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This page contains photos, tips, and advice about growing flowers.

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Co-joined Rudbeckia Flower

Photos of Flowers Exhibiting FasciationThis is a page about photos of flowers exhibiting fasciation. These unusual double flowers are rare and probably will grow normally the next year.


Hydrangea Not Blooming

Hydrangea Not BloomingThis page is about hydrangea not blooming. Determining why your plant is not blooming can be a mystery.


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Lilacs Love Eggshells?When do you put the eggshells on the lilac bushes? Should i mix it in the soil around the base?


Hydrangea Flowers Have No Color?My hydrangea has no color. The flowers are the same as leaves. Why? I have lovely blue flowers all spring then blah!


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Plumeria Not Blooming?I have a Plumeria that did not bloom this year, 2008. It is planted in the ground, about 6 ft. tall and has branched into 2 branches. It has lots of leaves but no blooms.


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Will Marigolds Re-seed?Do marigolds die in winter?


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Planting Marigolds for a Science Fair Project?I like marigolds and I'm planting one for my science fair project. I don't know what to do though! Can someone please give me some helpful hints?


canna lily in pot

My Canna Lily Did Not Bloom This Year?Make sure that your canna lilies get enough sun, the right amount of water, and the right kind of fertilizer to produce blooms. This is a page helps solve why canna lilies are not blooming.


A flowering succulent.

What is This Flower? (Autumn Joy Sedum)What is this? It is loaded with flies and butterflies constantly, and I mean loaded! Thanks.


Bleeding Heart

Growing Bleeding HeartIt's easy to see how the bleeding heart plant got its name. This page is about how to care for bleeding heart flowering plants.


Growing Sunflowers

Growing SunflowersThis is a page about growing sunflowers. Sunflowers are beautiful, easy to grow, and attract many kinds of birds to the garden.


Trumpet vines with orange flower.

Getting Rid Of Trumpet VinesTrumpet vines can spread quickly in your yard. Pulling up new shoots early in the spring is the best way to keep them in check. This is a page about getting rid of trumpet vines.



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Getting Rid Of Iris Flowers?How do I get rid of Iris flowers? I have dug them up and ripped them out and they keep coming back. I am new at this gardening stuff and need help.


Yellow and orange potted chrysanthemums

How To Keep Your Potted Mums Looking FreshChrysanthemums look best when the old blossoms are deadheaded and pruned away. This page tells you how to keep your potted mums looking fresh.


Cut flowers in a vase.

Cut Flower Preservative RecipesThis is a page about cut flower preservation recipes. When you buy cut flowers they often come with a packet of preserver to add to the water. If displaying flowers from your garden you can make your own, using products found in your home.


closeup of pink flower

Growing AchimenesThis is a page about growing achimenes. A flowering tuber that is easy to grow, partially shaded in a well drained, loose soil that is rich in organic matter. This plant can be propagated in a variety of ways.


Fuchsia Blooms

Growing FuchsiasThis is a page about growing fuchsias. There is a wide variety of fuchsia plants, including those often grown as annuals and hardy types you can plant in your garden. All have lovely blooms and can attract hummingbirds to your garden.


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Do Morning Glory Blooms Open Multiple Times?How many times does a morning glory flower bloom? I have one that has just one flower on it, and it opened just once. The next afternoon it fell off. Then I had one open yesterday morning, and now today it's not open. Am I doing something wrong, or does each flower only open once?


Datura Angel Trumpet

Growing Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia)This is a page about growing angel trumpet. Angel's trumpet is a member of the genus brugmansia, although it is sometimes linked to datura, a genus in the same family. It is prized for its large fragrant, trumpet shaped, hanging flowers.


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Will Calla Lilies Grow In The Blue Mountains?Will Calla Lilies grow in the blue mountains?


Close up of maroon Chrysanthemums

When Should I Prune My Mums?Mums are a perennial favorite in many flower gardens, having blooms late into the fall and even winter. Regular pruning ensures seasons of beauty. If you are wondering when you should prune your chrysanthemums, this is the guide for you.


