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Ideas and advice for gardening including composting, growing food, pest control, house plants, seeds, flowers, trees, birds, ponds and rockery and more. Also, how to save money on plants, fertilizer, pesticides, lawncare and irrigation.

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Easter Lilies

Caring for Potted Easter LiliesIf you purchased or received a potted Easter lily as a gift, you may be wondering how to care for it now. This is a page about caring for potted Easter lilies.



Selling BambooThis is a page about selling bamboo. Bamboo is an evergreen tropical or temperate grass that grows easily and spreads quickly making it a good choice to grow as a money making enterprise. There are many products made from bamboo.


Hibiscus Flower

Getting Hibiscus Flowers to BloomThis is a page about getting hibiscus flowers to bloom. Hibiscus is a beautiful tropical plant that with proper care can bloom year round.


pine trees

Plants and Flowers That Will Grow Under Pine TreesWhen looking for plants to grow under pine trees there are several considerations to keep in mind. This is a page about plants and flowers that will grow under pine trees.


Hedge Apples

What Are Hedge Apples Good For?This is a page about what hedge apples are good for. The hedge apple or Osage orange may look like an orange but it is actually a member of the mulberry family. While many people claim that they are a good natural pest repellent, it is only in concentrated amounts that it is effective. It is generally not eaten by people or wildlife.


A hosta with the leaves eaten.

Deer Eating My Hosta Leaves?Deer love to browse in our gardens. If your hosta was part of their recent smorgasbord your plant can recover. This is a page about deer eating my hosta leaves.


Patch of Stinging Nettles

Killing Stinging NettlesStinging nettles can be a nuisance to have in the garden. Killing them off may be the best answer if you can't keep their growth at bay. This is a page about killing stinging nettles.


A large willow tree.

Solutions for a Willow Tree Planted Too Close to a...This page is about solutions for a willow tree planted too close to a home. These trees can create problems when planted too close to a structure or plumbing.


Place Empty Bottles in Garden Pot - planter with plastic bottles in bottom

Fill Planters With Plastic BottlesTo save money on filler dirt for you potted plants, use plastic bottles to fill up the extra space. This is a page about filling planters with plastic bottles.


Blue and pinkish purple morning glory blooms.

Getting Rid of Morning GloryThis is a page about getting rid of morning glory. The morning glory is an annual, self seeding vine. Many gardeners love their beautiful trumpet shaped blooms. However, they can also become an invasive weed for the gardener on the other side of the fence.


A pathway covered in sawdust.

Using Sawdust in Your GardenAdding sawdust to your garden can produce some benefits. This page is about using sawdust in your garden.


Climbing Vines

Training Vines to Climb Arbors and PergolasThis is a page about training vines to climb. Choosing the right vine for your surface or supporting structure is the first step towards growing a beautiful climbing vine.



Garden Bed Rockery

Building a Rock GardenThis is a page about building a rock garden. A rock garden or rockery is a beautiful landscaping option, with your plants tucked in between the stones for a natural look.


Crepe Myrtle Not Blooming

Crepe Myrtle Not BloomingThis page is about crepe myrtle not blooming. Crepe myrtle likes full sun, but in drought conditions or even when it's rainy, the flowering may be delayed.


A classic bronze sundial

Using A SundialThis is a page about using a sundial. Although little more an a garden decoration today, the sundial was used for centuries to "tell" time and still can be today.


Deadheading a Hydrangea

Deadheading a HydrangeaThis is a page about deadheading a hydrangea. Deadheading, unlike pruning, involves just removing the faded, withered blooms on your hydrangea plant.


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Sunflower Plants Growing Multiple Flowers Instead or One? The sunflowers grow tall and then the tops of the plant branch off and make several small flowers rather than one big one.


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Temporary Surface For Under Picnic Table?I'm looking for advice for an inexpensive, temporary covering for underneath our picnic table. We do not have a deck or patio and our picnic table has been on grass over the past few years.


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How does epsom salt affect plant growth?How does epsom salt affect plant growth?


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Killing Rhubarb?Does anyone know how to kill rhubarb short of digging up the entire roots? Mine has been there for so long I would have to hire a tree stump removal company.


Plastic Flower Pots

Painting Plastic Flower PotsThis is a page about painting plastic flower pots. You can brighten up your potted plants and give new life to faded plastic pots by painting them.


