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This page contains tips and advice about birdhouses and attracting birds to your yard.

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Black billed magpie

How Can I Get Rid of the Magpies but Keep the Rest of the Birds?Magpies can be real bullies at a backyard feeder. This is a page about, "How can I get rid of the magpies, but keep the rest of the birds?".


A nest with 5 finch eggs.

How Often Do Finches Lay Eggs?Finches will generally lay one egg each morning until their nest is full, usually 6 eggs. They will fill the nest again a couple of weeks after the chicks have fledged. This page discusses how often finches lay eggs?



Protecting a Hummingbird Feeder from RainThis is a page about protecting a hummingbird feeder from rain. Rainwater can get into your hummingbird feeder and dilute the "nectar".


A hummingbird and a hornet going for the same hummingbird feeder.

Using Mint to Keep Bees/Wasps from a Hummingbird FeederMany people recommend mint extract or essential oil to deter pests. This is a page about using mint to keep bees or wasps from a hummingbird feeder.


Squirrel precariously reaching from a branch to a bird feeder

Keeping Squirrels Out of Your Bird FeederThis is a page about keeping the squirrels out of your bird feeder. Despite their delightful antics having the squirrels eating up all of your birdseed can be frustrating.


Flypaper around feeder hanger

Use Flypaper for Keeping Ants Out of Hummingbird FeedersFly paper wrapped around the hanger for your hummingbird feeder is one way to keep pesky ants out of the sweet nectar. This is a page about use flypaper for keeping ants out of hummingbird feeders.


Three pigeons on a bird feeder

Keeping Pigeons Away from a Bird FeederThis is a page about keeping pigeons away from a bird feeder. Backyard bird feeders often attract birds other than the song birds you may be hoping for.


Vaseline bottle

Use Vaseline to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird Feeders

Editor's Note: This method of keeping ants out of your hummingbird feeder is no longer recommended as it can cause damage to the birds. You can find more useful ways to keep ants out of your feeders here:

Keeping Ants Out of Your Hummingbird Feeder


DIY Moat to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird Feeder - twist the other end for the top

DIY Moat to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird FeederIt is delightful to watch the hummers as they visit your feeder. But that feeder also attracts ants and bees. Learn how to construct a DIY moat to keep the ants out of your hummingbird feeder.


Bird Eating from Bird Feeder

Keeping The Ground Under a Bird Feeder Clean?This is a page about keeping the ground under a bird feeder clean. The area under our garden bird feeders can quickly become a mess of cracked seed shells, uneaten food, or a delightful sunflower garden.


A glass hummingbird feeder.

Making a Hummingbird FeederThis is a page about making a hummingbird feeder. Many people enjoy having these quick flying little visitors. Putting out a hummingbird feeder will help attract them to your yard.


Hummingbird perched on a feeder.

Keeping Ants Out of the Hummingbird FeederThis is a page about keeping ants out of the hummingbird feeder. The sweet liquid in your hummingbird feeder attracts more visitors than just your intended guests. Ants also love the sweet nectar and often invade the feeders. Keeping them out can be a real hassle.



Two birds splashing in a home made bird bath

Birdbath Tips and IdeasThis is a page about birdbath tips and ideas. Adding a birdbath to your garden not only provides our feathered friends with a nice place for a drink and a dip, but it also can be a focal point in your landscape.


Closeup of Three Hummingbirds at a Feeder

Homemade Hummingbird Food...Hummingbird food can go bad quickly. So it is important to change it often. Store bought foods can be expensive and contain dyes that are not good for birds. This page contains homemade hummingbird food recipes.


Blue painted bird bath in grass

Painting a Bird Bath?This is a page about painting a bird bath. You may be able to give a lift to an old birdbath by painting it. Paint choice and application are your major considerations.


