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This page contains tips and ideas on how to keep your dishes clean, including pots and pans, china, flatware, etc.

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A dishwasher soap dispenser, where you can put pods.

Dishwasher Pods Not DissolvingTracking down the cause for the cleaning pods failure to dissolve is the first step in correcting the problem. This is a page about dishwasher pods not dissolving.


Rubber glove cleaning a burnt pan with a sponge.

Cleaning a Burnt Revere PanUse the correct cleaning supplies to make a burned mess clean right up. This is a page about cleaning a burnt Revere pan.


A white CorningWare casserole dish.

Cleaning Stained CorningWare?This is a page about cleaning stained Corning Ware. White Corning Ware dishes can easily get stained when foods are baked in them. Get your CorningWare looking new again with these great cleaning tips.



Cleaning Magnalite CookwareMagnalite cookware is a line of cast aluminum pots and pans. As with any type of cookware you will want to keep them clean and stain free. This is a page about cleaning Magnalite cookware.


A used cookie sheet in need of cleaning.

Cleaning Cookie Sheets and BakewareAluminum ccookie sheets and other types of bakeware can be frustrating to clean, especially the baked on grease and cooking sprays. This is guide about cleaning cookie sheets and bakeware.


Old Glass Bottles

Cleaning the Inside of BottlesThis is a page about cleaning the inside of bottles. Some bottles can be easily cleaned using a bottle brush, but some bottles are too large and can be difficult to reach all areas on the inside of the bottle.


Cleaning a pan.

Cleaning Burnt Calphalon PansCalphalon pans are usually very easy to clean, however if you have something very burnt on it may leave a stain. This page has information about cleaning burnt Calphalon pans.


House Fire

Cleaning Dishes After a House Fire?This page is about cleaning dishes after a house fire. Soot and grime can be difficult to remove from dishware.


stained cup

Cleaning Corelle DishesThis is a page about cleaning Corelle dishes. A durable glass dinnerware that is break and chip resistant, but can develop stubborn stains.


Using White Vinegar Instead of Jet-Dry

Using White Vinegar Instead of Jet-DryThis is a page about white vinegar instead of Jet-Dry. White vinegar is a good substitute for Jet-Dry dishwasher rinse aid to help prevent spotting.


Pitcher and glass filled with ice tea on an outdoor table.

Removing Iced Tea Stains From Plastic PitchersRubbing with salt or baking soda are two easy ways to remove tea stains in containers. Bleach can also be tried. This is a page about removing iced tea stains from plastic pitchers.


Dishwashers Detergent Pod

Using Pods in Older Dishwashers?Using automatic pods in older dishwashers usually isn't a problem because the outer casing dissolves in water. If your pods have a drying agent, that may get washed away early and not do much good, but the detergent will do it's job.



White Film on Dishes

Removing White Film From DishesThis is a page about removing white film from dishes. Dishes cleaned in a dishwasher can develop an unsightly buildup of white film.


Close up of racks of woks for sale.  You can see the sticker reflected from the inside of the pan

Cleaning Glue Residue From Pots and PansThis is a page about cleaning glue residue from pots and pans. Label glue is often difficult to remove.


Stainless steel pan.

Cleaning Melted Plastic Off a Pan?This is a page about cleaning melted plastic off a pan. Accidents happen and having plastic wrap or containers come in contact with your hot pan is not that unusual.


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Removing Burnt Caramel from a Pan?I made caramel but it burned onto the bottom of the pan. How do you remove encrusted solid sugar/caramel from a stainless steel pot?


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Dishwasher Leaving Streaks and Spots on Plastic Storage Containers?First, let this frustrated bachelor tell you what I'm doing. Then someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong.


Hanging Copper Bottom Pans

Removing Burnt Grease from Copper Bottom Pans?Grease can easily get burnt to the bottom of a copper pan. Burn stains like this can be very difficult to get out. This is a page about removing burnt grease from copper bottom pans.


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Cleaning "Sticky" Plastic Containers?How do I get the sticky off of Tupperware?


A very greasy cast iron pan.

