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Restoring Crystallized Honey

Restoring Crystallized HoneyHoney has a tendency to crystallize when stored for a period of time. This is a page about restoring crystallized honey.


Mashed potatoes with melting butter on top.

Fixing Runny Mashed PotatoesThis is a page about fixing mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are a delicious side dish. Sometimes you may find that they have become too runny, but there are ways to fix that.


Making Fudge

Fixing Fudge That Didn't SetSometimes fudge just doesn't set. Short of using it for a syrup or spread, you may want to try to fix it and successfully get it to set. This is a page about fixing fudge that didn't set.


Bowl of backed macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and Cheese is Too DryThis is a page about macaroni and cheese it too dry. Many cooks like their homemade mac and cheese creamy. However, sometimes it comes out too dry.


Softening Granulated Sugar

Softening Granulated SugarWhen sugar gets hard, there are ways to make it useful. This page is about softening granulated sugar.


Runny Jam

Fixing Runny JamThis is a page about fixing runny jam. There are several methods you can use to fix jam that does not set up.


Cookie Dough

How Can I Fix Cookie Dough That is Too Gooey?To fix cookie dough that is too sticky, you can add a little more flour, chill it or add powdered milk. It is best practice to bake a test cookie, then adjust the dough accordingly before baking the whole batch.


A bowl of homemade chili.

Fixing Chili With Too Much SaltFixing chili made with too much salt may be done. There are a number of ways cooks can counter the excess salt in a dish. This is a page about how to fix chili with too much salt.


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How Do I Soften Hard Table Salt?I have some regular table salt that became hard. Is there a way I can get it back to its normal state?



Chips in a white bowl.

How to Refresh Stale Chips and CrackersA short time in the microwave can help make stale chips taste better. This is a page about how to refresh stale chips and crackers.


Spicy Soup With Peppers

Fixing Soup With Too Much PepperThis is a page about fixing soup with too much pepper. It is very dismaying to prepare a delicious soup recipe only to find that you have accidentally added too much pepper.


A sheet cake in the pan with frosting.

Making Canned Frosting Taste More HomemadeWhile canned frosting may be convenient to use it does not always pass the taste test. This is a page about making canned frosting taste more homemade.


Soup That's Too Sweet

Fixing Soup That's Too SweetSometimes your soup is good, but somehow it got too much sweetener. This page is about fixing soup that is too sweet.


granulated and cube sugar

Fixing A Recipe with Too Much SugarThis is a page about fixing a recipe with too much sugar. When the directions you followed have made your recipe too sweet, there are a few ways to tone it down.


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Mustard Greens Taste ScorchedHow do you get scorched taste out of mustard greens?


Pretzels on a white background

How to Freshen Stale PretzelsThis is a page about freshen stale pretzels. Heating up stale pretzels in the oven for a few minutes will help make them crunchy again. This also works for chips and crackers.



Fixing Burnt ChiliThis page is about fixing burnt chili. When some foods are burned there are ways to salvage it.


Fixing Greasy Soup

Fixing Greasy SoupThis page is about fixing greasy soup. Too much fat or butter can make a soup oily.


Brown Bananas in a  Cream Pie

Bananas Turning Brown in Banana Cream PieThis page contains several suggestions for ways to keep the bananas in your banana cream pie from turning brown. Think lemon juice or cool pudding. This is a page about bananas turning brown in banana cream pie.


Spicy Chili

Chili is Too SpicyThis is a page about chili is too spicy. When your chili has too much hot pepper, it may be unpleasant for some people. There are a few ways to temper it down.


A photo of homemade jelly.

Fixing Jelly That Set Too HardThis page is about fixing jelly that set too hard. It can happen that your jelly doesn't turn out perfect.


Pan of spaghetti sauce with jar of chili sauce and tomatoes in front

Fixing Over Spiced Spaghetti SauceThis is a page about fixing over spiced spaghetti sauce. If your homemade spaghetti sauce has too much of one or more spices, you will want to find a way to tone those flavors down.


