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You can help clean the air and add beauty to your home with house plants. This page contains tips and advice about growing house plants.

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Lucky Bamboo in glass vase

Growing Plants in WaterSome plants will thrive in water instead of soil and you have the added enjoyment of seeing the roots develop as your plant grows. This is a page about growing plants in water.


Christmas Cactus on Table

Give Coffee to a Christmas CactusThis is a page about giving coffee to a Christmas cactus. Coffee is a trusted secret that many people use to keep their Christmas cactus healthy and blooming each year. Just make sure its plain black coffee.


Sun Star Plant

Caring for a Sun Star Plant?This is a page about caring for a sun star plant. This plant, a native of South Africa, is valued for its brilliant orange, long lasting flowers, both on the plant and as cut flowers.


A cat in a house plant.

Keeping Cats Out of House PlantsThis is a page about keeping cats out of house plants. House plants are often quite attractive to your cats inspiring digging, munching, and sometimes use as a cat box.


Spider plant sitting on a rock wall.

Moving a Spider Plant Outside in Summer?When the weather warms and there is no danger of frost, spider plants can do well outside with lots of water, and away from direct sunlight. This is a page about moving a spider plant outside in summer.


Potted African Violet with some yellow leaves

African Violet Leaves Turning YellowThis is a page about African violet leaves turning yellow. African violets are typically easy to grow, however that does not mean that your plant will not have problems.


Insect Problems on Houseplants

Solutions for Insect Pests on HouseplantsInsects and mites can appear on houseplants at any time of the year and they are not always easy to see. This page contains solutions for insect pests on houseplants.


Watering a Pink blooming Christmas Cactus

Caring for a Christmas CactusThis is a page about caring for a Christmas cactus. The Christmas cactus is an easy to grow house plant with a little understanding of its needs.


Marantas (Prayer Plant)

Growing Marantas (Prayer Plants)?This is a page about growing marantas (prayer plant). Given the right conditions marantas (prayer plants) are an easy to grow houseplant.


Growing Lucky Bamboo

Growing "Lucky Bamboo"This is a page about growing "Lucky Bamboo". Lucky Bamboo or Dracaena sanderiana is a tropical plant native to the rain forests of west Africa.


White Flowers on Corn Plant

Getting Houseplants to FlowerThis is a page about getting houseplants to flower. Many houseplants flower in their native habitat. With the right conditions you can get them to flower in your home as well.


Moses in the Cradle plant.

What Is This Houseplant? (Tradescantia spathacea)Tradescantia spathacea is a house plant that requires bright sunlight and very little water. It is also known as boat lily, Moses-in-a-basket, Moses-in-the-cradle and oyster plant.



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Ivy Houseplant Has Brown Spots?My Ivy houseplant has brown spots on some of the leaves. What is causing this?


Use a Plastic Plate Instead of Flower Pot Saucers

Alternatives to Plastic Flowerpot SaucersPlastic flower pot saucers can seem pricey for what you get. Many of them are thin, flimsy plastic. One alternative is a sturdy child's plastic plate. There are other options as well.


Hoya Flowers

How to Get a Hoya to BloomThis is a page about how to get a hoya to bloom. These vining indoor plants will bloom with waxy clusters of flowers reminiscent of mophead hydrangeas.


Potted Plant

Protecting Furniture from Potted PlantsThis is a page about protecting furniture from potted plants. Potted plants look lovely on your furniture, however, water spills and humidity from the pots can cause damage.


Droopy Peace Lily

Droopy Peace Lily?This is a page about droopy peace lily. Even an easy to grow houseplant like the peace lily can have reactions to less than ideal conditions.


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Eliminating Cat Pee Odor from a Potted Plant?My cat has peed in one of my plants and I want to know how I can get the cat smell out of my plant without replanting it?


Peace Lily Not Blooming

Peace Lily Not Blooming?This is a page about peace lily not blooming. It is disappointing to not be able to enjoy the beautiful white blooms of the peace lily.


plant inside of self watering pot

Making a Self Watering PotThis is a page about making a self watering pot. This self watering pot is perfect for small pots or to use when you are away on vacation or business.