Sansevieria cylindrica with colorful tips.

What Is This Houseplant? (African Spear, Sansevieria Cylindrica)Africa spear (Sansevieria cylindrica) is a succulent from Angola with smooth round leaves that are grey green in color. If grown in a location with enough light they can produce a three foot spikelike raceme with white flowers. This is a page about identifying Sansevieria cylindrica.


Red Flower Mandevilla

Growing MandevillaThis is a page about growing mandevilla. These viney tropical flowers, commonly know as rocktrumpet, will add a lovely splash of color to your summertime garden.


Purple Morning Glory

Growing Morning GloryThis page is about growing morning glory. Morning glory is the name applied to many species of flowering plants that are suitable for different garden applications.


Growing Hollyhock

Growing HollyhockThis is a page to growing hollyhock. These biennials are easy and fun to grow.


Repotting Orchid

Repotting OrchidsThis is a page to repotting orchids. Orchids require a lot of care and attention, but the gorgeous blooms are worth the effort. Repotting orchids is a necessary maintenance task to keep those lovely flowers blooming.


Stems on Giant Sunflowers Always Break Before Blooming?I love sunflowers and love to grow them, but right before they bloom the stem breaks and they are left hanging or drop to the ground. I don't get the chance to enjoy their lovely blooms, what could it be?




Chrysanthemums Turning Brown?This is a page about chrysanthemums turning brown. Mums are beautiful annuals that many people enjoy to plant in both containers and in the ground. Here are some tips about caring for them and keeping them looking their best.


Close-up of moss and leaves in garden bed

Home Remedies for Moss Control in Flower Beds?Although moss is lovely to look at when you are walking through the woods or visiting an old stone wall or building, it is less desirable in our garden beds. This is a page about home remedies for moss control in flower beds.


Closeup of lily-of-the-valley flowers against green of leaves and blue sky.

Growing Lily-of-the-ValleyThis is a page about growing lily-of-the-valley. Lily-of-the-valley can be a great choice to use as a ground cover. These delicate little white flowers also grow quite well in shade gardens and have a lovely fragrance.


lupine in yard

Growing LupineThis is a page about growing lupine. Lupine produce beautiful flowers on tall spikes making them a good background choice for your flower garden.


A pink peony in bloom.

Sharing A Peony PictureI call the Peony 'The Mother's Day Flower'. That's because most people who grow them hope they are in bloom on Mother's Day and are thrilled when they are.


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Cut Roses Not Opening?I received a dozen red roses and for one week they stayed closed. I thought they would finally open but 8 days later they are showing black edges and don't appear to be opening. Does anyone know why this would occur?


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Geranium Not Flowering?I have a gigantic geranium, but it isn't flowering. The foliage is huge and healthy, but no flowers. What kind of fertilizer? or does it need it?


A pair of puppy clippers next to a pair of kitchen shears.

Dog Nail Cutters for Flower StemsI've tried all types of scissors including the ones that are for metal, cardboard, etc., those heavy duty kitchen scissors but I've never tried my stainless steel puppy nail cutters. They are absolutely hands-down the easiest. The blade doesn't slide off the stem. It gives a nice even cut, which is better for the flowers.


A bouquet of Texas bluebells in a vase.

Texas BluebellsHere are photos of a few Texas Bluebells, a wildflower that grows every year in our front yard. Please know that I do NOT pick them, but this one had broken off, so I brought it inside. I want to let as many of them go to seed as possible.


A field of brightly colored zinnias.

Zinnia PhotosZinnias are originally from Mexico and the surrounding area. They are related to the sunflower and daisy. These bright flowers grow well as an annual and are prized by many gardeners across the world.


Tropical bird of paradise in bloom.

Bird of Paradise Flower PhotosThis is a picture of my sweet little granddaughter Cambria taken about five years ago just before they moved from Arizona to Idaho. Her outfit and her hairbow match the beautiful colors of nature right in our own front yard's Bird of Paradise bush! This was a fun moment to capture.