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Making Canned Chili Taste HomemadeHow do you make canned chili taste like homemade?


Bowl of Chili

Fixing Chili That is Too SweetIf you add too much sugar or other sweet ingredients to your chili, it may not be a total loss. This is a page about fixing chili that is too sweet.



Close up image of red pasta sauce cooking in pan

Fixing Burnt Flavor in Spaghetti SauceThis is a page about fixing a burnt flavor in spaghetti sauce. Spaghetti sauce is notorious for burning if not well tended to. Removing the burnt taste can save your sauce.


Woman pouring cake batter into pan

Fixing a Homemade Cake That Is Too SweetThere are certain techniques to use when you have made something too sweet. This is a page about fixing a homemade cake that is too sweet.


Stevia Powder in bowl next to Stevia leaf

Softening Granulated SteviaThis is a page about softening granulated stevia. This plant based alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners is quite popular. Like its cousins it can become a hard lump when stored.


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Fix for Salsa That Is Too SweetWhat to do when your salsa is way too sweet?


A piece of bread in a pot of mushy rice.

Fixing Mushy Rice with BreadIf you have ever had the rice in your cooker come out mushy or soupy then this quick and easy fix is for you. You will need a piece of bread and the tip below.


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Baked Fudge Too RunnyI made baked fudge with cocoa, flour, sugar, eggs, and a little vanilla. I doubled the recipe and all ingredients. I then baked it in the oven sitting in a pan of hot water at 325 for 45 mins. It was super runny like still moving in the pan when I took it out of the oven. It was crusty on top, like the recipe stated it would be. It sat over night, in the fridge, but it's still runny.


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Fixing Jam That is Too ThickI made a peach and raspberry jam and a peach, raspberry, and orange jam and both are too thick. Is that fixable?


Bowl of mac n cheese.

Stretching Boxed Macaroni and CheeseSometimes you need to feed a crowd with only what you have on hand. Many boxed pasta dishes can go farther with the addition of ingredients like vegetables, cheese or pasta. This is a page about stretching boxed macaroni and cheese.


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Fix for Too Much Marshmallow Creme in FudgeWhat happens if I add too much marshmallow creme to the recipe?


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Ginger Cookies Too Cake LikeSo I attempted to make ginger cookies from a website I found called, All Recipes. It is a step by step recipe that I followed to the T. I'm not sure where I went wrong, but I baked a few tester cookies and they all came out cake like instead of soft cracked ginger cookies.


Stack of Hard chocolate Cookies on white background

Softening Hard CookiesBread and orange peels are often suggested to add moisture to a container of hard cookies. This is a page about softening hard cookies.


Stack of fudge squares.

Microwave Fudge Not Setting UpOne possible reason your microwave fudge did not set is that it was not heated to the proper temperature initially. You can often reheat and it will set up. This is a page about microwave fudge not setting up.


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Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Too ThinHow can I thicken the batter?


A bowl of soft brown sugar.

How to Soften Brown SugarHard brown sugar can be softened with a piece of apple in the closed container or by heating it in the microwave. This is a page about softening brown sugar.


"Too Much Salt" written in salt on black table.

Fixing a Recipe with Too Much SaltThis is a page about fixing a recipe with too much salt. If your recipe is too salty, you don't necessarily need to throw it out or choke it down. Here are some things you can try to help cut the saltiness.



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Fixing Brine Made With Too Much SugarDo I add kosher salt to fix adding to much sugar to brine? If so, how much?


Melted Fudge

Fudge is Too SoftIf you have made fudge that is not setting up, you may be able to fix it. Making fudge that is too soft can be frustrating but there are some options to improve your fudge.


Cheese soup cooking in a pan.

Removing the Scorched Taste from Burnt Cheese SoupSoups and sauces containing cheese can easily scorch if not stirred constantly or if the burner is too high. This is a page about removing the scorched taste from burnt cheese soup.


