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Tips to help you save money and time when you travel. Advice about booking your vacation, packing, food and lodging tips, shopping, transportation and more.

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A row of taxi cabs driving on a city street.

Taxi Tips and TricksWhether it's for convenience or necessity, sometimes you are going to need a taxi cab ride. Here are some handy taxi tips and tricks.


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From a Chinese Girl's Curiosity?What do you know about China and what do you think of China? Which Chinese custom impresses you the most?


The Las Vegas skyline at night.

Saving Money When Visiting Las VegasLas Vegas is a popular destination for many travelers, even if you don't enjoy gambling. There are all sorts of music events, museums, tournaments, fine dining and sightseeing options year round. Many businesses will hold conferences there, taking advantage of the lower airfare and bulk discounts for lodging. However, the costs can really add up if you are not careful. Here are some ways to avoid spending too much when you visit.


Terry Fox Statue from Front

Terry Fox Memorial (Thunder Bay, Ontario)Terry Fox attempted to walk across Canada years ago to raise money for cancer research. He had lost one leg to cancer. This monument was erected in his memory.


Sunset on the Steinhatchee River.

Saying Goodbye to a Paradise: The Steinhatchee River StoryWe found Steinhatchee quite by accident. We owned land right on the Suwanee River just outside Old Town and someone told us about a seafood restaurant in Steinhatchee.


An old wooden mill with a water wheel.

Take a Day TripWe live in the northern Piedmont area of North Carolina. On a day trip, we can go to the mountains or the beach and have a great time and be back home before bedtime.


The European Union flags next to a modern building in Europe.

European Travel Photos and InformationEurope has many wonderful travel destinations that are accessible by plane, train or boat. You can visit modern cities with Old World architecture, beautiful shorelines and majestic mountains.


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Where Is the Most Beautiful Place in the World?Guys, I wanna know the most beautiful place in the world. Any idea?


A binder clip holding a suitcase strap out of the way.

Clips To Hold Straps In SuitcaseIt drives me nuts when the straps that hold your clothing gets down under the clothes that you've already packed in your suitcase. Now I always clip the strap to hold them up until I have everything packed in there now. Makes it much easier and saves time when packing a suitcase.


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Taking Plants from the US into Mexico?Alright, this summer my family is going to Mexico, and we always go by car (in a truck). I'm going to be going by car from Texas to Mexico, and I want to take my Norfolk pine tree with me. But I don't know how to take it with me and make sure it's safe on the way, because the trip to Mexico from Texas is a day long.


The Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Visiting World Heritage SitesWhen traveling be sure to seek out world heritage sites. There are thousands of places throughout the world of historical or cultural importance, as well natural beauty.


TSA Approved Thread Cutter for In-flight Crafting

TSA Approved Thread Cutter for In-flight CraftingA good use of time on a airline flight can keep your hands busy. Scissors are not allowed, but nail clippers work well to cut thread. This is a page about TSA approved thread cutter for in-flight crafting.



A hair dryer being used to remove wrinkles from a shirt.

Use Hair Dryer to Remove Wrinkles in ClothesIn an emergency clothing situation, spritz the piece of clothing with a spray bottle of water and blow with your hair dryer to remove wrinkles. No iron needed. This is a page about using a hair dryer to remove wrinkles in clothes.


Making a list while planning a trip.

Making Lists for TravelingAn important first step when preparing for a trip is to make an all inclusive list of things to take along with you. This list can save you time and money. This page contains ideas and tips for making lists for traveling.


Epcot center at night.

Thrifty Disney World VacationA trip to Disney World is fun and can also be very expensive. There are some easy ways to save money, such as taking your own water, food, and snacks. This page contains suggestions for planning a thrifty Disney World vacation.


A luggage tag with just the person's email and telephone number listed.

Remove Home Address From LuggageIf you have your home address written on your luggage tag, it's best to remove it. It's become more common these days that criminals are stashing illegal items in people's luggage, then keeping the home addresses in order to retrieve those items later.


