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Zucchini Growing

Zucchini Rotting on the VinePoor pollination or a lack of calcium can result in zucchini fruit rotting before it's ready to harvest. This page has advice about how to solve common problems that result in zucchini rotting on the vine.


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Corn Is Tasseling But Has No Ears?My corn plants are very healthy, over 6 ft now in tassel, but no ears. Also, my beets are not developing.


Tomato plant with black leaves and green tomatoes.

Tomato Plant Leaves Turning BlackBlack leaves are a sign of infection and the tomato plant needs to be treated immediately to prevent blighted fruit. This is a page about tomato plant leaves turning black.


Cucumbers Have White Spots?These are cucumbers straight from my little garden. The plants are two months old. I know that I over soak the plot. These cucumbers are like all the rest I have harvested.


Rhubarb leaf with yellowing leaves in the background

Rhubarb Plants Turning Yellow?This page is about rhubarb plants turning yellow. Rhubarb likes to grow with good drainage and cool temperatures.


Red and green bell peppers.

When Are Bell Peppers Ready to Pick?When you are new to gardening it can be confusing knowing just when to harvest your produce. This is a page about, "When are bell peppers ready to pick?".


Tomato Plants Dying

Tomato Plants Dying from Top DownThis page is about tomato plants dying from the top down. Determining what is causing your plants to suffer isn't always easy.


Small Bell Peppers

Why Are My Bell Peppers So Small?There are a number of reasons your peppers may not grow to their full size. Trial and error may help you discover the steps to take to improve your harvest. This is a page about, "Why are my bell peppers so small?".


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Worms Killing My Zucchini?I have white worms eating my zucchini. The vegetable, not the leaves and rest of the plant. It is plain white about an inch long. No legs or any markings, turning vegetable "mushy".


Asparagus Harvest

Extending Your Asparagus HarvestThis is a page about extending your asparagus harvest. With a few simple strategies you can stagger and extend the length of your asparagus harvest.


Beets growing in the garden

Growing BeetsThis is a page about growing beets. Beets are an easy and perfect addition for your garden.


Closeup of green bell pepper on vine

How to Grow Gorgeous Bell PeppersBell peppers are surprisingly easy to grow and don't require a lot of space to produce a good harvest. This is a page about how to grow gorgeous bell peppers.




Growing Broccoli Rabe from Seed?Choosing quality seeds, properly preparing the soil, planting at the best time, and keeping the soil moist are all important to producing a good broccoli rabe harvest. This is a page about growing broccoli rabe from seed.


hand holding a potato

Harvesting PotatoesThis is a page about harvesting potatoes. Growing your own potatoes can be a fun and rewarding part of your vegetable garden. Once the potatoes are full grown it's time to harvest them.


green tomatoes

Tomatoes Are Not Getting RipeThis page is about tomatoes are not getting ripe. When you have lots of tomato fruit on the vine, you want to get some ripe ones ready to eat.


A zucchini plant in the garden with flower and a young zucchini squash.

Why Is Zucchini Falling Off the Vine Early?There are two common reasons that zucchini fall off the vine without maturing. One is lack of pollination and the other is a calcium deficiency. This is a page about, "Why is zucchini falling off the vine early?".


Grayish White Foam on Squash Plant?I have a grayish white foam (not powdery mildew, but something else) growing around the base of one of my squash plants. It is the consistency of butter. Do I need to be concerned about it spreading or harming the plants?


Green bell pepper ready for harvest.

Growing Bell PeppersThis is a page about growing bell peppers. Bell peppers are easy to grow and make a wonderful addition to any vegetable garden.


Green Beans Not Flowering

Green Beans Not Flowering?This page is about green beans not flowering. If your bean plants do not develop flowers, they will not grow beans.


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Growing Cucumbers in Hanging Milk Jugs?I am conducting an experiment this growing season to determine if cucumbers can be grown in recycled milk jugs converted into hanging planters. I intend to hang the jugs on a wooden fence and allow the cucumbers to run over the side and hang down over a garden plot.


Replanting a Sprouting Onion - lying on top of soil

Planting a Sprouting OnionDon't toss an onion just because it has started to sprout. Plant it in your garden for some fresh onion leaves. This is a page about planting a sprouting onion.


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Stripes on my Zucchini?My zucchini have stripes on them....why? I only have tomatoes and zucchini in my garden. Are they safe to eat?


Growing Green Beans

Growing Green BeansGreen beans are a fun and easy crop to grow. Green beans grow well in many areas and often provide a great harvest. This is a page about growing green beans.


