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Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Troubleshooting Why a Circuit Breaker Keeps TrippingDetermining the cause of the overload of the electrical circuit is essential. This page is about troubleshooting why a circuit breaker keeps tripping.



Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit ProblemsWhen the breaker is not tripped, but your circuit is not working, it can be a serious problem. It may be best to consult an electrician. This page is about troubleshooting electrical circuit problems.


bedroom light switch

Power Out in One RoomThis is a page about power out in one room. Trying to determine the cause of a power outage in one room can be confusing especially if the breaker has not tripped.


Outlet Making Crackling Popping Noise

Outlet Making Crackling Popping NoiseIf you have an electrical outlet that is popping or making crackling noises, you should have an electrical service it as soon as possible. This situation is highly dangerous and could result in a house fire. This is a page about outlet making crackling popping noise.


Electrical outlet with a green cord plugged in.

Outlets in One Room Don't WorkThis is a page about outlets in one room don't work. Identifying the various circuits in a room can help you troubleshoot electrical problems when some outlets stop working.


Man fixing Circuit Breaker

Not Getting Power But Circuit Breaker Was Not TrippedElectrical problems can be difficult to diagnose, especially when it isn't a simple case of resetting the breaker. This is a page to troubleshoot the issue of not getting power but the circuit breaker was not tripped.


Installing a light switch.

No Power to Circuit After Changing SwitchesThis is a page about no power to circuit after changing switches. Replacing electrical switches may best be left to a professional electrician to make sure it is done properly.


human hand flipping the switch on the circuit breaker.

Dishwasher Tripping a Circuit BreakerThis is a page about dishwasher tripping a circuit breaker. It is frustrating when trying to run your dishwasher repeatedly trips the breaker. Troubleshooting the cause can be daunting.


Black cord plugged into a GFCI Outlet

GFCI Outlets Not WorkingIf your Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet is not working, you may need to contact an electrician to repair it. This is a page about GFCI outlets not working.



Stuck Light Bulb

Removing a Stuck Light BulbThis page is about removing a stuck light bulb. You need to be careful not to break the glass when removing a stubborn bulb.


Outdoor Electrical Outlet

Outlet Stopped Working After It RainedSometimes, circuits can break or outlets can stop working when it rains or if they get wet. This is a serious problem and should be addressed by an electrician. This page has advice for when an outlet stopped working after it rained.


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Too Many Rooms on the One BreakerI have a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. It's a 20 amp and there is a lot of stuff plugged into that one breaker. In fact, there are three bedrooms full of stuff. Should I replace the 20 amp breaker with a 30 or 40 amp?


changing an outlet

Changing a 15 Amp Outlet to 20 AmpsThis page is about changing a 15 amp outlet to 20 amps.It is important to know the electrical wire and breaker switches requirements for different kinds of outlet needs.


Newly installed garage door opener.

New Garage Door Opener Trips BreakerThis is a page about new garage door opener trips breaker. While many homeowners can complete easy electrical projects in their home, when problems result diagnosis can be daunting.


Trying to turn the lights on.

Power Out in Half of an ApartmentThis is a page about power out in half of apartment. If the power is out is half of your apartment, there is a problem with the loads going through the breaker. Your landlord is responsible for this repair.


Man fixing and electrical outlet

Repairing an Electric OutletThis is a page about repairing an electric outlet. Troubleshooting the cause of an outlet not working can help define how to repair it.


Overhead Ceiling Fan

Overhead Ceiling Fan Light Not Working ProperlyThis is a page about overhead ceiling fan light not working properly. When an electrical fixture does not work as expected you may need the help of an electrician.


Light Bulb Socket

Light Bulb Socket Sparked and SmokedThis is a page about light bulb socket sparked and smoked. Certain electrical problems are more disturbing than others and may require quicker action to determine the cause and make repairs.


A new ceiling fan being installed.

