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This page contains tips and money saving advice for keeping your nails healthy and beautiful.

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Woman's hands with natural manicured nails.

Growing Out Healthy Nails After Years of...This is a page about growing out healthy nails after years of biting. While a challenge, it is very rewarding to be able to grow healthy nails after a history of biting them.


sore nails

Remedies for Nail Pain After Removing Acrylic...Your own fingernails can hurt after taking off fake nails. This page is about remedies for nail pain after removing acrylic nails.


Bruising after removing dip powder nails.

Bruising After Removing Dip Powder Nails?This is a page about bruising caused by removing dip powder nails. Dip powder nails are relatively new. Have you experienced bruising from wearing them or removing them? If so, you may find these tips helpful.


Weak and Thin Fingernails

Remedies for Weak and Thin FingernailsWeak, thin nails can be very frustrating. This is a page about remedies for weak and thin fingernails.


Removing Nail Glue

Removing Nail Glue from SkinIf you are putting on fake nails, you may get some of the glue on your skin and it can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing nail glue from skin.


Fingernails are Clear

Why Are the Tips of My Fingernails Clear?This is a page about when the tips of your fingernails are clear. Typically the tips of your fingernails are an opaque white, but not always.


Close up of woman's hand with broken nail

Remedies for Splitting FingernailsThis is a page about fingernails splitting. Splitting nails can be the result of several environment causes, such as chemical exposure. Genetics and disease can also be the culprit.


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How to Open Nail Glue?I don't know how to open nail glue. Will you PLEASE tell me how to open it?


A woman painting white iodine on her nails to strengthen them.

Using White Iodine for Weak FingernailsThis is a page about white iodine for weak fingernails. Strengthen your fingernails safely with colorless iodine to bind the protein.


repairing cracked fingernails

Repairing a Cracked FingernailThis is a page about repairing a cracked fingernail. You don't have to cut all of your other nails short if one cracks; try mending it.


Three heads of garlic on a wooden surface.

Using Garlic For Stronger NailsApplying garlic directly to your nails may help to strengthen them. This is a page about use garlic for stronger nails.


DIY Nail Polish Remover Jar - dipping thumb into jar to remove polish with polish residue on sponge

DIY Nail Polish Remover JarMaking your own instant polish remover in a jar is easy. Learn how to make your own DIY nail polish remover jar in this page.



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Acrylic Nails Look Cloudy?How can I avoid cloudy looking acrylic nails? When I apply acrylic overlay the acrylic looks cloudy. What am I doing wrong


mermaid scale nail treatment

Easy Mermaid NailsThis is a page about easy mermaid nails. This nail design is easy enough to do at home yourself, but will look like you have been to a salon.


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Removing Nail Glue From Natural Nails?How do I remove nail glue from my real nails without soaking them in nail polish remover?


A woman's hands with nice fingernails.

Making the Underside of Fingernails White?Having healthy nails and cleaning under the tips will keep them looking as white as possible. This is a page about making the underside of fingernails white.


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Home Remedy to Strengthen Nails?What is useful for fingernails that continue to chip and split?


Removing Your Fingernail Polish, Lady Removing nail polish

Removing Nail Polish From Your NailsRemoving all of your nail polish can be challenging, especially when removing polish in deep colors. This page has tips about how to easily remove nail polish from your fingernails.


Trimming and Upkeep of Acrylic Nails - nails after drying

Trimming and Upkeep of Acrylic NailsTo save money, you can care for your acrylic nails at home between salon visits. Care needs to be taken to not damage the nails. This is a page about the trimming and upkeep of acrylic nails.


A broken and thin thumbnail.

What Causes Thin Fingernails?This is a page about what causes thin fingernails?. If you have thin nails it can be frustrating to determine why.


Red Acrylic Nails

Removing Acrylic NailsThis is a page about removing acrylic nails. There are some easy steps you can follow to remove your acrylic nails painlessly.


A homemade bamboo cuticle stick next to a store bought one.

Homemade Cuticle SticksIt's easy to make your own cuticle sticks from a bamboo skewer you may already have in a drawer in your kitchen. Just cut and sand down the cut edge and it's ready to use.


A hand with an oil slick manicure.

DIY Oil Slick NailsOil slick nails are super cute, but the price you pay to get them done at the salon is insane. You can do them yourself at home for a mere fraction of the price. Plus, you get enough chrome powder to do them many, many times over.