Orchid Leaves Turning Brown - orchid in pot

Orchid Leaves Turning Brown?When the leaves on your orchid begin to turn brown, you need to determine the cause so that you can correct it. This is a page about orchid leaves turning brown.


Christmas Cactus on white background

Damaged Christmas CactusThis page is about damaged Christmas cactus. This house plant may need some TLC from some pest or abuse.


Jasminum sambac

Growing a Peacock Jasmine Plant?This is a page about growing a peacock jasmine plant. The peacock jasmine originated in India. You will find its fragrant flowers in traditional Hawaiian leis. This tropical plant grows well outside in warm tropical climates, but can also do well as a houseplant.


Passion flower.

Growing Flowering Vines IndoorsThis is a page about growing flowering vines indoors. You can grow beautiful flowering vines inside by choosing varieties that are well suited to this type of gardening.


Growing Schefflera (Umbrella Tree)Umbrella tree is a popular houseplant with two varieties commonly found. One type, Schefflera actinphylla, is a tropical plant native to Australia, Java and New Guinea. A smaller version, Schefflera arboricola, is known as Hawaiian umbrella tree and is commonly used for bonsai. It is native to Taiwan. Both are considered an invasive species in tropical places like Florida and Hawaii.


Pothos Vine

Caring for a Pothos Vine?This is a page about caring for a pothos vine. Pothos vines are a very easy to grow and care for houseplant. Your biggest challenge will be to keep it from taking over your house.


Three different colored kalanchoe plants in colorful planters.

What Is This Plant? (Kalanchoe)The kalanchoe is a thick leafed succulent that is native to Madagascar and tropical Africa. Typically these flowering plants are grown as houseplants, but if you live in an environment similar to their native homeland they can be grown outside. This is a page about, "What is this plant?". (kalanchoe)



A hoya houseplant in bloom.

Caring for HoyaThe hoya is a genus of 200300 species of tropical plants in the family Apocynaceae (Dogbane). Most are native to several countries of Asia such as China, India, and Thailand. There is a great diversity of species in the Philippines, and Polynesia, New Guinea, and Australia. It is a waxy leafed vining plant with star shaped waxy flowers. In non-tropical areas it is typically easy to grow indoors.


The completed circle plant trellis.

Circle Plant TrellisDo you have plants that need a trellis? You can make 4 circle trellises for just ~ 25 cents each, versus paying over $10 for one. Here's a quick, easy & inexpensive tutorial on how to make a circle trellis (for my Hoya plant).


A makeshift terrarium made from two clear plastic containers, with a plant inside.

Create a Humid Environment for PlantsPlace two same sized containers together with plant inside to increase humidity for tropical plants. This is a thrifty method instead of buying a humidifier. Also works for plants that you may purchase online and came from the mail - to help the plants adjust and recover from the transport!


A varigated green and yellow croton.

Growing Croton?Crotons are a popular group of houseplants that can also be grown outdoors in warm humid climates such as Florida. Depending on the variety you purchase, the light requirements vary from high to medium. A northern exposure and temperatures below 60F are not well tolerated by this plant. The more colorful the foliage the more light required. These plants benefit from regular misting or being placed on a pebble tray.


A green plant with heart shaped leaves in a clay pot.

Growing Philodendron?Philodendron plants are often grown as trailing foliage houseplants. There are upright varieties as well. They lend a bit of a tropical feel to your home. These tropical plants require bright but indirect light, warmth, moist soil, and humidity. In addition to their beauty they are often grown indoors because of their ability to clean the air in your home.


Hide the Plant Saucer Inside the Pot - cut down container inside a flower pot

Hiding Plant Saucers Inside PotsIf you don't like the look of potted plant saucers give this tip a try. Cut down a sturdy plastic container and place it inside your planter. This hidden saucer will not detract from your decorative pot.


Hydrogel beads in yellow, blue and green.

Growing a Houseplant in Water Beads?Moving a small houseplant to water soluble beads will require very gentle handling and rinsing of the developed roots.


Plastic Bottle for Rehydrating Indoor Plants

Using Recycled Plastic Bottles for Rehydrating Indoor PlantsFill any empty recycled plastic bottle with water and upend it in a potted plant. This is a great way to keep your indoor plants hydrated during the summer or a vacation.