No Power After Installing New Ceiling FanThis is a page about no power after installing new ceiling fan. Small electrical projects are often done by homeowners, but when there is an issue it can be difficult to determine the cause.


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Can I Replace a 20 Amp Breaker With a 30 Amp to Stop Overloading Problems/I have 3-out lets with #12 wire overloading a 20 amp breaker. Can I replace with 30 amp?


Man checks fuse box in the dark.

Half of House Electrical Not WorkingIf half of your home does not have power, you may have a breaker that is getting overloaded. Contacting a certified electrician to troubleshoot and repair your electrical issues is often recommended. This is a page about half of house electrical not working.


Electrical Outlet

Adding More Electrical Outlets to an Old Fuse BoxThis is a page about adding more electrical outlets to an old fuse box. Older homes often do not have the number of electrical outlets we are currently accustomed to.


An electric stove turned on.

Power Only Works When Stove is OnThis is a page about power only works when stove on. Troubleshooting unusual electrical problems can be difficult for a homeowner.


Close up of a GFCI Circuit Breaker.

GFCI Circuit Breaker Won't ResetIt is extremely frustrating trying to determine why a GFCI breaker in your home won't reset after tripping. There are a few common reasons this might occur and you will want to pursue the possibilities until you identify the cause.



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Removing Stuck Light Bulb AdapterI have a standard to mogul base stuck in the mogul socket. What can I do to get the adapter out of the mogul socket?


Electric Outlet

Electric Outlet Feels HotThis is a page about electric outlet feels hot. If your electrical outlet feels hot to the touch it would be best to turn off the breaker and call an electrician immediately.


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Two Prong Plug to Three Prong Extension CordI recently purchased a new portable electric Kobalt "inflator", i.e., air compressor. Its power cord for 120-volt household current has a 2-prong plug with one prong thicker than the other, as is common/required nowadays.


Pushing the start button on a microwave.

Power Goes Out When Using MicrowaveThis is a page about power goes out when using microwave. If your power goes out when you turn on your microwave the breaker is getting overloaded. It is best to have an electrician look at the issue.


Plug Outlet

Getting Plugs to Stay in OutletsThis is a page about getting plugs to stay in outlets. It can be very frustrating when an electrical outlet no longer keeps your power cord plugged in.


Dim ceiling lights.

Troubleshooting Dimming House LightsThis is a page about troubleshooting dimming house lights. When lights get dim or flicker, the trouble may go as far as the power company's lines to your house. It is best to get advice from a licensed electrician.


Outside Motion Sensor Light

Breaker Trips When Outside Motion Light Shuts OffA tripping circuit breaker is indicative of an electrical issue that you will want to define and resolve. It may be the breaker itself, the wiring, or the motion sensing light. This is a page about the breaker trips when outside motion light shuts off.


Finger switching off circuit in box.

Electrical Circuit Not Working After Adding a Light SwitchUnfortunately some seemingly minor DIY electrical repairs have unforeseen consequences. You add a new switch only to have the entire circuit stop working. This is a page about electrical circuit not working after adding a light switch.


A woman fixing a light fixture.

Repairing a Light FixtureRepairing a light fixture is often a simple project but some issues will require an electrician. Always turn off the power first before working on any electrical fixtures or outlets.


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Turning on Electric Stove Turns Lights OffI turn the stove on and my hood light goes off and bedroom power goes out, but the stove keeps working.


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Breakers Tripped When Changing Dryer PlugI was changing the plug for my dryer, in an older home I just bought. My circuit box is not labeled well. I thought the correct breaker was off. Guess it was not. As I pulled the wires through the plug box. Sparks went everywhere. If flipped a 15 amp breaker. And half way flipped the main 100 amp breaker. Will it work again if I just replace the 2 breakers? Or could more be wrong?


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Electrical Repair Assistance for Low Income HomeownersI need help with my electrical outlets. Do you know of any programs that provide electrical repairs?


A broken light bulb inside a cut potato.

