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Tips and advice about saving money on and care for clothing. Ideas for buying, decorating, repairing, selling and making clothing and apparel items.

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new shoes

Homemade Liquid Shoe StretchLeather shoes can often be stretched using a liquid shoe stretch product. You can save money by making your own with products you probably have around the house. This is a page about homemade liquid shoe stretch.


The back pocket of blue jeans.

Softening Stiff Denim?This is a page about softening stiff denim. Denim clothing can often be quite stiff and uncomfortable to wear.


Tie Dye Swirl.

Setting Dye on Clothing and FabricThis page is about setting clothing dye. Whether your clothes are brand new or you have done some dyeing, it is important to set the color.


Faded Spots on Jeans

Repairing Faded Spots on Clothing and FabricSunlight, chemical spills, and wear can result in faded spots on your clothing or other fabric. This is a page about repairing faded spots on clothing.


A pink stained shirt.

Bleach Has Made My Clothing Pink?This is a page about bleach has made my clothing pink. Bleach can have unexpected results when used on colored clothing.


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Can I Use a Dark Brown Purse in the Summer?Do you think it is okay to use a dark brown purse in the summer?


American flag patch on a sleeve.

Removing Iron-On Labels and PatchesIf the decal is beginning to peel up or you just want to remove it, you may be wondering how to get off iron on patches. This is a page about removing iron-on labels and patches.


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How Do I Dye My Sweatshirt But Not the Emblem?I accidentally got bleach all over a blue sweatshirt. There is a small emblem of a baseball on it. Does anyone know how I can dye this (90% cotton) and leave the baseball white? Tape? Clear nail polish?


Red Glitter Shoes

Preventing Glitter from Falling Off Clothing?This page is about preventing glitter from falling off clothing. Keeping this shiny decoration on material can be a challenge.


Denim Overalls

Overalls Are Damaging DryerThis is a page about overalls are damaging dryer. With all their snaps and buttons, these heavy garments can be hard on your clothes dryer.


Loose Jeans on a woman.

How to Shrink JeansThis is a page about intentionally shrinking jeans. If your jeans are a bit too big you may be able to shrink them for a better fit.


A bottle of bleach.

Bleaching Colored Clothing WhiteTrying to remove all of the color from clothing can have mixed results. This is a page about bleaching colored clothing white.



suede leather shoes

Repairing Shoe InsolesThis page is about repairing shoe insoles. Sometimes you want to extend the life of of a favorite pair of shoes.


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Re-setting Pleats on a Synthetic Skirt?I thrifted an accordion-pleated skirt (The fabric is creased, but the pleats aren't sewn. It is sort of like a lampshade.) a few years ago. Like the dumb young 'un I was, I put it through the washer and dryer, and the pleats have mostly fallen out.


Blue velcro in a strip.

Repairing Velcro?This is a page about repairing Velcro. Over time Velcro loses its holding power.


Stretching Shoes and Boots

Stretching Shoes and BootsSometimes to make footware more comfortable, you need to make them bigger. This page is about stretching shoes and boots.


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After Washing and Drying Jacket, Lining is Lumpy?My son was given a brand new Champion quilted jacket which has stuffing. I washed it on its own in my automatic washer according to instructions but for some reason after I line-dried it (I don't have a dryer) the stuffing inside the jacket is very lumpy and the jacket is unwearable.


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Re-shaping a Leather Jacket?I have two new leather coats that were hung on hangers for over a year and now they have "bumps" in the shoulders from the hanger. Is there anyway that I can remove these stretched out bumps?



Repairing SandalsThis is a page about repairing sandals. It is distressing and potentially expensive when your favorite pair of sandals breaks. However, you may be able to do some minor repairs and get some more wear out of them.


Close up of men's leather shoes walking.

How Do You Make Loud Shoes Quiet?Try adding padding of some kind to the heels of your shoes to quite them down. This is a page about, "How do you make loud shoes quiet?".