A woodpecker at a hummingbird feeder

Keeping Woodpeckers Out of a Hummingbird Feeder?This is a page about keeping woodpeckers out of a hummingbird feeder. Other birds will sometimes try to feed at your hummingbird feeders, often chasing the little guys away.


Bird sitting on a bird bath.

Cleaning a BirdbathThis page is about cleaning a birdbath. Keeping your birdbath clean will welcome your beautiful, little visitors.


A bird eating suet out of a feeder.

Making Homemade SuetThis is a page about making homemade suet. You can attract many birds by putting out suet cakes. You can easily make suet cakes at home and vary them to your local bird species.


Hummingbird flying towards a bird feeder.

Adding Calcium to Homemade Hummingbird Nectar?Some people worry that hummingbirds need additional additives in their homemade nectar but most experts suggest giving them only the pure sugar and water mixture. This is a page about adding calcium to homemade hummingbird nectar.


Bird Bath and several sizes of planters marked for sale.

Choosing the Right BirdbathThis page is about choosing the right birdbath. Depending on where you plan to put your birdbath, it's important to choose the right design so you can observe and provide refreshment for your little visitors.


Hummingbird Nest

Identifying a Hummingbird NestThis is a page about identifying a hummingbird nest. Hummingbird nests are difficult to see because of their small size.


Figs on Tree

Keeping Birds from Eating FigsA flock of birds could easily decimate the harvest from your fig tree. This is a page about keeping birds from eating figs.


Hummingbird flying.

Attracting HummingbirdsThis is a page about attracting hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are colorful little visitors. Whether you want to attract them with feeders or the plants in your yard, attracting them is quite easy.


Yellow Finch on a feeder

Feeding Yellow FinchesWhen feeding finches you will have more success with nyger thistle seed and a feeder designed for their use. This is a page about feeding yellow finches.


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Why Have the Goldfinches Left My Yard?We had a lot of yellow finches, they have completely gone. We had thistle seed out for them and they were eating so much I was having to fill it every day. Could you tell me why they would suddenly leave?


Blackbird at Bird Feeder

Keeping Blackbirds Out Of Bird Feeders?Many people maintain bird feeders for song birds. Therefore they are often dismayed when larger bully birds try to take over the feeder. This is a page about keeping blackbirds out of bird feeders.


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Use Onion Bags as Bird FeederI save my mesh bags from onions and other vegetables all summer. Then in winter I use them to put out suet or meat scraps for the birds. They work very well.



Water trough for livestock.

Keeping Fowl From Drowning in Water...This is a page about board to let fowl escape from water container. Non-water fowl, such as chickens, can get trapped in stock tanks and other outdoor water collection containers.


Hummingbird at a feeder.

Hummingbird Feeder Nectar RecipeMaking your own hummingbird feeder nectar is quite simple. This page is about hummingbird feeder recipe.


A bullocks oriole taking a bath.

Birdbath PhotosThis page contains birdbath photos. You can get great photographs of birds when they visit your birdbath.


Two squares of suet made from one package.

2 for 1 SuetI have discovered the birds like my homemade suet over store bought. I scored a great price at Ace Hardware on suet and bought a lot. Then I took another step and melted down 1 cake and added lard, some peanut butter and add ins you want, and get the texture to form a cake by adding flour or oatmeal, or cornmeal.


Barn Swallow eggs in a nest.

Barn SwallowsBarn swallows were building a nest on the ledge of our porch. It did not look like a good place for a nest as the ledge is just an inch wide. Maybe we didn't need to do this but my husband put a little piece of plywood across the ledge to make a shelf for the nest.


A bird in a tree.

Identifying Birds?You don't have to be a serious bird watcher to enjoy identifying the birds that visit your yard or that you encounter on walks. Here are some tips for identifying birds, including baby birds.


An oriole on a branch.

Identifying SongbirdsEven if you are not an avid bird watcher it is fun to identify these garden visitors. Noting size & shape, color pattern, behavior, and habitat can help. There are books for your region and apps for your phone available to assist.