Orcas Island ferry landing.

Orcas Island Photos and InformationOrcas Island is located in the Puget Sound (Washington State). It's a popular vacation destination, containing natural beauty, a vibrant artist's community, and Mt. Constitution, which is the highest point in the San Juan Islands. This page contains Orcas Island photos and information.


Wood cabin on a river.

Renting a Cabin for Summer VacationRenting a home in a vacation area can be more relaxing than camping and much cheaper than staying at a hotel. This is a page about renting a cabin for summer vacation.


Putting pills into a weekly organizer

Traveling With MedicationIf you are going on a trip, you need to make sure you have your medication refilled prior to going. It is recommended to bring your original packaging with you to avoid any problems.


Woman on balcony reading a book while air drying a shirt

Dealing With Dirty Clothes When TravelingThis is a page about dealing with dirty clothes when traveling. Your well packed suitcase becomes less so as clothing gets worn. Now you need to find a convenient way to store the dirty clothing until you get home. Packing it into a pillowcase or a mesh bag is one solution.


Little boy on carousel

Disneyland Travel TipsThis is a page about Disneyland travel tips. Disneyland and Disney World are fun places to visit, but can be quite expensive. Finding hotels a bit away from the park can save money. You can also, buy food deals, or bring your own snacks and water. Purchase hats and sunscreen before you get there. Look for discounts on-line. Do your research and have a fun time.


Vacationing couple looking at postcards

Postcard Tips and TricksThis page contains postcard tips and tricks. If you like to send postcards while traveling consider preparing address labels before you go. It can make the process easier and you don't have to look up addresses or carry an address book on your journey.


Woman at an airlines counter.

Receiving Compensation for an Overbooked FlightSometimes, an airplane flight is overbooked, requiring some flyers to be bumped to another plane. This is a page about receiving compensation for an overbooked flight.


Hotel Room Bed

Protecting Against Bedbugs While TravelingThis is a page about protect yourself against bedbugs while traveling. Encountering bedbugs when you travel can make for an awful trip. Its important to know how to check for them and how to prevent bringing them home with you.


Frugal Family Camping

Frugal Travel TipsTravel can expensive very quickly but with a little planning it doesn't have to be. Here are some frugal travel tips to help you save money during your next family vacation.


A woman and her dog on a road trip.

Traveling With a DogIf you are traveling, especially if you are gone for several days, it a wonderful experience to bring your dog along. This is a page about traveling with a dog.


Harry and David Factory Tour (Medford, OR)

Oregon Factory ToursOregon has many manufacturing locations that offer tours of their facilities to the public. This is a page about Oregon factory tours.



A suitcase being packed for a trip.

How to Avoid Leaking Containers in LuggageShampoo and lotion bottles are examples of the kinds of products that can leak and make a mess in your luggage or damage clothing. Try some of the tips on this page to stop this from happening. This is a page about how to avoid leaking containers in luggage.


hikers in Arches National Park

Visiting National ParksThis is a page about visiting National Parks. On March 1, 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act into law. This first national park was designated and protected for the enjoyment of US citizens and world visitors. Many more were established over the years.


US Passport with several 100 dollar bills sticking out

Hiding Cash While TravelingThis is a page about hiding cash while traveling. Carrying a bit of backup cash while traveling is a good idea.


Small packed suitcase open against a white background

Packing Light When TravelingThis page is about packing light when traveling. Carrying only what you will need can be a challenge when taking a trip.


Taking a Cruise With Children?This is a page about taking a cruise with children. There are special things to consider when planning a cruise accompanied by your children or grandchildren.


Planning a Cruise?This is a page about planning a cruise. Planning your cruise is very important to its ultimate enjoyment.


Visiting Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace

Visiting Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace...This is a page about Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace (Buena Park, CA). You can have a fun outing without the expense of the theme park by limiting your visit to the Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace.