How to Get Cooked-On Grease Off Pans?Cooked on grease can be a challenge to clean off without damaging the finish on your pots and pans. This is a page about how to get cooked-on grease off pans.



Are the Dishes in the Dishwasher Clean or Dirty?This page is about are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? It is not always easy to tell whether the dishwasher has been run yet or not, and you may need a way to let other household members know.


Burnt Cookie Sheet

Cleaning Burnt Cookie Sheets?This is a page about cleaning burnt cookie sheets. Cookie sheets can end up with burnt grease and batter stuck to the sheet after you have finished baking that batch of yummy cookies.


Dirty pan soaking in the sink.

Removing Food Stuck to a PanIf you have food that is cooked onto a pan it can be difficult to get clean. This is a page about removing food stuck to a pan.


Burnt oil in a pan.

Cleaning Burnt Oil in a PanMany cooking oils, at high temperatures, can burn and leave caramelized residue or black burned areas in your pans. This is a page about cleaning burnt oil in a pan.


Stainless Steel Pan

How to Remove Burnt Spaghetti Sauce from a Stainless Steel PanA thick spaghetti sauce can easily burn on the bottom of your sauce pan. Here are some tips on how to remove burnt spaghetti sauce from a stainless steel pan.



Can I Use Ammonia in My Dishwasher?Although not a typical product to use in the dishwasher, it apparently can be used when you are out of dishwasher detergent. This is a page about, "Can I use ammonia in my dishwasher?".


Dish rack filled with clean dishes

Dishes Smell Bad After Washing ThemThis is a page about dishes smell bad after washing them. Dishes can retain odors they pick up from the dishwasher.



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Cleaning The Outside of Magnalite Pots?I am looking for something to clean the outside of my magnalite pots. There is years of build up on them. Please help.


A clean and shiny cast iron pan

Thoroughly Cleaning a Cast Iron Fry PanIf your cast iron pan has food stuck to it, you may need to do a deep cleaning and then season it again. This is a page about thoroughly cleaning a cast iron fry pan.


Egg frying in Teflon pan on gas stove.

Cleaning Teflon This is a page about cleaning Teflon. Many of us have Teflon coated cookware. Cleaning these pots, pans, and bakeware must be done with the appropriate cleaners so as not to damage the coating.


pot with candy cooking on stove

Removing Cooked on Candy from Pot?This is a page about removing cooked on candy from pot. Burnt on sugar can be difficult to remove from a pan.


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Knife Marks on Corelle Plates?How do you remove gray metal marks made by knives while cutting meat on Corelle plates during meals?


Plastic Container

Cleaning Stains from PlasticThis is a page about cleaning stains from plastic. Tomato sauce and other products can leave noticeable stains on plastic containers.


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Non-Abrasve Dishwasher DetergentI use my Christmas Tree dishes during the month of December. I have always washed them in the dishwasher on the china cycle. I noticed last year, the gold band on some of the glasses has worn off.


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Musty Smell on Tupperware?Musty Smell on Tupperware. How do you get the smell out of plastic glasses and bowls? My tupperware has a musty smell. I have tried soda.


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Dishwasher Leaves Food Particles on Top Rack?My dishwasher leaves little pieces of residue, mostly on my cups and glasses on the top rack. Can anyone help with this?


dishwashing powder that won't etch glass

Dishwashing Detergent That Won't Etch Glass?Harsh diswashing detergent can etch clear glassware over time, making it looks scratched or milky in appearance. It's easy to prevent this by buying the correct product that will gently wash away food and grime and leave your glass clean and clear.


A glass pitcher full of tea.

Cleaning Tea Stains Off of a Glass Pitcher?This is a page about cleaning tea stains off of a glass pitcher. Tea can stain the interior of the container in which it is stored or served.


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Removing Tea Stain From Ceramic Pot?I have been brewing hot tea in a large ceramic coated pot, and cannot get the stain out. Does anyone have a method to clean this large pot without leaving a nasty taste in pot? I also use this pot for cooking.