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Can a Dandelion be Several Feet Tall?Monster dandelion, it's taller than me. How? Why? Please help.


Photo of a beautiful garden on a sloped hill.

Gardening on SlopesThis page is about gardening on slopes. Planting on an incline requires some planning to make sure your plants will thrive.


Utility pole in a residential area.

Disguising a Utility PoleThis is a page about disguising a utility pole. Utility poles on your property can be unsightly. If it is legal you can use tall plantings and other garden options such as a trellis to hide the pole.


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Burning Bush Has No Leaves?We planted 2 dwarf burning bushes in March right before our record rainfall of the year. Both plants' root balls sat basically underwater for a week, one worse than the other. The one developed leaves and seems fine but the other never developed leaves although it is covered in buds that never opened. We cut a stem and it is green inside and still seems to be alive.


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Hydrangea Leaves Turning Yellow?I had three Quick Fire hydrangeas planted this fall. They have lots of yellow leaves with dark spots sprinkled in them and lots of holes in the leaves like something has been eating on them. Also, the branches look moldy. What should I do to them before winter sets in?


wisteria on chainlink fence

Dressing up a Chain Link FenceThis is a page about dressing up a chain link fence. Although not considered attractive, chain link fences are very durable and are often found on older properties.



An eggshell growing a seedling in the garden.

Eggshells for Your GardenThere are several good reasons to add egg shells to your garden. They provide nutrients, deter snails, slugs, and cutworms. They can also be helpful as a calcium supplement, if you raise laying hens. This is a page about eggshells for your garden.


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Is Cypress Mulch Safe for Dogs?We have six dogs and my yard has a lot of trees with half dirt and half grass. I just bought cypress mulch to go on the dirt but someone said it was harmful to the dogs. Is this true and can you give me some dog friendly suggestions for the yard?


A free range chicken on a farm.

Keeping Chickens Out of Your GardenThis is a page about keeping chickens out of your garden. Many chicken owners prefer to have them wander free range, at least part of the time. Even though the girls will help keep garden pests down they can do damage to your garden and flower beds.


ant and single dandelion seed

Benefits of Ants in Your GardenThis is a page about benefits of ants in your garden. We often only see insects, such as ants, as garden pests. However, they preform many valuable activities that actually can help improve your garden.


A gardenia bud, not blooming.

Gardenia Not BloomingEncouraging a potted gardenia to bloom may require giving it some acidic fertilizer. This is a page about gardenia not blooming.


tomato suckers

How to Remove Tomato SuckersUse your fingers to quickly and easily remove these suckers before they start to compete with the main plant for nutrients. This is a page about how to remove tomato suckers.


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Confederate Jasmine Not Flowering?I have a Confederate Jasmine. It has very dark green leaves. It's a healthy plant but not flowering. What I can do to induce some flowers?


Plant Hardiness Zones

USDA Plant Hardiness ZonesThis page is about USDA plant hardiness zones. Understanding the difference in growing zones can help you make good choices when planting and maintaining your yard and garden.


Confederate Jasmine

Confederate Jasmine Leaves Turning Brown and Falling Off?If the leaves on your confederate jasmine are browning and falling off, that may be a sign your plant stressed. This is a page about confederate jasmine leaves turning brown and falling off.


Flowering Jasmine

Jasmine Not Blooming?This is a page about jasmine not blooming. It is very disappointing when your jasmine doesn't bloom, that is why we grow them, for that intoxicating fragrance.


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How to Kill a Passionfruit Vine?We have a tiny backyard and decided to grow a passionfruit vine on a arch. It grew like wild fire and everyday for the last 3 years I have pulled out passionfruit suckers from our garden. It has taken over a third of our garden and we set fire to the vine on the arch and pulled out the root. That was a month ago and we have more suckers than ever. My husband put weed killer directly onto each sucker but more are coming everyday. Please help we are desperate. We live in Australia with hot weather and we never once fed or tended this plant. Melinda from Australia


Buying Bedding Plants

Buying Bedding PlantsThis page is about buying bedding plants. It is important to keep a few things in mind when purchasing plants for your yard and garden.


yellow slime mold on mulch

Getting Rid of Slime Mold?This is a page about getting rid of slime mold. Fresh wood mulch and lots of moisture can encourage the growth of this mold. It may be a signal that your soil isn't draining well.