Visiting Irvine Regional Park (Orange, CA)

Visiting Irvine Regional Park (Orange, CA)This is a page about visiting Irvine Regional Park (Orange, CA). This little hidden gem was a great find and perfect for a casual inexpensive outing for families. The small zoo focuses on plants and animals native to the southwestern United States.


Celestial Seasonings 2

Colorado Factory ToursThis is a page about Colorado factory tours. On your next vacation to Colorado consider adding a factory tour or two to your itinerary.


hand held luggage scale

Weighing Luggage at HomeThis is a page about weighing luggage at home. Weighing your luggage before arriving at the airport can save money and prevent frustration.


Visiting the San Juan Capistrano Mission

Visiting San Juan Capistrano (CA)This is a page about visiting the San Juan Capistrano (CA). Located in Orange county, this quaint community was built around a Spanish mission built in the late 18th century.


rolling hills at park

Hot Springs National Park Photos and...This page contains Hot Springs National Park photos and information. Soothing thermal waters, beautiful gardens, and a colorful history can be found at this national park.


Family on Vacation in Pool

Maximizing Your Vacation DollarsThis is a page about maximizing your vacation dollars. It doesn't have to cost a lot to have a wonderful family vacation.


Elderly Couple In Airport

Airport Tips When It Is Difficult To Walk?This is a page about airport tips when it is difficult to walk. It can be a very long distance to get from security to your flight's gate, and you may need some assistance.


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Frugal Travel Tips for New York City?We are on a budget. Does anyone have suggestions on where to eat, sleep, and enjoy entertainment on the cheap in NYC? We want to see Ground Zero and as many sites of the city as possible. Does anybody know how to enjoy the city on the cheap?



Golden Gate Bridge

California Travel PhotosThis page contains California travel photos. California covers such a large area, encompassing a variety of geographic environments, population centers, and tourist attractions, that is offers many different travel options for visitors to this western state.



Alaska PhotosThis page contains Alaska photos. Visiting the northern state of Alaska gives you the opportunity to photograph incredible scenery and wildlife.


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Tips for Travel in Iceland?We are going to Iceland for 4 days, as a stopover. Any tips to pass along for tours etc. and food as well.


Kangaroo in Australia

Australia Travel Photos and InformationThis is a page about Australia travel photos and information. Visiting this English speaking country is a generally safe destination. It's beautiful cities, beaches and diverse environments are unique in the world.


Bear at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Visiting Cleveland Metroparks ZooThis is a page about visiting Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. A zoo with over 600 species of animals that has a wide variety of educational experiences. Open to visitors and members year round, there is always have something to do at the zoo.


Dog on Vacation

Pet Travel and Visiting Etiquette?This page is about pet travel and visiting etiquette. If you are visiting friends or family with your dog, cat, or bird, it is important make sure the facilities and people can accommodate your pet.


A young woman holding a passport.

Traveling Alone?This page is about traveling alone. Learning how best to maintain your safety and security when traveling on your own, can help put your mind at rest.


A man and a woman enjoying being tourists.

Travel Tips and TricksThis is a page about travel tips and tricks. Whether you are backpacking from hostel to hostel or staying in an all-inclusive resort, traveling is always fun and rewarding. Use these money saving tips to get the most out of your next trip.


driving safely

Driving Safety TipsThis page contains driving safety tips. Being a rested and patient driver is very smart.


A man and woman in their RV.

Renovating a MotorhomeThis is a page about renovating a motorhome. Sometimes renovating your motorhome is more realistic and economical than buying a new one.


Family on Vacation

Vacation Tips and TricksThis is a page about vacation tips and tricks. Careful planning and preparation can help ensure a fun relaxing vacation.


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Have Recipes Will TravelI live in a foreign country and also love to cook. So, when I visit my family in the states, I usually say from 2-4 weeks and because airline tickets are expensive, I try to stay a decent amount of time.


Family eating food while on vacation.