Close up of iron on red shirt steaming heavily in the foreground and woman with hands on head panicking in the background.

Repairing a Burned Hole on a Dress?This is a page about repairing a burned hole on a dress. Your favorite dress has a burn from too hot an iron or some other cause. The solution is to repair it.


Sweatshirt Logo

Removing a Logo From a Sweatshirt?This is a page about removing a logo from a sweatshirt. You may want to remove a logo from a sweatshirt because it is damaged or just to update the shirt.


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Removing Stiffness from New Clothing?I need help getting the stiffness out of a new shirt? What should I use to wash it?


Women's leg with black hose that have a run in them

Keeping Pantyhose From RunningThis is a page about keeping pantyhose from running. Panty hose seem to frequently get runs in them.


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Stretching Moccasins?I want to stretch some new moccasins, They are my correct size but are too stiff to even get my feet in. I've used that wooden foot stretcher thing, but they go back to the original shape. Help?


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Disinfecting Old Hats And ShoesI read recently somewhere that among the things you should NOT buy used are shoes and hats. Hmmm - I have been doing that for years with no bad results, but in this day of proliferating bugs, I suppose we all should be very careful.


Razor For Removing Fabric Pills

Removing Pills From FabricUnfortunately some types of fabrics are susceptible to pilling, ruining the appearance of your clothing or linens. This is a page about removing pills from fabric.



Making an Egg Shell Colored  Dress Whiter - lace against the white slip

Making an Off White Wedding Dress Whiter?This is a page about making an off white wedding dress whiter. Trying to whiten an off white or eggshell colored dress can be difficult to impossible. Polyester fabrics are not a good choice for this process. Likewise, even cottons may not result in the desired effect. This is a page about making an off white wedding dress whiter.


Using a chair back to stretch out new underwear.

Stretching Elastic in ClothingThis is a page about stretching elastic in clothing. Elastic that is too tight can be really uncomfortable. Here is a great tip for stretching elastic in clothing.


Man ironing women's skirt as she is trying to walk away

Preventing Static Cling in ClothingThis page is about preventing static cling in clothing. Static cling can be a nuisance especially when there is low humidity.


Purple Crocs shoes on white background

Crocs Can Shrink in the SunThis is a page about Crocs can shrink in the sun. If your Crocs are a bit too big, heat from the sun or a few minutes in the dryer can be used to shrink them to fit.


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Stretching Leather Clogs?I have several pairs of new leather clogs/mules that I bought on line. Is there a way I can stretch them myself, or do I have to take them to a shoemaker? I want to wear socks with some of them and could use a little extra room.


Replacing a Zipper Pull

Replacing a Zipper PullThis is a page about replacing a zipper pull. You don't have to replace the entire zipper just because the pull breaks off.


How Much Shrinkage Can Occur in 100% Cotton Jeans?How much shrinkage will occur in 100% cotton Wrangler jeans which are labeled 36 inches, but are 38 inches in length when new? I don't want to cut them off too short and they need to be 30 inches long.


Colorful clothing in a washing machine.

Setting Colors in Clothing So They Don't BleedSome types and colors of clothing dye are more likely to bleed in the wash. There are some products you can use to prevent bleeding. This is a page about setting colors in clothing so they don't bleed.


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Shoes That Will Match a Seafoam Green Evening Gown?I have a seafoam green colored evening grown (it has a netty texture). I need matching shoes. What color and style should I get? Where can I get it for the cheapest price possible?


Scuffed Leather Shoes

Removing Scuff Mark on Leather ShoesThis page is about removing scuff marks on leather shoes. When your leather footwear gets scratched you need to find a way to cover or remove the marks.


Woman's Winter Suede Boots

Repairing Bleach Spots on Suede Boots?This is a page about repairing bleach spots on suede boots. Bleach removes the dye from suede. There may be ways for you to repair the damage.


Man wearing a white t-shirt.

