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Having the right tools for your cleaning job will make it easier and more successful. This page contains tips and ideas for purchasing and utilizing cleaning tools.

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Swiffer Wet Jet

Changing the Batteries on a Swiffer Wet JetYou are not alone if you have been frustrated when trying to change the batteries in your Swiffer Wet Jet. This is a page about changing the batteries on a Swiffer Wet Jet.


Man mopping with spray mop.

Swiffer WetJet Isn't WorkingThis is a page about when Swiffer WetJet isn't working. The main reason your probably purchased your WetJet was the spray feature. So when it stops working it is very frustrating.


Mop cleaning a wooden floor.

Fixing a Swiffer WetJet That is Not SprayingThe Swiffer WetJet spray can be prone to clogging. If you can get the clog clerked out, your Swiffer WetJet will be working as good as new. This is a page about fixing a Swiffer WetJet that is not spraying.


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Little Green Machine Won't Spray Cleaner?My Bissel Little Green Machine does not spray cleaning fluid. the pump is running, I have had the handle apart. Where might this be plugged and how do I clean it?


Using a Swiffer to Clean Walls - wiping down walls with a Swiffer dry floor duster

Using a Swiffer to Clean Walls And CeilingsThe regular pad for the Swiffer dry floor mop is perfect for wiping down walls and ceilings, that are easily reached with the extendable handle. This is a page about using a Swiffer to clean walls and ceilings.


Dishwasher detergent being poured into a dishwasher.

Cleaning With Dishwashing DetergentThis is a page about cleaning with dishwashing detergent. Dishwasher liquid, powder and tabs can be effective helpers when cleaning or doing the laundry.


Swiffer Wet Jet

Replacing the Bottle on a Swiffer Wet Jet?This is a page about replacing the bottle on a Swiffer Wet Jet. When the bottle on your Swiffer breaks or needs to be refilled it can be a hassle to accomplish the job. You don't, however, necessarily need to go buy a new mop.


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Old Style Mop That Uses a Clamped on Towel?Does anyone remember the old mops that had a clamp on the end for attaching your own towel? Does anyone know the name of them or (even better) where I can get one? I'm sick of replacing destroyed mops that don't really work anyway. Help?


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Cheaper Alternative To Swiffer Wet Jet Pads?Anyone know of anything that can be used for the Swiffer, other than the pads that are supposed to be used with it? They are so expensive. I am talking about the ones used to scrub the kitchen floor, the dry ones.


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Putting Together a Clorox Ready Mop?Where can I find instructions as to how to assemble the Clorox ready mop? It looks like the top piece is missing from the mop.


Homemade Disposable Toilet Cleaning Pads

Homemade Disposable Toilet Cleaning PadsThis is a page about homemade disposable toilet cleaning pads. You can buy somewhat expensive disposable toilet cleaning pads, or make your own more cheaply.


Disposable Vacuum Bag

How to Reuse Disposable Vacuum BagsIt can be expensive and time-consuming to continually have to buy disposable vacuum cleaner bags. Frugal folk have learned how to empty them out and use them again. This is a page about how to reuse disposable vacuum bags.



Photo of a yellow rubber glove.

Making Your Own Clorox Ready Mop PadsThis is a page about making your own Clorox Ready Mop pads. If you like the convenience of the Clorox Ready mop but not the cost of the pads, try making your own.


Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Cleaning With Mr. Clean Magic ErasersMr. Clean Magic Erasers are a popular cleaning tool, that can be used on a variety of surfaces, without adding chemical cleaners. This is a page about cleaning with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.


Steam Iron

Steam Iron Not WorkingSteam irons stop working for a variety of reasons. This page provides solutions you can try at home to fix common problems.


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Hoover Floormate Reviews?What are the ratings for the Hoover Floormate hard surface cleaner?


Using a reacher for dusting under furniture.

Use a Reacher for DustingReachers are useful after surgery and for the elderly. However, they are fantastic for dusting behind and under heavy furniture.


A glove turned inside out next to a right side glove.

Left Hand Glove Turned Into A Right Hand GloveI use rubber gloves when I wash dishes and I wear the right hand glove out before I do the left hand glove. I save the left hand glove and when the next right hand glove gets a hole in it and I have two left hand gloves, I turn one inside out and immediately have another right hand glove.


