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Repairing a Denison Gramophone - dangling arm

Repairing a Denison Gramophone?I need advice on how the speed control arm end (with leather pad) is connected to adjust speed. My Dension seems to be dangling in thin air and not connected to a mechanism to control spin speed.


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Coleman Camper Not Cranking Up Completely?I have a 2003 Coleman Santa Fe pop up. It cranks manually. I have never had a problem with it. This season when I cranked it up it seems it is not up enough. It is about an inch and a half short; the door only fits if I lift it up a little. Any ideas on what's wrong and how to fix?


Repairing the Leg on a Horse Figurine - closeup of broken leg, looks like African motif paper covering perhaps plaster

Repairing the Leg on a Horse Figurine?My horse's leg is broken in one place, but it is still attached. I was seeing how much it is going to cost to get it fixed if it can. Can you please let me know if it can? I had gotten it as a gift from my mom who had passed away. I love it so much that I don't want to throw it out.


An old worn out leather handbag.

Fixing Up a Worn-Out Leather HandbagIf you have a beloved leather handbag that has worn-out parts, it's often possible to fix or refurbish them for more years of use. Look for leather bags with minor problems at thrift stores and garage sales.


Reviving An Old Outdoor Planter - add your plants

Reviving An Outdoor PlanterTurn trash into treasure with a bit of paint and elbow grease. Adding bright color to an old metal plant stand can give your garden an extra pop. This is a page about reviving an old outdoor planter.


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Repairing Kitchen Tongs?I have a kitchen tong that is very hard to spread. How do I "unstick" it?


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Repairing a Carnival Glass Dish?I broke a carnival glass dish. How do I repair it?


Air Conditioner Making Travel Trailer Roof Bow - trailer with AC on roof

Air Conditioner Making Travel Trailer Roof Bow?A rooftop RV air conditioner can cause bowing due to water leakage and weight. To repair this damage you will need to dry out the roof if needed, and reinforce it to withstand the unit's weight. This is a page about solutions for an air conditioner making a travel trailer's roof bow.


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Can Movie Theater Speakers Loosen Light Bulbs?I work in a movie theater and some lights go out due to the vibration of the speakers. The light bulbs are never out. I think its just the vibration of the speakers causing the bulbs to become loose. Is there a way to troubleshoot this? Or just a common problem in a movie theater?


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Repairing an AMI Model 800 Jukebox?I have an AMI model 800 jukebox that needs repair. It hasn't worked in quite a few years. What is a good process to follow?


Percolator Handle Dried Out and Gray Looking - handle no longer shiny black

Percolator Handle Dried Out and Gray Looking?I have an old stainless steel percolator. I know how to clean it except how to restore the look of the handle; it ashy looking. I would like to restore it to black, it looks dried out.


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Replacing a Bed Rail on a Jayco Popup Camper?I have a bent bed rail on a 2016 Jayco popup. I am told to just push in a pin and it slides right out. I can not find this pin. While pushing it in to close it down we found a white plastic slide section on the ground. Any idea how to pull the bed out and replace it?


Father and daughter reading a book together

Children's Book Binding Repair?Well loved books often show signs of use such as loose pages or damage to the binding, particularly at the hinge. There are special tapes that can be used as well as some popular glues. This is a page about children's book binding repair.


Saving a Vellux Blanket That Is Disintegrating - blanket losing its fiber

Saving a Vellux Blanket That Is Disintegrating?So I have this amazingly soft blanket that I sleep with every night, and I've had this type of blanket since I was extremely young. My first one I had had since I was a very young toddler up until I was maybe 19 or so. I got rid of it was because it had practically completely disintegrated. Now so is this one.


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Separating Photos Glued Together?I have 2 very, very old pictures I can't replace. My daughter thought she was helping by gluing the small picture onto the bigger picture. How can I get them apart without damaging either? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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RV Door Rubber Stained by Silicone Spray?I sprayed silicone into the friction hinge on my RV. The overspray got on the rubber around the outside of the door. It stained it white. Any ideas on how to get it back to black?


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Repairing a Dutchman Pop Up Camper Refrigerator?I have a 1996 Dutchman pop up and the refrigerator is not working in the 120v mode. It has worked fine over the last few years with no issues.


carved white stone pendant, similar to a cameo

Repairing Lava Rock Jewelry?Repairing cracks in stone jewelry can be difficult. The solution will depend on the type of stone, porosity, and color. Here are a couple of ideas for repairing lava rock jewelry.