A cheese pizza with toppings added

Add Toppings to Cheese PizzaA pizza with fancy toppings can be quite expensive, it's much more fun and probably cheaper to design your own. If you don't fancy going to the trouble of making one from scratch, just buy a cheap plain ready to cook cheese and tomato pizza and add your own toppings.


Woman with shocked look on her face holding  a cooking pot

Toning Down Spicy FoodsHomemade or purchased foods may sometimes be too spicy. This is a page about toning down spicy foods.


Fixing Salsa That is Too Vinegary

Fixing Salsa That is Too VinegaryWhen recipes come out wrong, there are often ways to fix the problems. This is a page about fixing salsa that is too vinegary.


Hand placing basil leaves in pan of spaghettis sauce on stove

Making Spaghetti Sauce Less SweetThis is a page about making spaghetti sauce less sweet. Sometimes homemade spaghetti sauce can turn out too sweet.


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Fix for Salty Marrow Squash JamAny suggestions as to how to turn salty tasting jam (the marrow was initially covered in salt, left for 24 hours then rinsed) into something edible again? It's had all the sugar added and boiled, but just tastes salty!


Pepperoni Slices

Removing Excess Grease From PepperoniThis is a page about removing excess grease from pepperoni. Reducing the fat from this meat may help you reduce the calories and improve the appearance of your pizza.


Washing Beans

Reducing Salt in FoodThis is a page about reducing salt in food. When you purchase food with added salt there are ways to reduce the amount you consume.


Raspberry Preserves

Getting the Scorched Taste Out of PreservesThis is a page about getting the scorched taste out of preserves. Don't throw out your preserves because they are a bit overcooked and have a scorched taste. There are some things you can try that may save them.


Making strawberry jelly.

Jelly Not SettingThis page is about jelly not setting. Determining why your preserve is not setting up, and if you can fix it is the goal.


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Peach Jam Too ThickHow can I rescue peach jam that came out too thick?


Sour Jam

Fixing Sour JamThis is a page about fixing sour jam. It is disappointing to find that your batch of jam is too sour. There are ways you can fix the jam and save the day.


Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti Sauce With Too Much BasilThis page is about spaghetti sauce with too much basil. If you don't like too much of one herb in your sauce, you may want to change the flavor.


Muffin with a bite out of it.

Muffins Taste Like Baking SodaThis is a page about muffins taste like baking soda. Occasionally a muffin recipe will not turn out the way you expected, for example with a too strong flavor of baking soda.


garlic powder

Keeping Onion and Garlic Powder from CakingThis page is about keeping onion and garlic powder from caking. Once opened vegetable powders often stick together and making it difficult to use.


Spaghetti Sauce

Fixing Spaghetti Sauce That is Too SaltyThis is a page about fixing spaghetti sauce that is too salty. Sometimes there are ways to save a meal that cooked up too salty.


Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce is Too SweetThis is a page about apple sauce is too sweet. Depending on the type of apples you use to make homemade applesauce, it may turn out too sweet.


Stale Bread

Freshening Stale BreadThis is a page about freshening stale bread. Stale bread can easily be refreshed. The birds may complain, but you will save money on your food budget.


bag of sugar

Getting Rid of Lumps in SugarThis is a page about getting rid of lumps in sugar. There is an easy way to get rid of lumps in your bag or container of sugar.


Fixing Burnt Cookies

Fixing Burnt CookiesThis is a page about fixing burnt cookies. Sometimes cookies come out of the oven too brown. Don't throw them away, they may be salvageable.


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Fudge Too Chocolatey and Not Creamy EnoughI made fudge using dark chocolate chips. I did not use enough marshmallow cream. Is there any way to remake and add marshmallow cream?


A whisk with hot fudge on it.

Reviving Hot FudgeThis is a page about reviving hot fudge. There are ways to revive hot fudge sauce that has hardened.