A sponge stored in the handle of a bottle of cleaner.

Keeping Your Dirty Work Sponge HandyI have two baggies under my sink. One is for the sponges (with the scrubby side), marked for veggies. Another is for the "dirty work" sponges. Lately, I have accumulated too many of them and they have begun to smell.


A Slurpee straw being used to remove lotion from a bottle.

Slurpee Straw Saver and CleanerA while ago, I saw a product on "Shark Tank" that was a tiny spatula tip on a long stick. It was used to clean out the last of the lotion in tall bottles. I was doing the dishes this morning and came across some Slurpee spoon-tip straws and realized they could be used for the same thing.


Adjusting a Dust Pan Clamp - broom and attached pan hanging

Adjusting a Dust Pan ClampIf you happen to buy a new dustpan without the accompanying broom, sometimes the pan won't stay in place on the broom handle because of a difference in size. Tape or a rubber band wrapped around the broom handle at a convenient spot can prevent the dustpan from sliding down your broom's handle.


Refilling the Swiffer Bottle

Refilling a Swiffer Wet Jet BottleThe Swiffer Wet Jet is an easy way to clean your floors, with a built-in cleaning solution. The replacement bottle can be expensive so many people refill the original bottle instead.


A bunch of pot scrapers cut from recycled plastic.

Making Your Own Pot ScrapersDo you have empty shampoo or conditioner bottles? Make your own pot scrapers. This is an excellent reuse/recycle idea. They can be fun, free gifts for friends.


Making a Custom Bottle Washer

Making a Custom Bottle WasherGive a foam bottle washer a trim to make a custom washer for smaller bottles. This page contains a tip for making a custom bottle washer.


Two old socks and a Swiffer floor cleaner.

Using a Sock as a Swiffer PadSave money and reuse old clothing by using a sock instead of the actual Swiffer brand paper pad covers.


Make Your Own Gutter Guard Sweeper - ready to use

Make Your Own Gutter Guard SweeperMake rain gutter cleaning easier by putting together one of these clever brush assemblies that can then be attached to an extension pole. It is perfect for removing leaves from atop your gutter guards.


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Alternative to the Swiffer WetJet?I bought a Swiffer Wet Jet about a year ago, and it worked intermittently. Eventually it was totally dead. I bought a second one and I kept pressing the sprayer button every few days and it seemed to be working when I was not using it. But then I used it ,and, again, it has totally died. Does anyone know of a similar product that really does work-continuously that I could buy?



Cleaning supplies in a handy tote.

Cleaning Supply Kit IdeasA cleaning supply kit will help you have what you need conveniently organized for cleaning a particular area. It will quickly reveal the amount remaining of your favorite products and the state of your tools.


DIY Comb-top Dustpan - large tooth comb on dust pan with broom in place to clean

DIY Comb-top DustpanBy gluing a wide tooth comb to the handle end of your dustpan you can add this great dust bunny removal feature. This page contains a DIY comb-top dustpan project.


A spray cleaning bottle

Getting the Last Drop of Spray CleanerThrifty minded consumers do not like to waste that last bit of cleaner at the bottom of the spray bottle. Try adding a marble or some glass crafts gems to raise the level. You can also transfer the remainder to a much smaller spray bottle. This is a page about getting the last drop of spray cleaner.


Shoe brush.

Use an Old Bristle Broom as a Shoe CleanerOld bristle, push style brooms can be easily converted into a shoe cleaner. Remove worn bristles and cut the handle down, place bristle side up in the dirt near you door and viola! This is a page about how to use an old bristle broom as a shoe cleaner.


Small blue container of cleaning wipes

Saving Money on Cleaning WipesCleaning wipes make small messes easy to clean up on the go. However, they can become costly. This is a page about saving money on cleaning wipes.


Using Any Vacuum
Cleaner Bag

Using Any Vacuum Cleaner BagSave your old vacuum cleaner bag attachment to modify most any bag to fit in your vacuum. This is a page about using any vacuum cleaner bag.


Bull dog looking at a broom sweeping up dog hair.

