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Ideas and advice for gardening including composting, growing food, pest control, house plants, seeds, flowers, trees, birds, ponds and rockery and more. Also, how to save money on plants, fertilizer, pesticides, lawncare and irrigation.

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A pathway covered in sawdust.

Using Sawdust in Your GardenAdding sawdust to your garden can produce some benefits. This page is about using sawdust in your garden.


Hedge Apples

What Are Hedge Apples Good For?This is a page about what hedge apples are good for. The hedge apple or Osage orange may look like an orange but it is actually a member of the mulberry family. While many people claim that they are a good natural pest repellent, it is only in concentrated amounts that it is effective. It is generally not eaten by people or wildlife.


Close up of a poinsettia plant.

When Do you Bring a Poinsettia Inside for the Winter?Poinsettia plants can suffer cold damage once temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a page about, "When do you bring a poinsettia inside for the winter?".



Selling BambooThis is a page about selling bamboo. Bamboo is an evergreen tropical or temperate grass that grows easily and spreads quickly making it a good choice to grow as a money making enterprise. There are many products made from bamboo.


Uses for Sweet Gum Balls

Uses for Sweet Gum BallsThose spiny balls, seed pods, dropped by your sweet gum tree can actually be put to good use. This is a page about uses for sweet gum balls.


wisteria on chainlink fence

Dressing up a Chain Link FenceThis is a page about dressing up a chain link fence. Although not considered attractive, chain link fences are very durable and are often found on older properties.


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Storing Used Coffee Grounds Until Spring?I have been saving used coffee grounds for the garden. However, we live in the Midwest, so I need to store them until Spring. How do I store them so they don't get moldy?


Photo of a beautiful garden on a sloped hill.

Gardening on SlopesThis page is about gardening on slopes. Planting on an incline requires some planning to make sure your plants will thrive.


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Is Cypress Mulch Safe for Dogs?We have six dogs and my yard has a lot of trees with half dirt and half grass. I just bought cypress mulch to go on the dirt but someone said it was harmful to the dogs. Is this true and can you give me some dog friendly suggestions for the yard?


ground coffee

Using Coffee Grounds in the GardenThis page is about using coffee grounds in the garden. Coffee grounds are a great addition to the compost bin and can added directly on the soil for many acid loving plants.


pine trees

Plants and Flowers That Will Grow Under Pine TreesWhen looking for plants to grow under pine trees there are several considerations to keep in mind. This is a page about plants and flowers that will grow under pine trees.


Easter Lilies

Caring for Potted Easter LiliesIf you purchased or received a potted Easter lily as a gift, you may be wondering how to care for it now. This is a page about caring for potted Easter lilies.



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How to Kill a Passionfruit Vine?We have a tiny backyard and decided to grow a passionfruit vine on a arch. It grew like wild fire and everyday for the last 3 years I have pulled out passionfruit suckers from our garden. It has taken over a third of our garden and we set fire to the vine on the arch and pulled out the root. That was a month ago and we have more suckers than ever. My husband put weed killer directly onto each sucker but more are coming everyday. Please help we are desperate. We live in Australia with hot weather and we never once fed or tended this plant. Melinda from Australia


Place Empty Bottles in Garden Pot - planter with plastic bottles in bottom

Fill Planters With Plastic BottlesTo save money on filler dirt for you potted plants, use plastic bottles to fill up the extra space. This is a page about filling planters with plastic bottles.


A large willow tree.

Solutions for a Willow Tree Planted Too Close to a...This page is about solutions for a willow tree planted too close to a home. These trees can create problems when planted too close to a structure or plumbing.


Small aloe plant in a green pot.

How to Give an Aloe Plant as a GiftAloe vera is a great plant for gifting due to its growth of new baby plants. Potting the pups in their own containers provides new plants for your home or to gift to friends and family. This is a page about how to give an aloe plant as a gift.


Utility pole in a residential area.