Food in Tupperware

Cleaning Stained TupperwareThis is a page about cleaning stained Tupperware. Certain foods, such as tomato based sauces, can stain your Tupperware.


Preventing Dishwasher Detergent Residue

Preventing Dishwasher Detergent ResidueHaving spot free, clean dishes come out of the dishwasher is what we all strive for. This page is about preventing dishwasher detergent residue.


dishwasher full of dishes

Dishwasher Leaves Soap Scum on DishesThis page is about dishwasher leaves soap scum on dishes. When you've run the dishwasher and the dishes are covered with film, it's a problem.



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How Do I Sanitize a Stainless Steel Bowl?I had a rat problem. The pantry was their favorite place, so we threw everything out and bleached it. I had a large KitchenAid mixer in there with numerous rat droppings in the mixing bowl. What would be the best way to sanitize a stainless bowl?


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Preventing Mold from Growing in Washed Tupperware?You know that large Tupperware bowl that's only used for potato salad and making stuffing and Chex mix? Well, the last couple of times that I've used it, there's been mold growing in it.


Dishwasher with dishes in it.

Dishwasher Tips and TricksUsing your dishwasher regularly can save time, water and energy. This page contains dishwasher tips and tricks.


A very burned sauce pan.

An Easy Way to Clean a Burnt SaucepanPlease note that I haven't tried this on a pan with a non stick coating. However, if your pan is so burnt that you'll have to throw it out, then you may decide it's worth a try.


A pump style dish detergent.

Extending Dish Detergent with PeroxideA lot of us find the better dish detergents so thick and concentrated, we choose to dilute them a bit (or a lot). We save money and the product is easier to use.


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Add Small Amount of Bleach to Dish WaterAdd just a small amount of bleach to your dishwater. It's a great germ killer and it helps remove stubborn stains from your Tupperware and the like.


A woman unloading a dishwasher.

Why is My Dishwasher Leaving a Dirty Gritty Residue?My dishwasher is leaving residue that looks like dirt (gritty, etc.) all over the dishes and especially the top of the door. Any suggestions as to why it's doing this?


A coffee carafe.

How to Thoroughly Clean a Coffee CarafeI make coffee and put it in a carafe. It keeps it hot then warm, but I nuke it when I want a fresh cup. But coffee has a tendency to stain plastic, so before I donated it, I wanted to clean it good. For a long time, I didn't know how to clean all the pieces parts. When I realized you take the bottom off, then you can take out the silver inner parts and clean it all.


Disposable Sport Water Bottle to Hold Dish Soap - clear bottle with blue dish soap

Disposable Sport Water Bottle to Hold Dish SoapIf you purchase dish soap in bulk, you'll know that the container is huge! It is heavy to pour out on a daily basis and it's not very convenient.


A rusty knife on a white background.

Cleaning a Rusty Knife?I just bought a couple old knives. The edge and tip is still in good condition, but the sides of the blade look old and a little bit rusty. I want to ask, is there a way to clean the sides but not damage the knives?


Silverware being rinsed in clean water.

Bleach Water for Rinsing DishesMy complex shares a very large waterheater between 4 units. So sometimes, getting grease off my dishes isn't easy, as the water is actually hotter in the bathroom than in the kitchen.


Extra Dish Drainer - white dishpan with a wire rack inside

DIY Extra Dish DrainerIf you need extra space for dishes, you can use an old dish pan and a cooking rack. This is great for parties or holidays when you have more dishes than normal.


A pizza stone with a pizza cutter on top.

Restoring Pizza Stone to Original ColorPizza stones typically develop a darkened appearance after being used. It is still entirely usable but some would prefer to keep the stone looking new.


A pile of dirty dishes, waiting to be washed.

Keeping Up With Dirty DishesDevelop an easy method and clear understanding with your family, to keep the dirty dishes under control. Whether you clean as you go or share the work with others, it is always easier if the food is not allowed to get dried on.


A person handwashing dishes in the sink.

Adding Vinegar to Dish SoapAdding a bit of white vinegar to your dish water along with your regular dish soap will help cut grease and leave your glassware sparkling.