Pet Hair Broom ReviewsRubber bristle brooms with a squeegee are excellent for use on carpets and hard surfaces to clean up pet hair. They can be used for general sweeping as well. This page contains a pet hair broom review.


Sponge in Microwave

Sterilize Your Sponge in the MicrowaveIt is recommended that you heat your sponge in the microwave for a minimum of 2 minutes to kill all bacteria. This page is about how to sterilize your sponge in the microwave.



Cleaning a Toothbrush Used for Cleaning?Old toothbrushes make good cleaning tools. Cleaning and disinfecting them after usage can be done in several ways. This is a page about cleaning a toothbrush used for cleaning.


Woman Cleaning stove with Steam Cleaner

Cleaning With a Steam CleanerSteam cleaning is an effective way to clean and disinfect any area of your home. This is a page about cleaning with a steam cleaner.


A round pumice stone, to be used for cleaning.

Using a Pumice Stone on Porcelain Toilet BowlUsed properly a pumice stone is the perfect tool to remove toilet rings. This is a page about using a pumice stone on porcelain toilet bowl.


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Double Use of Disposable Wet Floor Cleaning ClothsAfter giving your floor its shining moment go one step further. Upon removing the soiled cloth I fold the soiled sides together then wipe and dust my baseboards with the clean underside of the cloth. I have even used them to give a quick wipe down of windowsills prior to discarding.


Upcycled Stocking Scrubby

Making a Recycled Stocking ScrubbyThis is a page about making a recycled stocking scrubby. Panty hose have many more uses, even after they develop a run or get torn or snagged.


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Stiffer Wetjet Not Pumping?My Swiffer WetJet is nearly two years old. I change the batteries regularly, etc. However, it has stopped pumping. One can no longer hear the noise of the pumping solution, the light works and everything seems fine. Maybe it's a dead horse! Anyone else have this problem and find a solution?


Woman's legs and Swiffer WetJet style electronic mop on wooden floor

Homemade Swiffer Wet Mop Replacement...This is a page about homemade Swiffer wet mop replacement cloths. The replacement cloths for your Swiffer wet mop can be costly to constantly replace. One solution may be to make your own.



Old Broom leaning against a porch stoop

Making Your Broom Last Longer?This is a page about making your broom last longer. Making any cleaning tool last longer can save you money.


Handheld Steamer against a white background

Cleaning With a Handheld Steam...This is a page about cleaning with a handheld steam cleaner. A handheld steam cleaner can be put to many cleaning uses in your home.


Uses for Worn Out Rags

Uses for Worn Out Rags?This is a page about uses for worn out rags. Even rags that seem too worn out may still have a final use in them. Be creative.


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Using a Hoover Carpet Cleaner?Can you really put boiling water in the plastic tank on a cheap Hoover carpet cleaner without hurting it?


Scotch Brite Pads

Cleaning Scotch Brite PadsThis is a page about cleaning Scotch Brite pads. Kitchen scrub pads themselves need periodic cleaning and sanitizing.


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Use Microfiber for Swiffer WetJet PadsI used the hair towels made of microfiber material, from $1 Dollar Tree. Just trim to size. They attach wonderfully. When one side is dirty, I flip it over before washing. An especially cheap alternative to the WetJet pads!


Lint Roller

Uses for a A Lint RollerThis is a page about uses for a a lint roller. Your lint roller may be just the tool to grab for a number of other quick cleaning jobs around the house.


Recycled Dish Cloths

Making Your Own Recycled Dish ClothsThis is a page about making your own recycled dish cloths. You can use a variety of fabric items around your house, such as worn towels, to make your own dish cloths.


Disinfecting Wipes

Reusing Disinfecting WipesThis is a page about reusing disinfecting wipes. Even after their initial use, disinfecting wipes can still be used for quick cleanup jobs around the house.


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Using Swiffer or Clorox Ready Mops?Can the Swiffer or Clorox Ready mops handle heavy duty mopping or are they for quick clean up jobs?


Air Filter

Cleaning an Air Purifier FilterThis is a page about cleaning an air purifier filter. Your air purifier does a great job of cleaning the air in your home. To keep it working properly you will need to clean it as well.