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Hog Maw Too SaltyThe last couple times I made this, it was so salty, without me even adding any extra. What am I doing wrong? All I put in it is potatoes, fresh pork sausage, and pepper.


A bowl of thick chili.

Tips for Thickening ChiliThis page contains tips for thickening chili. Your homemade chili is delicious but too thin.


Mixing Peanut Butter

Mixing Peanut ButterThis page is about mixing peanut butter. If your nut butter is not homogenized and sits for a while, it can separate.


Fixing Burnt Sausage

Fixing Burnt SausageThis is a page about fixing burnt sausage. Sometimes when cooking sausage it can accidentally get burnt.


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Spaghetti Bolognaise Too SweetI added too much sugar to spicy spag bol. How do I spice it back up, and take the sweetness away?


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Stewed Apples Too SweetI put too much sugar in my stewed apples. How can I correct it?


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Homemade Salad Dressing Too ThinWhy does my salad dressing (HV packets and homemade blue cheese) made with anything less than 2% milk and/or low fat mayo not get thick? They are okay when first mixed, but after they are refrigerated, they become thin and very liquid?


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Burnt Cream-Based SoupHow do you get rid of burnt taste in cream of broccoli soup?


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What Can I Do With Failed Coconut Macaroon Batter?Against my better judgment, I tried a new recipe for coconut macaroons. It called for no egg or flour, and ran all over the parchment paper. I scraped it up and wonder if I could salvage the sticky coconut, vanilla, and sweetened condensed milk concoction for some type of dessert.


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Softening Hard Coffeemate Creamer My Coffeemate creamer is hard as a rock. Do I throw it away and buy more or can it be softened? If so, how?


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Fantasy Fudge is Too SoftWhy did my fantasy fudge come out too soft?


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Rice Is Too StickyMy rice always seems to come out sticky, almost like a glob. It doesn't matter what kind of rice I use, white or brown. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Pudding Didn't Set UpI made vanilla pudding with chocolate soy milk. Instead of using a whisk, I used an old-fashioned egg beater. It tastes fine but the pudding did not set-up like it should have. Any suggestions on what I can add to thicken it?


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Fixing Dumplings that Taste BurntHow do I get the burnt taste out of dumplings?


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Keeping Onions Crisp When Pickling ThemWill malt vinegar crisp up the onions I am trying to pickle or do I have to start over again? After brining them they have gone soft before putting them in vinegar.


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Dice Whole Canned Tomatoes For RecipesCans of whole tomatoes and whole plum tomatoes were on sale at a store I went to recently. Not diced, stewed, or crushed, just whole. Given the price, I bought quite a few. Wouldn't you know it, every recipe I wanted to try called for diced.


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Homemade Salsa Too SweetHow can I fix my salsa recipe? It is very sweet from garden grown tomatoes. I have added vinegar and fresh squeezed lemon juice.


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Toning Down the Wine Flavor in Beef BurgundyDoes anyone have a food fix tip to tone down the wine flavor in Beef Burgundy? I just want to mellow it a bit, somehow make it more savory, less biting.Thanks.


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How Can I Make My Yogurt Thicker?I make goat's milk yogurt, but it turns out thin and not thick like I want. I like spoonable yogurt. Can someone help me without having to put all kinds of preservatives in it? Thanks.


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Use Larger Egg Shell To Remove Smaller PiecesI dropped a bit of egg shell into something I was cooking. Try as I might, I just couldn't remove it with my fingers, spoon, anything! Then someone told me to just use a larger piece of shell to scoop up the little broken piece.


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Keeping Pastries from FallingDoes anyone have the secret to high-rise puff pastry? When I take my savory and sweet pies, etc. out of the oven, they fall. What can I do to keep that beautiful high-rise look. Thank you.


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Butter Separating from FudgeWhy does the butter keep separating from my fudge? This has not happened in previous years. The one thing that I am doing different is washing down the side of the pan with a pastry brush. The chocolate fudge is with marshmallow creme.