A dirty nonstick frying pan with a greasy residue.

Cleaning Nonstick CookwareWhen cleaning non-stick cookware, it is important to not damage the coating. Here are some recipes and tips for safely cleaning your pans without ruining them.


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Cleaning the Bottom of My EVOO Bottle?I'm trying to clean my EVOO bottle and I've managed to get most of it clean. However, I still have "gunk" on the bottom of my bottle. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this?


clean pan

Cleaning and Restoring a Macocotte Dutch OvenThis is a page about cleaning and restoring a Macocotte dutch oven. Here are some great tips for removing burnt on food and grease from a Manocotte dutch oven.


Coffee Mug with a blue dragon on the outside.

Causes of Discoloration on the Outside of Coffee Mugs?This is a page about causes of discoloration on the outside of mugs. Coffee and tea can leave unsightly stains on coffee cups. Here are some great tips for removing discoloration on coffee mugs.


2 Glass pans

Cleaning Glass CookwareTo clean your glass cookware consider some of the tips in this page, including stove top cleaner for ceramic cooktops, a paint scraper, and more. This is a page about cleaning glass cookware.


Cast iron skillet with pine sap.

Removing Tree Sap From Cast Iron Skillet?Cast iron needs to be cleaned with care to avoid damaging the non-stick patina. This is a page about removing pine sap from a cast iron skillet.


Crumpled Aluminum Foil sitting on a table

Use Aluminum Foil as a Pot ScrubberThis is a page about using aluminum foil as pot scrubber. The next time you need to scour pots and pans, grab a piece of aluminum foil, wad it up into a ball, and easily remove cooked on food. Just remember to avoid this method if they have a non-stick coating.


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Dishes Smell Fishy Out of the Dishwasher?Why do my plates get a 'fishy' smell after being dishwashed? I tried to put white vinegar in after washing, but it was still smelly.


A tea kettle on a stove top.

Cleaning Burned Milk Out of Tea Kettle?Sometimes hot milk before bedtime is a good idea and sometimes it may cause a mess. This is a page about cleaning burned milk out of a tea kettle.


A scrub brush being used to clean a serrated knife.

Clean Serrated Knives With BrushI use to think I wasn't getting my serrated knives clean enough. I would wash them with a dish cloth, very gently, trying not to snag my cloth on the serrations.


A silver colored metal tray for serving

Cleaning Armetele Metalware?According to the manufacturer the best way to clean your serveware is with mild soap, then rinse with hot water and towel-dry. Do not wash in the dishwasher as the chemicals in the detergent can damage the finish. This is a page about cleaning Armetele metalware.


The bottom of a pot with grease build up.

How Does Grease Build Up on the Bottom of Pots?Cooking oils can build up on the bottom of your cookware either due to transference from the burners or when food being cooked spills over the side and cooks onto the bottom of the pot. Grease buildup on the inside is due to incomplete cleaning after use. This is a page about, "How does grease build up on the bottom of pots?".


Used rub in small container

Removing VapoRub from a Plastic Bowl?This is a page about removing VapoRub from a plastic bowl. Dawn dish soap or a long soak in vinegar and water may help clean the bowl. However, you may not want to reuse the bowl for food in the future. Plastic is very porous and you may be unable to clean the bowl thoroughly enough for it to be safe.


Stainless Steel Pots

How to Remove Rust from Stainless Steel Pots?Scrubbing a stainless stop pot with a lightly abrasive cleaner like Bon Ami or Barkeepers Friend will get rid of any rust stains. That is how to remove rust from stainless steel pots easily.


Clean Dirty Indicator

Clean or Dirty Dishwasher IndicatorKnowing whether or not the dishes in the dishwasher are clean can be a problem in some households. Make a clean or dirty dishwasher indicator to help alleviate this potential issue.


cooking caramel

Cleaning Burned Caramel from a PanMaking candy or caramel can easily result in some burned sugar in the bottom of your pan. Cleaning burned caramel from a pan can be a bit of a challenge.


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Removing Marks on a Corelle Plate?I just need tips on how to get a mark off a Corelle plate.