A garden bed of cheerful white daisies with yellow centers.

Growing DaisiesDaisies are a perennial favorite as both a wildflower and in gardens. These old fashioned flowers come in many varieties and colors from all across the world.


What Type of Flower Is This? - large 5 petal flower

What Type of Flower Is This?Can anyone tell me what type of flower this is?


A rosebud geranium in bloom.

What Kind of Geranium Is This? (Rosebud)The blooms of the Apple blossom rosebud geranium form clusters of densely packed rose shaped flowers in several colors including pink, pink and white, red and more. It is a member of the genus Pelargonium which contains 200 species of flowering plants including perennials, succulents, and shrubs, some of which are know as geraniums.


A beautiful bunch of flowers for Mother's Day.

Use Sprite to Preserve Cut FlowersSprite, 7Up, or other citrus based sodas help extend the freshness of cut flowers. The acid from the citrus improves the uptake of water keeping them hydrated and the sugar adds a food source. So use full-on citrus soda, not diet, and enjoy that bouquet longer.



Ants on Peony Blossoms.

Benefits of Ants on Peony BlossomsSugar ants enjoy the sap on the peony flower buds and allow the blooms to open easily. This page is about benefits of ants on peony blossoms.


Closeup of a pink Hollyhock.

Hollyhock PhotosThis page contains hollyhock photos. Hollyhocks are a popular garden ornamental with beautiful flowers that grow on a single stalk.


Geum flowers in a field

Growing Geum (Avens)Geum is a perennial with delicate and airy blooms. Also known as Avans, these hardy plants come in a variety of bright colors.


A garden bed full of yellow and white meadowfoam blooms.

Growing MeadowfoamThese pretty flowers are also known by their scientific names: Limnathes douglasii and Limnathes alba. This is a page about growing meadowfoam.


Dog Nail Clippers

Uses for Dog Nail ClippersOne alternate use for dog nail clippers is to trim the stems of fresh flowers when changing the water. This is a page about uses for dog nail clippers.


A rose bush that has fallen.

Giant Rose Bush Has Fallen?Rose bushes and trees should be pruned annually to maintain their shape and generate new blooms for the next year. However, too many heavy blooms can cause them to list or even fall over. If your giant rose bush has fallen you may need to prop it up until it is time to prune it back.


Yellow Daffodils

Daffodil PhotosThis page contains photos of daffodils. Although we may be most familiar with the bright, sunny daffodil variety there are many lovely sizes and colors of this easy to grow bulb.


Pink peony flowers.

10 Perennials for a Variety of UsesPerennials can be used in numerous ways to keep your yard colorful throughout the year. This is a page about 10 perennials for a variety of uses.


A sick hibiscus plant.

Hibiscus Losing LeavesIf your hibiscus is losing leaves, it may be stressed from disease or parasites. This is a page about hibiscus losing leaves.


Golden Angel's Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet PhotosThese pendulous fragrant flowers make an interesting addition to a garden. This is a page about angel's trumpet photos.


Snow Trillium

Growing Snow Trillium (Wake-Robin)Snow trillium can be a fragile plant to get started, but if you can give it a good foothold it will be a lovely flower to enjoy in your yard for years to come. This is a page about growing snow trillium (Wake-Robin).


Marigold Flowers

Using Marigolds to Control Bugs on Your Tomato PlantsMarigold flowers have many effective natural pesticides that can be beneficial around your garden. This is a page about using marigolds to control bugs on your tomato plants.


Cutting Flower Stems

Conditioning Cut Flowers for Lasting ArrangementsCut flower arrangements will not last forever, but there are steps you can take to increase their longevity. This is a page about conditioning cut flowers for lasting arrangements.


Two purple clematis blossoms growing outside.

Clematis PhotosClematis is a beautiful vine flower the comes in a variety of colors. This page contains clematis photos.


Strawflower in bloom in a garden.