Disguising a Utility PoleThis is a page about disguising a utility pole. Utility poles on your property can be unsightly. If it is legal you can use tall plantings and other garden options such as a trellis to hide the pole.


Hibiscus Flower

Getting Hibiscus Flowers to BloomThis is a page about getting hibiscus flowers to bloom. Hibiscus is a beautiful tropical plant that with proper care can bloom year round.


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Where Can I Buy Episcias?I would like to know where you can buy Episcias, a good nursery that have good plants.


Plastic Flower Pots

Painting Plastic Flower PotsThis is a page about painting plastic flower pots. You can brighten up your potted plants and give new life to faded plastic pots by painting them.


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Avocado Seeds Not Sprouting?Any ideas why my avocado seeds that I have had in water now for 2 months still aren't sprouting, I have them suspended pointed side down. Also, what other plants can you grow using fresh vegtables or fruits?


Crepe Myrtle Not Blooming

Crepe Myrtle Not BloomingThis page is about crepe myrtle not blooming. Crepe myrtle likes full sun, but in drought conditions or even when it's rainy, the flowering may be delayed.


Wood Burning in Fireplace

Uses for Fireplace AshesKeeping your fireplace ashes mostly cleaned out makes for better air circulation around your fire, This page is about uses for fireplace ashes.


burning coal

Using Coal Ashes in Your Yard and Garden?This page is about using coal ashes in your yard and garden. Wood ashes can be beneficial to some plants, but coal ashes generally are not recommended.


Elephant Ear Plant

Wintering an Elephant Ear Plant?This is a page about wintering an elephant ear plant. There are a couple of easy ways to overwinter your elephant ear plant.


Close up of clasped hands with dirt imbedded under the fingernails

Preventing Dirt From Getting Under Your...This is a page about preventing dirt from getting under your fingernails. Even if you wear gardening gloves, dirt often gets under your nails as you work.



A mini blind slat with the plant name written on the top.

Using Mini Blinds for Plant MarkersWorn out mini blinds can be repurposed and used for garden and plant markers. This is a page about vinyl blinds for plant markers.


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Can you use shredded paper as media to grow plants?Can you use shredded paper as media to grow plants?


Plant Hardiness Zones

USDA Plant Hardiness ZonesThis page is about USDA plant hardiness zones. Understanding the difference in growing zones can help you make good choices when planting and maintaining your yard and garden.


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Ants In My Worm Farm?I have a worm farm that is being invaded by little black ants. I was wondering if there was a safe way to get rid of the ants without killing the worms.


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Bees Destroying My Grapes?Help please. The bees have invaded our grapes and are destroying them. The vines are so full of all kinds of bees eating my fruit. What can I do?


Open Bag Garden Items Are 50% Off - slightly damaged bags of mulch

Open Bag Garden Items Are 50% OffOften nurseries and big box garden centers will sell open bags of garden soil, mulch, etc. at a discount. It can be as much as 50% off. So if the open bag is not marked, check with a sales associate. There is generally not a lot of product missing; it is another good way to save on gardening supplies.


A pink rhododendron in bloom next to a white picket fence.

Choosing Acid Loving Garden PlantsChoosing garden plants that will thrive in your soil can help ensure a beautiful and successful gardening experience. If your soil is acidic, consider choosing from the acid loving suggestions offered below, including rhododendrons, azaleas, and more.


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Getting Free Flower Bulbs?Does anyone know where to get free flower bulbs? I live in Chumuckla Florida.


What Is this Egg Nest? - fibrous light colored bean shaped

What Is this Insect Egg Nest?What is this egg nest? I found it in the garden.


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Hibiscus Flower Petals Stuck Together?What is causing my hibiscus flowers to fold up like they are glued together?


Plants under a protective screen.

Protecting Garden PlantsYour garden plants may need protection from insects, too much sun, birds, wildlife, and more. Depending on the situation there are a variety of options discussed on this page.