Stainless stovetop whistling tea kettle

Cleaning a Tea KettleProper cleaning helps keep your tea tasting good and can prolong the life of your kettle. This is a page about cleaning a tea kettle.


Crocheted Square for Silverware Drying - spoon and fork on red crochet square

Crocheted Square for Silverware DryingI found that laying my spoons, forks, and knives on a crocheted square works better than laying them on a towel because they dry much faster and so does the crocheted square. This is a great way to recycle squares of crochet that did not turn out perfect.


Fryer Basket

Cleaning Deep Fryer Baskets?Cleaning the baskets of a deep fryer can be challenging. This page is full of tips on how to clean deep fryer baskets.


stained tea cup

Cleaning Coffee and Tea Stains Off CupsCoffee and tea are both culprits when it comes to leaving unsightly stains inside cups and mugs. Normal washing may not get them clean. This is a page about cleaning coffee and tea stains off cups.



Cleaning Spots off Flatware?Water spots on flatware can be annoying and make you dishes look unclean. This is a page about cleaning spots off flatware.


Woman with stacks of clean dishes squeezing soapy water from sponge with an overwhelmed expression

Hand Washing Dishes vs. Using a Dishwasher?This is a page about hand washing dishes vs. using a dishwasher. There are valid reasons for either option, when it comes to washing dirty dishes.


Woman smiling as she looks at a glass while she empties dishwasher

Using A Dishwasher With Well WaterHard well water can reduce the effectiveness of many cleaning products. It can also leave deposits on your dishes when using the dishwasher.


Pot with burnt residue on the left and the same pot cleaned on the right

Cleaning Burnt Sugar from a Stainless Steel...This page is about cleaning burnt sugar from a stainless steel pot. When sugar is burned onto a pan, it can be a challenge to remove.


Unseasoned Dutch Oven

Caring for Cast Iron CookwareThis is a page about caring for cast iron cookware. Many cooks love their cast iron cookware. Don't be put off by concerns for its upkeep. It is actually quite easy.


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Cleaning the Outside of Bluestone Cookware?I need help in cleaning the outside of my bluestone cookware. I cook with gas and it marks the outside and I can't seem to get it clean. They are wonderful items to cook with, but I cannot stand seeing the outside so marked.


Stainless Steel Scrubber

Cleaning a Stainless Steel ScrubberThis is a page about cleaning a stainless steel scrubber. Pot scrubbers can get dirty easily but can be difficult to get clean again.


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Washing Dishes With AmmoniaAmmonia is simple but effective cleaner that can be a good addition to your dishwashing routine. Care should be taken never to add bleach or other cleaning materials together to avoid toxic fumes.


Old dinner plate.

Removing Scratches from DishesSometimes silverware can cause scratches on your dishes. This is a page about removing scratches from dishes.


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Denture Cleaning Tablets to Keep Bottles CleanSome of my cups and bottles are expensive to just replace but these tend to get cloudy after a time. I have found that denture cleaning tablets keep these clean and cloud free.


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Removing Tomato Stains in Plastic Food Containers?What can I use to get spaghetti stains out of my plastic food containers?


coffee lid dish scrubber

Homemade Dish Scrubber IdeasThis is a page about homemade scrubber ideas. You can make your own dish scrubbers in a variety of ways. Some require craft skills, while others are simply the reusing of existing things around the house.


dirty coffee cup

Cleaning Discolored Coffee CupsThis is a page about cleaning discolored coffee cups. Cups and mugs can become stained with coffee and sometimes need more than just soap and water.


tea cup

Cleaning Teapots and Tea CupsThis is a page about cleaning teapots and tea cups. Stains can develop on your tea service that soap and water might not be able to remove.


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Mesh Bags for Dishwashing Small ItemsI save the mesh bags from produce items, such as onions and shallots. Use it for small items that would fly around during the dishwasher cycle.


A cheese grater and a pile of grated cheese.

Cleaning a Cheese GraterThis is a page about cleaning a cheese grater. Cheese graters are really handy for shredding and grating cheeses. The cheese can be sticky and difficult clean off after you are done sing it though.


