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Row of Tacos

Making Tacos for 100 People?When preparing food for a large crowd you first have to determine the typical serving size. Then you can calculate the ingredients needed. This is a page about making tacos for 100 people.


Stove Top Stuffing

Recipes Using Stove Top StuffingIf you are tired of just having boxed stuffing as a side then try some new recipes using boxed stuffing mix. This page contains recipes using Stove Top stuffing.


Xpress Redi Set Go

GT Xpress 101 and Xpress Redi Set Go Cooker RecipesThis is a page about GT Xpress 101 and Xpress Redi Set Go cooker recipes. These appliances allow for easy fat free cooking with preheated wells and no turning.


A bowl of chili with corn bread.

Making Chili for a Large GroupThis page is about making chili for a large group. Feeding a large group takes some calculating to make the right amount of food.


An air fryer with chicken wings inside.

Air Fryer RecipesAvoid using any oil and reduce the calories for a crispy fried flavor with this appliance that circulates hot air around the food. This page contains recipes for a power air fryer oven.


water chestnuts

Recipes Using Water ChestnutsThis page contains recipes using water chestnuts. Water chestnuts add a satisfying crunch to many recipes.



Canned Ravioli

Recipe Ideas for Canned Ravioli?Many pasta dishes, like spaghetti or ravioli can be canned for future use. This is a page about recipe ideas for canned ravioli.


Two large pieces of shredded wheat.

Recipes Using Shredded WheatOne use for the crumbs at the bottom of your box of shredded wheat is as a topping for quick breads. This is a page about recipes using shredded wheat.


A pot of soup in a slow cooker.

Recipe Ideas for Ulcerative Colitis?If you or a loved one has Ulcerative Colitis, your diet will most likely be very restricted. This page contains recipe ideas for ulcerative colitis.


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Weekly Menu for the Elderly?I am looking for a cost effective weekly menu for elderly people.


Ground Cinnamon

Sugar Free Cinnamon and Sugar Recipes?This page contains sugar free cinnamon and sugar recipes. Cinnamon sugar tastes delicious, but does not fit in with low calorie diets. You can mix your own sugar free cinnamon "sugar" to use as a substitute using your sweetener of choice.


Mint Oil in pan

How To Make Fresh Mint OilI grow a lot of mint in my garden. I use mint in salads, to make mint oil for cooking, and also to make tea. Fresh mint is easy to grow and needs a lot of sun and water. I use the oil to cook fish, to make salad dressing, and also as a bug repellent. Did you know that many bugs won't bite you if they smell mint?


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Powdered Sugar in Australia?What is powdered sugar? I am in Australia and we don't have anything called that.


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Recipes Using Raisin Pie Filling?I was given one can of raisin pie filling but no recipe. Does anyone have a recipe using raisin pie filling - not necessarily for pie but for any type of dessert.


tacos on plate

Frying Tortillas for TacosThis is just another way to fry up your corn torts when making tacos. It seems to make them taste more "authentic" and gives the corn tortilla a bit of the meat flavor too, and the tortillas get the little "crumblies" of meat cooked on them that have fallen out of the shells.


Cranberry sauce on toast.

Recipes Using Cranberry SauceCranberry sauce and relish is not just a condiment for holiday turkey. This page contains recipes using cranberry sauce.


box of cereal

Recipes Using Grape NutsThis page contains recipes using grape nuts. Post grape nuts cereal can be a flavorful, crunchy addition to many kinds of recipes.


Canned Biscuits

Recipes Using Canned Refrigerator BiscuitsRefrigerator biscuits are a great base for quick pastries and many other sweet or savory recipes. They can be used as a bottom or top crust for a casserole or even for easy homemade doughnuts.


Cocoa Powder in a glass bowl

Uses for Sweet Ground Chocolate Powder?This is a page about uses for sweet ground chocolate powder. In addition to the obvious hot chocolate, sweet ground chocolate can be used in other recipes.


Chicken and Noodles

Making Chicken and Noodles for 20 People?When cooking for a large group the first step is to calculate the average serving per person for the specific meal you are planning. This is a page about making chicken and noodles for 20 people.