Repairing a NEC Dterm 80 Phone

Repairing a NEC Dterm 80 Phone?I have lines on my phone blinking along with the feature button. I have 4 NEC Dterm 80 phones in my restaurant, and these defaults are causing 3 of the phones to not ring. I don't know what happened, it started a day ago. What do I do to repair them?


A detached arm on a porcelain doll.

Attaching the Arm on a Porcelain Doll?This is a page about attaching the arm on a porcelain doll. If you have a doll that has a tie-on style arm that has come off, here are some suggestions for reattaching it. Remember that if the doll is valuable, you might want to consider having it fixed professionally.


Old wooden steamer trunk.

Restoring a Steamer TrunkMany early immigrants moved their precious belongings in these big trunks. You can fix them up and use them in a variety of ways. This is a page about restoring a steamer trunk.


Closeup of an infrared heater

Duraflame Infrared Heater Not Working?When a heater stops working there is more than likely a short somewhere. This is a page about duraflame infrared heater not working.


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Removing a Breathe Right Strip from a Blanket?A Breathe Right nasal strip is stuck to a fuzzy blanket. How do I get it off?


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Removing a Picture from Broken Tempered Glass?How do I remove a picture from broken tempered glass? The picture is stuck on the glass. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Repairing an Old Cotton Banner

Repairing an Old Cotton Banner?I have found an old fabric banner that I would like to spruce up. It is a cotton fabric background with cotton letters glued on. Any ideas on how I can spruce this up without redoing the whole banner?


The bottom of a frying pan.

Leveling a Frying Pan Bottom?Sometimes, a pan bottom will be concave, warped or off-kilter in some way. This page has advice about leveling a frying pan bottom.


A pink cashmere baby blanket with satin trim, with some brown staining.

Repairing a Cashmere Baby Blanket?This is a page about repairing a cashmere baby blanket. Cashmere blankets can be quite delicate. Repairing it may not be possible but there are options for covering the damaged area.


Man installing a dryer vent.

Installing a Dryer Vent?Installing a dryer vent may be necessary when you have purchased a new dryer. Installing a dryer vent is usually pretty easy and doesn't require more tools than a screwdriver.


Men's wrist watch.

Making a Watch Battery Last LongerStopping a watch when you are not using it is a great way to ensure the battery lasts as long as possible. This is a page about making a watch battery last longer.


An inexpensive wall clock.

Inexpensive Battery Powered Clock WorksIf you have a favorite clock that has stopped working, you may be able to replace the clock works with one from another less expensive clock. This is a page about inexpensive battery powered clock works.



Kids in Above Ground Pool

Fixing a Tear in an Above Ground Pool?If your above ground pool has a tear, you will need to repair it prior to filling it will water for Summer fun. This is a page about fixing a tear in an above ground pool.


Above Ground Pool in Backyard

Finding a Leak in an Above Ground Pool?Locating and repairing a leak in an above ground pool is imperative prior to it being put to use. This is a page about finding a leak in an above ground pool.


Repairing a Wind Chime - long shell wind chime

Repairing a Wind Chime?I have a a beautiful shell wind chime I got from an Asian store. Today it broke due to heavy winds. I want to repair it, but have no idea what type of string I should use. I want it to withstand heavy winds. Can you help me?


Close up of Turn Lock on a Leather Purse

Replacing a Turn Lock on a Leather Purse?Finding a good leather or shoe shop might be the best solution to replacing this type of purse latch. This is a page about replacing a turn lock on a leather purse.


A piece of embroidery thread being inserted into a knot.

Using Thread to Untie KnotsThread can be used to loosen knots in rope or larger twine. This is a page about using thread to untie knots.


A candle being used to lubricate the zipper of a purse.

Lubricating a Zipper with Candle WaxSometimes a stuck or hard to close zipper can be fixed by rubbing it with candle wax. This is a page about lubricating a zipper with candle wax.


A doorknob lock with a broken key.

Removing a Broken Key from a LockIf you have broken a key off in a lock, you don't have to get rid of it. You can get the broken key out of the lock it is stuck in. This is a page about how to remove a broken key from a lock.


Two yellow and blue fiberglass rowboats.

Repairing a Fiberglass Boat Hull?If your fiberglass boat has a damaged hull, you will need repair it before you set out on the water. This is a page about repairing a boat hull.


Scratched CD

Repairing Scratched CDs and DVDsSometimes it is possible to repair scratched media disks. There are kits and even some household products that consumers have used with varying success. This is a page about repairing scratched CDs and DVDs.