A bird with a piece of bread over it's head.

Do Not Feed Leftover Breads to BirdsAlthough many of us have fond memories of feeding bread to ducks and geese, or of Grandma saving bread for the backyard birds, it is now strongly discouraged. Not only are the nutrients unsuitable for a bird's nutrition, but moldy bread can cause a host of health concerns. It's best to feed backyard birds an approved mix birdseed and to let waterfowl find their own sources of food.


A metal birdbath.

Repairing a Metal Birdbath?Over time metal birdbaths can become rusty or even develop holes and leak. In order to repair the bath in either of these situations you will need to research your options and the time and cost involved. This page offers some suggestions for repairing a metal birdbath.


A hummingbird drinking from an iced feeder.

Iced Feeder for HummingbirdsTake your hummingbird feeder and freeze it overnight. This is a refreshing treat for your backyard visitors on hot summer days.


A male and female Anna's hummingbird in flight with a background of blue sky.

Anna's Hummingbird PhotosNamed after the delicate Duchess of Rivoli, these vibrant birds are beautiful in full sun, with iridescent green and magenta red feathers. Originally from Southern California and Baja, Anna's can be found all the way north to Canada and as far east as Arizona. This page contains Anna's hummingbird photos.


Trivia About Robins - robin on the ground

Trivia About RobinsMany of us have seen and even fed the American robin in our yards and gardens. Who hasn't seen these worm hunters cock their head and pull out a tasty earthworm. This page contains trivia about robins.


Upcycling A Stocking As Bird Feeder - suet balls in an old stocking with bird

Upcycling Fishnet Stockings as a Bird FeederA worn or ripped pair of fishnet stockings is the prefect start to making a hanging bird feeder. Add suet balls or other food and enjoy watching your backyard visitors. This is a page about upcycling fishnet stocking as bird feeder.


Cowboy boot bird house.

Making a Bird House from a Shoe or BootOld boots and shoes can be repurposed into fun and useful bird houses. Not only do they provide a housing option for your backyard birds, but they are also a cute bit of garden decor. This is a page about making a bird house from a shoe or boot.



A chickadee in a clear bird feeder attached to a window.

Using a Clear Bird FeederThis is a page about using a clear bird feeder. Clear acrylic bird feeders that attach to the window allow you to really enjoy watching your feathered visitors closeup from inside your home.


Bagel Bird Feeder hanging from a tree next to a bird.

Bagel Bird FeederThis is a page about making a bagel bird feeder. Make a totally edible bird feeder for your winter visitors using a lard and seed covered bagel.


2 birds on a feeder.

Bird Feeder PhotosAn excellent way to attract song birds to your garden is by installing feeders. They can be purchased to encourage a variety of species or you can make your own. This page contains bird feeder photos.


A Downy woodpecker eating suet.

Feeding Wild Birds SuetSong birds definitely enjoy a suet cake in their feeder during the winter months. It is the perfect food for winter, as long as it doesn't get too wet or freeze. This is a page about feeding wild birds suet.


Photo of a Goldfinch taking off.

Goldfinch PhotosThis small, bright yellow North American migratory bird is a frequent visitor to many backyard bird feeders. This page contains goldfinch photos.


Hummingbird Feeder

Protecting Hummingbird FeedersThe sweet nectar in a hummingbird feeder also attracts unwanted guests such as ants and bees. This is a page about protecting hummingbird feeders.


Empty bird nest on a branch.

Will Birds Use Old Nests?This page is about will birds use old nests? Birds are good recyclers and may reuse the nest or its construction materials.


Birdhouse attached to the side of the house, surrounded by flowers.

Preparing Bird Houses for SpringPrior to mating season is a good time to ready your birdhouses for your feathered visitors. A thorough examination and cleaning of the houses will ensure their continuing return to your garden. This is a page about preparing bird houses for spring.


A bunch of birds at an garden birdfeeder.