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Food Vendor Ideas for a County Fair?Our Ladies Auxiliary is thinking about having a food stand at our county fair. Does anyone have any suggestions on something new we could offer that other vendors might not offer? Thank you for your suggestions.



Recipes Using Quaker Instant Oatmeal

Recipes Using Quaker Instant Oatmeal?This page contains recipes using quaker instant oatmeal. Finding new ways to use a product that is in your cupboard, can be fun and tasty.


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Accompaniments for Chicken Salad?What are some good accompaniments for chicken salad? Thankful for any help.


Wooden spoon dipping into can of tomato soup with basil.  Can is surrounded by tomatoes

Recipes Using Canned Tomato SoupCanned tomato soup has long been used in a large variety of recipes. This page contains recipes using canned tomato soup.


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Recipes Using Stale Rolls?What can one do with older rolls that are getting hard yet not moldy? I would like to make something yummy, but will give them to the birds if I must.


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Recipes for a George Foreman GV5 Contact Cooker?I bought a George Foreman GV5 Contact Cooker that had no instructions or a recipe book in it. It was the only one they had and I need help from anyone who can tell me how to work it and recipes for it.


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Making Rice Pudding with 1% Milk?I made rice pudding recently but used 1% milk and it did not turn out particularly creamy. Could it be the milk? Must I use whole milk for it to be creamy? I think I got the recipe from this site.


Dried pinto beans in a bowl

Recipes Using Dried Pinto BeansDried beans are a great staple food product. There are numerous recipes that you can prepare using your dried pintos. This is a page about recipes using dried pinto beans.


Soy Nuts

Recipes Using Soy Nuts?Soy nuts can often be substituted for peanuts in many recipes. This is a page about recipes using soy nuts.


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Substitution for Soy Flour in a Recipe?I cannot use soy products. If a recipe calls for soy flour, what can I substitute instead? And will the quantity be the same?


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Infrared Oven RecipesThis page contains recipes for the Nu Wave, Flavorwave, Turbo Chef, Advantium, and other rapid cooking systems using infrared technology. Recipes for specialty ovens may vary from those for conventional ovens.


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Recipes Using Yellow Mustard?I need the help of this creative community. Does anyone have suggestions for using mustard? Plain old fashion yellow mustard? I have an over abundance. I'm looking for baking recipes. Nothing that involves relishes or sauces. It needs to be something consumable as in meal wise. Any takers?


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Gooey Buns RecipeI am looking for a recipe from the 1950s or 60s. They were called "Gooey Buns" and contained cubes of ham, hard boiled eggs, cheese (Velveeta?) and some other ingredients? Then the mixture was placed in hot dog buns, wrapped in foil and baked in the oven until melted and gooey.


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Bland Food Recipes for Stomach Issues?I've been having massive stomach issues, I have severe bleeding ulcers. I'm looking for non irritating recipes for bland foods I can eat. I've been living on plain chicken for months and I can't take it anymore.


Printed recipes with unusual ingredients underlined.

Underline Unique Recipe IngredientsWhen I save my recipes in my files, I like to underline ingredients I commonly don't keep in my cupboard. It saves me time if I can quickly see what I will need to buy. I won't start a recipe just to discover I can't complete it due to an important missing ingredient.


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Origin of the Name for Colorado Pie?Why is Colorado pie called Colorado pie?



Ham tortilla pinwheels

Recipes Using TortillasTortillas are great for making wraps, casseroles and homemade noodles or toppings. This page contains recipes using tortillas.


Biscuits, fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.

Recipes From North Carolina?Every state is known for its regional cuisine and North Carolina is no exception. This includes traditional southern favorites, like barbeque fried chicken and collard greens, coastal seafood recipes, and the Carolina chili dog. This page contains recipes from North Carolina.


Unrecognizable man at kitchen following recipe book.

Recipe Books for MenCookbooks are created to interest all sorts of people in cooking. This page has information about recipe books for men.


Collection of high fiber foods like vegetables, fruit, and nuts.

High Fiber RecipesRecipes made with whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits are not only delicious, but help you maintain healthy elimination. This is a page about high fiber recipes.