Saving Money on Food When TravelingThis is a page about saving money on food when traveling. Eating out while traveling can get very expensive.


A pink piggy bank on the beach.

Saving Money on VacationsThis page is about saving money on vacations. There are ways to have a great time on your adventure without spending too much money.


Travel Insurance Form

Buying Travel InsuranceThis is a page about buying travel insurance. Travel insurance can cover a range of occurrences such as delayed or cancelled flights, theft, and other events that can ruin your vacation.


Driving vs. Flying

Driving vs. Flying?This is a page about driving vs. flying. Sometimes when planning a trip you might want to compare and contrast between driving or flying to your destination.


Traveling By Train

Traveling By TrainThis is a page contains tips about traveling by train. This page contains tips and ideas about how to make your next train trip a successful one.


Renting an RV for a Vacation

Renting an RV for a Vacation?This page is about renting an RV for a vacation. It may be cost effective to rent a mobile recreational vehicle to stay in when on vacation.


Man carrying away white line on red sign.

Sign Modification (London, England)Sometimes, street artists really make my day. I spotted this gem when I was on my honeymoon in Europe. We were in London at the time and I was suffering from car sickness while sitting on the second level of an English double-decker bus.


Keeping Cool on Car Trips

Keeping Cool on Road TripsThis is a page about keeping cool on road trips. There are ways to keep cool on road trips that don't involve running your car air conditioner all of the time.


4 Star Hotel

Hotel Travel TipsThis is a page about hotel travel tips. While traveling there are things you can do to make your stay at a hotel, more comfortable and enjoyable.


Red Toiletries Bag

Packing a Travel Toiletries BagThis page is about packing a travel toiletries bag. An important part of getting ready for any trip is bringing the personal toiletries you may need.


An RV out in a mountainous area.

RV Travel Tips and Tricks This is a page about RV travel tips and tricks. Traveling in your RV can be very relaxing, especially if you plan well ahead of time.


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Checking an Ice Chest as Baggage?Can you check an ice chest with frozen meat into Mexico?


Airplane PLanding at Sunset

Airline Travel TipsThis is a page about airline travel tips. There are many things to consider when traveling by air.


Camping With Travel Trailer

Traveling With a Camper or Trailer This is a page about traveling with a camper or a trailer. Traveling with a camper or trailer means comfort and convenience, but does also create other considerations.


Woman With Allergies

Traveling with AllergiesThis is a page about traveling with allergies. When traveling you are exposed to many potential new allergens.


Homemade Luggage Tag With Pins

Homemade Luggage TagsThis is a page about homemade luggage tags. Have fun and make your own unique luggage tags.


Vacation Fund Jar

Frugal Vacation ActivitiesThis page is about frugal vacation activities. Having a nice vacation doesn't have to cost a lot of money.


Endless Highway

Car Travel Tips and TricksThis is a page about car travel tips and tricks. There are so many things that can be done to make a car trip safe, inexpensive and entertaining.


Souvenir Shop in New York

Saving Money on SouvenirsThis is a page about saving money on souvenirs. When traveling it is fun to buy souvenirs to take home as mementos of your trip.


Vacationing At Home, Vacationing at home by camping in the backyard.

Vacationing At HomeThis is a page about vacationing at home. Save money, relax and enjoy your home with your next vacation by making it a staycation.


gas costs for road travel

Estimating Gas Costs for Road Trips?This is a page about estimating gas costs for road trips. The cost of gas can easily be one of the largest expenses of any road trip. Estimating your costs before you leave will make budgeting for your trip much easier.


Generic black suitcase with bright green tag.

Identifying LuggageThis is a page about identifying luggage. Watching the similar suitcases roll by at baggage pickup can be frustrating.


ice chest cooler

Keeping Groceries ColdThis is a page about keeping groceries cold. Sometimes we may travel quite a distance when grocery shopping.


Saving Money on Vacation Rentals

Saving Money on Vacation RentalsThis is a page about saving money on vacation rentals. There are a number of ways you can save money on your next vacation rental.