Keeping Things Tidy Beneath a BirdfeederThe ground underneath a bird feeder can easily become littered with scattered seed. This is a page about keeping things tidy beneath a birdfeeder.


A white birdfeeder with a copper roof and a pillar candle inside where the birdfood would normally go.

Place Pillar Candle in Bird FeederAt Christmas, I replaced the bird seed in the feeder with a pillar candle within the glass insert. The candle was lit each evening during the Christmas season, bringing a cozy feel as you approached our back deck.


Squirrel on top of birdfeeder

Making a Squirrel Proof Songbird FeederThis is a page about making a squirrel proof songbird feeder. Squirrels can raid your birdfeeders, keeping the birds away from your yard.


Hummingbird on a red hummingbird feeder

Canning Homemade Hummingbird Food?This is a page about canning homemade hummingbird food. One way to have homemade hummingbird nectar on hand whenever you need it, is to make large batches and can it.


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Homemade Hummingbird Nectar?I made sugar water 1 to 4 ratio for hummingbirds, but accidently added stevia drops to that instead of my tea. Should I throw out the sugar water and start over or is it OK to have 4 drops of stevia in a whole cup of sugar water?


white throated mountain gem hummingbird

Feeding HummingbirdsThis is a page about feeding hummingbirds. These beautiful birds enjoy a liquid feeder. Most red flowers will invite hummers to your garden.


Hummingbird Feeder

Using Hummingbird FeedersThis is a page about using hummingbird feeders. Making sure your feeders are free of insects and clean are important for the hummingbirds.


Seasonal Bird

Counting Seasonal BirdsThis is a page about counting seasonal birds. The National Bird Society takes note of all bird species by counting birds.


Bird at a Feeder

Filling Birdhouses and FeedersThis is a page about filling birdhouses and feeders. Filling your bird feeder without spilling seeds everywhere is easier if you use some simple tools, many of with you already have around the house.


A bird eating suet.

Keeping Suet from MeltingThis is a page about keeping suet from melting. When the outside temperatures warm, your bird suet may melt because of its high fat content.


Robin sitting on a stump.

Creating a Backyard Bird SanctuaryThis is a page about creating a backyard bird sanctuary. There are many things you can do to create a sanctuary for birds in your yard in addition to simply installing feeders.


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Birds As A Bad Weather PredictorThis is a page about birds as a bad weather predictor. Before and during harsh weather, wild bird behavior can help you predict the weather.


Homemade Wild Bird Food

Homemade Wild Bird FoodThis is a page about homemade wild bird food. Blending your own wild bird feed for the visitors to your yard, can save you money.


A nest containing bird eggs.

Moving Bird EggsThis is a page about moving bird eggs. Emergency situations can sometimes make it necessary to move wild bird eggs.


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Reducing Odor from Baby Birds in Window Nest?Two baby pigeons were born 15 days back in our toilet window. The mother pigeon frequently comes to feed the babies, and we do not disturb them. But they are smelling very badly. What do we do?


Birdfeeder Bullies

Dealing With Birdfeeder BulliesThis page is about dealing with birdfeeder bullies. Keeping your bird feeder stocked with seeds for your favorite birds may invite intruders.


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Hummingbird Nectar Changed from Red to Clear?I used Perky Pet instant hummingbird nectar. It is usually red. I filled up the feeder 2 days ago, but yesterday was a hot day and today the nectar is clear. Is that normal? Does that mean it somehow went bad?


Bluetit on a birdfeeder.

Feeding Wild BirdsThis page is about feeding wild birds. Clean and well-maintained feeders not only attract more birds, they will also reduce the risk of disease.


Bird Seed

Covering a Bird House With Bird Seed?This is a page about covering a bird house with bird seed. Entice birds to your garden with a birdhouse covered in seed. Not only will they have a nice place to nest, but the outside is edible.


Cardinal in a tree.