Using a Potato to Remove Broken Light BulbWith the power off, a safe way to remove a broken light bulb is with a raw potato. This is a page about using a potato to remove broken light bulb.


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Bathroom Ceiling Light Not WorkingThe overhead light in my bathroom stopped working. The outlet in the room still works. I changed out the switch on the wall and changed the lightbulbs with no improvement. I took the light out and it does not show any electricity coming from it. How what I fix this?


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Troubleshooting an Electrical CircuitSo the lights at my mom's house turn off if the dryer isn't on. I checked the breakers and everything seems normal. I'm wondering what could be the problem?



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Electrical Issues After Installing a New BreakerI shut off the main and put a new breaker in to win a 30 amp line to an outlet (capping the old wires completely). When I turned the main back on, my microwave isn't running at full power, or so it seems.


Washer and dryer in a small room with window.

Troubleshooting Electric Clothes Dryer Connection ProblemsIf the outlet or power cord for you dryer are not working properly this may be a job for a homeowner with some wiring skills, otherwise it is best to call a repair service or electrician. This is a page about troubleshooting electric clothes dryer connection problems.


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Main Breaker Keeps TrippingI am wondering why my main circuit breaker switch won't stay on for all my power in my house?


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Plug Won't Stay in New Electrical OutletThe plug keeps falling out of a brand new outlet.


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Hallway Light Doesn't Work When It RainsThe light in my hallway works normally, but when it rains I've noticed it doesn't work then. After the rain the next day or hours later it works again. What could be the problem?


Man with flashlight looking at fusebox

Troubleshooting Fusebox ProblemsProblems in the fusebox can cause issues throughout your home. Always use caution when working with electricity and consult an electrician before attempting your own repairs. This is a page about troubleshooting fusebox problems.


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Repairing Power Surge and Storm Damage to Home WiringWe had a bad storm come through and knock out our power. It came back on, but in order for it to work, we had to reset the breaker box for each switch. Once we did that, we found that several of our power strips burnt and melted, so we unplugged all of them and reset again to get all lights back on.


Lights shining through the window on the ceiling of a dark room.

Lights in Bedrooms Not WorkingTrying to determine the cause for an electrical issue in your home can be a difficult process. If fixtures in different rooms on the same circuit are not working it could be the breaker. This is a page about lights in bedrooms not working.


Troubleshooting an Electrical Circuit  - breaker box

Troubleshooting an Electrical CircuitThe fuse that controls the dryer sparks when the breaker flips. I changed all the breakers and all the little switches so that it will new, but nothing happens. It won't work, could it be the wiring?


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit ProblemI have tried to install 5 new fans in a bedroom. They were all different makes and in all cases all of the fans have burnt out the moment I turned them on. The voltage in the ceiling is 120.


Bathroom Fan

Bathroom Fan Surges On and OffThis is a page about fixing a bathroom fan that surges on and off. There are numerous reasons that the fan might be surging on and off. Here are some tips to diagnose the issue.


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Changing a Breaker to One With a Lower AmperageHow do I change a 60 amp, 220 breaker to 20 amp, 110 breaker in my breaker box?


Hand touching light switch near outlet.

Outlet Doesn't Work When Light Is OnThis page contains advice for when an outlet doesn't work when the light is on. Sometimes an outlet, that shares wiring with a light switch, doesn't work properly when the light is turned on. As with all wiring and electrical issues, it is best to have an electrician look at it. If left unfixed, it may lead to a fire.


Someone Changing a Light Bulb

Changing a Light BulbChanging a light bulb is relatively easy. Things to keep in mind to prevent injury include, allowing the bulb to cool down and using care when attempting to remove a stuck bulb. This is a page about changing a light bulb.


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Light Switch Not Controlling OutletsI recently changed out the outlets and switches in a three rooms. The switches controlled the outlets for a couple of days even though I didn't break the tabs(s). Now the light switch is not controlling the outlets. I went back and broke one tab off on one outlet, but it still doesn't work.