Sliced beef brisket

How to Make Beef Brisket for 200 PeopleThis is a page about how to make beef brisket for 200 people. You can prepare the amount of brisket needed based on approximately 1/4 pound per person. Also, some recipe sites allow you to add in the number of servings and then it will calculate the ingredient totals.


Tomatoes and tomato juice on wooden cutting board

Recipes Using Vegetable or Tomato JuiceAdding a vegetable or tomato based juice like V-8 to recipes is an easy way to add nutrients and flavor. This is a page about recipes using vegetable or tomato juice.


Firefighters eating together

Recipes for FirefightersThe firehouse kitchen is often the gathering place for these brave men and women between emergencies. This is a page about recipes for firefighters.


Large Batch of Meatloaf

Making a Large Batch of Meatloaf?Making meatloaf for a large crowd will require you to estimate the number of servings per pound of meat and determining the best way to prepare and cook the loaves. This is a page about making a large batch of meatloaf.


Macaroni and Cheese

Pasta Recipes for the CrockpotPasta tends to cook much quicker that other ingredients used in a slow cooker, and generally is cooked separately. This page contains pasta recipes for the crockpot.


A woman checking the healthy recipe she is making.

Finding Healthy RecipesThis is a page about finding healthy recipes. There are many sources for healthy recipes that limit fats, salt, sugar, and other generally unhealthy ingredients.


A woman on a scale.

Recipes to Help Gain WeightThis is a page about recipes to help gain weight. Problems with health can make it hard to consume enough calories to put on more weight.


Finding Good Weight Loss Recipes

Finding Good Weight Loss Recipes?When you want to lose some pounds, choosing recipes that are low in carbohydrates and fat can help. Keeping the cost of these foods within your budget is important.


Tastefully Simple Relish

Tastefully Simple RecipesThe yummy recipes from this American tasting food company are know for being easy and fun. This is a page about Tastefully Simple recipes.


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Finding Old Betty Crocker Recipes?Does anyone know of a website where you can find old Betty Crocker Cookbook recipes? I had an old recipe book that I loved, but it was lost in a fire many years ago. I loved so many of the recipes, but I cannot find them anywhere. I don't even remember what year it was published.


Corn Chips in Vegan Nachos

Recipes Using Corn Chips?Nachos are a favorite recipe that uses tortilla chips, but there are other creative ways to use them. This is a page about recipes using corn chips.


bottle of red curry sauce

Recipes Using Trader Joe's Products?This is a page about recipes using Trader Joe's products. A grocery store that has a wonderful variety of unusual and imported foods. Enjoy some different recipes with their products.


Preserving Olives

Curing and Preserving Olives?If you live in an area where you can grow olive trees you can process your own olives. This is a page about curing and preserving olives.


Chopped Chocolate

Using Chocolate in RecipesThis is a page about using chocolate in recipes. From chicken mole to chocolate cookies, chocolate in its many forms and sweetness levels finds its way into numerous recipes.


Hawaiian Luau

Hawaiian Luau RecipesThis page contains Hawaiian luau recipes. A fun party or wedding theme especially when winter seems way too long, is a Hawaiian luau.


Hawaiian Food Locomoco Rice

Hawaiian RecipesWhether planning a luau or longing for a taste of the islands, there are many wonderful Hawaiian styled recipes. This page contains Hawaiian recipes.


A tablespoon of wheat bran.

Recipes Using BranThis page contains recipes using bran. A part of grains whether wheat, oats or rice that is a nutritious, fibrous addition to your diet.


Delicious Looking Beef Dinner

Tips for Finding Great RecipesThis page contains tips for finding great recipes. While cookbooks are a great resource for recipes, there are so many other places to find wonderful food ideas to create.


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GERD Cookbooks and Recipes?Are there any cookbooks for GERD that work?


A bowl of potato chips.

Recipes Using Potato ChipsThis page contains recipes using potato chip crumbs. Don't toss out the last of the potato chip crumbs at the bottom of the bag. There are lots of recipes that call for potato chips and the crumbs should work just fine.


Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker RecipesThis page contains rice cooker recipes. This appliance may be used to slow cook a variety of foods besides rice.