Repairing a Cotton T-Shirt?This is a page about repairing a cotton t-shirt. Just because a t-shirt has a few tiny holes in the fabric or is stretched out does not mean it is time to get rid of it.


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Keeping Cat Hair Off Black Clothing?I bought a pair of Cabin Creek brand black pants (elastic waist "leggings" with flared legs) that were supposed to be jeans. They are 96% cotton and 4% spandex, and they attract EVERYTHING: cat hair, dust, lint, etc.


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Repair Sneakers With Silicone SealantJust when you're letting out a big sigh because the kids have ripped the sole and fabric apart in another pair of sneakers, consider this: repair the sneaker by gluing it with silicone, the kind you use in bathroom repairs.


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Removing Waterproofing from Nylon Fabric?I have waterproofed an orange 100% nylon Puffa jacket for my son, but he doesn't want to wear it all (too bright). So I have decided to dye it black. I have just found out that nylon can be dyed with acid dye, but I also read that the waterproofing can stop the dye from working.



Panty Hose

Pantyhose Tips and TricksThis is a page about pantyhose tips and tricks. For many women pantyhose are an essential daily wardrobe item. Extending their wear, choosing the correct size, and other considerations can save money and keep you in pantyhose.


Shoemaker fixing shoes.

Solutions for Slippery ShoesThis page contains solutions for shoes that slip. Whether the soles of your shoes are wearing out or they never had good traction, here are some ways to keep them from being slippery.


Pink Satin

How to Remove the Color from Satin Material?Since satin fabric is actually made of different fibers it may not be possible to remove the color without damaging the fabric. This is a page about how to remove the color from satin material.


An earring as a decoration on a sweater

Use Clip-on Earring As Clothing AccessoryIf you have stray clip-on earrings lying around, clip one to the button placket of your shirt or even just the top and you have a little 'brooch' of sorts. Fun for kids' dress-up things! My daughter loves to put jewelry on!


A woman selecting designer clothing.

Authenticating Designer ClothingDifferentiating between authentic and counterfeit designer clothing items can be challenging. It is even more of an issue when shopping on line. Know as much as you can about the seller and check websites that can provide additional information. These and other suggestions can be reviewed below.


Information on a Fur Coat - full length reddish brown fur coat

Information on a Fur Coat?If you inherit or receive a vintage fur coat as a gift and are looking to identify the type of fur, age, and value you will likely need to contact a retail shop that can help identify it. Resale shops that trade in vintage clothing are also a possible resource for your inquiries.


A pair of pink Converse high tops.

Bleaching Colored Converse Shoes?Bleaching colored fabric shoes often does not work as intended, especially if you are trying to remove all of the color. This page contains some ideas and tips regarding bleaching colored Converse shoes.


Waterproofing Suede Boots

Waterproofing Suede Boots?To waterproof suede boots, you need to use a commercial spray recommended for suede. Any homemade leather protector will discolor your boots.


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Stretching Rubber Rain Boots?How do I stretch rubber rain boots?


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Dyeing a Polyester and Suede Face Wrap?I have a black 100% polyester face wrap with a patch of suede on it and am wondering how to dye it. I want to dye it a desert tan color, but am not sure how to do it.


Restoring the Design on a Coach Purse - purse with worn design

Restoring the Design on a Coach Purse?I have a Coach tattoo skeleton limited edition tote and as you can see the gold painting/dye on the leather has faded and worn. How can I restore this?


Clear nail polish on white background.

Use Clear Nail Polish to Mend Nylon ScarvesClear nail polish has long been used to stop the runs in nylon stockings. Using it on a scarf should be just as successful. This is a page about use clear nail polish to mend nylon scarves.


A pair of shoes with a marked down price tag.

Ask for a DiscountI shop at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for past season sneakers because they are always 50%+ off from retail price.


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Repairing a Rip in the Seam of a Lined Coat?I need to sew a ripped seam in a coat. However there is a lining. Should I cut open the lining to sew the seam? Then sew up the lining hole?