A scoop of pine nuts next to two pinecones.

Removing the Seeds from a Pinecone?It can involve a lot of time when trying to remove seeds from a pine cone. The cone will need to be heated in order to cause it to open and release the seeds. Some tips follow.


Identifying Wild Flowers  - closeup of the flowers on clumping plant

Identifying Wild Flowers?These are some of the flowers I see on my social distancing walks in the neighborhood. Some of them I recognize more or less, but am hoping for more specific information.


A pet's grave in a backyard.

Burying a Dead Animal Near a Vegetable Garden?There are mixed views and potential local ordinances that can affect where it is OK to bury a dead animal in your yard and more specifically near a vegetable garden. If allowed in your area be sure to dig a deep hole for the burial. Read on for more details.


Use Old Storage Racks In Your Garden - plants in pots on metal shelves

Use Old Storage Racks In Your GardenHaving shelving to display potted garden plants is easily done. Repurpose some of the racks and shelves you may have been using in your garage, or look for some at a garage sale.



Clearance Plants

Saving Rescued or Clearance PlantsRescued or clearance plants are easy to come by at your local big box stores, nursery, and sometimes from neighbors. If you can identify it, read up on growing requirements, otherwise use your best judgement and some TLC. Several accounts of successful clearance plant revivals follow.


Seedlings in a recycled plastic container.

Using Plastic Containers in the GardenAll sorts of plastic containers, tubs, and bottles have a place in your gardening activities. Use recycled bottles to add lightweight bulk to planters. Tubs and containers are useful for starting seedlings and as planters in their own right. Learn more about using plastic containers in the garden on this page.


A French drain in a backyard.

Planting Over a French Drain Pipe?In order to not damage your french drain pipes, you will want to select plants with shallow roots. This page offers some advice about planting over a french drain pipe.


PVC Pipe as Garden Support/Stake - PVC tree supports

Using PVC Pipe as Garden Support StakesThere are a variety of materials that can be used to support your garden plants. Whether you need to tie up a tree, shrub, or large flowering plant consider using pieces of PVC pipe. They are durable and can easily be cut to the length you need.


Free Flower Pots at Lowe's Garden Center - shelves with plastic pots

Finding Free Pots At Garden CentersIf you are looking for free pots, check with the garden center at your local hardware store.


seeds on table

Hybrids and Heirlooms ExplainedWhen shopping for garden plants, it can be confusing to know whether hybrid or heirloom varieties will be best. Both have advantages and disadvantages so a combination will suit most gardens best.


kitchen products for the garden

25 Garden Solutions from the Kitchen, Bath and LaundryIt can be surprising to learn how many things you already have around the house, that can be helpful in your yard and garden. This is a page about 25 garden solutions from the kitchen, bath and laundry.


Building a Frame for Dragon Fruit Tree - closeup of fruit

Building a Frame for a Dragon Fruit TreeThe dragon fruit grows on a vine, which requires support to protect the plant from stress as it grows in size and becomes laden with delicious fruit. This is a page offers one method for building a frame for a dragon fruit tree.


An eggshell growing a seedling in the garden.

Eggshells for Your GardenThere are several good reasons to add egg shells to your garden. They provide nutrients, deter snails, slugs, and cutworms. They can also be helpful as a calcium supplement, if you raise laying hens. This is a page about eggshells for your garden.


Puppy in a flower bed.

Creating Flower Beds Where a Dog Previously Peed and Pooped?The first step in this process is to retrain the dog to use a new spot. Make sure all solids are removed. You can add a bit of dish soap and water to the soil to help remove and dilute urine. Turn the soil to aerate. Time is your friend. This is a page about creating flower beds where a dog previously peed and pooped.


Close-up view of the iron wire supporting the vine plant.

Make a Trellis Out of an Old Box SpringThere are so many reusable and repurposable items that can be incorporated into your garden as decorations or as functional items such as a trellis. This page contains some ideas about how to make a trellis out of an old box spring.