Recipes Using Frozen Coconut?This is a page about recipes using frozen coconut. If you have leftover coconut in the freezer, there are a great many recipes you can make with it.


chicken tomato risotto

Recipes Using Chicken StockThis page contains recipes using chicken stock. Chicken stock can be used in many recipes, sometimes replacing water to add more flavor.


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Why Do Recipes Call for a Sprinkle of Salt on Top?Why do so many recipes lately call for sprinkle of salt, or coarse salt on dough before baking, and even on fudge? Thank you.


eggnog bundt cake

Recipes Using EggnogThere are rich, desserts and refreshments that can be made using this beverage. This page contains recipes using eggnog.


Cooking for Two

Cooking for Two RecipesThis page contains cooking for two recipes. It is nice to prepare the perfect amount for two unless you want to make enough to save for another meal.


Dill Pickles

Recipes Using PicklesYou might be surprised at just how many recipes call for pickles as one of the ingredients. This is a page about recipes using pickles.


Pimentos, Cherry Peppers

Recipes Using Pimentos?This page contains recipes using pimentos. In addition to pimento cheese spread there are many other recipes that call for these tasty peppers.


Pasta salad made with leftover past.

Recipes Using Leftover PastaThere are ways to use up leftover cooked pasta in delicious meals. This page contains recipes using leftover pasta.


French toast made with leftover bread.

Uses for Leftover BreadThis is a page about uses for leftover bread. Don't throw away that slightly stale leftover bread. There are many ways to put it to use in cooking, plus some other interesting possibilities.


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Turbo Cooker RecipesThis page contains turbo cooker recipes. A countertop convection oven that can cook a wide variety of foods.


Coca Cola

Recipes Using Coca ColaThis page contains recipes using Coca Cola. There are a number of foods that are enhanced with this soda pop.


Pineapple Juice

Recipes Using Pineapple JuiceThis page contains recipes using pineapple juice. Fruit juice can be used in recipes to add flavor or to replace other liquids and alcohol.


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What Can I Make With These Ingredients?What can I make with sausage, linguine, spaghetti sauce, onions, and cheese?


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Recipes Using Salad Dressing MixesThis page contains recipes using salad dressing mixes. A convenient way for quick seasoning of many foods is using dressing mix packets.


Bean with Bacon Soup

Recipes Using BaconThis page contains recipes using bacon. There are so many ways to use bacon when preparing your meals.


Bagel with smoked salmon.

Recipes Using BagelsSandwiches, mini pizzas, or with spreads, there are a variety of ways to prepare bagels. This page contains recipes using bagels.


Chopping Onion

Recipes Using OnionsThis page contains recipes using onions. Onions are an important addition to many recipes and the main ingredient in others.


Garbanzo Beans

Recipes Using Garbanzo BeansIn addition to hummus, garbanzo beans are delicious in lots of recipes, including soups and stews. This page contains recipes using garbanzo beans.


Preparing a Passover Meal

Preparing a Passover Meal?This is a page about preparing a Passover meal. The Passover is a ritual celebration retelling the Exodus story, including very traditional and specific foods for the meal.


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Using Manwich in a Recipe?I am looking for ways for using Manwich in a recipe besides the


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Fannie Farmer CookbooksI have a lot of cookbooks and, even though I don't often use a cookbook anymore, I always keep my copies of "The Fannie Farmer Cookbook" and "The Fannie Farmer Baking Book" on hand.


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Garlic Recipes?I need garlic recipes! My husband grew a bumper crop of garlic, three varieties. It's so good for us, but I can't fix the same recipes day after day. Can anyone help?


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Recipe for Cucumbers in Vinegar?I need a recipe for cukes and vinegar. Thanks.


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Making a Large Batch of Potato Salad?How many bags of potatoes are needed to make 6 gallons of potato salad?


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Wishbone Salad Dressing Recipe Book?Does anyone have or know where I can get a copy of the Wishbone salad dressing recipe book?


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Recipes Using Spicy Cheetos?What can I make for a pot luck with spicy Cheetos?


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Recipes for When It's Hard to Chew?I recently had a root canal and on the opposite side of my mouth a wisdom tooth extraction. It is hard to chew or even open my mouth and I cannot use a straw (this is to avoid dry pockets).