A roll of masking tape.

Refreshing Old Masking TapeThis is a page about use microwave to refresh masking tape. When masking tape dries out it can come off in little pieces. Try this tip to make it work as it should.


A whiskey decanter with a stopper.

Decanter Stopper is Too Loose?This is a page about decanter stopper is too loose. Keeping the contents of a glass decanter from evaporating may require an additional gasket.


Elastic Beaded Bracelet on a girls wrist near string of matching beads and small gold beads loose on counter

Repairing Elastic BraceletsThis is a page about repairing elastic bracelets. Elastic bracelets are a popular costume jewelry accessory. However, over time the elastic can stretch or break.


Repairing a Pearl Station Necklace

Repairing a Pearl Station NecklaceThis is a page about repairing a pearl station necklace. When the pearls and other beads on a station necklace come loose and move out of position the piece can look less attractive. Luckily, it can be fixed.


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Repairing Floor in Pop-up Camper?I am not sure what happened, but the floor raised up some while using my camper. Now the bed won't slide in, it's about a inch higher than the slide on inside.


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Repairing the Wiring in an Electric Blanket?I have a vintage automatic blanket in which the heating wire is broken (interrupted). If I could get such wire, I would be able to change it. Now where can I purchase this type of wire?



frayed and worn edge on purse

Repairing a Frayed Nylon Purse?I have a black nylon purse that my husband bought me several years ago. The nylon is starting to fray on the seam. How can I repair it? My husband said to use wax, I don't think it's going to work with wax. Should I spray some kind of sealant on it?


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Repairing the Coating on Metal Glasses Frames?My husband has a pair of metal frame glasses. The coating on the temple tips has fallen off. Is there a way to replace this or do we just have to by him new glasses?


spice bottle under handle

Balancing a Warped SkilletThis may have only happened to me. But if you ever have this happen, you will probably remember this tip.


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Repairing Pin Hole in a Stainless Steel Pan?I have a 6 qt stainless steel pan that has a tiny pin hole and was wondering how to fix it.


Pen Ink on Paper

Removing Pen Ink From Paper?This is a page about removing pen ink from paper. It can be difficult to remove ink from any kind of paper.


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Removing Super Glue on Plastic LensesGet 91% alcohol and Q-tips and rub the smudge like crazy. This will take some time and a little elbow grease but it works. I just did it on my plastic lenses. And they are crystal clear. this really does work!


Opening Frozen Car Door

Opening a Door That is Frozen ShutThis is a page about opening a door that is frozen shut. Cold, wet weather can cause you many difficulties, including having to defrost a door that has frozen shut.


Earbuds Missing Foam Covers

Replacing Foam Earbud CoversThis page is about replacing foam earbud covers. These very, small headphones can suffer a lot of wear. The foam ear cushion may need to be restored.


Photo of a screw.

Removing a Stripped ScrewThis page is about removing a stripped screw. When the head of a screw no longer can be turned with your screw driver tip, it can be difficult to get out.


Mobile Home

Repairing a Mobile HomeMaintaining and replacing parts on these inexpensive homes present unique challenges for the home owner. This page is about repairing a mobile home


Crocheted Blanket

Repairing a Crocheted Blanket?This page is about repairing a crocheted blanket. Matching stitches, patterns and colors make fixing a crocheted covering a challenge.


A white toilet with a green toilet seat cover.

Using a Toilet Seat Cover?This page is about using a toilet seat cover. A nice decorating touch for the bathroom, but the bowl cover still needs to work properly.


Marble Countertop

Repairing a Burn Mark on a Marble Countertop?This is a page about repairing a burn mark on a marble countertop. There are ways that you can repair a burn on marble that may not damage the surface.


Clock Repair

Repairing ClocksClocks are an essential part of our daily lives. This page is about repairing clocks.


Shower Curtain

Repairing a Shower CurtainThis page is about repairing a shower curtain. You can extend the life of your plastic curtain with some simple repairs.


Rusted Nut

Removing a Rusted Nut or BoltThis page is about removing a rusted nut or bolt. Rusted metal nuts and bolts can be difficult to jar loose.


Leather Wallet

Re-dyeing Leather?This is a page about re-dyeing leather. Over time leather can become scuffed and worn. Rather than buying a new purse, couch, or having your car seats reupholstered dyeing the leather may be the solution.


Standing sewing box opened to full extent.