Fluorescent Light Fixture

Rewiring a Fluorescent FixtureSometimes it becomes necessary to rewire an existing fixture. For example you may want to change how many switches can operate the light. This is a page about rewiring a fluorescent fixture.


A hand ready to plug a cord into an electrical outlet.

Using One Outlet in a Room Disables the OtherTroubleshooting electrical problems on a circuit can be challenging. This is a page about using one outlet in a room disables the other.


GFCI Outlet

GFCI Outlet Keeps TrippingDetermining the cause of a malfunctioning GFCI outlet may require some sleuthing. This is a page about GFCI outlet keeps tripping.


breaker box

Breaker Arced When Installing New WireThis is a page about breaker arced when installing new wire. An inexperienced homeowner can experience unexpected results when trying to work on a home electrical wiring project.


Turning on a light switch.

Lights Don't Work in Hot WeatherThis is a page about lights don't work in hot weather. Changes in temperature can have an effect on your electrical system.


Large RV parked.

No Power to RV's Breaker BoxThis is a page about no power to RV's breaker box. You may need to have an electrician look at your RV if you have to power getting to the breaker box.


Electrical Outlet

Electrical Outlet Stopped WorkingThis is a page about electrical outlet stopped working. Troubleshooting the reason an outlet has stopped working is the first step to your repair or replacement decision.


Hand holding remove pointing to flatscreen TV that is turned off

TV Shuts Off When Lights Are Turned OffThis is a page about TV shuts off when lights are turned off. Odd or intermittent electrical circuit problems can be difficult to track down.


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Outlets Stopped WorkingI was sitting in my room listening to some nice soothing music then the music just went off. I checked the outlets, three out of the five outlets, in the same room, are not working. i flipped the breakers, however the three outlet are still not working.


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Kitchen Light Switches Not Working ProperlyMy kitchen light can be turned on/off by 2 different switches. It use to work fine. Now, it can be cut off by either switch anytime, but it can only be cut on by the switch that was used to cut it off. Is this faulty switch? Light?


Fixing Fluorescent Lights

Fixing Fluorescent LightsThis is a page about fixing fluorescent lights. Before tossing out a fluorescent light that seems to be broken, try some of these tips to repair it.


man working on breaker box

Replacing a 200 Amp Breaker BoxThis is a page about replacing a 200 amp breaker box. A major electrical job is often best left to a licensed electrician.


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Repairing a Wall HeaterMy father's house has a wall heater and chandelier on the same circuit. I came over and I heard a sound, like bacon on the stove, coming from the wall heater. I don't know year or model, but it looks older than 30 years. I shut off the breaker to the circuit, but don't know what to do next?


Light Bulb

Changing a Light Bulb in a High CeilingThis is a page about changing a light bulb in a high ceiling. It can be a challenge to remove the cover and to reach the light when the ceiling is very high.


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GFCI Keeps TrippingA friend has a GFCI outlet located directly below her main panel; mind you nowhere near water. She has her Christmas lights on the outside of the house, now the lights are plugged into an outside outlet that is in perfect shape, but they keep going out.


electrical outlet

Troubleshooting a Voltage DropThis page is about troubleshooting a voltage drop. If you experience reduced voltage in your electrical service, it is important to consult an electrician.


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Water Heater Tripping BreakerI have a brand new Whirlpool electric water heater, wired on 9-3-2013. One of the two 15 amp breakers trips after 7 minutes of operation. Internal temperature reset does not trip.


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Air Conditioner Keeps Tripping BreakerElectrical breakers are a safety device designed to keep your home and appliances safe in the event of electrical overloads. Air conditioning units are a common cause of a breaker tripping. This page is about when an AC unit trips the breaker.


Person looking at circuit breakers.

Lights Not WorkingThis is a page about lights not working. Tracking down the cause of your overhead lights not working can be a frustrating process.