Bag with flashlight and other accessories.

Planning a Road TripThis is a page about planning a road trip. Taking a road trip is a great way to see the scenery and make unplanned site seeing stops along the way.


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Traveling to Georgia and South Carolina?My husband and I would like to take a quick trip to Atlanta, Savannah, and the Charleston area, and I mean quick. We are from the Chicago area so we need to consider driving time.


Atlanta sky line during the day.

Atlanta Vacation TipsThis page contains Atlanta vacation tips. Make the most of your trip to Atlanta.


Photo of a lady yelling at a driver.

Avoiding Road RageThis is a page about avoiding road rage. Our lifestyle keeps many of us on the road for hours a week. With crowded road conditions and aggressive drivers road rage has become an increasing problem.


Applying for a Passport, US Passport on White Background

Renewing Your PassportThis is a page about renewing your passport. If your passport is getting out of date, it's good thing to plan to get it renewed before you travel internationally.


Travel Preparation Tips, How to Pack for Travel

Travel Preparation TipsThis is a page about travel preparation tips. Getting ready to go on vacation or any other kind of trip can be busy and stressful. Make the preparation for your travel easier with these helpful hints.


Saving Money on Airline Tickets

Saving Money on Airline TicketsThis is a page about saving money on airline tickets. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, saving money on your flight can really help keep you under budget.


Traveling With Kids, Family on Vacation in the back of Their Car

Traveling With KidsThis is a page about traveling with kids. Bringing the kids on your trip is sometimes a lot of work. However, having the family with you to share those special memories is priceless.


Zombie Child (Zombie Fest, Coos Bay, OR)

Zombie Child (Zombie Fest, Coos Bay, OR)My little county of Coos here on the Oregon Coast held a Zombie Fest a while back. A large part of the community, people of all ages and walks of life, came as zombies, heros, and there was even a doctor, offering a cure for any who wished to not become a zombie themselves!


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Ideas for 3 Day Cancun Vacation?I am going to Cancun, Mexico for a 3 day vacation. Any suggestions on sight seeing?


Applying for a Passport, US Passport on White Background

Applying for a Passport?This is a page about applying for a passport. If you want to travel internationally, it is best to carry a passport with you at all times. Applying for a passport can be quite a process, use these helpful tips to make it easier.


Planning for International Travel, Coliseum at Night

Planning for International TravelThis is a page about planning for international travel. There is a lot of planning and extra consideration you need to take when traveling abroad, especially if your family is on vacation. Planning ahead will help you get the most out of you international vacation.


Saving Money a Ski Vacation, Sisters on Ski Vacation

Saving Money a Ski Vacation This is a page about saving money on a ski vacation. Ski vacations are a great way to bring the family together and have a wonderful time doing it. Skiing isn't cheap though and finding ways to save money on your ski vacation will give you more time to enjoy the slopes.


Saving Money on Winter Vacations, Snowman and Snowwoman Enjoying the Pool and Warm Sun Together

Saving Money on Winter VacationsThis is a page about saving money on winter vacations. Winter is a great time to get away to someplace sunny and enjoy some vacation time. however, it can be an expensive time to vacation as many other people are trying to do the same thing.


Loading the car for a family vacation.

Planning a Family VacationThis is a page about planning a family vacation. Vacations with the family are always a lot of fun. Get the most out of your time together on vacation with proper planning.


Packing a Suitcase, Suitcase Ready for Travel

Packing a SuitcaseThis is a page about packing a suitcase. When you are packing for a trip it's important to make the best use of your luggage space. Pack your suitcase right and you will have everything you need, with room to spare for gifts when you return.


Business Travel Tips, Business Woman on Laptop in Airport

Business Travel TipsThis is a page about business travel tips. Business travel can be tough; long hours, hotel rooms and being away from your family is stressful. Get the most out of your business trip with these helpful hints.