Cardinal Information and PhotosThis is a page about Cardinal information and photos. The Northern Cardinal or Redbird is a popular visitor at birdfeeders in the eastern United States. Their range also extends into southeastern Canada, and south into Mexico and Belize.


Hummingbird Feeder

Buying Hummingbird Feeders?This is a page about buying hummingbird feeders. Attracting hummingbirds to your garden is easy either by planting flowers that they like or providing a feeder filled with nectar.


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Protecting Bird's Nest from Magpies?I have a bird's nest that the magpies destroy. They once came and took the eggs and now the bird came back and is building a new nest. Can I keep them from it and protect the nest?


House sparrow on a fence.

Keeping House Sparrows Out of Bluebird Houses?This is a page about keeping house sparrows out of bluebird houses. House sparrows can move in and take over bird houses you may have intended for other types of birds, such as bluebirds.


Bird Feeder

Protecting Bird Feeders From Wind?This is a page about protecting bird feeders from wind. Wind can do an amazing job of broadcasting the seed in your bird feeder all over your lawn or garden.



Cause of Dead Birds in Your Yard?This is a page about the cause of dead birds in your yard. There are a variety of reasons you may find dead birds in your yard, some of which may require immediate action.


Nesting Supplies to Birds

Providing Nesting Materials to BirdsThis is a page about providing nesting supplies to birds. You can use items around your home to make holders for nesting material and then fill them with safe nesting supplies.


Homemade Birdhouse

Recycled Birdhouse IdeasThis is a page about recycled birdhouse ideas. Recycled materials are often a great source of supplies for making a birdhouse for your garden.


A bird on a bird feeder

Hanging A BirdfeederThis is a page about hanging a bird feeder. Choosing a good location and sturdy hanger will ensure that your feathered friends keep coming back.


A wooden birdhouse near a rose.

Garden BirdhousesThis is a page about garden birdhouses. Birdhouses placed about your garden can encourage a variety of birds to set up housekeeping.


Hummingbird Feeder

Cleaning a Hummingbird FeederThis is a page about cleaning a hummingbird feeder. It is very important to keep your hummingbird feeder clean, for the health of your feathered friends.


Baby Birds (Williston, FL)

Baby Birds (Williston, FL)Mama bird built a nest in my utility room. One day, I heard chirping and found these little ones. They were hungry and anxiously awaiting mama bird to come back with food. Soon afterward they found their wings and took off.


Birdhouse made from gourds.

Making a Gourd BirdhouseThis page is about making a gourd birdhouse. You can grow your own gourds and make some comfortable bird houses for many common cavity nesting birds.


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Hummingbird Feeder Leaks?I bought this beautiful glass hummingbird feeder, it has a tube with a cork. When I make my sugar water and then plug the tube in, it drips the water out from the hole in the bottom of the tube until all the sugar water is gone. What am I doing wrong?


Blackie, a starling that lives in the eaves of a house.

Blackie the StarlingThis is the seventh generation of the starling family that lives in a little eave of our house on the patio side. Blackie is a male starling, of breeding age, and he is very interesting to have around.


Hummingbird feeding at lavender

Hummingbird PhotosThis page contains hummingbird photos. These pretty, busy birds are fun to watch zooming from flower to flower in the garden.


frying pan birdbath

Making a Birdbath from a Frying PanThis page is about making a birdbath from a frying pan. A great way to reuse a old frying pan is to make it into a birdbath for your yard.


Long tailed tit.

Attracting BirdsThis page is about attracting birds. With a few basic necessities you can encourage birds to visit your garden and provide many benefits.


A pinecone covered in birdseed to be hung as a birdfeeder.

Making Pinecone Bird FeedersThis is a page about making pinecone bird feeders. Pinecones covered in birdseed can be a cheap and natural way to feed your backyard birds.


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Black and White Hummingbird?Can some one please help me with the name of this beautiful little hummingbird? We have only seen one like this. It was solid black and had a bright white ring all the way around his little belly.


