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This page contains miscellaneous tips and ideas for cleaning a wide variety of items.



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Super Glue on Eyeglasses

Removing Super Glue from EyeglassesThis page is about removing super glue from eyeglasses. Finding a way to clean this glue off your glasses can be a challenge.


A blue above ground swimming pool.

Cleaning an Above Ground Pool?This is a page about cleaning an above ground pool. Above ground pools do not always have all of the filters that in-ground pools do, so they can get quite dirty. It is important to clean your pool properly so that you don't damage the liner.


Cleaning Vinyl Clad Wire Shelves

Cleaning Sticky Vinyl Clad Wire Shelves?Wire shelving is very common in appliances, kitchens, closets, and elsewhere. Keeping them clean can be a challenge. This is a page about cleaning sticky vinyl clad wire shelves.


House With Vinyl Siding

Removing Wood Stain From Vinyl Siding?This is a page about removing wood stain from vinyl siding. Spills happen, but can be very frustrating and often difficult to clean up, especially when they involve wood stain type products.


WetJet Package

Unclogging a Swiffer Wet JetWhen the jet nozzles on your Swiffer mop are not spraying correctly, they are usually clogged. This is a page about unclogging a Swiffer Wet Jet.


Printer ink on a hand.

Removing Printer Ink From Skin?This page is about removing printer ink from skin. When filling an ink cartridge it is easy to get some on your hands.


garden statue

Cleaning Garden StatuaryThis is a page about cleaning garden statuary. The elements can take a toll on your garden decorations.


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Alternative Scents for Rainbow Vacuum?Does anyone know of any alternatives that can be used instead of the regular scents that you put into your rainbow vacuum cleaner? I don't have any stores near me that sell them and don't want to buy them online without being able to smell them first.


A woman holding a blank coffee cup.

Removing Advertising Logos From a Coffee Cup?Sometimes a good mug has a logo printed on it that you may find undesirable. Removing the logo can really improve the look of the mug. This is a page about removing advertising logos from coffee cup.



front of box

Magic Eraser Left Marks?This page is about what to do if a Magic Eraser left marks. These erasers can be helpful to remove a variety of things, but can damage some surfaces.


Garbage Bag in Trash Can

Keeping Garbage Bags In PlaceThis is a page about keeping garbage bags in place. It is annoying when the trash can bag liner slips down into the can as you add trash.


Double-Sided Tape

Removing Double-Sided TapeThis is a page about removing double-sided tape. Double-sided tape leaves twice as much sticky residue that can be tricky to remove. With some helpful tips, it's not an impossible task and can even be a breeze.


Tarmac Driveway

Cleaning Tarmac?This is a page about cleaning tarmac. Tarmac is a type of road surface often found at airports and also used on private home driveways.


Beige Corian Counter

Removing Stains from CorianThis page is about removing stains from Corian. An acrylic composite that is very durable, but can occasionally become stained.


Permanent Markers

Remove Permanent Marker From StoneIf you have to get permanent marker off a stone surface, such as a fireplace, countertop, or figurine there are several ways to get this done. This is a page about remove permanent marker from stone.


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Cleaning Wax Off CountertopsAnyone who's ever said "just wait for it to dry and chip it off" has never actually tried to clean wax off a nice shiny countertop. I spilled candle wax and it wasn't the kind of wax that gets hard.


blue cooler

Removing Smells from CoolersThis page is about removing smells from coolers. Keeping your ice chest clean and smelling fresh is the goal.


Keeping Water Fountains Free of Mineral Deposits

Keeping Water Fountains Free of Mineral DepositsThis is a page about keeping water fountains free of mineral deposits. Mineral deposits can mar the beauty of your decorative fountain.


A rubber duck floating in a swimming pool.

Algae in an Above Ground Swimming PoolFilter systems in above-ground pools are often not as robust as in-ground pools. This can make algea growth more of a possibility. This is a page about algae in an above-ground swimming pool.


Patio Umbrella

Cleaning a Canvas Patio UmbrellaAn outdoor canvas umbrella can get dirty over time from exposure. This is a page about cleaning a canvas patio umbrella.


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Spots from Flies on My Home's Siding?Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep flies from landing on the house? We live in the country and get little spots of bug poo all over the siding, it's driving me crazy.


sliding patio door

Cleaning a Sliding Door TrackThis is a page about cleaning a sliding door track. To keep your door opening and closing smoothly it helps to keep the track clean.