Burnt Incandescent Bulb

Incandescent Bulbs Burning Out QuicklyThis is a page about incandescent bulbs burning out quickly. Light bulbs have a projected lifespan. If they seem to be burning out too quickly you may need to do some sleuthing to determine the cause.


breaker box

Pool Keeps Tripping Circuit BreakerThis is a page about pool keeps tripping circuit breaker. Troubleshooting the reason why a circuit breaker keeps tripping, while necessary for safety reasons, can be time consuming and frustrating.


Kitchen with lights on.

Kitchen Lights Don't Work When it RainsThis is a page about kitchen lights don't work when it rains. There are several causes for electrical problems with household lightening. Finding the source of the problem may be difficult and require calling an electrician.


GFCI Outlet

Replacing a GFCI OutletThis is a page about replacing a GFCi outlet. GFCI outlets are required by code outdoors and anywhere near water, such as in a bathroom. These outlets can be replaced by the handy homeowner, by following the proper steps.


Circuit Breaker Box

Buying the Correct Circuit BreakerThis is a page about buying the correct circuit breaker. The circuit breaker in your home breaker box is an essential part of your electrical system and an important safety component.


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Breaker Keeps TrippingI have a 1927 2 1/2 story home. The electric was updated in 2005. There is a breaker that supplies the upstairs hallway light and outlet, a light and one outlet in bedroom #1, a light and one outlet in bedroom #2, a light and one outlet in a 3rd bedroom, a outlet in the downstairs living room, and the front porch light (which is a covered porch). I wake up most mornings and that circuit is tripped. I reset it and most times it is fine for three days then it just trips. Then there are times I'll reset it and it won't trip for a week or two. I've shut off every breaker and just left that breaker on by itself and determined everything it operates. I've gone to every outlet it operates and unplugged all items and it still trips the breaker from time to time. Stumped in Ohio!


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Breaker Tripped and Outlets Not WorkingMy circuit breaker tripped while I was shampooing the carpet in the family room. This breaker has 2 switches on it which control the power in the family room and the garage.


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Replacing Electric Circuit BreakersHow hard is it to replace a circuit breaker in the panel?


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Troubleshooting Power Outages to Appliances and ReceptaclesAll of my major appliances keep shutting off along with some receptacles. The circuit breakers don't flip and power comes back on.


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Can Heavy Load Cause a Circuit Breaker to Wear Out?If a circuit breaker carries a heavy load (80% of rated) for years, can it cause the breaker to "wear out"?


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Refrigerator Tripping Breaker After Power OutageOur electricity was out for a few days, due to hurricane Irene. When power came back on the refrigerator started to run and ran long enough to make ice in the freezer. This morning it quit running.


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Replacing a 50 Amp with a 60 Amp BreakerCan a 50 amp breaker be replaced with a 60 amp with no re-wiring needed?


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Air Conditioner Breaker Will Not ResetWhat is the cause for an AC breaker not resetting? The fan runs, but compressor unit outside will not?


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Lights Dim When AC Comes OnThe lights in my bedroom are dimming when the AC kicks on and while it is running. They are on the same circuit breaker. Do I need to change all of the breakers?


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Amperage Limits of MCB CircuitsIf you have a 3 phase 16amp mcb how many amps does it actually take to trip it? This may sound like an odd question, but under a fault at what amperage does it trip? It's not 16.


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Multifunction Printer on 15 Amp Circuit Dims the LightsMy brand new multifunction printer dims the lights! It does this in different rooms which are on different breakers, all at 15 amps. It's a new house, so I know the wiring isn't a problem.


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Buying Quick Fix Electrical SpacersA while ago, actually probably years ago, I saw a product advertised and thought, "Oh, that sounds like it might be a needful thing to some people." and then promptly forgot what it was called.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Problems After Lightning StormWe recently had a severe storm with a lot of lightning. Apparently lightning tripped a breaker causing the house to lose power. The power company, which found and reset the breaker. Every light and outlet upstairs is working. I have no power to the basement area.