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Recipes Using Ketchup?I recently was given 8 bottles of ketchup. What can I use them for? Perhaps I can make some type of tomato soup or something?


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Original Bisquick Dumpling Recipe?I am looking for the recipe for dumplings from the Bisquick box. Does anyone have it? Thanks.


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Sauerkraut?Easy to make. Put shredded cabbage in sterilized quart jar. Add a scant 1 1/2 tablespoon of pickling salt. Fill jar to 1/4 inch of top with cold water. Set aside on newspaper for 3 to 4 days.


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Making a Pressure Cooker Recipe in the Oven?How do you convert a recipe from a pressure cooker to one that you can cook in the oven? My mom used to make plum pudding in a pressure cooker and I would like to make it in the oven.


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Clay Roaster Recipes?I would love some good recipes to use with a clay roaster.


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No Cook Menu Ideas for Outdoor Fraternity Charity Event?I need suggestions/recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that will feed 40-50 of my son's college fraternity members during a 24 hour charity teetering event held outside. They cannot use a grill and electricity options are iffy!


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Homemade Garlic Extract?How do you make garlic extract?


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Homemade Bread is Crumbly?How do I keep my homemade bread from crumbling apart?


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Limit Indoor Appliance Use In SummerWhen summer hits, I try everything to keep it cool inside without running the AC 24/7. I do all my cooking outside and dry clothes outside as well. Why turn on a heating appliance and run the AC at the same time?


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Late Night Light Dinner Ideas?I just started a job that with hours such that I do not get home until after 9:00 PM. Does anyone have any ideas of what to make for dinner? I don't relish the idea of preparing a big meal at 10:00 PM.


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Cooking for Two?Does anyone know of sites that cover cooking for 2?


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Recipes for a Grange Cookbook?Calling for favorite recipes for a cookbook for publishing by our non-profit Grange. The Grange helps the community and was the originator of 4-H.


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Product Review: The American Heart Association CookbookThis is a cookbook for those of you who are not creators in the kitchen. If you want healthy and delicious recipes this is a book for you. I had checked it out at our local library and had made copies of what I wanted to try.


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Recipes for Nu-Wave Oven Pro?I need recipes for the Nu-Wave Oven Pro. Thank you in advance.


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Make Cake Pops From Leftover Cake

Make Cake Pops From Leftover Cake (April Fools)I got this great idea after my kid's birthday party when I noticed all the half-eaten cake left on all the kids' plates. I thought to myself, "What a waste!" So I came up with this tip, you can make cake pops from those leftovers! I know what you are thinking right now, I am a genius, right? Why have I never thought of this before? This way you can make some little cake pops and your kids will be so excited.


almond milk

Make Your Own Nut and Seed MilksNot only are nut and seed milks much better for you then cow's milk but also very easy to digest. Perfect for those with soy allergies and who are lactose intolerant. They are also very simple to make!


Yellow notecard recipe box

Finding Great RecipesEveryone knows that recipes are my "thing." I am blessed to have not only been born into a family of cooks, but also to have married into one as well. I have access to thousands of recipes from family members and friends, including the cookbook that my mother had published.



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Making Rice at a Higher Elevation?What do I need to do to make Mexican rice at a higher elevation? Normally the ratio is 1 cup rice, 2 cups of liquid for 20 minutes, what do I need to do different?


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Converting Recipes for Use in a GTXpress 101 Cooker?I need a site that will show me how I can convert recipes to use on my GTXpress 101 cooker.


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What Can I Make with These Ingredients?I have hash browns, onions, hamburger, green pepper, and eggs. What can I make with these ingredients?


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Alternative Uses for Shrimp Cocktail Sauce?What goes good with cocktail sauce besides shrimp? I have a couple of bottles of cocktail sauce on hand and I didn't want to use shrimp. I just made a shrimp dish the other day.


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Bland Food Recipes for Stomach Issues?I've been having massive stomach issues, I have severe bleeding ulcers. I'm looking for non irritating recipes for bland foods I can eat. I've been living on plain chicken for months and I can't take it anymore.


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Recipes for an Xpress Redi Set Go Cooker?Where can I find recipes for an Xpress Redi Set Go cooker?


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