Butterfly Feeder

Making a Butterfly FeederThis is a page about making a butterfly feeder. You can attract even more butterflies to your garden by setting up a feeder.


Growing Tree Form Honeysuckle

Growing a Honeysuckle as TreeSeveral vining plants, such as honeysuckle and wisteria, are often trained to grow more like a small tree. This is a page about growing honeysuckle as tree.



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Burning Bush Changing Color Early?My burning bush is changing color too early in the season. What is wrong with it?


Bottle Propagator - plastic bottle with sage cuttings

How to Make a Plastic Bottle PropagatorThis is a page about making a plastic bottle propagator. A plastic drink bottle can easily be converted into a mini greenhouse for small plants and cuttings. Save your next empty drink bottle and give it a try.


Wisteria Vines

Wisteria Vines Won't FlowerThis is a page about wisteria vines not flowering. Wisteria are known for their fragrant, clumps of flowers. If your vines are not producing flowers, here are some tips to increase their blooms.


Honeysuckle flowers on tree

Caring for a Honeysuckle?Honeysuckle plants are available in a variety of colors and configurations, from the traditional vine to plants that have been trained as small trees AKA grown as standards. These plants like sun, generally tolerate most soil types and may need a bit of fertilizer such as green tea if they seem a bit puny or sickly. The vines need support. This is a page about caring for a honeysuckle.


A shoot from a honeysuckle bush.

Honeysuckle Bush Shoots?Early fall side shoots on a honeysuckle bush are the result of an infestation by wooly aphids. This is a page about honeysuckle bush shoots.


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Avocado Seeds Not Sprouting?Any ideas why my avocado seeds that I have had in water now for 2 months still aren't sprouting, I have them suspended pointed side down. Also, what other plants can you grow using fresh vegtables or fruits?


Uses for Sweet Gum Balls

Uses for Sweet Gum BallsThose spiny balls, seed pods, dropped by your sweet gum tree can actually be put to good use. This is a page about uses for sweet gum balls.


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Removing Poop Odor from Garden?I live in a country house with 2000 sq. meters of garden, no plants, just trees and earth. I have lots of dogs and collect their poops regularly, nevertheless some of them skip my attention. When it rains or when there's excessive heat in the summer, some unpleasant odor can be smelled.


Spider Plants Outdoors

Can a Spider Plant Survive Winter Outdoors?While spider plants can generally spend the spring, summer, and early fall outside, surviving through the winter is less assured. Considerations such as lowest temperatures in your area, winter protection, and more can help predict their success outside during the colder months. This is a page about, "Can a spider plant survive winter outdoors?".


Woman Trimming Hedge on Ladder

Garden Safety TipsThis is a page about garden safety tips. Working in the garden involves a lot of tools and physical effort. Keep yourself safe and injury-free while working in your yard.


Plant Sale

Saving Money by Shopping...This is a page about save money shopping end-of-season plant sales. One easy way to save money on plants it to shop at the end of the season.


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Cutting Back Sunflowers?I recently planted one of those "flower carpets" and ended up with very tall sunflower plants. I love them, but don't know anything about growing them. Do I cut the plants back at some point, will they come back into bloom every year, etc?


Banana and Tea on a wood surface.

Banana and Tea for Watering Your PlantsPut banana peels and tea bags in water overnight, and use this water as a pick me up for your plants. This is a page about banana and tea for your plants.


A yellow banana peel.

Garden Uses for Banana PeelsThis page is about garden uses for banana peels. Besides being a good addition to the compost pile, these peelings can be an excellent fertilizer for some plants.


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How Many Quarts in a Bushel?How many quarts of peas to the bushel of shelled peas?


Advice For Reviving A Clematis?Should I pardon this clematis? I have a clematis which has been on this trellis since we moved into our home over ten years ago. Every spring I am surprised that it has even survived because it never looks all that healthy to me. You can see that the top of the plant looks healthy and has many buds on which will soon bloom, but the middle areas are woody and unhealthy looking.


Potted plants in bright sunlight

Creating Shade for Potted PlantsThis is a page about creating shade for potted plants. Just because your deck or patio is quite sunny doesn't mean you can't grow some more shade loving plants. Creating shade will also help protect any plant and conserve water on really hot days.