A pair of nail clippers with tape on the side.

Nail Clipper HackThis nail clipper used to have a plastic shield to prevent nail clippings from flying. Unfortunately the plastic shield broke and I tried to find a replacement nail clipper (no luck).


Nails with a beautiful French manicure.

DIY French Tips ManicureHere are some tips for a do it yourself French manicure. The fingernail tips are painted a different color in this method.


Placing nail decals on acrylic nails.

Applying Acrylic Nails at HomeAcrylic nails are often done in a salon. However, there are kits you can get to do your own acrylic nails at home.


Broken Glass Geometric Nail Art

Broken Glass Geometric Nail ArtIf you frequently do your own nails and like to be creative with their look, then this project is for you. Learn how to create your own broken glass geometric nail art.



Marbled Nail Art

Quick Marbled Nail ArtWant marbleized nails in a hurry? This guide shows you how. This is a page about quick marbled nail art.


Closeup of fingers and hands.

Using Olive Oil on Brittle Nails?Olive oil is wonderful to use as a moisturizer for your cuticles and fingernails. This is a page about using olive oil on brittle nails.


Small jewels attached where the manicure color has grown out.

Nail Art to Extend a ManicureSometimes my manicures stay nice and intact all over, but new nail growth will really take away from its "polished" look. To keep my nails looking fresh, I grab some baby jewels from my local Japanese dollar shop and affix them on top of the new nail growth with a bit of strong, clear polish. Fun and cheap!


Bottle of red nail polish open, with the brush leaning up against the bottle.

How to Prevent Bubbles in Nail PolishThis is a page about how to prevent bubbles in nail polish.Finding bubbles in your freshly painted nails is never fun. Here is a great tip for avoiding bubbles in your nail polish.


Helping Nails Grow Back After Overcutting

Helping Nails Grow Back After Overcutting?I had a really bad habit which I got rid off only last month. I used to chip my toenails and break them off completely. The full nail plate detached and I would keep chipping and chipping. Now I regret this and want to get my nails back.


Trimming and Upkeep of Acrylic Nails - nails after drying

Trimming and Upkeep of Acrylic NailsMy local nail salon charges $6 plus tip just to cut acrylic nails down. Seems a bit much for something you can do yourself, but there is a right way and a wrong way about it. If you haphazardly cut them, they can shatter vertically or diagonally, ruining them.


String of Lights Nail Art - finished string of lights with red, blue, and green bulbs

String of Lights Nail ArtI love seasonal nail art. This is a continuous string of Christmas lights that goes from your thumbnail to your pinky nail.


Woman painting her nails red.

Painting Your NailsThis page contains tips for painting your fingernails. Going to a nail salon for a manicure may be tempting, but it is not required to have nicely painted nails. Here are some great tips to help you get professional results at home.


healthy nails

How to Brighten Your NailsThere are many ways to keep your nails clean and bright. Using leftover lemons is one common way to do this. Here are some ideas about how to brighten your nails.


Bottles of nail polish stored in the refrigerator.

Store Nail Polish Inside FridgeDo you want your nail polish to last long inside the bottle in it? The right place for storing nail polish is in the fridge. When you expose nail polish to warm weather, your nail polish can get thick and goopy. But if you keep it in the fridge, it will keep for a long time.


Beautiful natural nails.

Tips for Natural NailsKeeping your nails looking good naturally doesn't have to be a time consuming chore. This is a page about tips for natural nails.


Pile of artificial nails with nail art designs painted on them.

What Can I Use to Practice Nail Art?When learning how to do nail art designs it's important to have a practice hand. Get ideas on what to use to practice nail art in this page.


Woman applying silver glitter nail polish on ring finger.

Applying Glitter Nail PolishTo get the perfect glitter nails, you have you learn the proper technique for Applying Glitter Nail Polish. Learn how to use glitter polish in this page.


DIY Matte/Shiny Nail Art

DIY Matte/Shiny Nail ArtThis is a page about DIY matte/shiny nail art. You can save lots of money and have elegant nails if you do them yourself.


Close up of woman's teeth biting her finger nails

Preventing Fingernail BitingThis is a page about preventing fingernail biting. Nail biting can be a very difficult habit to break.