Make your own plant trellis

Making a Trellis for HouseplantsIf you have vining houseplants or ones that could use some support, make a simple and unobtrusive trellis with wire. This is a page about making a trellis for houseplants.


Beautiful fuschia colored orchid in pot against white background

Tropical Orchid CareDifferent kinds of orchids require different conditions to grow well. These exotic beauties derive their moisture and nutrients from tree life in the tropics. This page is about tropical orchid care.


A troll toy with a succulent growing out of the head.

Succulent Troll PlanterYou can remove the hair from a troll doll, fill the head with compost, and plant some small succulent cuttings. This project is about making a succulent troll planter.


Growing Wandering Jew (Tradescantia) - closeup of the green and purple leaves

Growing Wandering Jew (Tradescantia)Wandering Jew is typically grown as a houseplant, outside of the tropics, that can spend time outdoors in warm weather. They are easy to care for and can be grown from cuttings. This is a page about growing wandering Jew (tradescantia).


Large withering aloe plant.

Struggling Aloe Plant?Aloe vera plants do not want too much water and like lots of sun. Allow the soil to dry out to your touch before adding water. This is a page about struggling aloe plant.


Aloe plant in a plastic pot.

Caring for an Aloe Vera PlantAloe vera is an attractive succulent with a healing gel inside every green lobe. This is a page about caring for an aloe vera plant.


Hard Boiled Eggs in pot on the stove.

Using Water from Hard Boiled Eggs for HouseplantsTake advantage of the minerals left in water that has been used to boil eggs. This page has information about using water from hard boiled eggs for houseplants.



Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) in a pot on a wood floor

What Is This Houseplant? (Pachira Aquatica)The money tree or money plant is a common name for Pachira Aquatica. They are also known as Malabar or Guiana Chestnut and many others. This houseplant is native to Central and South America.


An African violet in a pot.

Saving an African Violet Exposed to Cold Temperatures?Some special care will determine whether your plant can survive the shock it has been through. This is a page about saving an African violet exposed to cold temperatures.


Ice Cubes on a white background

Water Plants With Leftover IceThis is a page about watering plants with leftover ice. Using ice cubes to water your houseplants is a good idea, it allows the soil to slowly absorb the water rather than the messy overflow that often occurs with traditional watering methods.


Closeup of a Snake Plant (Sansevieria).

What's This Houseplant? Snake Plant (Sansevieria)Native to tropical west Africa, this perennial evergreen, also known as "mother-in-law's tongue" is a popular houseplant in cooler climates. This is a page about What's this houseplant?" snake plant (sansevieria).


Livingroom with lots of houseplants.

Clean the Air in Your Home With HouseplantsMany broader leaf houseplants such as: philodendron, spider plants, schefflera, and snake plants are excellent for purifying the air in your home. They can remove a significant percentage of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde in a relatively short time, especially in an enclosed space. This is a page about clean the air in your home with houseplants.


Pink Spotted Orchid

Getting an Orchid to Rebloom?Many orchids will rebloom if given the necessary amount of sunlight. Also make sure that that potting mix and pot size are suitable. Don't overwater. This is a page about getting an orchid to rebloom.


Aspirin on Table

Using Aspirin for PlantsThis is a page about aspirin for plants. The active ingredient in aspririn, acetylsalicylic acid, is know to have numerous benefits for various plants. It can help ward off fungus and pests, while increasing the overall health of your plants.


Closeup of white orchids on grey background

Temperature Range for Orchids?Depending on the type of orchid you have the typical temperature range is between 60 - 80 degrees F. This is a page about temperature range for orchids.


Spider Plant

What Is This Houseplant? (Chlorophytum comosum)This popular evergreen perennial is commonly knows as spider plants, but are also called ribbon plant, spider ivy, airplane plant and St. Bernard's lily. Spider plants grow many baby plants that root wherever they touch soil.


What is this Plant? Dracaena marginata

What is this Plant? (Dracaena marginata)Commonly known as the Madagascar dragon tree, this is a popular house plant. It is supported by long, slender trunks with narrow green leaves edged in a purplish-red, that distinguishes this Dracaena from its many cousins. This is a page about what is this plant? Dracaena marginata.