Scrubbing Pan with SOS Pad

Extending the Life of SOS PadsThis is a page about extending the life of SOS pads. SOS pads are a good scouring product, but they do not always last as long as we would like.


Basic Cleaning Equipment

Basic Cleaning EquipmentThis is a page about basic cleaning equipment. To keep your home clean and tidy there are some basic cleaning tools that you need and others that are not required despite the advertising to the contrary.


Microfiber Towel

Uses for Microfiber TowelsThis is a page about uses for microfiber towels. Microfiber towels have a great many uses around the home.


Cleaning With Rags

Cleaning With RagsThis page is about cleaning with rags. Old clothing and towels can make excellent cleaning cloths.


Vacuum Cleaner

Saving Money on Vacuum BagsThis is a page about saving money on vacuum bags. If you have a vacuum that uses dust collection bags, you know that they can be expensive to replace.


Homemade Duster Ideas

Homemade Duster IdeasThis is a page about homemade duster ideas. You can buy a wide variety of products to use for dusting, but you can also make your own, often with things you already have around the house.


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Saving Money on Clorox Ready and Swiffer Mop RefillsThis is a page about saving money on Clorox Ready and Swiffer mop refills. While you may love your Clorox Ready or Swiffer mop, the refills can be quite costly.


Cleaning Leather Garden Gloves

Cleaning Leather Garden Gloves?This page is about cleaning leather garden gloves. Keeping your glove leather clean and supple, helps keep your hands safe and dexterous.


Multidirectional Spray Bottle

Making a Multidirectional Spray BottleThis is a page about making a multidirectional spray bottle. It is really frustrating when you can't spray your cleaner where you need to because your bottle won't spray upside down or sideways.


Homemade powered scrub brush.

Making a Powered Scrub BrushThis is a page about making a powered scrub brush. A powered scrub brush can make a lot of cleaning jobs easier, but they can be expensive.


A stack of credit cards.

Cleaning Uses for Old Credit CardsThis is a page about cleaning uses for old credit cards. Your expired credit cards can be put to other uses around the house.


Keep a Broom from Sliding (and Falling Down)

Keep a Broom from Sliding (and Falling Down)This is a page about how to keep a broom from sliding. It can be mildly annoying when your broom keeps sliding down the wall every time you try to lean it there.


Creative Cleaning Tools

Creative Cleaning ToolsThis page contains creative cleaning tools. Sometimes you just can't figure out the right tool to get to what you have to clean.


Cleaning With Microfiber Cloths

Cleaning With Microfiber Clothshis is a page about cleaning with microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloths can be used without cleaning products for a wide variety of cleaning tasks.


Saving Money on Swiffer Pads and Mops, Linoleum Floor Being Mopped

Saving Money on Swiffer Pads and MopsThe Swiffer is a handy and quick way to keep your floors clean. However, buying the extra pads or other refills, can really add up. This is a page about saving money on Swiffer pads and mops.


A pile of sponges ready for cleaning.

Sterilizing SpongesThis is a page about sterilizing sponges. Sponges are often used for the dirtiest jobs in the house. Sterilizing them is the best way to make sure they are free of germs and viruses.


Ostrich feather duster against a blue sky.

Cleaning a Feather DusterThis is a page about cleaning a feather duster. A feather duster is a great reusable cleaning tool. Of course, the duster also needs to be cleaned routinely so that it continues to do a good job.


Red canister vacuum on white background.

Cleaning a VacuumThis is a page about cleaning a vacuum. The vacuum cleaner is an awesome cleaning tool. To keep your machine in good working order, prolong its life, and get rid of the dust, dirt, and pet hair, you need to periodically clean the cleaner.


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Reuse Dishwashing Liquid Bottles For BleachDon't throw away those empty dishwashing liquid bottles. Wash them out and fill them with bleach. The plastic caps open easily and close securely.


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Using an H2O Vacuum?I am having problems with the H2O vac. Should vapor come out of the vacuum? Mine does not have visible vapor, although the water is getting dirty. I also need a extension handle. Does anyone know where I might buy one?


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Repairing an H2O Mop?My H2O mop quit working. I took it apart and it started working again. As soon as I put it back together it quit working. I am thinking it might be the pump that is going bad. Do you have any other suggestions that might help me with getting my H2O mop rolling again?