Breakfast burnt and stuck to the bottom of a pan.

Cleaning Stuck Food Off CookwareThis is a page about cleaning stuck food off cookware. There are many ways you can remove food that is stuck on your cookware.



Washing Small Items in the DishwasherThis is a page about washing small items in the dishwasher. Small items in the dishwasher inevitably seem to end up on the bottom of the washer.


Washing dishes in well water.

Dishes Stained by Well Water?This is a page about dishes stained by well water. Well water can contain many minerals including iron that can stain your dishes.


Coffee Carafe

Cleaning a Coffee CarafeHaving a clean decanter helps keep your coffee tasting delicious. This page is about cleaning a coffee carafe.


Little Girl Dishwashing

Saving Money On DishwashingThis is a page about saving money on dishwashing. You can save money on dishwashing, by employing a few tried and true techniques.


Pampered Chef Stoneware

Cleaning Pampered Chef Stoneware?This is a page about cleaning Pampered Chef stoneware. Stoneware is similar to cast iron in that you want it to be seasoned.


Cleaning Pyrex Pans

Cleaning Pyrex PansPyrex pans are a popular cooking option. Following a few simple steps you can keep them clean and clear for years to come. This is a page about cleaning Pyrex pans.


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Extra Dish Drainer - white dishpan with a wire rack inside

Extra Dish DrainerMost of the time, when I cook, I use a lot of pots and pans. Washing them can be a chore.


Add Vinegar to Dish Soap - bowl of suds and bottles of vinegar and dish soap

Add Vinegar to Dish SoapA doctor on a Japanese TV show mentioned adding a tiny splash of white vinegar to dish soap when washing up. It gives glass items an extra spotless sheen, and apparently it will help completely remove any soap residue on the dishes when you think you've got it all rinsed off, aiding in what you digest in the future.


clean pan

Cleaning and Restoring a Macocotte Dutch OvenLast Sunday I visited the flea market they hold once a month in Punnauia. Normally I don't buy much at the flea market because it seems everyone sells items I don't need or already have. However, this weekend I found 3 very old; extremely dirty Macocotte Dutch ovens for 300 francs or $3.00 USD.


A recycled oven rack being used as a drying rack.

Use Recycled Oven Racks for a Drying RackIf you have extra toaster/oven racks, you can make yourself a drying rack. The oven rack is elevated and underneath you can put a towel to absorb the water.


adding used tea bags to sink

Used Teabags to Assist DishwashingDon't throw out your teabags after you've used them to steep your tea. Drop them in your warm soapy dishwater and they will help break down the tough grease that clings to your dishes. Magic!


mesh bag with small items on top dishwasher rack

Use a Mesh Laundry Bag on the Top Rack of DishwasherUse a small bag to hold small items such as lids and baby bottle lids and nipples. The items will be clean, and they won't be thrown around the dishwasher. I especially like this hint because I can use an item I already have, and don't have to purchase those plastic holders that they sell for this purpose.


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Removing Miracle-Gro Stains?I spilled Miracle-Gro on a vintage stoneware platter with some crazing. It now has blue spots. I have tried bleach, Bar Keeper's Friend, hydrogen peroxide, oxyclean powder, and alcohol, all of which I had on hand. Any ideas on how to get this stain out?


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Cleaning a Tea Kettle Lid?The inside is clean. It is the lid that needs help. Any ideas?


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Removing Burned on Spaghetti Sauce?I have burned chunky spaghetti sauce on the bottom of my pot. I tried the liquid dish soap with water and boiling method, but it's still stuck like glue to the bottom of the pot. What now?


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Using Ammonia in a Dishwasher?I need to know if I can add ammonia to the dishwasher cycle. The interior is stainless steel.


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Using Automatic Pods in Older Dishwashers?Can I use automatic dishwasher pods in dishwashers that do not contain a basket to hold the pod? And if so, where do I place the pac in the dishwasher?


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Burnt On Grease on Glass Dish?How-to clean burnt on fat from glass cookware?


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