Aloe Vera Plant

Leaves on Aloe Plant Turning Brown?Aloe vera is a succulent and can easily be overwatered which can cause it to turn brown. This page is about leaves on aloe plant turning brown.


A purple orchid growing next to a window.

Caring for Orchids in the Winter?Knowing the type of orchid you have will help define the proper winter care that it needs. This is a page about caring for orchids in the winter.


An amaryllis in bloom.

Amaryllis PhotosThese beautiful blooms can brighten up the indoors on a late fall day. This page contains amaryllis photos.


What Is This Houseplant? - looks like Wandering Jew

What Is This Houseplant? (Wandering Jew, Tradescantia Zebrine)Tradescantia zebrine is a perennial, native to southern Mexico and other Central American countries. It is typically sold and grown as a trailing houseplant in cooler climates. This is a page about the houseplant Wandering Jew (Tradescantia Zebrine).


Care and Feeding of African Violets

The Care and Feeding of African VioletsGenerally speaking African violets are a fairly easy to care for houseplant. This is a page about the care and feeding of African violets.


Decorating Houseplants With Toys

Decorating HouseplantsThis is a page about decorating houseplants. Even your houseplants can enjoy being tricked out with cute or sentimental decorations.


young woman kneeling down looking a plants

Buying HouseplantsThis is a page about buying houseplants. When choosing houseplants, as much research and care in choosing those best suited to your home environment is needed, as when buying garden plants.


potted plant sitting on window ledge with snowy ground outside

Winter Care for HouseplantsThis is a page about winter care for houseplants. Your houseplants are safely away from the cold and foul winter weather. However, inside conditions and decreased daylight can still negatively effect your inside beauties.


blue watering can and houseplant

Using Tap Water on HouseplantsThis is a page about using tap water on houseplants. Distilled water and rainwater are best for your houseplants. But depending on the additives made to your tap water, it can be used safely or have the potential to do harm.



Leaves on Houseplant Turning Brown?The leaves on my plant are turning brown on the ends.


Pot of purple African Violets against a white background

Buying African VioletsThis is a page about buying African violets. African violets are a popular houseplant that is widely available for sale.


palm near window

Growing Palms IndoorsThis is a page about growing palms indoors. With the proper care including attention to things like lighting, temperature, and humidity you can successfully grow palms indoors.


Growing a Peace Lily

Growing a Peace LilyThis is a page about growing a peace lily. The lush green folige and beautiful white flowers make this easy to grow plant a popular choice. The fact that it helps to clean the air in your home or office is an added perk.


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Proper Care of a Money Tree Plant?My boss purchased a money (good luck) plant from Home Depot, but we need to know how "not" to kill the plant.



Holiday Plants That Keep On GivingThis is a page about holiday plants that keep on giving. Around the holidays there are beautiful seasonal plants for sale. Some of them can be cared for and give you years of enjoyment.


Christmas star poinsettia

Aftercare for Holiday PlantsThis is a page about aftercare for holiday plants. The holidays are a time when you might give or receive one of the many lovely holiday plants, such as Christmas cactus or amaryllis. With proper care you can enjoy them after the holidays and sometimes for years to come.


A girl watering a house plant.

Caring for HouseplantsThis is a page about caring for houseplants. With the proper care your houseplants will thrive and give you years of enjoyment.


Growing Poinsettia

Growing PoinsettiaThis is a page about growing poinsettia. The Christmas holidays are the time that big box stores, nurseries, and a variety of other stores are filled with beautiful poinsettias. Although generally grown as a houseplant, in the right climate they can be planted outside.


Pachira aquatica plant

Growing a Money Tree Plant?This is a page about growing a money tree plant. These fast growing plants are believe by some to bring good luck. They are easy to grow in your home or office if given the right conditions and care.


Leaves Turning Brown

Treating Plants With Leaves Turning Brown?This is a page about treating plants with leaves turning brown. The tips of your houseplant's leaves can turn brown for a number of reasons. Treatment for this condition depends on the cause.