Loctite Super Glue

Removing Super Glue from EyeglassesThis is a page about removing super glue from eyeglasses. Super glue is meant to be permanent, so when you get it on something accidentally, it can be frustrating.


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Removing Ink from a PhotoThis is a page about removing ink from a photo. Care must be taken when removing ink from a photo.



Mouth Guard

Cleaning a Smelly Mouth Guard?It answers the question about how to keep your mouth guard smelling nice and clean with daily maintenance. This page is about cleaning a smelly mouth guard.


Cleaning a Dooney and Bourke

Cleaning a Dooney and Bourke PurseThese popular purses can look great again with proper cleaning. This page is about cleaning a Dooney and Bourke purse.


Silk flowers.

Cleaning Silk Flowers, Swags and WreathsThis page is about cleaning silk flowers, swags and wreaths. Dusty artificial flowers and greenery need special care when removing the dirt.


Motor Oil on Concrete

Cleaning Motor Oil Stains From ConcreteThis is a page about cleaning motor oil stains from concrete. Whether from a spill or engine leak, motor oil stains on concrete can be a cleaning challenge.


moss on a driveway

Removing Moss from a Driveway?This is a page about removing moss from a driveway. Moss on your driveway can be dangerously slippery when wet in addition to unsightly.


Cleaning a concrete surface by pressure washing.

Cleaning Concrete?This is a page about cleaning concrete. Concrete patios, sidewalks and driveways can often be restored to like new with a pressure wash or other cleaning technique.


Shaving Cream on Black

Cleaning With Shaving CreamYou might be surprised by the many cleaning uses for shaving cream. This is a page about cleaning with shaving cream.


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Cleaning The Inside of Second Hand Leather Shoes?I bought some nice brown leather Stride Rite kids shoes from a thrift store for my two year old. Is there a way to clean and disinfect the inside of the shoes? Can I throw them in the washer?


A Pop-up Camper at a camp area.

Cleaning a Pop-up CamperPop-up campers can get dirty if they are left open for weeks or months at at time. This is a page about cleaning a pop-up camper.


Removing Permanent Marker from Hair

Removing Permanent Marker from HairThis is a page about removing permanent marker from hair. If your or your child accidentally or intentionally got permanent marker in your hair it can be a chore to remove.


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Lip Gloss in Hair?My six year old daughter and her friend put lip gloss in their hair! I can't get the greasy look out of her hair. What can I use? Karen


Old, dirty wood doors.

How to Remove Grime from Wood Doors Without Refinishing?Wood doors can become grimy over time. Here is some information about how to remove grime from wood doors without refinishing.


A tent set up below tall cedar trees.

Removing Tree Sap from a Tent?If your tent is under a tree for a while, it may get some tree sap on it. Isopropyl alcohol, preferably 99% or 91%, can be very useful for removing tree sap from things. This is a page about removing tree sap from a tent.


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Smell From Mink Farm on Hands?A family member, who lives with us, recently started working at a mink farm. He handles the mink for vaccinations. Unfortunately, they urinate when they are being handled. Now, even though he wears thick leather gloves, it soaks through, and leaves the most awful smell on him!


Sanitizing Your Toothbrush, Glass container of toothbrushes.

Sanitizing Your ToothbrushThis is a page about sanitizing your toothbrush. Your clean looking toothbrush is secretly harboring viruses and bacteria. There are ways you can eliminate most of these microscopic contaminants.



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Cleaning Brake Fluid Off Pavement?I recently moved into a new area which seems like a new planet. We are on a roll lately with problems and have already annoyed a neighbor. All of that aside My sister came to visit and her brake line busted and spilled brake fluid all over the place and I have no clue how to remove it from the pavement. I really do not want any more complaints so if any one has a clue please let me know. Jen from Michigan


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Removing Sharpie From Vinyl Bus Seats?Help! One of my little darlings on my SCHOOL BUS wrote some pretty nasty graffiti on my bus seat with a SHARPIE.


hands of someone dyeing cloth

Removing Fabric Dye From Skin?This is a page about removing fabric dye from skin. When dyeing cloth you want to avoid getting the color on your skin, as it can be a challenge to remove right away.


An old toy rubber duck.

Cleaning Sticky RubberA small amount of baby oil can help clean sticky rubber whether a handle or possibly an old doll. This is a page about cleaning sticky rubber.


Hand holding a permanent marker

Removing Marker From Photos?This is a page about removing marker from photos. Removing marker from one of your treasured photos may seem impossible, but don't despair there may be a solution.