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Thrifty Options to Replacement Pads for SM50 Mopheads?What are some thrifty options for replacing the cloth pads on the mophead for a model: SM50 RN electric steam cleaner?


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Making Triangular Steam Mop Covers?Does anyone know how to make triangular steam mop covers? I go through so many each time I clean that I would like to have more on hand. They are washable, but I would like to have more on hand. I can knit and sew, but not crochet.


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Repairing a Scunci Cleaner?My Scunci steamer cap is locked, it's not opening. What can I do?


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How Can I Make a Duster With a Dowel and Netting?Does anyone have directions for making dusters on a dowel stick using netting?


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Reviews of Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner?Has anyone used the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner?


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Uses for Old UnderwearI have found that clean old underwear makes a great dust cloth. The soft cotton dose not scratch furniture and it saves money. I also use them instead of paper towels when I clean windows and glass.


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Use Microfiber for Swiffer PadsInstead of buying the Swiffer Wet Jet replacement pads to clean your floor, it's less expensive and greener to purchase a couple of micro-fiber "towels" which will fit on your Swiffer and you can just throw the micro-fiber towels in the washer when done.


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Cleaning a Lil Green Machine?I have a Lil Green machine and I love it. My only problem with it is I can't figure out how to get the see through plastic on the handle (brush) off so I can clean inside of it. Hair and lint, etc. gets trapped in it.


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Are Dryer Balls Safe?Has anyone ever heard of a dryer ball being involved in a fire or smoldering clothes?


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Replacement Parts for H2O Steam Mop?I have an H20 mop (regular not Ultra) and liked it the first two times I used it. After the second time, the little screw holding the handle and base together loosened and rolled away.


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Buying Replacement Cleaning Pads for Shark Floor Steamer?Where online may I purchase cleaning pads for my Shark floor steamer? The machine came with one each rectangular and triangular.


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Cleaning a Dirt Devil Shampooer?I have a Dirt Devil shampooer and need to clean the clear head where all the gunk gets sucked up. It won't come apart and needs to be cleaned badly. Any suggestions? Thanks :)


Use Hair Wrap Instead of Swiffer PadsI found that my old swiffer mop that has no holders of any kind on it, will do well with the dollar store hair wraps with the button on the back.


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Will Cotton Poly Sheets Make Good Cleaning Rags?I have some old sheets I'm wanting to cut into squares and use for cleaning and picking up spills. They are part cotton and part polyester. Will they soak up spills or would they need to be 100% cotton?


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Floor Cleaner Reviews?I'm looking for floor cleaners and mops which run on electricity. I need these cleaners for my house. Please advice which are easy to use, which do not occupy too much of space, and can clean in small areas.


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Reinstalling the Clean Delivery Tank on the Hoover Floormate?I just bought a new Hoover Floormate, but after putting it together and removing the "clean delivery tank" I can't get it reinstalled all the way. Anyone else run into this problem with the Floormate? I can't call Customer Service till tomorrow since today is Sunday.


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Save Old Scrubbies to Clean the TubSave those worn out scrubbies used with liquid bath soap, and use them to clean your tub and surround. They are great to scrub off soap scum and hold enough water to rinse the walls of the tub surround effectively.


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Cut Mr. Clean Magic Erasers In HalfI love using Magic Erasers to clean items in our home from walls to shoes to the glass shower doors but dislike the price of them. That's when I decided to cut the Magic Erasers to the size that was necessary to do the job.


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Reuse a Dawn Power Dissolve BottleI have purchased the product "Dawn Power Dissolve" and it is wonderfully effective but pricey so I have saved the empty bottle. I love the way the nozzle sprays the contents as a foam.


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Use A Sweater Shaver On Upholstery Or CarpetMy daughter, who is a very busy mom of a very busy 4 year old boy and a 5 week old boy, bought a sweater shaver a few weeks ago. As she finished shaving her favorite sweater, her son picked up the shaver and proceeded to shave her sofa cushions which had pilled pretty badly.


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Cleaning an Iron's Soleplate?How do I clean the soleplate of my iron?