What is This Plant? StrawflowerThe strawflower is a drought tolerant, sun loving plant with long-lasting flowers in an array of colors including red, orange, pink, purple yellow, and white. This is a page about, "What is this plant?" (Strawflower)


Red Rose covered in snow.

Protecting Roses in WinterRoses are a very hearty flower but might need some protection from harsh winters. This is a page about methods for protecting roses in winter.


A hanging basket with petunias in it.

Cheap Hanging Basket IdeasThis is a page about cheap hanging basket ideas. Creating a beautiful hanging basket of flowers does not have to be expensive.


Baby's Breath flower.

Growing Baby's BreathThis is a page about growing baby's breath. Baby's breath is a good flower to grow that will add simple beauty to your bouquets.


Recycled jar garden vases by the house.

Making Recycled Jar Garden VasesThis is a page about recycled jar garden vases. Save and use recycled jars as vases for your flower garden.


A bunch of blooming cineraria flowers.

Growing CinerariaThis is a page about growing cineraria. Cineraria is a genus of flowering plants many of which are native to south Africa. There are a number of plants in the genus, some perennials and others best grown as annuals.


Corkscrew Vine flower

Growing Cochliasanthus caracalla (Corkscrew...This is a page about growing Cochliasanthus caracalla (corkscrew vine). This beautiful flowering vine originates from Central and South America. The distinctive flowers have a fragrance similar to a hyacinth.


pink piggy bank in garden

Tips for Cost Efficient Flower GardeningThis is a page about tips for cost efficient flower gardening. Having a beautiful flower garden doesn't have to be too expensive.


The Bellflower (Campanula Portenschlagiana)

The Bellflower (Campanula Portenschlagiana)I admit; I am a stickler for proper flower names. For everyday conversation, the common name is fine. But, when you plan to buy a plant or seed, usually the common name is not enough. A good example is the pictured flower. Its common name is 'bellflower'.


closeup of lunaria

Lunaria PhotosThis is a page about lunaria photos. This plant native to central and southern Europe is also known as honesty, dollar plant, and money plant. Its pretty purple flowers are followed by distinctive flat white seed pods.


Purple lotus or water lily.

Purple Flower PhotosThis is a page about purple flower photos. For the purple lover in you, nature has provided an array of lovely purple flowers found both in the wild and your garden.


pansies at base of tree

Slug Heaven (Pansies)I've posted pictures of this tree trunk several times. One good thing about small beds devoted to annuals; you can have different flowers and different color schemes every year, or every season, if you like.


removing wilted flower 1

Deadheading a Flower BasketThis is a page about deadheading a flower basket. Deadheading is a gardening practice that encourages your flowering plants to put their energy into flowering again.


Growing a Strawberry Bush (Euonymus americana)

Growing a Strawberry Bush (Euonymus...This is a page about growing a strawberry bush (euonymus americana). The strawberry bush has lovely bursting heart shaped flowers, but don't eat the seeds!


Growing Wildflowers

Growing WildflowersThis is a page about growing wildflowers. Growing wildflowers is very easy. Spread the seeds where you want and they will grow.


pink gerbera daisies

Pink Flower PhotosThis is a page about pink flower photos. Flowers in their many shades of pink are a delightful addition to your garden.


Woman with Orchids

Caring for an OrchidThis is a page about caring for an orchid. This diverse plant group contains thousands of mostly tropical varieties and that produce beautiful flowers and fragrances.


bright orange flowers under a pine tree

Clivias in Abundance (South Africa)Never before had our clivas grown with such abundance! Our garden was showered in huge patches of orange. The clivias in this photo grew beneath our huge pine tree and it was such a blessing every morning to walk past this beautiful sight on the way to work.


reddish orange and yellow primrose flowers

Growing PrimroseThis is a page about growing primrose. A perennial with dark green leaves and bright, bold flowers, that tends to be deer resistant in the home garden.


bright orange butterfly weed flowers

Growing Butterfly Weed (Asclepias Tuberose)This is a page about butterfly weed. A brightly colored perennial known to attract butterflies to your garden.