Hotel in Bali

Travel: Balita Hotel (Bali, Indonesia)This is a lovely 15 room hotel I stayed at when on Holiday. Balita is a wonderful place to stay and we will be returning again next year.


US puzzle used as a map.

US Map Puzzle to Mark Your TravelsI recently made a trek from Oregon to Illinois, then drove from there to Virginia and back to Oregon. When I got back, I got to thinking of where I have lived and traveled, and it turns out to be over half the United States!


Eating Healthy While You Travel, A tray of prepackaged airline food.

Eating Healthy While You TravelThis is a page about eating healthy while traveling. It can be challenging to make healthy choices when traveling, whether by car, boat, train or plane.


Taking a Disney Cruise

Taking a Disney Cruise?This is a page about taking a Disney cruise. A cruise can be very expensive, but there are ways to go on a memorable trip without stretching your vacation budget too far.


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Make Iced Tea When TravelingIn the evening, after the day's events are over, I make hot water in the coffee pot, then steep a hotel tea bag in a tall hotel cup, sweetened with hotel sugar or sweetener.


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Frozen Drinks for FlyingI flew recently out of the country and had a few bottles of thirst quencher with me. I had decided to freeze two of them, and these were the only ones that made it though the security screening.


Sky Blue Retro Travel Trailer 3

Buying a Used Travel TrailerThis is a page about buying a used travel trailer. Travel trailers are a wonderful way to get out and see the world. When shopping for a used travel trailer it is important to know what common things can go wrong with them.


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Cruise Ship

Budget for Those Unseen Vacation CostsPackage vacations are often great deals for families, but there are often costs that aren't advertised in the flyers. While I'm a great fan of cruise vacations, there are a lot of unadvertised costs involved.


Free Admission for National Parks

Free Admission for National ParksThe U.S. National Park Service will celebrate its 100th birthday on August 25th and admission for visiting over 400 parks will be waived. The Washington State park system is also waiving fees this weekend so be sure to check with the parks in your area.


Unexpected Cruise Costs

Unexpected Cruise CostsThere really is no such thing as an "all-inclusive vacation", because no one could include everything. However, some vacations claim to have everything, and then sneak some charges in the package. Cruise vacations are one of them.


Packing for Traveling Families

Packing for Traveling FamiliesWhen my children were small, I would put together an entire outfit for each of them for every day we planned to be gone. I would include panties or undershorts as well as socks for every outfit.


Better Vacation PlanningThe time is near to start planning this year's summer vacation. There are some great ways to save on trips such as airfare and pre-season hotel rates, yet there are some things that are worth the extra expense.


Bavarian Performers Playing Cowbells

Oktoberfest (Leavenworth, WA)We visited the lovely town of Leavenworth, WA, for Oktoberfest. The annual festival runs for the first two weeks of October. Since Leavenworth has a Bavarian theme, Oktoberfest spills out everywhere in the town.


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Where Is the Most Beautiful Place in the World?Guys, I wanna know the most beautiful place in the world. Any idea?


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Calculating Mileage and Gas Costs for Driving Trips?How much it will cost on gas driving from Portland, Maine to Atlanta, Georgia?


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Traveling to Florida Keys With a Trailer?I live in New York, and am planning to go south in late February; I am new to camper travel. I am going to the Keys. How do I get out of the northeast and still be able to use my 23ft Hornet?


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Planning a Trip to England?I have always wanted to go to visit England! Ever since I was a little girl, I have been interested in all things English. My husband has suggested I do some research as to great, must see, places to visit in England, but I don't know where to start.


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Fun Vacation Activities in North Dakota?We are considering a vacation in North Dakota and Teddy Roosevelt National Park in late July/early August and would appreciate any ideas on fun activities for a family with a pre-teen boy and a partly-disabled adult included (difficulty walking).


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Storing Food in a Travel Trailer?We just bought a 5th wheel trailer. My question is after we camp do you leave canned foods in the trailer or do you take everything out each trip?


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