Flowering plants at a nursery.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Bedding PlantsWe have all made some errors of judgment when plant shopping. Common issues for the gardener are shopping without planning, buying more plants than can easily be planted, or falling in love with a plant not recommended for your growing zone. This is a page about 5 mistakes to avoid when shopping for bedding plants.


Vegetable Garden Growing Young Swiss Chard and Herbs.

Growing Vegetables in the ShadeWhile typically a vegetable garden is placed in a nice sunny location, there are a good number of veggies, herbs, and fruits (namely berries) that can be grown in partial shade. This is a page about growing vegetables in the shade.


Garden flowers for sale.

Transplanting Bedding PlantsBedding plants typically include annual or tender perennial flowers and some veggies. Choose healthy plants that are about to bloom and plant them as soon as possible. Plant them in a carefully prepared garden spot and keep well watered until they adjust to their new home.


pile of books in garden.

5 Great Books for GardenersThere are many good books for gardeners. Everyone has their own special favorites. Keeping up with the latest tips and science of gardening is interesting and can certainly help improve your garden. This is a page about 5 great books for gardeners.


The bottom leaves on a sunflower sprout wilting.

Bottom Leaves on Sunflower Sprout Wilting?Too much water and/or not enough sun are the two main culprits in this situation. This is a page about bottom leaves on sunflower sprout wilting.


Umbrella in the rain.

Saving Your Garden from Torrential RainUnexpected heavy rainfall can cause destruction in your garden. Read the solution in this page for an idea of how to save your garden in such a situation. This is a page about saving your garden from torrential rain.


Honeysuckle flowers on tree

Caring for a Honeysuckle?Honeysuckle plants are available in a variety of colors and configurations, from the traditional vine to plants that have been trained as small trees AKA grown as standards. These plants like sun, generally tolerate most soil types and may need a bit of fertilizer such as green tea if they seem a bit puny or sickly. The vines need support. This is a page about caring for a honeysuckle.


Sweet Gum Tree with sun shining through leaves

Do Sweet Gum Trees Weep Sap?This is a page about, "Do sweet gum trees weep sap?". Sweet gum trees do not weep sap, however the trees may have aphids and they can drip honeydew on you, your car, or patio.


Lots of potted plants in large planters filled with tulips and daffodils.

Using Plants to Hide Unattractive ItemsThis is a page about use plants to hide unattractive items. Strategically placed plantings can help hide unattractive outdoor items, such as stored items, temporary structures, garden tools, and more.


Woman on a ladder next to a shrubbery.

Ladder Safety Tips For GardenersLadders are frequently used by gardeners and homeowners for other outdoor maintenance activities. To maximize your safety choose the best type of ladder for the task and then follow the instructions for how to use it safely. This is a page about ladder safety for gardeners.


Tree stump in a yard.

Planting After Removing Pine Trees?The soil where the pine trees grew will be acidic. Acid soil loving plants such as blueberries and azaleas could go right in. If you have other plants in mind a pH test is probably in order. This is a page about planting after removing pine trees.


Bottle Propagator - plastic bottle with sage cuttings

How to Make a Plastic Bottle PropagatorThis is a page about making a plastic bottle propagator. A plastic drink bottle can easily be converted into a mini greenhouse for small plants and cuttings. Save your next empty drink bottle and give it a try.


Small Greenhouse

Planning an Inexpensive GreenhouseThis is a page about planning an inexpensive greenhouse. Having your own greenhouse can drastically change the things you can grow. While you can spend a fortune on a greenhouse, you don't have to. Here are a bunch of tips for saving money when building a greenhouse.


Spider Plants Outdoors

Can a Spider Plant Survive Winter Outdoors?While spider plants can generally spend the spring, summer, and early fall outside, surviving through the winter is less assured. Considerations such as lowest temperatures in your area, winter protection, and more can help predict their success outside during the colder months. This is a page about, "Can a spider plant survive winter outdoors?".