Poison Oak leaves.

Getting Rid of Poison OakThis is a page about getting rid of poison oak. Coming in contact with poison oak can cause painful skin irritation. If you find it in your yard, getting rid of it is a good idea.


Deer in Garden

Deer Resistant Plants?This is a page about deer resistant plants. While deer can be beautiful to see in the wild and even in your neighborhood, they are less welcome when they decide to dine on your shrubs and flowers.


Cherry Tree

Getting Rid of Cherry Tree Root Suckers?This is a page about getting rid of cherry tree root suckers. Certain varieties of cherry trees will grow root suckers, often some distance from the main trunk. Having more trees coming up in your flower bed or lawn is probably not something you want.


Tree stump in a yard.

Planting After Removing Pine Trees?The soil where the pine trees grew will be acidic. Acid soil loving plants such as blueberries and azaleas could go right in. If you have other plants in mind a pH test is probably in order. This is a page about planting after removing pine trees.


closeup of honeysuckle flowers

Getting Rid of HoneysuckleThis is a page about getting rid of honeysuckle. Honeysuckle can be very difficult to get rid of once established in your yard or garden.


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Rice Water For Plants?Rice Water For Plants. I know you can give potato water to a plants, what about rice water?


Old brick wall being pushed down by trees on the other side

Neighbor's Tree Damaging a Brick Wall?This is a page about neighbor's tree damaging a brick wall. Getting along with neighbors has its challenges. Even where we choose to plant trees can be the basis for concern.


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Flowers and Herbs for My Patio?I have a northeast facing patio that gets decent sun, I am wondering which flowers and herbs will do best there from fall to winter?


Old Panty Hose

Use Old Panty Hose to Tie Up PlantsCut up your old panty hose into strips and use them to tie up your veggie and garden plants. This is a page about use old panty hose to tie up plants.


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Bees Destroying My Grapes?Help please. The bees have invaded our grapes and are destroying them. The vines are so full of all kinds of bees eating my fruit. What can I do?


gloves on table

Homemade Blackberry Pulling GlovesThis is a page about making homemade blackberry pulling gloves. Removing blackberry plants manually can leave you with lots of thorns in your hands unless you protect them well.


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How Can I Remove a Tree Stump? How do I remove a large tree stump?


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How Do I Find Free Plants in My Area?I am looking for free hostas in the Navarre, Ohio area.


A garden bed of orange colored Black-Eyed Susan flowers in bloom.

Drought, Heat, and Cold Tolerant Plants?Oe of the best ways to choose plants for your garden that tolerate, drought, heat, and cold is to go with natives. This is a page about drought, heat, and cold tolerant plants.


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Growing MossThis is a page about growing moss. In the right place, moss has its place in garden landscaping, if not in your lawn.


get the roots

Removing Blackberries Without HerbicidesIn some parts of the country wild blackberries can be very invasive, and difficult to get rid of without chemicals. This is a page about removing blackberries without herbicides.


Seedlings in a recycled plastic container.

Using Plastic Containers in the GardenAll sorts of plastic containers, tubs, and bottles have a place in your gardening activities. Use recycled bottles to add lightweight bulk to planters. Tubs and containers are useful for starting seedlings and as planters in their own right. Learn more about using plastic containers in the garden on this page.


stack of dirty flower pots on their side

Cleaning New and Used Flower Pots or PlantersIt is a good idea to clean both new and used pots before replanting them. New pots can have a chemical residue and previously used pots and planters may have salt deposits, diseases from previous plants, mold, fungus, insect eggs, or weed seeds.


Wood Burning in Fireplace

Uses for Fireplace AshesKeeping your fireplace ashes mostly cleaned out makes for better air circulation around your fire, This page is about uses for fireplace ashes.


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Removing Nandina Shrubs?Is there anything you can put on nandina bushes to kill them without having to dig them up? There are too many at our rental property. We have tried Epson salt, but that did not work, like we were told it would. Please help.


Plastic Plant Pots

Uses for Plastic Plant PotsThis is a page about uses for plastic plant pots. Many gardeners have a growing stack of plastic pots from the nursery in their garage or shed.


Photo taken staring up at a large willow tree.

Removing a Willow Tree?This page is about removing a willow tree. A tenacious, deciduous tree that thrives when lots of moisture is available.


Tomatoes with blossom end rot.