Cleaning Hair from a Brush

Removing Hair from BrushesThis is a page about removing hair from brushes. Trying to remove hair from your brush or a pet brush can be frustrating.


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Easy Inexpensive Way To Clean Vintage Lamp Shade?I found a great vintage lamp with a very large shade at a thrift store recently. The shade is wavy, and is very yellow due to age, smoke etc.


Plastic Tablecloth

Caring for Plastic TableclothsThis is a page about caring for plastic tablecloths. Some plastic tablecloths are intended for multiple uses, rather than being disposable. Proper care can keep them in good shape and extend their usefulness.


Cleaning an Artificial Christmas Tree, Decorated artificial tree.

Cleaning an Artificial Christmas TreeThis is a page about cleaning an artificial Christmas tree. Many families use an artificial tree to safe money or because they believe it is better for the environment. Because these trees can be used year after year they will need to be cleaned periodically to retain their fresh appearance.


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How Can I Clean a Chandelier Without Taking It Down?What is the best way to clean a chandelier without taking it down from the roof?



Cleaning BirdfeedersThis page is about cleaning birdfeeders. Keeping your bird feeders clean will help maintain the health of your wild visitors.


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Getting Urine Smell Out of Gravel?I can't get the urine out of the scoria, (crushed red gravel) in my yard. It smells all the time, especially when its really hot, or after heavy rain.


Gas pump with fuel spill

Removing Diesel From Block Paved Driveway?This is a page about removing diesel from block paved driveway. Removing diesel fuel that has accidentally spilled or leaked onto your block driveway may require special treatment.


Terra Cotta Pots

Cleaning Terra Cotta Pots?This is a page about cleaning terra cotta pots. Terra cotta is used to make many flower pots and other outside garden items. Usage and the elements can leave them dirty and stained.


Red Zippo lighter on a white background.

Cleaning a Zippo Lighter?This is a page to cleaning a Zippo lighter. Zippo lighters are not disposable so it is important to care for them properly. Cleaning your Zippo lighter will help keep it working well for many years.


A man using a toilet plunger.

Cleaning a Toilet Plunger?Soaking a toilet plunger in a bucket with added bleach will help to remove the odor and debris. Be sure to air dry thoroughly before storing.


A whiteboard with scribbles all over it.

Cleaning Permanent Marker Off a Dry...Writing on a white board with a permanent marker is common mistake. The good news is that the permanent marker can be easily removed.


Stone Coasters

Cleaning Stone CoastersThis is a page about cleaning stone coasters. Porous stone can absorb stains and may be a challenge to clean.


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Removing Dried Cement from Steel?How do I remove dry cement paste from steel plates?


Man Pressure washing his Wood Deck

Cleaning a Wood Deck This is a page about cleaning a wood deck. Your deck is a great place for friends and family to gather in your home. However, the elements and general use means you will need to clean on occasion.


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Removing Candle Wax from Jars?If you spill hot wax on fabric, wood, plastic, etc., place it in the freezer overnight. In the morning it should pull right off. This also works for getting leftover wax out of candle holders once the wick is spent.


Satellite Dish

Keeping Your Satellite Dish Free of SnowThis page is about keeping your satellite dish free of snow. Snow and ice on the dish can interfere with the reception on your television or internet service.


Artificial Tree

Cleaning Artificial TreesFaux trees can collect a lot of dust on their leaves that requires cleaning. This is a page about cleaning artificial trees.


Old glass perfume bottles

Cleaning Old Perfume Bottles?Ornate glass perfume bottles have been collected for generations. They can be difficult to clean safely and thoroughly. This is a page about cleaning old perfume bottles.


Cleaning Artificial Flowers

Cleaning Artificial FlowersThis is a page about cleaning artificial flowers. Artificial flowers can become dusty or dingy over time.


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Removing Masking Tape From Fiberglass Boat?I have masking tape that was left on too long (1 year). The tape is on a fiberglass boat. It is possible to scrape it off with a plastic scraper to avoid damaging the fiberglass but a very, very slow process. When the tape is off there is still the glue residue left, any ideas on the best way to remove both of these?


A photo with tape on it.

Removing Tape Residue on Photos?This is a page about removing tape residue on photos. Care must be taken when trying to remove tape residue on photos.


Pool Tiles

Cleaning Pool TilesThis is a page about cleaning pool tiles. The decorative tiles in your pool can be marred by hard water deposits.