Removing Velvet Lining from Wooden Sewing Box?I purchased a wooden sewing box from a yard sale, hoping to fix it up and use as a place to store my daughter's Barbies, and all her accessories. The problem is the interior of the sewing box has a (nasty) velvet lining that is glued in, and I am not sure how to get it off without ruining the wood.


Frozen Lock

Fixing a Frozen LockThis page is about fixing a frozen lock. Freezing temperatures can cause all kinds of problems.



Recovering a Tambourine?This is a page about recovering a tambourine. If the drumhead on your tambourine is worn or damaged you may be able to recover it.


Photo of a large TV.

Repairing the Roof on an RV or TrailerThis is a page about repairing the roof of an RV or trailer. The metal roofs of RVs and trailers eventually need repair; the seams are susceptible to leaking.


Smoking a cigarette in a car.

Repairing a Cigarette Burn on Car Upholstery?This is a page about repairing a cigarette burn on car upholstery. Cigarettes cause holes in the upholstery of a car that may be difficult to repair.


Retro Stroller

Restoring Fabric on a Stroller or PramThis is a page about restoring fabric on a stroller or pram. Rather than buying a new stroller or pram, perhaps you can rejuvenate the fabric on your old one.


broken eyeglasses

Repairing EyeglassesThis is a page about repairing eyeglasses. Minor repairs to your eyeglasses can be done at home.


Scotch Tape in Blue Dispenser

Uses for Scotch TapeThis page contains uses for scotch tape. This tape can be helpful in a variety of ways.


Garden Angel Statuary

Repairing Concrete Statuary?This page is about repairing concrete statuary. Sometimes even this solid material can get broken.


How to Untangle a Necklace

How to Untangle a NecklaceThis is a page about how to untangle a necklace. Untangling a necklace can be very frustrating.


Save Spray Tops From Empty Bottles of Perfume

Save Spray Tops From Empty Bottles of PerfumeI buy many of the same type of perfume from the Dollar Tree, particularly Eternity and Ralph for Women. I find that if I lose a top off one of the ones I like, there is always an extra one I keep.


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Removing Scratches from Clear Plexiglass?How do I get scratches out of clear plexiglass?


Open tube of mascara with brush prominent.

Saving Money on MascaraThis is a page about saving money on mascara. Many woman love to wear mascara to enhance their eyelashes. Depending on what brand you buy, mascara can be quite expensive.


A worn and torn binding of a hard cover book.

Repairing a Book's BindingThis is a page about repairing a book's binding. Whether an old and prized hardcover book or a inexpensive paperback, books occasionally need to have the binding repaired or replaced.


Stack of paperback books.

Repairing a Paperback BookThis is a page about repairing a paperback book. Because of their lower cost paperback books are a popular choice for the avid reader. Like any book the pages and even the covers can become worn or tear. This is a page about repairing a paperback book.


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Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock Works Intermittently?My grandmother used to have this grandfather clock in our house. It was still working after moving the clock from one city to another. It suddenly stopped on a fine day. I tried everything, but no avail, it was dead.


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Rug Backing is Sticky?I have a fairly new rubber backed throw rug that is sticky on the bottom. It is one that goes in front of the toilet. It is now sticky. How can I get rid of that so I can still use it.


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Finding Correct On/Off Switch for Older Singer Magic Steam Press 7?The repair shop unable to get the correct On/Off switch replacement. They ordered the correct switch "P/N 28408400" on line part required, it was not the same one and would not fit/work. The iron is about 20 years old.


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Locking Commercial Door Arms?Is there any type of lock for door arms to keep the door closed?


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Repairing the Finish on a Sink Pop-up Sink Stopper?The paint or finish on my mom's bathroom sink pop-up plunger got removed by Drano and bleach. How can I repair, paint, or fix it?


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Repairing a Phone Connector?The plastic connector tip on my telephone cord is broken, so that it won't clip in and keeps falling out. Is there an adhesive or trick to keeping the cord in? Duct tape over it is not very effective.


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Removing Scratches from Stainless Steel Pans?How do I remove the scratches that are in my stainless steel pans?


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Art Print Stuck to Mat?I have a print which is stuck to the mat and I want to separate them from each other, without damaging anything. Who can help me with this question?


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Removing Scratches on MirrorFor light surface scratches on mirrors, use Eagle One Never Dull Wadding Polish. It worked great for me. You will need to use a little elbow grease but keep at it and the scratches will disappear!