Crafty Pea Trellis - finished trellis

DIY Crafty Pea TrellisThis trellis features reusable components and jute or cotton twine. You can recycle the twine with the spent vines at the end of the season. You may have some of the necessary supplies to build the framework in your garden shed or garage. Let us share this pea trellis plan with you.


Sugar snap peas in bloom in the garden.

Growing Sugar Snap PeasGrowing sugar snap peas is easy. They can be planted earlier than many other garden veggies. The young, flat pods are delicious straight off of the vine. They freeze better than snow peas, thus providing you with a future supply for cooking later in the year. Heirloom varieties and be planted next season from peas dried on the vine with assurance of the same delicious flavor.


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Zucchini Is Getting Soft at the Blossom End?I have grown zucchini for the last couple years, but this time, the fruit doesn't look great. It's not evenly straight, but instead I'm getting a pointy tip at the blossom end and most of fruit when it gets to 2 to 3 inches long, the blossom end gets soft, but not rotten, so I don't what is causing this?


Person holding a bunch of small tomatoes.

Tomatoes Not Growing Bigger?Tomatoes come in many sizes. Depending on the variety that was planted, they may be small or need more potassium. This is a page about tomatoes not growing bigger.



Harvesting Potatoes from a Potato Tower

Harvesting Potatoes from a Potato TowerThis is a page about harvesting potatoes from a potato tower. Potato towers are a great way to grow a crop of spuds in a small footprint. If it it a wooden tower you simply lift off each segment and begin harvesting.


Woman standing in her vegetable garden

Maintaining Your Vegetable GardenThis is a page about maintaining your vegetable garden. While waiting for your crops to grow there are many maintenance activities that need to be attended to such as watering, weeding, staking, and more depending on the veggies you have planted.


A trellis with wood poles and rope, for training beans.

Simple Pole Bean TrellisUsing purchased 2x2 pieces of wood or left over wood scraps and twine you can make a simple pole bean trellis for your garden. This is a page about constructing a simple pole bean trellis.


Harvested Zucchini in a Basket

When to Harvest Zucchini?This is a page about when to harvest zucchini. Knowing when to harvest your zucchini will ensure that you get the flavor and texture that you prefer. One benefit of more frequent harvesting is that you can increase your overall yield for the season.



8 Great Perennial VegetablesDespite the wait, often a year, before they produce their first crop there are many advantages to planting perennial vegetables. Some good choices include, artichokes, asparagus, chayote, rhubarb, and more. This is a page contains information about eight great perennial vegetables.


A woman holding a bunch of carrots that were grown in a greenhouse.

Growing Carrots in a Greenhouse?Carrots may be grown in a greenhouse during the winter for a spring crop. Spring or summer are too warm for growing them your greenhouse. Use a sandy soil mix and don't overwater. This is a page about growing carrots in a greenhouse.


Planting Seedlings

Starting a Vegetable GardenPrior to planting your first vegetable garden you will want to do some homework. Choose a good sunny location. Research the quality of your soil and ways to improve it if necessary. Find out the best types and varieties of veggies for your region. Talk to a neighbor who has a garden, an expert at your local nursery, or to a master gardener, if possible, and read up on the topic. This is a page about starting a vegetable garden.


Zucchini Plant

Zucchini Plants Growing Slowly?Even the most experienced gardener may have a season where some vegetables, such as zucchini, experience growth issues. If you have exhausted your box of tricks, you may want to contact your agricultural extension office or members of the master gardener group. This is a page about zucchini plants growing slowly.


Comparing Bush Beans and Pole Beans

Comparing Bush Beans and Pole BeansBush and pole beans refer to their growth habit, not specific varieties. Many bean cultivars are available in both bush and pole forms.This is a page about comparing bush beans and pole beans.


Picking a Potato Variety

Picking a Potato VarietyThis is a page about picking a potato variety. The variety of potato you choose to grow, will have a major impact on the taste and texture of your potato dishes.


Hispanic woman and child harvesting vegetables.

Understanding the Effects of Pollen Transfer Between Different VegetablesThis is a page about understanding the effects of pollen transfer between different vegetables. When pollen is shared with similar varieties of plants, they can cross to be a hybrid.


Cucumber growing on plant

Choosing a Cucumber VarietyThis is a page about choosing a cucumber variety. Cucumbers are not all alike. Each variety has its own special flavor and growing needs.


Asparagus spears in basket against a dirt background

Harvesting Asparagus?This page is about harvesting asparagus. Knowing when its best to cut your asparagus takes some experience.