Four Purple Tulips

Flower MeaningsThis is a page about flower meanings. Many flowers traditionally have a specific meaning that they convey when given as a gift.


flower bed

Creating a Bed for Cut FlowersThis is a page about creating a bed for cut flowers. Certain flowers are much better for cutting. Choosing carefully from those varieties should help ensure a house filled with beautiful bouquets.


Scented Geraniums

Growing Scented GeraniumThis is a page about growing scented geranium. These flowers are members of the pelargonium genus which also includes the well known garden geranium. They are prized not for their flowers, but for the delicious aromas of their foliage, including: lemon, mint, rose, and cinnamon to name a few.



Growing KalanchoeThis is a page about growing kalanchoe. An alternative to poinsettias at Christmas time, kalanchoe is easy to care for, come in a variety of festive colors, and offer long-lasting blooms.


Dianthus Flowers

Growing DianthusThis is a page about growing dianthus. Members of the carnation family, these flowers include annuals, biennials and perennials. There are several varieties of dianthus that are quite fragrant.


Snowflake flowers growing in a garden.

Growing Snowflake (Leucojum)This page is about growing snowflake leucojum. A moisture loving, bulbous herb that is native to eastern europe. It is cultivated for its late spring, bell shaped blooms.


Alstroemeria Flowers

Growing AlstroemeriaThis is a page about growing alstroemeria. These beautiful perennials, also know as Peruvian lily or lily of the Inca make an excellent, colorful addition to your garden and are lovely as cut flowers.


California Poppies

Growing California PoppiesThis page is about growing California poppies. These drought tolerant poppies grow well in poor soil and should be watered only moderately.


Orange Oriental Poppies

Growing Oriental PoppiesThis page is about growing oriental poppies. Georgia O' Keefe painted these beautiful flowers large and outside of the normal perspective, with the hope that people would view them with 'fresh eyes.


Iceland Poppies

Growing Iceland Poppies (Papaver Nudicaule)This page is about growing Iceland poppies. These beautiful true perennials are usually grown as annuals or biennials.


Growing Chionodoxa

Growing ChionodoxaWhen planted beneath deciduous trees, these early blooming flowers can complete their cycle before trees have a chance to leaf out. This page is about growing chionodoxa.


Shasta Daisies

Growing Shasta DaisyThis is a page about growing Shasta daisy. These pretty white and yellow flowers are a great addition to your garden. They are easy to grow in sun or partial shade and tolerant of varying soil and moisture conditions.


Growing Coneflowers (Echinacea)

Growing Coneflowers (Echinacea)This is a page about growing coneflowers (echinacea). These striking flowers make a great addition to almost any garden.


Flower Garden

Planting a Flower GardenThis is a page about planting a flower garden. Pre-planning and proper flower selection for you zone and exposures will make planting your flower garden easier and more successful.


Orchid in pot.

What is My Orchid Doing?I have had this rescued (it was thrown away) orchid for about a year. Several weeks ago it started growing these tubers. Is it going to flower or what?


Commelina communis (Asiatic Dayflower)

Commelina communis (Asiatic Dayflower)...This is a page about Commelina communis (Asiatic dayflower) information and photos. The dayflower is a native of eastern and southeastern Asia. Its two distinctive bright blue petals and one white one, give it a mouse like appearance. It is often considered a noxious weed, but may have a use in cleaning spoiled copper mines.


Growing Violets

Growing VioletsThis is a page about growing violets. Violets are easy to grow woodland plants with a lovely fragrance, that will reward you with delicate flowers ranging in color from purple to white. They spread via runners, making a good ground cover. The flowers and leaves are edible.


Celandine Poppy

Growing Celandine Poppy (Wood Poppy)This is a page about growing Celandine poppy (wood poppy). This poppy, a wild flower native to the eastern US, is a good choice if you have shady, moist area in your garden.


Growing Cleome

Growing CleomeThis is a page about growing cleome. The cleome or spider flower is a striking addition to your garden and a favorite for hummingbirds. It is grown from seed and available in white, rose, and pink shades.