Newspaper Nail Art

Newspaper Nail ArtThis is a page about applying newspaper nail art. Newspaper ink can be transferred to your nails for a fun and funky look.


Marbled Nail Art

Marbled Nail ArtThis is a page about creating marbled nail art. This marbled effect is eye catching and easy to apply to your nails.


Galaxy Nail Art

Galaxy Nail ArtThis is a page about galaxy nail art. This beautiful nail art is inspired by the amazing photos taken of our galaxy.


Make Your Own Nail Decals

Making Your Own Nail DecalsThis is a page about making your own nail decals. Nail decals can be quite expensive, but you can save a lot of money by making your own.


decorating fingernails

Fourth of July Nail IdeasThis is a page about Fourth of July nail ideas. There are festive ways to decorate your finger and toe nails for the American Independence Day holiday.


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Applying Acrylic Nails at Home?This is my very first time doing this at home. I normally go to a salon, but just figured I would save some money. My question is, when you do your own nails at home, do you have to use the dehydrating liquid and do you have to use the nail primer? Those are the only two things I didn't buy.


Faux Fingernails

Using Faux FingernailsThis is a page about using faux fingernails. There are tips to make wearing fake fingernails an enjoyable experience.


Nail Polish

Stretching Nail PolishThis is a page about stretching nail polish. Some nail polish is quite expensive, stretching it can help reduce the overall cost.


Applying Nail Wraps

Applying Nail WrapsThis page is about applying nail wraps. With many wrap designs to choose from, there are many advantages in using them, instead of polish or applying acrylic nails.


Beautifully painted nails.

Nail Art Tips and TechniquesHaving your nails done at a salon is very expensive. However, trying to get those stunning results at home may seem impossible. This is a page about nail art tips and techniques.


hands with long fingernails holding an apple

Growing Long Fingernails?This is a page about growing long fingernails. It is sometimes difficult to grow long fingernails; they are subject to heredity and daily use that can cause breakage.


Artificial Nails

Removing Artificial Nails?This page is about removing artificial nails. It can be painful to remove fake nails if it is not done properly.


Tie Dye Your Nails

Tie Dye Your NailsThis is a page about how to tie dye your nails. If you are looking for a new nail color treatment, try tie dying.


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Preventing Splitting Fingernails?How can you keep your nails from splitting?


Remedies for Dry Cuticles

Remedies for Dry CuticlesThis is a page about remedies for dry cuticles. Dry cuticles are generally the result of a lack of moisture.


Woman Giving Herself a Manicure

Home Manicure TipsThis page contains home manicure tips. If you decide to do your own manicures at home you still want to get the best results you can.


Woman Getting a Manicure

Saving Money on ManicuresThis is a page about saving money on manicures. Having your nails manicured can be quite costly, but there are ways to save money.


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Fingernail White Pencil?Where can I buy a white pencil for the fingernails?


Photo of a woman's hands with acrylic nails on.

Applying Acrylic NailsThis is a page about applying acrylic nails. Applying your own acrylic nails can save you money over going to the nail salon. If done correctly, they can be just as durable.


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Caring for Acrylic Nails?I am a pot washer at work and have acrylic nails. If I leave them under water for three hours will they eventually soak off, if I do not wear rubber gloves?


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Getting Nails To Grow?I want to know if I can find a product that can grow my nails in only one month. Please give me an answer, about my nails very fast.


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Repairing Damage from Gel Nails?What is the best treatment for repairing damaged nails after having UV gel nails?


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Use Yarn Instead of Cotton BallsI have discovered a better way to remove nail polish then using cotton balls. I have wadded up a bit of yarn until it was like a little ball and wet it with nail polish remover and it worked better.


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Homemade Acrylic Nails?Can you make homemade acrylic nails? If so, how can you?


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Repairing Natural Nails?I have really nice long natural nails. I noticed a split on one of them. It broke, leaving me with 9 nice nails and one stubby nail. Naturally the rest end up following suit and breaking one after another.


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French Manicure Polish is Difficult to Remove?I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. When I get a manicure, I usually get a French Manicure. When I start to remove the polish like I did today, I have the worst time trying to get it off.


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Frugal Nail CareBeing unemployed for over a year now, I have been cutting corners everywhere possible. One of those areas has been in my beauty routine. No longer buying new nail polish colors every month, I now keep using the ones I have.


