vegetable salad seasoned with fresh parsley. It tastes great any time, but is best when the flavors meld the day after it's made.



Glitter Candle - closeup of number  1 birthday candle with gold glitter

Glitter CandleSome people are willing to spend $9 for a glitter birthday candle, but you can totally make it yourself for only $1 and some essentials you probably have at home already.



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Planting an Avocado Tree Outside?My avocado tree has grown to about 3 1/2 feet from the pit. I have had it in the house in a window since starting it, probably 2 or 3 years ago. I want to move it outside either in a larger pot or in the ground. I am in zone 7 or 8 in North Carolina. Can it survive being out doors?


What Breed Is My Dog? - beautiful white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I got Milo about a month ago. They said he was a Siberian Husky, but I have my doubts. I think he's mixed lol. Don't get me wrong he's absolutely beautiful. I can't get over him, but I would like to get some opinions.


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Removing a Slight White Spot on a Nylon Skirt?How do I remove a slight white spot from a nylon skirt?


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Dyed Hair Has Green Tint?I dyed my hair brown this past weekend over bleached hair. It now has a green tint. I read about using red hair dye to cancel out the green, but what I am worried about is if I dye it using a red dye, will my hair will have a red tint?


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Thirstystone Coasters Have Stopped Absorbing Condensate?Why have my Thirstystone coasters stopped absorbing?


What Is This Houseplant?- plant with long grass like medium green leaves with lighter edges

What Is This Houseplant? (Spider Plant)I was given this plant as a gift along with other gorgeous plants in one large planter. I recognized the other plants, but not this one. The ends of the very thin and very light grass-like leaves are getting yellow all the time. I tried to place the plant in different location in my house with the same result.


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How Long to Wait Before Dyeing Hair Again?I put semi permanent honey blonde dye on my hair. I'm wanting to color it again with the same color or a lighter blonde. I colored it 3 weeks ago. Will it be OK to go ahead and color this week?


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Causes of Discoloration on the Outside of Mugs?My wife and I are regular coffee drinkers. We perk a pot almost every day. If we don't drink all of the pot, we may reheat it in the microwave later. Some of our white painted coffee cups have started to discolor (primarily on the outside).


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