Palm Trees

Palm Tree Turning Brown?This is a page about palm tree turning brown. It is very disappointing when your palm begins to turn brown. Trying to find the cause can seem daunting.


Self Watering Houseplant

Watering Houseplants On VacationWhile you are on vacation your houseplants will still need care, specifically water. If you don't have a friend to come in and take care of them, there are still some ways to make sure your plants survive your trip. This is a page about watering houseplants on vacation.


Decorating With Houseplants

Decorating With HouseplantsThis is a page about decorating with houseplants. Not only do houseplants have the ability to improve the air quality in your home, but they can also be used as decorative focal points.


Nepenthes Ventricosa (Pitcher Plant)

Growing Nepenthes Ventricosa (Pitcher Plant)This is a page about growing Nepenthes Ventricosa (pitcher plant). These carnivorous tropical plants can be grown as houseplants under the proper conditions.


Rubber Tree (Houseplant)

Growing a Rubber Tree (Houseplant)This is a page about growing a rubber tree (houseplant). A rubber plant adds a touch of the tropical to your home decor.


potted houseplant

Bringing Plants Indoors for the WinterThis page is about bringing plants indoors for the winter. When the weather gets cold there are many garden plants that be keep inside.


Jade Plant

Repotting a Jade PlantThis page is about repotting a jade plant. Saving this semi succulent plant sometimes requires a new pot.


baby's breath in low light

The Best Houseplants for Low LightThis page is about the best houseplants for low light. Finding the best plants to have in your home helps them to thrive.


Woman Moving With Houseplants

Moving With HouseplantsThis page is about moving with houseplants. When transporting your plants, protecting them from damage can be a challenge.


Spider Plant

Repotting Spider PlantsThis page is about repotting spider plants. New plants can be created from this prolific house plant.


Fertilizing Houseplants

Fertilizing HouseplantsThis is a page about fertilizing houseplants.Your houseplants can benefit from proper fertilization.


Watering Houseplants

Watering HouseplantsThis page is about watering houseplants. Find the best way to give your indoor plants the right amount of water they need.



Saving Money on HouseplantsThis is a page about saving money on houseplants. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have lovely houseplants.


Potted Philodendron

Houseplants That Are Easy to GrowThis page is about houseplants that are easy to grow. There are many plants you can grow indoors without a lot of hassle.


Humidity and Houseplants

Humidity and HouseplantsThis is a page about humidity and houseplants. Providing your houseplants with the proper levels of humidity can be a challenge.


spider plant wth babies

How to Divide Your HouseplantsThis page is about how to divide your houseplants. The propagation method used varies for different plants, and some can be divided using more than one method.


Spider Plant on White Background

Growing Spider PlantsThis is a page about growing spider plants. These indoor house plants with their multitude of baby plants are fun to grow and easy enough for the beginning gardener.


Pathos Houseplant

Houseplant Tips and TricksThis page contains houseplant tips and tricks. Plants in your home are wonderful and there are ways to keep them beautiful.


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Water Drop on End of Peace Lily Bloom?My peace lily had a bloom on it when I got it. The bloom died and I just got another one after 2 years. Tonight I noticed a water drop at the tip of the bloom. It looked like it was crying. What would have caused this?


Create Gifts From Plant Cuttings

Create Gifts From Plant CuttingsA wonderful gift can be grown from your own house plants. This page is about creating gifts from plant cuttings.


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Growing Magic Beans from Ikea?How to look after magic beans ((black beans) bought from Ikea?


Windowsill Celery Hearts

Growing Windowsill Celery HeartsThis page is about growing windowsill celery hearts. Fresh celery greens on your windowsill are easy to start and convenient for a quick addition to your meals.


Staking an amaryllis with pussy willow branches.

Staking House PlantsThis page is about staking house plants. Many kinds of house plants often grow fast and need to be staked to stay healthy and out of harms way.


African Violet

Growing HouseplantsThis is a page about growing houseplants. Houseplants can add beauty to our home, if well chosen and cared for.


red christmas cactus

Identifying a Christmas Cactus?This is a page about identifying a Christmas cactus. Your unidentified plant looks as though it may be a Christmas, now to make sure.