Growing Violas

Growing ViolasThis is a page about growing violas. Cute dainty violas are similar to pansies and equally easy to grow. New varieties with larger flowers and greater tolerance to heat and cold are now available.


Lisianthus (Eustoma)

Growing Lisianthus (Eustoma)This is a page about growing Lisianthus (Esutoma). These beautiful flowering plants are native to the southern US, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. They are tricky to grow and do require some maintenance.


Japanese Anemone

Flowers That Bloom in OctoberThis page is about flowers that bloom in October. When planning your garden you may want flowers that bloom at a particular time of year.


Orange Day Lilies

Getting Rid Of Day Lilies?This is a page about getting rid of day lilies. Day lilies, loved by some gardeners and hated by others, are very effective in spreading in your garden; maybe too good.


Growing Statice

Growing StaticeThis page is about growing statice. These flowers are easy to grow and make an excellent choice for use in fresh or dried flower arrangements.


Growing Petunias

Growing PetuniasThis page is about growing petunias. These colorful trumpet-shaped flowers are easy to grow and attract both hummingbirds and moths.


Growing Delphinium

Growing DelphiniumThis page is about growing delphinium. These beautiful flowers thrive in areas with cooler summers, in a rich well drained soil.


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dandelion flowers on roadside

Nature's Beauty (Dandelions)Yesterday, I walked the road in our neighborhood and got the litter picked up. After getting back home, I kept thinking about how pretty this patch of dandelions was. I wanted a picture to use as a desktop background for our computer. Today I walked again and took my camera with me.


Hand Fertilizing Caracalla

Hand Fertilizing CaracallaThriftyFun's slogan is 'ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! My tip: Share that wisdom (and/or knowledge). I am trying to hand fertilize my caracalla flowers and don't know if I am anywhere near to doing it correctly.


closeup of the corkscrew shaped flower

That Is A Flower? (Cochliasanthus...This vine has the common names, corkscrew vine and snail vine, among others. These two names are rather suitable as the plant bloom is a bit reminiscent of either. However, the corkscrew vine and the snail vine are actually two different plants.



Growing NasturtiumThis is a page about growing nasturtium. In addition to their bright display in the garden; you can eat the flowers, buds, and young leaves.


small pink flower

Domesticating A Wild FlowerI have several of these little plants growing wild in my vacant field. I've always mowed over them, thinking them rather insignificant. Today, I thought that with a little culture and TLC, they might at least be a bit more showy.


Ipomoea alba

Moonflower vs Moonflower VineThe Datura has several common names. It is often called 'Angel Trumpet' or Devil's Trumpet'. Other common names are 'Jimson Weed' and Loco Weed. It was only after researching that I discovered the Datura has yet another common name, that being 'Moonflower'.


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Will Trumpet Vine Grow In A Planter Forever?I am trying to grow 4 trumpet vine plants (bignonia cherere) up an aluminum pergola in Zone 9b. The pergola is entirely made of aluminum, 4 legs and top layers and while the vines' branches seem to be growing the tendrils don't seem to attach to the aluminum structure. Is aluminum a no go for vine growing?


A close up of a yellow bloom on a plant.

What Is The Name of this Plant? (Double Petunia)I received this plant for Mother's Day and it did not have a tag on it. We do not know what it is.


Gladiolus with Horn-like Protrusions on Petals - unopened buds with brown protrusions

Gladiolus with Horn-like Protrusions on Petals?Has anyone had a gladiolus flower with horn-like protrusions coming fron the petals?


Identifying Flowers - red flower likely a dahlia

Identifying Flowers?I need some help identifying these two flowers please!


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Making Cut Flowers Last Longer?Will adding a citrus-flavored soft drink like 7-up to the water make cut flowers last longer?


Changing the Color of Hydrangeas

Changing the Color of Hydrangeas?I like your article about changing hydrangeas colours. You talk about lime added to the soil to change the acidity of the soil and plant colour. Could you use a large amount of crushed egg shells instead of commercial lime to produce the same affect on the soil?


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