Improving the Appearance of a Pair of Boots

Improving the Appearance of a Pair of Boots?How can I redesign a pair of leather boots that have folded waves of leather like a cavalier type boot?


serval sheets of different sandpaper

Use Sandpaper to Make Shoes Less SlipperySometimes new shoes will have very slippery soles. You can try roughing them up with sandpaper. This is a page about using sandpaper to make shoes less slippery.


Close-up of jeans with a patch sewn on

Patching JeansSave fabric from unrepairable jeans for future patching. This is a page about patching jeans.


Hawaiian Aloha shirts in many bright colors.

Restoring Faded Aloha Shirts?This is a page about remedy for faded aloha shirts. Vibrantly colored Hawaiian shirts can lose their color over time. Here are some tips to try, if you are attempting to restore its color.


A pair of shoes in snowy weather.

Protecting Your Shoes From Bad WeatherRain and snow can be damaging to certain types of shoes. This is a page about protecting your shoes from bad weather.


Pantyhose with a run in them.

Extending the Life of PantyhosePantyhose can be a costly part your clothing budget. They are prone to snags and runs, but that does not mean you should discard them. This is a page about extending the life of pantyhose.


Tying Shoes

How to Keep Your Shoe Tongue From SlidingWhen the tongue of your shoe keeps sliding around it can become uncomfortable. Try this simple remedy to eliminate the problem. This is a page about how to keep your shoe tongue from sliding.


A child sitting cross-legged with holes in the knees of her pants.

Making Children's Pants LastKids not only grow out of pants quickly but they can be hard on clothes as well. This is a page about making children's pants last.


UGG Boot

Fixing Faded UGG BootsOver time the suede outers of your boots may fade. This page contains some suggestions for revitalizing faded UGGs. This is a page about fixing faded UGG boots.


A clothing website advertising a sale.

Discount Clothing Websites?There are many websites that you can order discount clothes from online. This is a page about discount clothing websites.


Leather Skirt

Shrinking a Leather Skirt?While some leather products such as shoes can be shrunk a bit if worn wet, altering the size of a skirt is a different situation. This is a page about shrinking a leather skirt.


A man cleaning his leather work boots with a cloth.

Caring for Leather BootsProper care of leather shoes helps ensure that they not only look good, but that you get years of wear out of them. This is a page about caring for leather boots.


Green down jacket

Feathers Coming Out of a Down Jacket?Pushing the feathers back into the coat and fluffing the jacket in a cool dryer may help slow the loss of feathers. This is a page about feathers coming out of down jacket.


A hoody with a drawstring

Rethreading DrawstringsWhether a bathing suit, hoodie or sweat pants a large safety pin can help guide that string back where it belongs. This is a page about rethreading drawstrings.


A pair of vinyl running sneakers.

Stretching Vinyl Sneakers?This is a page about stretching vinyl sneakers. Vinyl sneakers can be difficult to stretch but it can be done.


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Repairing Damaged Pile on Corduroy?I was at a conference recently and applied a very sticky nametag to my corduroy jacket. When I removed the nametag some of the pile was torn off with it. It's a small area, but now I can't help but notice the mark. Is there anything I can do to fix this or at least make it less noticeable?


Close-up of the torso of a man wearing a dress shirt and tie bucking a seatbelt

Preventing Your Seatbelt From...This is a page about preventing your seatbelts from damaging your clothes. The webbed fabric that seatbelt are made from can actually cause damage to your clothing where it comes in contact with the belt.


Woman with too large a Pair of Jeans

Shrinking ClothingThis is a page about shrinking clothing. Sometimes you may actually want to intentionally shrink a piece of clothing.


Man's hands sewing button on shirt

Preventing Lost ButtonsThis is a page about preventing lost buttons. Losing a button is quite frustrating. There are ways to try and prevent this from happening.


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Wear Panties over HoseIf you wear nylons or leggings or tights, you know how they bag in the crotch, or creep down and your legs look all wrinkly? Wear a pair of panties over the top of them.