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Kerosene Heater Will Not Start When Plugged Into OutletI have an old kerosene heater that will not start when it is plugged into the outlet. I've changed the spark plug, and put in fresh kerosene.


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Could Bad Outlets Damage TV and Other Electronics?Two 2 fairly new TVs and a DVD recorder burned out, but were working great before I moved. Also, there are several bad outlets in the new place. Can this be related? Can bad outlets cause these to stop working all together?


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Converter Shut Off When I Plugged in the VacuumMy converter shut off when I plugged the vacuum in. How do I get it back on?


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Too Many Rooms on One Circuit?I plugged a space heater in my livingroom and 20 minutes later all of the plugs on that one wall stopped working. Two days later, I decorated my outside with Christmas lights.


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Water Heater Trips and/or Heats Up BreakerYesterday while my water heater was on the main breaker tripped. The water heater is being supplied off a 30 amp breaker on the main breaker. When I examined the main breaker it was burnt.


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Outlet On Former GFCI Circuit Does Not WorkMy outlet in the garage is not working; this happen one time before. We had a reset switch in the bathroom and it fixed it, but since then we have put a regular plug in the bathroom, so now there's no reset. What do we do?


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Can't Reset GFCI OutletI have an outdoor GFCI outlet that won't reset. An orange light stays lit, but the reset button will not pop out the test button. I just noticed this recently when the outdoor landscape lighting wouldn't come on. What are some possible causes of this?


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What to Do With an Unused 220 Circuit?I've recently removed two base board heaters and thermostats, it's a 220.What can be done with this circuit?Is it OK to end in a junction box?


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Stove Not Working After Circuit TrippedA circuit breaker (double) for the stove in my house has tripped 3 times in the last week. The first two times, it reset. The last time, it will click off and back on, but the stove will not come on. What should I check? Could it be the appliance or circuit breaker?


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When Pool Pump and Light On Breaker TripsI have a pool pump and an inground pool light on a GFI breaker. The pump works fine, but when I switch on the pool light the breaker trips. I tried a regular light fixture and the breaker still trips. Any ideas?


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Using 12 Gauge Wire With a 15 Amp BreakerIs it alright to have a 15 amp breaker hooked up to 12 gauge cable? I know the 12 gauge is rated for a 20 amp breaker, but 15 amps is all that is required here.


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Fluorescent Lights Burn Out Too QuicklyI am having trouble with my 8 foot florescent lights at my business. They turn black on the ends and only last about 2-3 days. Could it be the ballast?


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Trouble Shooting Faulty Older WiringI live where there is old wiring. I have low voltage in the outlets. And I think some times, none. Up until the owners upstairs started their remodel job a month ago, everything was fine.


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Am I Overloading a Circuit?I have a 15 amp breaker that started to trip. There is no pattern. It may trip after an hour or may trip after 1/2 hour, but it does not trip as soon as I reset it.


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Troubleshooting Arc Fault Breaker The arc fault breaker trips TV, DVD, and cable box. Why is this happening?


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No Power After Replacing Receptacle on GFCI CircuitI have 4 receptacle outlets on one circuit; someone shorted the circuit when they touched the side of one of the receptacles; the breaker would not reset so I wired in a new receptacle. Now the breaker resets, but I still have no power.


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Replacing a 15/20 BreakerCan you replace a 15/20 breaker with a 20/20 breaker, or replace it with a 15/15 breaker. I have tried to find a 15/20 breaker but can't find them anywhere.


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Trailer is Having Power ProblemsMy husband bought a trailer in Feb. 08 and there was an outlet in the living room on one wall only that didn't work, the rest did. The living room light didn't work. He didn't worry about it for months then one day the light worked and so did the outlet.