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Peeling Fingernails?My fingernails are peeling. The top layer is coming off. Does anyone know how to handle this problem? They are thin and break very easily, but now they are also peeling. Help.


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Acrylic Nails React to Sun Tan Lotion?Last year I had acrylic nails put on before going on a cruise. While on the cruise the sun tan lotion reacted with the nails and left a gummy finish on the acrylic. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to prevent this besides using plastic gloves to apply the lotion? Thanks.


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Mix Nail Polish Colors for a Custom LookAre you almost out of your favorite color of nail polish and can't afford to buy more this week? Then just get 2 bottles of different colors you have already, and mix them together to make a new color.


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How can I stop my nails from splitting?How can I stop my nails from splitting?


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Where do you buy cyanoacrylic nail glue remover?Where do you buy cyanoacrylic nail glue remover?


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Easy To Open Nail Polish BottleAfter opening a nail polish bottle for the first time, rub some petroleum jelly on the threads on the bottle before putting the lid back on. The cap will be less likely to become stuck.


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Cheap Strips for French ManicuresIf you don't want to buy strips made for French manicures, just use Scotch tape. Place tape exactly where you want the nail polish line to be. If you mess up and have to get it straight, you still have plenty of tape. By Jacqui


Who's to Blame for Your Bad Nails?

Who's to Blame for Your Bad Nails?I hear it over and over, clients and others blaming acrylic or gel polish or some other service for damage to their nails. It's not the product doing the damage. It's people who do damage to the nails, not the product.


Spooky Eyes Nail Art

Spooky Eyes Nail ArtIf you are looking for a quick and fun Halloween nail art design, try these spooky eyes! Simply paint your nails black. Allow polish to dry and apply a large dot of white polish. Once the white polish has dried...


A hand with an oil slick manicure.

DIY Oil Slick NailsOil slick nails are super cute, but the price you pay to get them done at the salon is insane. You can do them yourself at home for a mere fraction of the price. Plus, you get enough chrome powder to do them many, many times over.


July 4th Nail Polish Idea

July 4th Nail Polish IdeaI took my daughter for a pedicure as a birthday present. Since her birthday is on the 4th of July she decided to get red, white, and blue toes. She did her big toes with blue and a star decal. Then she alternated red and white on her little toes, adding red and blue glitter over the white.


finished nail wraps

Applying Nail WrapsNail wraps come in many designs and colors. There are so many advantages in using wraps, instead of polish or applying acrylic nails.


Pushing back cuticles

Remedy for Thin and Weak NailsAs a recent avid nail biter, I have found a solution to help grow nails that is not only inexpensive but natural and healthy. My nails were really thin and would chip and peel.


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Remedy for Cuticles Damaged by Nail Biting - a person's hand showing nails and cuticles

Remedy for Cuticles Damaged by Nail Biting?I have been biting my nails for almost a decade and now I want to grow them out. To break the habit, I had extensions done, but my cuticles are still in bad shape. Due to nail biting they have risen up and detached from my nail and every time I use a cuticle trimmer they bleed and get worse. What should I do to get them back to normal?


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Growing Out Nails After Biting?I have been biting my nails since I was a kid, for almost two decades. I'm making an effort to stop, and they are growing back, but I'm worried because they're so short, the skin of my fingertips sticks out above the nail.


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Advice to Help Quit Biting Nails?I've been biting my nails since as far back as I can remember, and I have no control over it. I used to get infected nails all the time and the doctors wouldn't help. I was young and my parents had to physically pull my fingers from my mouth because all I did was bite them. I'm now 18 and everyone I know asks me to get my nails done, but I can't because they are so short.


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Pain After Removing Acrylic Nails?I've had fake nails on for about 5 days. I was washing up and my finger went slightly backwards and caused me pain. I ended up taking the nails off to find out I could see veins in my fingertips. I'm really worried and I'm not sure whether to see a doctor or not?


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How to Quit Biting Your Nails?I bite my nails and I have done so for around 30 years and I'm 36 years old now. I do it mainly when I get stressed about a situation. Some people have a nervous breakdown, but I bite my nails. That is just me and my different situations that I get in sometimes. They are really short now probably dangerously short. I wonder if there is anything I can do to get them to a normal level again?


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Remedy for Pain After Removing Acrylic Nails?I removed my own acrylics and now my nails are super sore, painful, and red! They are a mess. The tips are red. Any suggestions?


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