Variety of garden vegetables and fruits in and surrounding a basket on a table.

Harvesting Common Garden VegetablesThis is a page about harvesting common garden vegetables. Successful gardening includes soil preparation, planting, caring for your crops, and finally harvesting.


giant pumpkin

Growing Monster VegetablesThis is a page about growing monster vegetables. Prize winning monster sized vegetables are not that difficult to grow.



Kale after snow has fallen.

Vegetables That Taste Better After FrostThis is a page about vegetables that taste better after frost. Some vegetables actually taste better after a touch of frost, a bitter flavor becomes more sweet.


Easy Way To String Tomatoes, Cucumbers, or Green Beans

Making an A-frame Trellis for Growing...An A-frame tresses can be easy and inexpensive to make. It is also an excellent structure to help support your climbing plants. This is a page about easy way to string tomatoes, cucumbers, or green beans.


closeup of a cabbage

Growing BrassicasThis is a page about growing brassicas. The plants in this genus are members of the mustard family and include, cabbage, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower.


ornamental peppers

Growing Ornamental PeppersThis is a page about growing ornamental peppers. Beautiful colorful peppers can be grown just to decorate your patio and landscape.


Pepper Plant

Growing Pepper Plants?This is a page about growing pepper plants. Many pepper varieties can be grown in the garden or in containers, for a wonderful addition to your diet.


Mustard Greens

Growing Mustard Greens?This is a page about growing mustard greens. A calcium rich vegetable with a slightly bitter taste, mustard greens are very nutritious, and easy to grow.


Growing Beans

Growing Beans (Bush and Pole)This is a page about growing beans (bush and pole). A great addition to your garden is green and wax beans. These legumes are easy to grow and delicious prepared in many ways.


example of miner damage

Leaf Miner Beetle Damage to CropsLeaf miner beetles seek out leafy greens. They lay their eggs often unnoticed and when the larva hatches it burrows into the leaf and lives inside it tunneling around eating the inside of the leaf. They eventually drop into the soil and burrow down into the dirt to wait for next year's crop.


yellow skinned spaghetti squash

Growing Spaghetti Squash?This is a page about growing spaghetti squash. This delicious squash can be substituted for pasta and served with many sauces. Add it to your garden for a special dining treat.


tomatoes growing

Growing Drought Tolerant VegetablesThis is a page about growing drought tolerant vegetables. When you live where your soil tends to be dry, you want to find vegetables that will produce the best.


Growing Bean Vine Crops

Growing Vine CropsThis is a page about growing vine crops. Most vine crops belong to the squash family. Even a small garden can be planted with these vegetables using trellises or similar supports.


Vegetable Harvest

When to Harvest Your VegetablesThis is a page about when to harvest your vegetables. Knowing when to gather your different garden vegetables takes some experience to enjoy the best flavor and nutrition.


Growing Indian Corn

Growing Indian CornThis is a page about growing indian corn. If you can grow sweet corn, you should have no trouble growing beautifully colorful varieties of indian corn.


Snow Peas

Growing Snow PeasThis page is about growing snow peas. These delicious pea pods grow in 60 - 70 days of warm weather, and with planned support are easy to grow in the garden.


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Growing Swiss ChardThis page is about growing swiss chard. This hearty vegetable grows well into the fall to give you vitamin rich, leafy greens.


Natural Pesticide

Natural Pesticide Recipes for Vegetable GardensThis page is about natural pesticide recipes for vegetable gardens. Having fresh, chemical free vegetables growing in your garden is great, and can save you money.


Growing carrots and other vegetables.

Planting Vegetables TogetherThis is a page about planting vegetables together. There are many benefits that can be had by planting vegetables together, also known as companion planting.


Growing Heirloom Tomatoes

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes?This page is about growing heirloom tomatoes. These flavor filled old time fruits may be well worth the time and energy to cultivate.


Red Potatoes

Growing Red Potatoes?This page is about growing red potatoes. The potato is a perennial plant from the nightshade family, and a staple for many people around the world.


Growing New Veggies

Growing New Veggies From Discarded RootsThis is a page about growing new veggies from discarded roots. Certain vegetables will produce new shoots when properly prepared.


Vegetable Garden

Minimizing Diseases in a Vegetable Garden?This is a page about minimizing diseases in a vegetable garden. Plants are susceptible to a variety of diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses.


Growing Kale

Growing KaleThis page is about growing kale. This hardy, nutritious vegetable is easy to grow and likes the cool weather.