Dealing With Blossom End Rot on TomatoesThis is a page about dealing with blossom end rot on tomatoes. Blossom end rot is a common problem found in the garden on tomatoes and other garden produce. It is a sign of a calcium imbalance within the plant.


yellow and orange dahlias.

Staking DahliasThis is a page about staking dahlias. Large dahlia plants often require support for proper blooming.


colorful garden

Adding Color to Your GardenThis is a page about adding color to your garden. Adding color to a garden is easy enough to do. Choose flowering plants, shrubs, and grasses that provide interest and color throughout the growing seasons.


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Butterfly Bush Not Blooming?My butterfly bush is not blooming this year, why? I have the one with blooms that look like little purple butterflies. It's about six ft. tall and three ft. wide, healthy but no blooms


purple flower

What is This Flower? (Solanum Rantonnetii?)I recently bought a small bush tree and it produced this lovely purple flower with a small yellow center. Can anyone recognize it and tell me what it's called?


Esperanza (Tecoma Stans) Plant

Bumps on Esperanza (Tecoma stans) Plant...This is a page about bumps on esperanza (Tecoma stans) plant leaves. Bumps on the leaves of your experanza plant can be caused by a couple of different things.


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Pain from Stepping on Bougainvillea Thorns?I stepped on a bougainvillea thorn and it went though my shoe into my foot and hit the bone. A couple of days later I couldn't bend my toes, any pressure put on my foot was painful. It's been over a month and I still get swelling and numbness. How long will this last?


ground coffee

Using Coffee Grounds in the GardenThis page is about using coffee grounds in the garden. Coffee grounds are a great addition to the compost bin and can added directly on the soil for many acid loving plants.


Hollyhocks flower

Annuals and Biennials ExplainedThis page is about annuals and biennials explained. Knowing the difference between annual and biennial plants will help you get the most out of your garden.


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Effect of Epsom Salts on Worms and Ants in the Soil?How does Epsom salts affect worms, ants, etc. living in the soil?


A calla lily in a garden outside.

Planting a Calla Lily Outside?Depending on your planting zone you can grow calla lilies outside in the ground or in pots, which help prevent spread. This is a page about planting a calla lily outside.


Building a Frame for Dragon Fruit Tree - closeup of fruit

Building a Frame for a Dragon Fruit TreeThe dragon fruit grows on a vine, which requires support to protect the plant from stress as it grows in size and becomes laden with delicious fruit. This is a page offers one method for building a frame for a dragon fruit tree.


Growing Plants in Partial Shade

Growing Plants in Partial ShadeThis is a page about growing plants in partial shade. Most gardens have areas with varying light levels.


A garden path with flowers next to it.

Creating Your Own Botanical Garden During Shut DownThe year of 2020 will never be forgotten, with virtually no travel, separation from family, and many tourist attractions closed. It was time to focus more on what I have. I decided to make my garden more of a relaxation, tranquil, and fragrant place to hang out, during a time where going away wasn't really possible. I went with some upgrades to my garden, all the while this work was giving me a purpose, therapy of plantings and the great outdoors, that is free to enjoy. You can do this to the smallest area to a larger scale. This yard with blooms and birds among nature is the best healer during uncertain times. Now in 2021, the garden will always bring hope along with mother nature and the work that you put in and pays you back with garden life, that is relaxing and fragrant.


Open Bag Garden Items Are 50% Off - slightly damaged bags of mulch

Open Bag Garden Items Are 50% OffOften nurseries and big box garden centers will sell open bags of garden soil, mulch, etc. at a discount. It can be as much as 50% off. So if the open bag is not marked, check with a sales associate. There is generally not a lot of product missing; it is another good way to save on gardening supplies.


A pink rhododendron in bloom next to a white picket fence.

Choosing Acid Loving Garden PlantsChoosing garden plants that will thrive in your soil can help ensure a beautiful and successful gardening experience. If your soil is acidic, consider choosing from the acid loving suggestions offered below, including rhododendrons, azaleas, and more.


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Getting Free Flower Bulbs?Does anyone know where to get free flower bulbs? I live in Chumuckla Florida.


What Is this Egg Nest? - fibrous light colored bean shaped

What Is this Insect Egg Nest?What is this egg nest? I found it in the garden.