Spray on a Fence

Removing Spray Paint From a FenceThis page is about removing spray paint from a fence. It's unfortunate if unsightly graffiti shows up on your personal property.


Moss on Headstone

Cleaning Moss and Stains off Headstones?This page is about cleaning moss and stains off headstones. Being exposed to the elements, marble and other stone grave markers can become discolored and grow rootless plants.


Mouse Pad

Cleaning a Mouse PadThis is a page about cleaning a mouse pad. Rather than spending money on a new mouse pad, try cleaning the one you have.


Preventing Wax Residue in Candle Holders

Preventing Wax Residue in Candle HoldersThis is a page about preventing wax residue in candle holders. Cleaning the wax residue out of your candle holders is not a fun task.


Cleaning eyeglasses with a cloth.

Cleaning EyeglassesThis is a page about cleaning eyeglasses. Anyone with eyeglasses knows that they can require constant cleaning. Proper cleaning will ensure that your lenses are smudge-free.


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Cleaning Ostrich Feathers?I purchased 6 ostrich feathers, they are beautiful, but I quit smoking and would like to get them clean and bright again. Is there any way I can clean them?


Cleaning a Thermos

Cleaning a ThermosThis page is about cleaning a thermos. Whether stainless steel or glass, these insulated containers need to be rid of prior food or beverage odors.


A Sharpie marker with its lid off.

Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from a CD or...This is a page about removing Sharpie from a CD or DVD. Removing permanent ink from a CD or DVD can be difficult. When removing the ink you need to be careful to not damage the disc.


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Removing Sharpie Marker from Paper?Does anyone know how to remove Sharpie from areas under which there is text I would like to read? This is on copy paper.


Cleaning Paint Brushes, A paint brush being rinsed off in a sink.

Cleaning Paint BrushesThis is a page about cleaning paint brushes. It is important to properly clean your paint brushes right away after any painting project.


Cleaning Marble

Cleaning MarbleThis page is about cleaning marble. A durable rock material that needs to be cleaned and maintained with care.


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How to Remove Floral Clay?Does anyone know how to remove that tacky floral clay from items. I can't seem to find any answers online. I tried isopropyl alcohol and vegetable oil, but no luck. Thank you in advance for any feedback.


Dusting Delicate Items

Dusting Delicate ItemsThis page is about dusting delicate items. Finding the best way to dust your fragile knick-knacks and plants helps keep them beautiful.


Yellow and white clothing iron next to a pile of clothes.

Cleaning a Clothes IronStarch and other laundry products can build up on your iron. It is important to remove any build up to prevent it from transferring to your clothing. This is a page about cleaning a clothes iron.


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Cleaning Eucalyptus Branches?I have a vase full of eucalyptus branches that have mildew. It's a large amount and would be very expensive to replace. Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean this, if it is possible? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Ball Point Pen Writing on Paper

Removing Ink From a DocumentMistakes can happen when you are preparing a document. Depending on the type of ink used there may be a way to correct the error. This is a page about removing ink from a document.


How To Reuse Ziploc Bags - bag drying

How To Reuse Ziploc BagsI don't know about you but we go through Ziplocs like crazy! So what with how much we use them and how expensive they are, we've been rewashing ours. Now granted, after about 3 washes I would say it's about time to throw them away depending on what brand you use. But a few more uses for just one Ziploc gets you a long way!


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Removing Pine Tree Sap from Trex Decking?I have a Trex deck how do I remove tree sap from it?


Cleaning a Kitchen Faucet Head - head removed from pipe lying on the counter

Cleaning a Kitchen Faucet Head?My kitchen faucet head is sealed and can't be taken apart. This is our second faucet head. We have a lot of earthquakes and constantly have a churned up well. Can I still soak the head in vinegar and loosen the hard water inside it?


washing coins

Cleaning CoinsCoins can get grimy over time, changing hands year after year. Coins that are found on the ground are even dirtier and may require cleaning before adding them to your change purse.


Removing Gorilla Glue from a Guitar?It is a challenge to remove excess ugly glue without removing the lacquer finish on a guitar. This is a page about removing gorilla glue from a guitar.


Water going down the sink drain.

Cleaning Sink DrainsWhile exceedingly convenient, indoor plumbing can require some routine maintenance not only to keep it clear, but also to reduce the possible odors that result from mold growth on debris lodged in the pipes. This is a page about cleaning sink drains.