Foxglove Companion Plant

Companion Plants for Growing VegetablesThis is a page about companion plants for growing vegetables. Choosing the right combination of vegetables, flowers, and herbs can help improve your garden and save space.


Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Planting TimesThis is a page about vegetable garden planting times. Vegetable garden planting times vary by the region in which you live and the type of veggie you wish to plant.


Growing Green Onions

Growing Green OnionsThis is a page about growing green onions. Green onions are used in many recipes; try growing your own for a plentiful supply.


Rows of growing vegetables

Planning A Vegetable GardenThis page is about planning a vegetable garden. A well thought out plan will give you a head start on a successful garden.


A basket of late summer vegetables and herbs from the garden.

Growing VegetablesThis is a page about growing vegetables. You may be thinking about growing your own vegetables, but have questions.


Photo of an onion harvest.

Harvesting Onions?This is a page about harvesting onions. Once you have planted and tended the onions in your garden the final step is harvesting at the proper time.


Growing Carrots

Growing CarrotsThis page is about growing carrots. Carrots are a fun and easy food to grow as long as you follow a few important recommendations.


growing sweet potatoes

Growing Sweet PotatoesThis page is about growing sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are an important root crop around the world, but do not tolerate frost.


Growing Cabbage, Selecting Good Broccoli, Freezing Cabbage

Growing CabbageThis is a page about growing cabbage. Cabbage is an excellent addition to any garden.


Growing Broccoli, Storing Broccoli, Canning Broccoli

Growing BroccoliThis is a page about growing broccoli.Growing your own broccoli will mean you have the freshest possible broccoli for your family.


Brussels Sprouts

Growing Brussels SproutsThis is a page about growing Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are a tasty and healthy addition to any garden. They are easy to grow and go well with many different dishes.


Freshly Harvested Asparagus

Growing AsparagusThis is a page to growing asparagus. Asparagus is a great addition to your garden and it goes perfect with all kinds of dishes.


Growing Tomatoes Upside Down

Growing Tomatoes Upside DownGrowing the tomato plant upside down makes the fruit much easier to pick. This is a page about growing tomatoes upside down.


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Planting After Liming Vegetable Garden?How long do I wait after liming my vegetable garden to begin planting?


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Vegetables to Plant in July?What kinds of vegetable plants can I start planting in July. We have had a really hot and dry spring and the summer started out to be even drier.


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How Deep to Plant Vegetables?What happens to the vegetables if they are planted too deep, the depth of the shovel not the hand tool? Do they need to be replanted?


Cherry Tomatoes in hanging basket

Cherry Tomatoes for Hanging BasketsWith their small fruits and trailing growth habit, cherry tomatoes are ideal candidates for growing in hanging baskets.


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Zucchini Plants Falling Over?My zucchini plants were growing tall and bushy, now they are falling over. What is the problem? I try to put them back in place with more dirt, but they keep falling over, help.


Raised vegetable garden

Planting Suggestions for Winter Vegetables and...I had a small home vegetable/herb garden for the kitchen that was started with our church group. The garden was quite successful, with cabbage, cauliflower, beans, and broccoli, as well as, various herbs and salad vegetables (cherry tomatoes, lettuce, rocket, etc.).


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Creative Vegetable Stake Ideas?Does anyone have photos of creative ways to stake tomatoes, green peppers, etc.? Thanks.


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Tomato Plants Dry Up After Blooming?My tomato plants get blooms and then dry up in the middle. Any solutions?


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White Spots on Zucchini Leaves?There are little white spots on some of the leaves of my thriving zucchini. They are under and above like a light white powder dot. Any ideas?


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Zucchini Rots After Blossoms Drop Off?How can I go about preventing blossom rot on zucchini?


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What is Cutting Down My Squash Plants?What could be cutting down my blooming squash plants?


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Bean Plant Leaves Are Turning Yellow?Why are my leaves on my beans turning yellow? I am not getting any beans either.


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Drainage for a Sloping Vegetable Garden?I have dug out a vegetable patch and because it is on a slope the water runs down. I have dug a trench about 1 foot deep at the end so the soil doesn't slide down. Now what I would like to know is what can I put in the trench, eg. bricks, and what type. Thanks.


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Tomato Blooms Die and Fall Off?I have some beautiful tomato plants growing, I have only 6 tomatoes on them. All of the other buds start to form, they turn the proper yellow color, then they turn brown and fall off. Hence I am not getting any tomatoes. Why?


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Zucchini is Shriveling Up?Why are my zucchini shriveling up, when they are small?