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A Remedy for Salty SoupIf your soup is salty, you can steam some veggies like grated potatoes, carrots, celery or use evaporated milk.


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Tomato Relish Salsa Too SaltyMy homemade tomato relish salsa is too salty. How do I fix it?


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Too Much Salt in Homemade Canned SoupMy daughter-in-law and I were canning vegetable soup for the first time. We used too much salt. I don't know if we were both adding it or if I was too heavy handed with the shaker. Well it's canned. Any idea's on how to fix it would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Keeping Hot Wings CrispyHow do you keep your hot wings crisp and not soft after you put the sauce on it?


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Tomato Preserves Didn't Set UpI made tomato preserves last week and it never set up. I made it exactly as the recipe stated. Please tell me what I did wrong and how I can correct it if I did it wrong. I used 4 cups tomato juice, 6 cups of sugar and a lemon wedge.


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Homemade Salsa With Too Much OnionWe made salsa, and added too much white onion. Does anyone have suggestions on how to "cut" the onion taste?


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Sugar is Too MoistMy sugar is too moist. What can I do?


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Strawberry Pretzel Squares by KraftIt's yummy, but I can't get the crust to stay together. Any suggestions? We had this at a local restaurant as one of their signature side dishes. Theirs was better than mine.


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"Dressing Up" Canned Cranberry SauceI'm looking for ways to "dress up" plain canned cranberry sauce since I won't be making homemade sauce this year. Any ideas?


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Salsa Is Too SweetI bought some black bean and white corn salsa. The salsa is a little too sweet for my taste. What can I add or do to it to make it not so sweet?


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Too Much CuminI made a large amount of hotdog sauce for a party. When putting in a touch of cumin, the lid came off. I got most out but it is smothered with the taste. How can I salvage it and get some of the cumin taste out?


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Fixing a Tough Cooked RoastI made a slow cooked brisket in the oven yesterday - still came out a bit too chewy. I put it into the crockpot overnight on low with the gravy and will run it longer if required, but that's one cut of meat that won't be wasted.


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Use Italian Dressing To "Fix" Overcooked FoodI was in a hospital in Los Angeles for a week and, after the first meal, I knew I had to do something to the food to be able to eat it because I am not a vegetarian. My chicken was baked DRY and I almost threw it out, until I looked at the little packages of Italian dressing they supplied, and I thought "heck why not, I can't make it taste any worse."


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Fixing Gravy that CurdledCan you tell me how to fix my gravy? I made it as usual, but this time it curdled when I added the milk to it.


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How to Refresh HoneyTo refresh honey, loosen lid (remove if metal). Place in microwave for ten seconds and it's as good as new.


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Add Tomato Soup To ChiliI worked in a nursing home kitchen and they always added a can of tomato soup to their chili, as the older people usually can't handle as much acid. Since then I always make mine that way as we don't like the acid either.


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Neutralizing Acid in SoupHow can one neutralize acid in soup?


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Fixing Burnt SoupI made big pot of chicken rice soup and it tastes badly burnt. Can I make it not taste burnt or take that gross taste away?


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Marie Biscuit Fudge Not SettingI tried the Marie biscuit fudge. The recipe called for 3 eggs. I think it was too much. It won't set! What can I do to fix same? Will adding condensed milk and microwaving it work?


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Fixing Burnt ChiliHow can you get the smell out of burnt chili?


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Reprocessing Runny JellyI made some jelly on Oct 14 of this year. I followed the directions and sealed my jars and let the stand for 24 hours. The mixture was runny. So I refrigerated it and I just opened the jars and poured the content in a bowl and covered it with plastic wrap.


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Fudge Did Not Set UpMy fudge has good flavor, but it didn't quite set hard enough. Am I supposed to use condensed or evaporated milk, or does milk vary by recipe?


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Making Ice Cream Topping from Too Soft FudgeMy fudge is too soft. How can I make ice cream topping?


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