Man cleaning a counter with a sponge.

Cleaning Greasy Residue Left by Goo GoneDepending on the material, you can use rubbing alcohol or an acetone nail polish remover for the Goo Gone residue. This is a page about cleaning greasy residue left by Goo Gone.


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Cleaning Smoke Damage and Odor on a Concertina?What can be used for cleaning smoke damage to a musical instrument, a concertina (similar to accordian)?


Sofa bed pulled out.

Keeping A Hide-a-Bed CleanIf you have a sofa that converts into a bed, keeping it clean and ready for the next guest is preferred. This is a page about keeping a hide-a-bed clean.


Humidifier in a bedroom

Removing Vaporub from the Inside of My Humidifier?This is a page about removing Vaporub from the inside of my humidifier. Cleaners such as Dawn or a mix of water and alcohol can be sloshed around the inside of a humidifier to remove the greasy residue of Vicks Vaporub.


Artificial Calla Lilies in a glass vase.

Cleaning Artificial Calla Lilies?Calla lilies are beautiful and artificial ones look real, especially from a distance. However, they do get dirty over time and require cleaning. This is a page about cleaning artificial calla lilies.


Knick Knacks on a window sill.

Cleaning Knick KnacksBeautiful or whimsical figurines and keepsakes can get very grimy after time spent on a shelf or in a curio cabinet. This is a page about cleaning knick knacks.


Smoke drifting up to a smoke alarm on the ceiling of a home.

Smoke Smell on Belongings After a House FireRemoving the strong smells of a fire can be a challenge on a variety of things. This is a page about smoke smell on belongings after a house fire.


Brick Fireplace with Fire Burning

How to Clean Fireplace Bricks?Soot and dirt can stain the bricks on a fireplace, but there are ways to get them surprisingly clean. This is a page about cleaning fireplace bricks.


Woman Using Body Spray

Uses for Body SprayA body spray with an undesirable scent can help lift ink stains on skin and other surfaces. This is a page about uses for body spray.


Wooden Cutting Board

How to Remove Sharpie From a Wooden Cutting Board?Sharpie pen ink can really soak into wood. Isopropyl alcohol may help remove some of the ink, but it may be necessary to take more drastic measures. Here are some ideas about how to remove Sharpie from a wooden cutting board.


Close up of a red brick patio.

Cleaning White Substance Off a Brick Patio?Depending on what it is, washing a white substance off of brick may require a solvent of some sort. Cleaning a white substance off a brick patio can be a chore but with the right equipment and cleaners it can be done.


A ball point pen writing on paper.

Removing Ball Point Pen From PaperIsopropyl alcohol is usually the best way to break down ink, however it does depend on the type of ink. Removing ball point pen from paper can be a very difficult task but it's not impossible.


Cleaning Cigarette Tar Off an Oil Painting

Cleaning Cigarette Tar Off an Oil Painting?Cigarette tar can be nearly impossible to clean from an oil painting yourself. It may require professional cleaning. This is a page about cleaning cigarette tar off an oil painting.


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Removing Permanent Marker from an Inflatable Bounce Castle?A five year old wrote on the back of my inflatable castle with permanent marker. We have tried alcohol, peroxide, bug spray, grease lightning, everything that we could think of. What is the best, but cheap way to get it off? Any suggestions help.


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Removing Grout Haze on Formica Countertop?My husband removed ceramic tile from our kitchen backsplash and replaced it with new mosaic glass tiles and grout. The grout residue will not come off my formica countertop.


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Getting Rid of Algae in Above Ground Pool?I am constantly getting green and cloudy water in my pool. I shock and algaecide about once a month. Lately every 3-5 days I run the filter 12 hrs a day. The last two weeks I have also been adding Clear View and also vacuuming about 2-3 times a week and then backwash after vacuuming.


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Cleaning a Dooney and Bourne Purse?How do I get a Dooney and Bourke purse back to its normal color because it has a little discoloration.


Removing a Stain on a Corian Sink - stains on Corian sink

Removing a Stain on a Corian Sink?I have an ivory Corian sink with a brass faucet. I need to replace the faucet, but there is now a greenish stain around the old faucet base. I am not sure if it is cleaner buildup or calcium or?


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Removing Armour Etch Film on Glasses?I used Armour Etch cream on my everyday eyeglasses to remove scratches and the cream left a horrible smudgy film on my lenses. I cannot see through them now. How do I remove this smudgy film?


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