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Removing a Broken Key from Lock on a Fire Sentry Box?The key has broken off in the lock of my Fire Sentry box. It broke right at the opening of the lock, so nothing sticks out. The key is a light-weight, just a little bigger than a typical jewelry box key. Help?


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Fixing a Ballpoint Pen?What unsticks the ball in a ballpoint pen?


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Repairing Plastic BinsYou can fix cracked and broken plastic storage bins with spray on liquid tape. Spray the edges of the break and fit them together, then spray both flat surfaces of the broken area to form a patch that extends outwardly about an inch from the break.


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Bristles on Hair Brush Keep Pushing Back Into the Pad?I have a favorite hairbrush that I've had for years. A while ago a few of the bristles started to "push" into the brush head. Since then I've been trying to find a replacement because once one bristle goes they all go quick.


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Repairing Grain SacksGrain sacks may be readily patched by turning the bags inside out, smearing a thick flour-and-water paste around each hole, covering the area with a patch and pressing with a hot iron until the glue is dry. The bag may then be turned around back the right way and used.


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Repairing Broken Links in Heavy ChainCut two pieces of sturdy flatiron the length of an ordinary link, drill holes in each end of both pieces, and join the broken chain with the chunks of strap iron and two short bolts.


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White Board Damaged by Cleaner?Our cleaners at the school used something to clean a white board and now it won't clean well. Not knowing the product they used, I'm not sure what would work to get it right again. I'm sure it was just an all purpose cleaner. Any suggestions?


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Polishing Eyeglass Lenses?How do I remove scratches from my eyeglasses lens?


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Down Comforter Is Losing Its Down?My down comforter is enclosed in a duvet cover, but it still sheds down, any suggestions? Is this normal?


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Removing Scratches from a Sandstone Sink?How do I remove scratches from a sandstone sink. It was scratched while cleaning out a large, heavy porcelain bowl which was set in the sink without protection at the bottom. Apparently the bowl had very rough edges at the bottom.


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Repairing Holes in a Canvas Poptop Motorhome?My boyfriend has a Mazda E2000 motor home that has a poptop. The canvas on it is torn/ripped, it has 6 holes in it from what he has said. He has all the patches and needle to fix it, I was wondering what type of thread do I use and how is the best way to fix it so we can sell it?


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Buy Thrift Watch for Replacement BandDo you have watches you just don';t have the heart to throw away even though the strap is broken? Purchasing watch bands or straps can be a bit pricey these days. I have a seasonal watch that I like a lot for the summer. The band finally came apart, I wore it so much.


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Saving Money On Watch UpkeepMy husband used to bring all our watches in for new batteries at the same time so all the batteries would die around the same time. Then, one day the watch repair employee changing the batteries said to pull the stem out on the watches you don't wear very often.


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Fabric Bag Has Worn Corners?My Anniv fabric bag is wearing on the bottom corners. What can be done to repair this problem?


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Repairing a Water Damage to a Camp Trailer?I need advice on how to redo a camper trailer. The problem is that somehow the 2 windows in the top of the trailer started leaking and has been leaking all between the walls and into the floor to the point that it is rotted and needs to be redone with new materials.


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Repairing Exterior Wall on Tent Trailer?I have a 2000 Coleman Messa with a manufacturer's front storage compartment that leaks. I need to remove the storage unit and create a new weather resistant front exterior wall (ie. the side and back walls are all intact with the weather resistant metal wrap).


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Perfume Bottle is Missing Sprayer?I have a bottle of perfume that is missing the spray head. Any ideas of what I can do?


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Replacing Inner Primary Bearing on 2001 Harley?I would like to know how to replace inner primary bearing on 2001 Harley Davidson.


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Use Pencil Eraser For Earring BackLose an earring back while at work? Cut the top off of a pencil eraser and use that to hold your earring in place.


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Propane Heaters Stopped Working in Cold Weather?My brother was heating a travel trailer with propane tanks hooked to heaters. The propane was also hooked to the hot water tank. During the recent very cold spell, the heats wouldn't work and the hot water pilot light went, hence the water heater would not work either.


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Effusion Lamp Keeps Burning Out?Why does the fragrance evaporate and then the lamp goes out on my effusion lamp?


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Making Static Clings Stick Again?I bought some static decorations, the type that are supposed to stick to just about any glass surface and then peel off when you're done with them. Well, my two Santa stick-ons don't stick. Anyone know something I can do to make some staticy or something so that I can hang them?


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