A burn mark from a clothes iron.

Repairing Burn Marks on ClothingThis is a page about repairing burn marks on clothing. A too hot iron for the fabric content of your clothing can result in a burn mark.


young man shopping

Budgeting for ClothingThis is a page about budgeting for clothing. You can dress well within your clothing allowance with some extra time and smart shopping.


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Iron On Decal Came Off in Dryer?I forgot and put my uniform shirt in the dryer and when I took it out the iron on got stuck together and when I pulled it apart some of it got ruined. It's a big star for Hardee's.


man tying sneaker

Wearing SneakersThis is a page about wearing sneakers. Sneakers, by any name, are designed for a variety of activities. Wearing the proper shoe, that fits well, is important to its overall performance.


Cleaning an Autographed Shirt?I went to my favourite artist's concert, Paloma Faith, and had the privilege to meet her and she signed my top. I don't want to lose the signature. What do I do to keep it fresh please?


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Dyeing Suede Blazer?I have two suede blazers. I would like to dye them a darker color.


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Removing a Crease from a Canvas Coach Tote?I have a large Coach tote that I bought second hand. It's in beautiful shape, but it just had a weird crease in one part like they laid it down for a long time in an awkward position. I am not sure if you can iron it out or what people suggest.


Vintage Clothing Store

Using Vintage ClothingThis is a page about using vintage clothing. Making over or using older clothing can add unique fashion styles and fabrics to your wardrobe.


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Acrylic Poncho Leaves Lint on Clothing?I just bought an acrylic poncho. When I put it on I get lint all over my shirt. How can I prevent the lint from coming off the poncho and onto all my clothes?


Formal Business Event

Clothing Advice for a Formal Business Event?This is a page about clothing advice for a formal business event. Choosing the proper attire for a formal business event can be daunting.


young woman trying to button too tight jeans

Stretching Shrunken Cotton ClothingThis is a page about stretching shrunken cotton clothing. Washing clothing in too hot water or drying on the wrong dryer setting can shrink your clothes.


Faux Fur

Fixing Matted Faux Fur?This is a page about fixing matted faux fur. Faux fur can become matted from wear or even cleaning.


Storing Antique

Storing Antique Clothing?This is a page about storing antique clothing. Old clothing can be very fragile. It can be susceptible to insects if not stored properly.


Woman Needing Wardrobe Advice

Wardrobe Advice?This is a page about wardrobe advice. Putting together a fashionable and affordable wardrobe can sometimes be a challenge.


Infant and Toddler Clothing

Selling Your Infant and Toddler ClothingThis is a page about selling your infant and toddler clothing. When your child has outgrown their clothes, you make want to sell them at a consignment shop or in a yard sale.


A burn mark from a clothes iron.

Removing Iron Burn Marks on ClothingThis is a page about removing iron burn marks on clothing. A too hot iron can leave scorch marks on clothing.


Woman Sleeping

Saving Money on SleepwearThis is a page about saving money on sleepwear. The important thing about what you wear to bed at night is how comfortable it is.


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Black Brushed Denim Jeans?Is there anything to take off the fuzziness on brushed denim so it's more like regular denim


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Reattaching a Decal to a Shirt?I purchased a sheer t-shirt, 60% polyester, 40 rayon for my granddaughter. On the front is a decal that is an owl made of sequins. All around it is the decal form. When I washed it, the entire decal with the sequin owl came off in the wash.


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Football Jersey Number is Wearing Off?My number on my authentic football jersey has begun to rub off or fade. Can I repair it ?


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Shirts Faded on the Lower Front Below Bra Line?It is a reoccurring issue with my shirts fading/lightening just under my bra line on the front of my shirts. It happens with different fabrics, shirts or tanks, after 1 or 2 times wearing it.


tennis shoes

Making Your Shoes Last LongerThis is a page about making your shoes last longer. Buying new shoes can be expensive. So, it is important to make the ones you already own last as long as possible.