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Hanging a Bird House?I bought a larger bird house that was chainsaw carved. Is there a certain direction I should put the hole?


Hummingbird Upclose

Wildlife: HummingbirdThere are many hummingbirds at my house. We go through 6 to 8 feeders a day. This one obliged for a close up.


Saving Money on Wild Birdseed, Blue Jay standing on a tree stumo eating birdseed

Saving Money on Wild BirdseedThis is a page about saving money on birdseed. Many people love to bird watch. Putting birdseed out in your yard will attract lots of birds, but if you use a lot of seed it can be quite costly.


Making a Hummingbird Garden, Hummingbird feeding from a yellow flower.

Making a Hummingbird GardenThis is a page for making a hummingbird garden. To attract hummingbirds to your yard or garden, you need to make sure to plant the right flowers and shrubs.


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Feeding Baltimore Orioles?I was looking in a catalog today and with the hummingbird supplies it had an oriole feeder that held a jelly/jam jar. There was also a feeder very similar to a hummingbird feeder and a solution for nectar for orioles right beside the nectar solution for hummers.


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Preventing Moldy BirdseedIn early spring, rake or sweep up the fallen seeds and hulls under a feeder. This prevents mold from forming and also keeps the seeds from from attracting pests like mice and shrews.


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Ratio of Red Pepper to Bird Seed for Deterring Squirrels?How much red pepper do you use mixed with how much bird seed to deter squirrels from emptying your bird feeders? I need the correct or most effective ratio, as our back yard is full of squirrels!


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Intruder in Finch Bird Nest?It appears to be an egg from a crow that is in with the finch eggs. What is the best way to remove the crow egg without disturbing the others?


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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?I am looking for ideas for squirrel proof bird feeders.


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Song Birds Stopped Using Feeder?I used to have birds fly into my bird feeders like crazy. It was a runway. Now we have a bluejay (which we have had before), but now the birds are gone. I see them around my yard and in my neighbours', but they have stopped coming to my place.


ThriftyFun Links Image

Video Link: HummingbirdsThis is a very unique video about hummingbirds. Using new photography, they took pictures of how they work and live that are amazing!


Feeding Woodpeckers?What food is in the bird feeder cage for the woodpeckers shown in photo?


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Encouraging Birds to Nest in Your Yard?Do birds dislike the smell of chlorine swimming pool water? Where is the best place to set a birdbath? How do you attract birds to birdhouses and birthbaths easily?


What is This Bird?Does anyone know what this bird is? We photographed it in Kensington Park in London last month. His feet look like they are feathers. but he swims like a duck.


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Baltimore Oriole Liquid Food?How do you make Baltimore Oriole liquid food?


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Wild Finch Mating and Nesting ?When do wild finch babies typically leave the nest? How many times a year do pairs mate?


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Finch Bird Feeder Advice?Do finches need yellow on a bird feeder to eat from it?


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Keeping Rescued Baby Birds WarmWe live in a rural area with lots of trees, and occasionally have had to rescue baby birds who have been hurt by a cat or simply got blown out of a tree with their nest destroyed or unable to be found.


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Cake for the BirdsMix all ingredients. Bake 1 hour at 350 degrees F. Cool, remove and put in mesh bag. Hang from tree branch.


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Safety of and Getting Rid of Bat Guano?I want to install a bat house in my yard. If I do, how do I get rid of the guano? Is it safe to handle?


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Easy Recycled Bird BathTake an old small plastic storage unit (like Rubbermaid) with the flip back top that has seen it's better day and remove the top. Lay this on the ground and fill with water for the birds. It's the right depth and they will love it.


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Tips For Feeding Birds And Other WildlifeI live in the suburbs with the birds and other wildlife. I feed the animals crushed corn, bird seeds, rabbit food, and give them fresh water daily. I cut the tops from under the handle off of gallon milk jugs and use the bottom half for water bowls and for bird baths.