Couple Tending and Watering in their Garden

Tending Your GardenThere is more to gardening than simply planting your tomatoes or veggies. Tending the garden means paying attention to the needs of the garden, supplement with water when it is dry, enrich poor soil, and check your garden routinely to ensure that it is healthy and happy. This is a page about tending your garden.


Wisteria Vines

Wisteria Vines Won't FlowerThis is a page about wisteria vines not flowering. Wisteria are known for their fragrant, clumps of flowers. If your vines are not producing flowers, here are some tips to increase their blooms.


Thorny Branch

Picking Up Thorny BranchesWhen working in your garden and pruning, you may need to collect up thorny branches, such as rose bush trimmings. There are several ways you can protect against being stuck. Gloves help, but a creative solution is to use a pooper scooper. This is a page about picking up thorny branches.


Bamboo Stalks

Buying Bamboo Plants?This is a page about buying bamboo plants. It is important to know what variety you are buying and to find it for a good price. Here is some information about buying bamboo.


Child and Teacher in School Garden

Starting a School Gardening Project?This is a page about starting a school gardening project. Planting a school garden is a great hands on way to teach children about growing and caring for plants. Here are some tips and plant suggestions.


Woman With Summer Squash Harvest

Summer Squash Not Growing Large?If your squash is producing smaller fruit it can be the result of a number of things, such as watering, fertilizers used, the variety planted, and more. Trial and error may help determine the cause. This is a page about what to do when summer squash is not growing large.


Banana and Tea on a wood surface.

Banana and Tea for Watering Your PlantsPut banana peels and tea bags in water overnight, and use this water as a pick me up for your plants. This is a page about banana and tea for your plants.


Turkey Baster To Transfer Garden Chemicals - turkey baster and garden chemicals in containers

Using Bulk Herbicides and PesticidesSometimes the cost and scope of a garden weeding and planting project may require the purchase of bulk garden chemicals. Working with large containers of herbicides, fertilizers, or other chemicals can be awkward. This is a page about using bulk herbicides and pesticides


The Long Awaited Wisteria Bloom

Growing Wisteria as a StandardGrowing a vining plant such as wisteria as a standard, means training it to develop a more treelike form. This is a page about growing wisteria as a standard.


Watering using a house and sprayer on a sunny day.

The Surprising Facts Behind 10 Gardening MythsSome gardening tips get passed on from person to person and even through generations although they are really myths. Learn about the surprising facts behind 10 gardening myths.


A melon plant with a yellow blossom.

Hand Pollinating Melons?By using a small art brush you can pollinate your own melon vines, if the bees are not available for the job. This is a page about hand pollinating melons.


Gardenia plant.

Leaves on Gardenia Turning BrownWhen plants are in pots, they can become root bound and may need new soil and a larger pot. This is a page about leaves on gardenia turning brown.


A gardenia bud, not blooming.

Gardenia Not BloomingEncouraging a potted gardenia to bloom may require giving it some acidic fertilizer. This is a page about gardenia not blooming.


plant rows

Gardening in Small SpacesTo maximize yield in your garden, using your space efficiently is the best way to accomplish this. Gardening in small spaces doesn't have to mean small yields too.


Urban gardening

10 Tips for Urban GardeningLiving in the city can impact how much gardening you can do. Here are 10 tips for urban gardening.


Hummingbird Vine

Wintering Hummingbird VinesIn some climate zones, hummingbird vines die back during the winter. Here are some ideas about overwintering hummingbird vines.


A red canna lily.

Canna Lily Leaves Are Ripped?If the leaves on your cannas are ripped, one reason may be insufficient watering. This is a page about why canna lily leaves are ripped.