African Violets

Growing African VioletsThis is a page about growing African violets. By following a few general tips and you can have lovely, colorful African violets thriving in your home.


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Propagating a Dieffenbachia Plant?Can I take a cutting from the cane to start a dieffenbachia (dumb cane) plant? or do I have to air layer it? I received this plant when our late son was injured 13 years ago. It has been divided; I have one tall plant left and I need to do something with it.


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Caring for a Croton Plant?I have a croton which is a new plant; it looks healthy and well. My question is why some of the incoming new growth turns dry and falls off before they have the chance to become full leaves?


Cleaning Ficus leaves

Cleaning HouseplantsThis is a page about cleaning houseplants. The leaves of indoor potted plants can get very dusty and dingy looking if not cleaned off regularly. Cleaning your houseplants will help them grow happy and healthy.


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Getting Rid of Mushrooms in Houseplant Pots?I have a very tall Norfolk Island pine tree, houseplant, which has yellow mushrooms sprouting up in the potting soil. How can I permanently get rid of them?


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Hide the Plant Saucer Inside the Pot - cut down container inside a flower pot

Hide the Plant Saucer Inside the PotNot a fan of plant saucers? No problem, you can hide the saucer inside the pot! Here's a free way of making a saucer. Using any sturdy container that will fit inside your pot, like for me - a greek yogurt container. Then cut the yogurt container down. Place yogurt container inside and you're done.


view down into pot with cloth and shells

Use Pecan Shells For Potted Plant DrainageIf you have a pecan tree, or if you buy pecans in the shell during the holidays, you can put those shells to good use.


Use a Plastic Plate Instead of Flower Pot Saucers - potted plant sitting on a blue plastic plate

Use a Plastic Plate Instead of Flower Pot SaucersAre your looking for a budget friendly alternative to pot saucers? Think plastic kid's plate! I recently was gifted this Castanospermum australe "Lucky Bean Plant". The cheapest saucers from Home Depot were 80 cents (very thin plastic) to $2.68 (still somewhat thin plastic) so I held off on purchasing a saucer.


Avocado Pits in Egg Crates

Avocado Pits in Egg CratesIt is that time of year when I get the wonderful spring fever and want to start growing things. Here are a batch of avocado pits sitting in their own pods made from foam egg crates.


Umbrella open upside down under houseplants.

Avoiding Messy Plant Clean-upCaring for your treasured plants can be a messy job with the water spillage, and the pruning, and all the dead leaves. I avoid this mess by inverting an umbrella under the plants I am working on to keep all the plant cuttings/dried up leaves off the floor and furniture.


The completed circle plant trellis.

Circle Plant TrellisDo you have plants that need a trellis? You can make 4 circle trellises for just ~ 25 cents each, versus paying over $10 for one. Here's a quick, easy & inexpensive tutorial on how to make a circle trellis (for my Hoya plant).


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A small green plant with wide leaves.

What Is This Plant?I am wondering what this delightful plant is. A friend of mind gave me a cutting. She had it growing in her bay window. It was trailing with a woody type stem from a pot, and there were clusters of green, like in the picture, spaced out on the woody trailing stalk or stem. The cutting is rooting easily in water, it already has roots after only 1 week from being cut.


A green houseplant in a pot.

Identify this HouseplantI received this plant in one of those houseplant basket gardens. It was a small accent plant. I transplanted it into this bigger pot and it spent the summer outside on my porch. It has very small pink flowers in clusters. Does anyone know the name of this plant?


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Orange Sun Star?I have a sun star plant whose leaves yellowed, he has bloomed. How do I prune him for the best care? Or are there any other suggestions? Thank you.


A spider plant in a pot.

Spider Plant Drooping and Leaves Getting Yellow?My spider plant leaves are getting yellowish and also drooping. Just bought it 20 days ago. I have also been watering it twice a week, mainly when soil gets dry. Currently, I have kept it in a north direction in main hall. Please suggest how do I get it into proper shape.


A overgrown plant.

What Is This Plant?I found this neglected plant outside my new house. It was still in a pot. Anyone know what it is? I'm zone 9b, thanks.


A flowering houseplant.

Identifying a Houseplant?What is the name of this plant please?


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