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How do you trellis beans?What is the easiest way to trellis beans? Also, I am find these tiny (size of a pin dot ) bugs on my bean plants. What are they and how do I get rid of them?


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Vegetable Plants Wilting, Too Much Water?Can heavy rain over an entire week cause overnight wilting in vegetable plants (ie. tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers) due to soil saturation?


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Harvesting Chard?How can you tell when chard is ready to harvest?


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Transplanting Vegetable Seedlings?I planted tiny vegetable plants from mini pots in my garden last week. They include tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce. Unfortunately, they are planted way too close together in a small garden. I'd like to transplant them into an enlarged garden.


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Garden Concerns: Too Much Water?I planted a raised bed, square foot garden about a month ago.


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Planting Asparagus?I bought some asparagus pots with crowns that have sprouted and are over 16 inches in height already. Should I plant them in the garden now at 12 inches depth or should I leave them to seed in the pots?


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Pea Plants are Dying?I'm having trouble with my pea plants. They are about 5 to 8 inches high right now. A few plants have lost almost all color, without any wilting. They just shrivel up to nothing and die overnight.


Sprouting Vegetables in Water?I was talking with a fellow shopper in the supermarket today and she mentioned something about sticking the end of a celery bunch in water to sprout it. I was wondering which veggies you can do this with and how and when to plant them in soil.


artichoke plant

Eight Great Perennial VegetablesPerennial vegetables sometimes take a year or more to yield a first harvest, but the rewards are well worth your effort. Plant them once and you will have a reliable annual crop for years to come.


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Pruning Squash Plants?Can squash plants be pruned to encourage new growth?


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Bell Peppers Developing Brown, Soft Spots?About 1/3 of my bell peppers develop light tan spots ranging in size from Lincoln's head on a penny to 1" wide and longer. The spot is soft to the touch, yielding. They are in full sun exposure and shaded makes no difference to development of the spot. Irrigation is consistently once per day.


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Zucchini Is Turning Brown?My zucchini starts to grow but then turns yellow and brown. Am I watering too much?


DIY Green Onion Garden - large green onion tops

DIY Green Onion GardenI love having a never-ending green onion garden, especially on the cheap. I recently got a huge bag of green onions at the shop for 50 cents. Some of them were starting to wilt at the tips. I used the dark green parts in some recipes, and soaked the roots in some water overnight. I then planted them.


Easy Way To String Tomatoes, Cucumbers, or Green Beans

Easy Way To String Tomatoes,...One of the most difficult parts about gardening and growing your own vegetable is stringing them up to keep them off the ground. A lot of people will use a garden trellis or pole to keep their green beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes off the ground. However, I find that making an open A-frame enclosure works best.


Closeup of green bell pepper on vine

How to Grow Gorgeous Bell PeppersBell peppers are easy to grow, nearly pest and disease-free, and they produce a lot of yield in a small amount of space. You can either buy transplants locally, or start seeds yourself. Here are the basics of what you need to know to get started.


green bell pepper

Our Very First Green PepperThis is a picture of our very first successful green pepper.


Managing Vegetable Garden

Maintaining Your Vegetable GardenAfter planting your vegetable garden, it might seem like there's a lot of downtime while waiting for your crops to grow. Establishing a routine for garden maintenance, is vitally important if you want to reap a good harvest later in the season.


Growing Celery From Kitchen Scraps - celery growing the garden

Growing Celery From Kitchen ScrapsWhen you are finished with the bunch of celery, put it in a glass of water to root. Then put it in a pot with potting soil. When it gets bigger plant in the ground. Water it regularly and you will have celery.


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Growing Beets?How do I grow beets in Georgia?


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Growing Chinese Cabbage?Do Chinese cabbages grow well in volcanic soil and tropical climates, in areas around the equator? I know they're a cool climate produce, but there should be a way.


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Easy to Make Trellises for Pole Beans?I want to make an easy trellis for pole beans. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do that? Also, I need to make supports for zucchini squash. I have heard that you can use tomato cages for this. Will this work?


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Identifying Male and Female Cucumber Flowers?How can I tell which blooms are male or female on my cucumber plants? Can you post a picture?


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Growing Collard Greens?Do I need to cut collard greens at the top with flowers growing in the middle or leave them.


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Growing Broccoli Rabe from Seed?I tried planting broccoli rabe for the first time from seed last August, but it didn't amount to much except green leaves. Can anyone give me some ideas of how to grow this? I would try early spring this year if I can find the seeds.


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