Woman Buying Plants at Garden Store

Buying Plants Tips and TricksThere are several good practices for buying plants, such as keeping receipts for replacements, buying discounted plants, and making sure the plants you choose are the best choice for your garden. This is a page about buying plants tips and tricks.


tomato suckers

How to Remove Tomato SuckersUse your fingers to quickly and easily remove these suckers before they start to compete with the main plant for nutrients. This is a page about how to remove tomato suckers.


Old Panty Hose

Use Old Panty Hose to Tie Up PlantsCut up your old panty hose into strips and use them to tie up your veggie and garden plants. This is a page about use old panty hose to tie up plants.


Patch of Stinging Nettles

Killing Stinging NettlesStinging nettles can be a nuisance to have in the garden. Killing them off may be the best answer if you can't keep their growth at bay. This is a page about killing stinging nettles.


A plastic zipper bag with a seedling inside.

Using Plastic Zipper Bags as Mini GreenhousePlastic zip-lock bags make perfect little greenhouses for starts and seeds. This is a page about using plastic zipper bags as a mini greenhouse.


Two goldfish in a tank with green plants.

Uses for Fish Tank WaterAquarium water contains a lot of nutrients that if used to water plants can provide natural fertilizer. This is a page about uses for fish tank water.


Woman Spraying Insecticide on plants

The Right Way To Spray Insecticides and FungicidesWhen used incorrectly, even solutions made from common household ingredients can damage beneficial organisms and the environment. This is a page about the right way to spray insecticides and fungicides.


closeup of zip tied plant

Use Zip Ties to Support PlantsZip ties can be a good temporary method of supporting plants that you are trying to train or that have heavy blooms. This is a page about use zip ties to support plants.


Plants with cord wrapped around stem and bamboo stake.

Using Telephone Receiver Cord to Tie Up PlantsDo you have some old telephones in your basement or garage waiting until you can find a use for them? Well this page will help with the cords. This is a page about using telephone receiver cord to tie up plants.


A garden bed of orange colored Black-Eyed Susan flowers in bloom.

Drought, Heat, and Cold Tolerant Plants?Oe of the best ways to choose plants for your garden that tolerate, drought, heat, and cold is to go with natives. This is a page about drought, heat, and cold tolerant plants.


A rose arbor over a path to a botanical garden.

5 Great Reasons to Visit a Botanical GardenBotanical gardens are beautiful places to visit to see rare and unusual plants. Additionally they have specimens from other areas not native in your locale. This is a page about five great reasons to visit a botanical garden.


A hosta with the leaves eaten.

Deer Eating My Hosta Leaves?Deer love to browse in our gardens. If your hosta was part of their recent smorgasbord your plant can recover. This is a page about deer eating my hosta leaves.


Growing Tree Form Honeysuckle

Growing a Honeysuckle as TreeSeveral vining plants, such as honeysuckle and wisteria, are often trained to grow more like a small tree. This is a page about growing honeysuckle as tree.


A garden trellis with flowers growing in it.

Choosing the Right TrellisWhen choosing a trellis, select one that complements your garden and is also made of appropriate materials and designed to provide the best support for the plant that it will support. This is a page about choosing the right trellis.


A calla lily in a garden outside.

Planting a Calla Lily Outside?Depending on your planting zone you can grow calla lilies outside in the ground or in pots, which help prevent spread. This is a page about planting a calla lily outside.


A mole sticking its head out of a mound in a yard.

What is Living Down the Hole in My Garden?Holes in your garden can be the home for a number of ground dwelling animals, such as moles, gophers, and other small mammals. Snakes also create underground tunnels. This is a page about, "What is living down the hole in my garden?".


A shoot from a honeysuckle bush.

Honeysuckle Bush Shoots?Early fall side shoots on a honeysuckle bush are the result of an infestation by wooly aphids. This is a page about honeysuckle bush shoots.


A creeping charlie with a purple flower.