Woman in a black dress holding shopping bags.

Clothing That Never Goes Out of StyleThis is a page about clothing that never goes out of style. Fashion ebbs and flows with many articles of clothing quickly going out of style. One way to reduce the effects of this trend with regards to your wardrobe is to include clothing that tends to remain in style longer.


2 women shopping at a sale

Following Fashion InexpensivelyThis is a page about following fashion inexpensively. Trying to keep up with the latest fashions can be very expensive.


A woman wearing a wedding dress with red stockings.

Picking Tights or Stocking Color For Wedding?This is a page about picking tights or stocking color for wedding. It doesn't matter if you are the bride, bridesmaid, or a guest, choosing the right color tights to finish your ensemble is important.


Large Doc Martin boots.

Making Shoes That Are Too Big FitThis is a page about making shoes that are too big fit. If you have a pair of shoes that are a bit too big you don't necessarily need to get rid of them. You may be able to improve their fit.


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Ten Dollar Clothing Sale Bin

Saving on Clothing for Adults and ChildrenI wanted to share some things I have done in the past and still do today for saving money on clothing for both children and adults. Clothing, along with everything else, is so expensive.


Hat and Mittens

Saving Money On Winter ClothingChristmas is over and we have several weeks more of cold wintry weather. Here are ideas for saving money on warm winter clothes as suggested by the ThriftyFun community Post your own tips here.


Photo of suits in a closet.

Save on SuitsWhether it's for an upcoming wedding, a job interview, or a fine dinner, everyone needs to have one good suit in the closet. While women can get away without the business style suit until it's time for a job interview, for men it carries more importance.


Resizing Hat

Resizing a Large HatHere is a great way to make a large hat smaller.


Saving Money on Shoes

Frugal FeetShoes are a weakness for many women. It's easy to spend a fortune on a closet full of shoes, but it's very impractical. Instead, try to make wise decisions when purchasing shoes and avoid buying "cute" shoes for that reason only.


Save on Halloween Costumes - new trim in place

Save on Halloween CostumesI got a brand new Minnie Mouse costume on Freecycle. I saw from the pictures that the trim in the front was damaged, and it was pretty obvious. I decided to take it anyway, as I have lots of trim I have bought at garage sales.


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Information on a Fur Coat - full length reddish brown fur coat

Information on a Fur Coat?I received this fur coat from an elderly friend's mother, who has passed away. Does anyone know what kind of fur it is? Does anyone know the value of this type of coat?


Whitening Lace Wedding Dress? - photo of the dress on Amazon

Whitening Lace Wedding Dress?I bought a lace beach wedding dress and now that I'm not getting married on a beach due to Covid I ordered an overskirt. The overskirt is satin. They are two different colours of white. The skirt is a bright white. Can I use bleach or a non bleaching whitening laundry product to brighten it up to match?


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Removing Imprint Left by Vinyl Iron-on Transfer?How do I remove the vinyl imprint from a shirt? I did an iron on transfer and didn't like how it looked. I have removed the vinyl and the adhesive is gone, but I have the imprint left. Any suggestions on how I can get rid of the imprint without buying a new shirt?


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Repairing a Sun Bleached Jumper?I have a dark grey jumper which has been out in the sun and the sun has bleached it in places. Is there anything I can do to restore it please?


Authenticating Salvatore Ferragamo Italian Leather Belts

Authenticating Salvatore Ferragamo Italian Leather Belts?Can you guys help me authenticate these two belts before I buy them?


Foil Decorations on Girls' Dresses Falling Off - closeup of a Hello Kitty dress with the gold foil decorations falling off

Foil Decorations on Girls' Dresses Falling Off?I bought my daughter a Disney princess tutu and started noticing that the foil decorations on it where falling off. I went to the store and returned it because I thought it might have been a faulty one. Then this past Christmas my mother gave her Hello Kitty dresses with foil decorations all over it. And now I just do not know how to avoid the foil from falling besides just storing them away.


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