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Capping Off Wires and Covering With Blank PlateI have Jacuzzi tub on a 20amp circuit with a GFIC on it, that has a bathroom add-on outlet tied in to the circuit with 14 gage wire. I feel sure this is a code violation. I can not get to the junction box to replace the wire with out tearing our the tile around the tub. What should I do with this outlet? I was thinking of capping off the wires and putting a closed plate over it. Would that be safe?


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Light Is Delayed In Turning OnI have "slow electricity" in two of my light switches. One in a hallway and another in a bedroom. The switch is flipped and 1-2 seconds later the light comes on. Any thoughts, old switches maybe?


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Overloaded Main Breaker PanelMy Westinghouse main breaker is going bad. We took the load off by wiring our electric furnace to a separate panel. We can no longer get a Westinghouse main breaker, as they don't make them. The main breaker no longer smells hot or feels hot. Do we need to worry anymore now that the load is off of the panel. Please help.


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Outlet Doesn't Work After Cutting Through an Extension CordWhile I was trimming hedges I cut through my extension cord, now the outlet doesn't work. I've checked the breaker box and attempted to reset the outlet by pushing the reset button, nothing is working. Does this need to be replaced?


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Water Damaged a Light FixtureWe had water leaking from our roof Swamp cooler and some of the water dripped around the bathroom light fixture. We fixed the leak but when we took off the fixture (the light wouldn't come on) we see a spark and then nothing.


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I plugged in the vacuum and the power stopped working.I plugged in the vacuum and the power stopped. I checked all the outlets and fuses are good. I tightened wires on 4 outlets, 2 switches, panel box, and 2 junction boxes in attic for 4 ceiling fans. The tester shows I have power coming to outlets, but not enough to run anything.


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Electric Power LossHome built 2000 has very high energy bills. The meter shows draw of at least 1 KW always (except when main breaker is opened), this is with all appliances, AC, TV, lights, etc. are off.


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Losing Power When I Put a Light Bulb in a SocketI have an electrical problem. I have power at my light switch and fixtures, but when I put a light bulb in the socket the power is no longer there. If I take the bulb out and power is back.


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Changing a Main Panel in a Mobile HomeMy question is that I am having a problem with my main breaker, so I want to change my main panel which is a Westinghouse main panel to a GE main Panel. My question is, could I change a mobile home main panel to a regular Residence Home main panel?


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Why do some light bulbs stick in the fixture?Why do some light bulbs stick in the fixtures? I've noticed this mostly in my bathrooms, so I'm assuming it may have something to do with moisture causing rust. What can prevent this, once I get this bulb out, besides replacing the entire fixture?



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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit ProblemThis morning I was using the toaster oven, then I turned it off and use the microwave for 30 seconds. And then hit 30 seconds again on the microwave and the power went off to the microwave which is above the range. The overhead lighting in the kitchen, the track bar over the bar in the kitchen, the stove, and the recessed lights in the living room all went out.


Repairing a Light Fixture - fixture dangling from the ceiling by the wires

Repairing a Light FixtureI am getting power all the way to the light fixture, but when I screw the bulb in the power goes away. What do I do how do I fix it?


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Bedroom Power Out Breaker Not TrippedThe power in my bedroom went out (probably from leaving the space heater on a little too long), but the breaker never turned off and I can't get the power back on. What is the problem or what should I do?


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Water Heater Not Getting ElectricityI'm having issues with my electric hot water heater; it seems like it's not getting any electricity. What can I do?


No Power and Breaker Not Tripped - breakers

No Power and Breaker Not TrippedI was in the shower, and everything in the flat switched off including the shower. I checked the fuse and no trips, I reset the fuse box, with no joy. Is it worth checking my appliances? The landlord has said it's probably a meter issue and to call SSE, but I can read the meter?


No Power in the Kitchen - Breaker Not Tripped - breaker box

No Power in the Kitchen - Breaker Not TrippedAll house breakers are good, but there is still no electricity in the kitchen?


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