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Hibiscus Flower Petals Stuck Together?What is causing my hibiscus flowers to fold up like they are glued together?


Plants under a protective screen.

Protecting Garden PlantsYour garden plants may need protection from insects, too much sun, birds, wildlife, and more. Depending on the situation there are a variety of options discussed on this page.


A scoop of pine nuts next to two pinecones.

Removing the Seeds from a Pinecone?It can involve a lot of time when trying to remove seeds from a pine cone. The cone will need to be heated in order to cause it to open and release the seeds. Some tips follow.


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Starting Tomatoes in Coffee Cans

Starting Tomatoes in Coffee CansWhen starting tomato plants, I cut the bottom off of an empty Folger's coffee can. Then I poke some drain holes in the lid, put the lid on, and turn the can upside down. I fill the new pot with soil and plant my tomatoes. When they are ready to go into the garden I just take the lid off the bottom and the plant slides right out.


Use Spray Paint to Have a Choice in Planter Colors - closeup of pots

Use Spray Paint to Have a Choice in Planter ColorsI love pastels! The one problem I have is I cannot find planters in pastel colors. I can find white ones that sometimes work. While out looking for inexpensive planters I found the size and price that I loved. One problem, the color only came in black! Here's how I transformed them to more of a shabby chic look, just by using spray paint.


Open Bag Garden Items Are 50% Off - slightly damaged bags of mulch

Open Bag Garden Items Are 50% OffAt Home Depot - I know for wood if there is a defect and it'll be marked with the specific color for discount, but I didn't know that on open bagged items you get 50% off.


Cable Ties for Supporting Plants

Cable Ties for Supporting PlantsWhen garden plants start to produce, they need extra support. Cable ties are great. They come in many sizes and are inexpensive. You can tie them to a plant stake, another part of the plant, or a fence. At the end of the season, just cut them and dispose of.


Always Have Hope - Rescued Plant - blooming dark pink mum

Always Have Hope - Rescued PlantI rescued this plant from someone who was going to "trash it" after its first blooming. The plant was almost dead when I got it last year. I'm always trying to save things that other people have given up on or abandoned. After a summer of good care, this is the reward I got this fall.


Cause of Multiple Sunflowers on a Single Stalk

Cause of Multiple Sunflowers at the Top of a Single Stalk?I planted mammoth sunflower seeds and they turned out spectacular. The last few remaining blooms are on their last stages and I have one where the stalk's upper portion is enlarged and currently supporting 5 heads of flowers. Two are only 3/4 the size of the big ones and are opposite of each other. The 3 smaller ones are on top as the pictures show.


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Homemade Blackberry GlovesWe are constantly battling blackberries in our yard.


Removing BlackberriesTackling blackberries is a pain in more than one way.



Tomatoes Started Indoors Not Flowering

Tomatoes Started Indoors Not Flowering?This is the first time to start seeds indoors. Everything seemed to be going fine. I started 3 types of peppers on about 2/17. I also started tomatoes, the Campari variety that I get from Kroger/Meijer's, etc. They were about 12" high on 4/9, today they are 20" tall and spindly. There are no flowers and not all that many branches. Color is very light green, but not translucent, yet.


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Planting a Crown of Thorns in the Ground?If I'm planting a crown of thorns plant in the ground. Should I put some planter mix around it or just put it in the ground. What should I fertilize it with and how often?


Identifying Wild Flowers  - closeup of the flowers on clumping plant

Identifying Wild Flowers?These are some of the flowers I see on my social distancing walks in the neighborhood. Some of them I recognize more or less, but am hoping for more specific information.


Dividing a 30 Year Old Christmas Cactus? - large Christmas cactus on patio furniture

Dividing a 30 Year Old Christmas Cactus?I have a thirty year old red Christmas cactus which is so huge it is becoming difficult to keep in my home. I know I can take cuttings from leaves and have done so successfully many times, but can'I break up the main plant, it has three thick main branches. I would hate to kill it.


Hydrangeas Leaves Turned Brown - damaged leaves

Hydrangeas Leaves Turned Brown?I bought endless summer hydrangeas last week and the leaves turned brown. I'm not sure what happened. Is it because of the weather? The past days, it snowed and the temperature dropped to -2 degrees.


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Getting Rid of English Ivy?How do I permanently destroy English ivy on my trees and on the ground?


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