What is This Plant? Creeping CharlieCreeping charlie love it or hate it is also commonly known as ground ivy. It is a low growing, spreading plant that can be quite invasive, although some gardeners use it as ground cover for this very reason. This is a page about, "What is this plant?" (creeping charlie).


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Use Old Storage Racks In Your Garden - plants in pots on metal shelves

Use Old Storage Racks In Your GardenEveryone has old shelves and racks that they have bought to use in their garage. From time to time the racks get old and you replace them with new ones. Instead of throwing them away use them in your garden. The racks in the garden will give you more space for your plants. You can arrange the racks at the back of your garden next to the fence. This way you have plenty of room to add your plants.


Use Spray Paint to Have a Choice in Planter Colors - closeup of pots

Use Spray Paint to Have a Choice in Planter ColorsI love pastels! The one problem I have is I cannot find planters in pastel colors. I can find white ones that sometimes work. While out looking for inexpensive planters I found the size and price that I loved. One problem, the color only came in black! Here's how I transformed them to more of a shabby chic look, just by using spray paint.


Cable Ties for Supporting Plants

Cable Ties for Supporting PlantsWhen garden plants start to produce, they need extra support. Cable ties are great. They come in many sizes and are inexpensive. You can tie them to a plant stake, another part of the plant, or a fence. At the end of the season, just cut them and dispose of.


Cause of Multiple Sunflowers on a Single Stalk

Cause of Multiple Sunflowers at the Top of a Single Stalk?I planted mammoth sunflower seeds and they turned out spectacular. The last few remaining blooms are on their last stages and I have one where the stalk's upper portion is enlarged and currently supporting 5 heads of flowers. Two are only 3/4 the size of the big ones and are opposite of each other. The 3 smaller ones are on top as the pictures show.


Open Bag Garden Items Are 50% Off - slightly damaged bags of mulch

Open Bag Garden Items Are 50% OffAt Home Depot - I know for wood if there is a defect and it'll be marked with the specific color for discount, but I didn't know that on open bagged items you get 50% off.


Starting Tomatoes in Coffee Cans

Starting Tomatoes in Coffee CansWhen starting tomato plants, I cut the bottom off of an empty Folger's coffee can. Then I poke some drain holes in the lid, put the lid on, and turn the can upside down. I fill the new pot with soil and plant my tomatoes. When they are ready to go into the garden I just take the lid off the bottom and the plant slides right out.


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Removing BlackberriesTackling blackberries is a pain in more than one way.


Homemade Blackberry GlovesWe are constantly battling blackberries in our yard.



Dividing a 30 Year Old Christmas Cactus? - large Christmas cactus on patio furniture

Dividing a 30 Year Old Christmas Cactus?I have a thirty year old red Christmas cactus which is so huge it is becoming difficult to keep in my home. I know I can take cuttings from leaves and have done so successfully many times, but can'I break up the main plant, it has three thick main branches. I would hate to kill it.


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Removing the Seeds from a Pinecone?I heard you had to burn a pinecone in a fire to get seeds.


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Getting Rid of English Ivy?How do I permanently destroy English ivy on my trees and on the ground?


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Planting a Crown of Thorns in the Ground?If I'm planting a crown of thorns plant in the ground. Should I put some planter mix around it or just put it in the ground. What should I fertilize it with and how often?


Tomatoes Started Indoors Not Flowering

Tomatoes Started Indoors Not Flowering?This is the first time to start seeds indoors. Everything seemed to be going fine. I started 3 types of peppers on about 2/17. I also started tomatoes, the Campari variety that I get from Kroger/Meijer's, etc. They were about 12" high on 4/9, today they are 20" tall and spindly. There are no flowers and not all that many branches. Color is very light green, but not translucent, yet.


Hydrangeas Leaves Turned Brown - damaged leaves

Hydrangeas Leaves Turned Brown?I bought endless summer hydrangeas last week and the leaves turned brown. I'm not sure what happened. Is it because of the weather? The past days, it snowed and the temperature dropped to -2 degrees.


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