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Bird Feed Mix With Seeds, Nuts And Fruit?I have 3 bird feeders in my garden, the birds go through the seed very quickly. Does anyone have a mix of seed that they make from bulk seeds and nut and dried fruit.


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Reuse Meat Packaging For Making Bird SuetWhen making my bird suet, I've started using the meat containers that you get when you purchase meat. I shop a lot at Walmart, their meat trays are also dishwasher safe.


What kind of a bird is this? (House Finch)What kind of a bird is this? He's so gorgeous! The picture doesn't seem to bring out the colors like they showed in real life. He's got bright reddish pink on his head and chest.


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Our Bird House is Too Popular?This winter we decided that it would be nice to feed the birds. We purchased/made three nice birdhouses and have them placed throughout our yard. The smallest bird feeder holds 5 pounds of birdseed. The largest holds 10 pounds.


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Frugal Ideas on Making Wild Bird Feeders?We have purchased a bird feeder, and now find that there are too many birds. We dont mind buying the feed, it's the feeders that make us cringe! The type we need is over $70! So i thought maybe someone may have an idea of making my own. I dont think the wild birds would mind my frugality! Kate


Robin's Nest

Robin's NestOur spring cleaning and repairs were temporarily interrupted when we discovered two robins making a nest outside our back door. They found our light fixture to be the perfect place. They got all sorts of material to make the base of the nest, including some shredded pieces of tarp that my son missed when cleaning up.


DIY Moat to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird Feeder - twist the other end for the top

DIY Moat to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird FeederMake a plastic cap moat to keep the ants from getting into your hummingbird feeders.


Squirrel Scare Tool - squirrel on feeder

Squirrel Scare ToolFrom my kitchen window, I enjoy watching the birds at our bird feeders. However I can't keep a lot of food in the feeders because of squirrels. In the cold months, early in the morning, I'll put out just enough seed to last through the day.


A Big Bug? No a Hummingbird!

A Big Bug? No a Hummingbird!I was sitting outside hand feeding my favorite squirrel. This usually keeps her out of my bird-feeder when I heard this thump and felt something hit the side of my leg. Looking down I thought, WOW, what a huge bug. I reached down to pick it up and throw it into the grass when I realized it was a hummingbird.


Cereal Treats for Backyard Birds - hanging from a suet feeder

Cereal Treats for Backyard BirdsI love helping the critters eat. Today, this is the best craft to do with the kids. You don't need but two or three items and you are set.


nest on top of a birdhouse

Nest on a NestWe put up a little birdhouse and a local robin deemed it to be the ideal spot for building her nest.


More Featured


An old bottle of laundry deterrent.

Using Laundry Detergent Bottle To Water Birds?I have washed this laundry detergent bottle so many times, I have lost count. Sadly, it continues to smell like laundry detergent. Is it safe to use as a jug to water the birds?


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Why Do Hummingbirds Inspect Liquid Levels?I've noticed that every time a hummingbird drinks, it then flies up and around the feeder to check the level of liquid. Then it flies off and comes back to drink again. Why is this?


Identifying a Bird

Identifying a Bird (Towhee)?Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is?


A duck egg on the sidewalk.

Mallard Duck Laid Egg on Concrete?Mallard duck laid egg on concrete. Is this normal? She hasn't made a nest yet. The egg is now cold.


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When to Start Feeding Hummingbirds?Can any one tell me when to put out my hummingbird feeders in Raleigh, North Carolina?


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Making a Long Arm Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?I would like to make a long arm bird feeder hanger from PVC pipe. First off, is the pipe strong enough to hold a feeder if it's reinforced somehow? Second, how do you make one? I have a bracket from the side of the window on the house, but it doesn't go out far enough and the squirrels can still jump from a small roof to the feeder. I want it to go farther out in front of the window so it is impossible for any squirrels or other critters to get the feeder.


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