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Paper Towel Alternatives for Cleaning?The gunk on fake tile floor in my apartment usually comes up better with paper towels but they are so expensive. Does anyone understand? When I use a washcloth it doesn't get it all and then makes the washcloth impossible to rinse out.


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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser For The KitchenI use the regular Mr, Clean sponge for about everything. I use it on my flat top stove. Before I tried it, I used the cleaner you get with your appliance, it always left a residue. The Mr, Clean sponge works with hardly any effort and doesn't leave a residue, to have to clean up after, you clean. And it doesn't scratch!


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Reusing Heads from Power ToothbrushesInstead of discarding them, you can attach them to your electric toothbrush, add a little baking soda paste (mix water and baking soda) and use it to clean the hard to reach areas of your house hold taps!


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Use Swiffer Cloth To Clean Out FilterAfter shaking out the filter in my swiffer floor vac/sweeper, I find that dust, lint and cat hair are still stuck to the filter and not so easy to remove. So, after removing the swiffer duster cloth, I fold the used side in half and use the clean side of the cloth to the remove the stuck on debris from the filter.


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Use Washclothes Instead Of SpongesInstead of buying sponges or "made for cleaning" clothes, I purchase an inexpensive package of white wash clothes from a discount department store. They are good for washing dishes and cleaning the surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms.


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How Do I Keep Dish Cloths Looking New?How can I keep my dish cloths that I use for drying dishes looking as great as they were when I first bought them? After I use them a few times and wash them in the machine. They come out smelling and looking like rags.


Recommendations for Floor Brush?I'm tearing my hair out over my floor brush. I've tried all sorts of different types but they all end up getting bent and covered in fluff which I can't get off. Has anyone discovered a type of brush that this doesn't happen to? It's disgusting!


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Make Your Own Gutter Guard Sweeper - homemade gutter guard cleaning brush assembly

Make Your Own Gutter Guard SweeperI have been looking for a curved brush attachment to go on my 12 ft. extension pole to use to sweep the leaves off our gutter guards. I can't find one so I made one myself.


Two Wet Jet mops.

Unclogging Swiffer Wet JetsThanks Thriftyfun! I have mastered the art of unclogging Swiffer Wet Jets. First, rise off the jets with hot water and stick a pin up into each jet.


Making a Custom Bottle Washer - cut down bottle scrubber

Making a Custom Bottle WasherI freeze my half and half, plus I make flavored water. When the bottles need washing, it's hard to get them clean.


braiding the three stockings

Upcycled Stocking ScrubbyRuns and tears in stockings may cause you to throw them in the trash. Why not use them to clean hard to reach spots like behind faucets, shower heads, or even your own back? To make them durable, take a few of them, tie a knot at the top, and braid together.


Views of the weight at work in bottle.

Making a Multidirectional Spray...It's really annoying trying to get your cleaning done when you are forced to hold your spray bottle upright in order for anything to spray out. Here is an easy fix to use your spray bottle in any position.


brushing fan

Drinking Straw Brush for Electric FansWe use fans at our house, and I needed something to be able to help keep them in optimum condition. I made a stiff little brush out of a drinking straw, and now I can use that brush to keep debris from the front and especially the back of the fans.


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Buying a Handheld Steam Cleaner?Any suggestions on handheld steam cleaners? I don't want to pay too much. I have discovered these clean way better, and I don't have to use chemicals.


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Hoover Carpet Cleaner Won't Stay Upright?I just bought a brand new Hoover pro clean pet carpet cleaner. The problem is I took it out of the box and it won't stay standing upright? Is there something that I'm missing here? Seems like something's either missing to keep it locked into place or something's in the way of it to lock.


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Refilling a Swiffer Wet Jet?How does one refill an empty Wet Jet bottle?


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Odor When Using Hoover Sweeper for Pets?I have a Hoover Elite sweeper made for pets (no bag). When I use the sweeper the odor is bad. I have tried carpet powder, baking soda, nothing works! Any ideas?


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Using a Dry Magic Eraser?Has anyone tried to use a Magic Eraser without getting it wet? What did you use it on? What were the results?


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Swifter Wet Jet Doesn't Work?I changed the batteries and now it won't work.


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