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This page contains Christmas ornament projects and ideas.

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Making Bead and Sequin Ornaments

Making Bead and Sequin OrnamentsBeads and sequins together or separately can be used to make beautiful, sparkly ornaments. This is a page about making bead and sequin ornaments.


Felt Penguin Ornament

Making Ornaments for a Felt Christmas TreeThis is a page about making felt ornaments. These ornaments are perfect for using on a felt Christmas tree.


Tea Light Snowman Ornament

Tea Light Snowman OrnamentThis is a page about making a tea light snowman ornament. These cute little ornaments are quick and easy to make and look great on your tree.


Bethlehem with star on milkweed pod

Making Milkweed Christmas OrnamentsThis is a page about making milkweed Christmas ornaments. Milkweed pods can be used to make a variety of cute ornaments.


Felt mouse pin.

Christmas Pin Craft IdeasThis page contains Christmas pin craft ideas. Fun projects for gifts or personal decoration are pins with a Christmas theme.


Felt Star Ornament

Making a Felt Star OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt star ornament. Felt is a good choice of materials for making beautiful Christmas ornaments.


Making Photo Ornaments

Making Photo OrnamentsThis page is about making photo ornaments. A fun, personalized trimming to make for your tree or as a gift.


Putting glue on paper mache ball.

Making Paper Mache Ball Christmas OrnamentsIf you are looking for a homemade Christmas ornament project, this might be just the one. Cover inflated balloons with papier-mâché, allow to dry and then paint and decorate as desired. This is a page about making paper mache ball Christmas ornaments.


Jigsaw Puzzle Ornaments

Ornaments Made from Jigsaw Puzzle PiecesI made these ornaments in 1992, and they still look new except for a bit of wear on the bows. They were so much fun, I gave them to business associates as well as friends.


finished gingerbread ornaments

Making Felt Gingerbread Man...This page is about making felt gingerbread man ornaments. These simple Christmas decorations can be created with the kids in your life.


Miniature Wreaths - wreaths and silver snowflakes on silver tree

Mason Jar Ring Miniature WreathsI made three mini wreaths to hang on the tree using mason jar lids.



Shabby Chic Shell Ornaments - two shell ornaments, one with a small bow attached

Making Shabby Chic Shell OrnamentsThese shabby chic shell ornaments are easy to make and don't require too many supplies. Hang them on your tree or display year round. Learn how to make them from the project posted below.


Paper Roll Ornament - finished ornament ready to hang

Making a Toilet Paper Roll OrnamentGlitter covered toilet paper roll sections can be glued together to make pretty holiday ornaments. You can add additional embellishments too. Use the instructions below to create your own.


Mini Wreath Ornament - three different wreaths

Making Mini Wreath OrnamentsMake a wreath shape from sturdy cardboard or chipboard. Decorate by wrapping with baker's twine, ribbon, or whatever you have. Add additional embellishments as desired and it is ready to hang.


Felt Elephant Ornament - ornament lying on a laminate countertop

Making a Felt Elephant OrnamentFelt ornaments are fun and easy to make. Plus you can make them in so many patterns, using freehand drawings, cookie cutters, and more. Learn how to make a felt elephant ornament below.


A Christmas ornament made from a recycled CD.

How to Made a Recycled CD OrnamentLearn how to make a lovely recycled CD ornament by following the instructions on this page. A detailed list of supplies is also included.


Hot Cocoa Ornaments - added string for hanging

DIY Hot Cocoa OrnamentsCreate a cute hot cocoa ornament that is also a gift. The kids will love helping to make these for friends, family, and teachers. The project containing supplies and steps follows.


Top down view of ornament.

Making an English Christmas Pudding OrnamentThis cute Christmas ornament begins with a plain Styrofoam ball. The instructions for transforming it into an English pudding can be found on this page.


Personalized Felt Ornaments

Making Personalized Felt OrnamentsFelt is an easy craft material to work with. Use various colors to make personalized felt ornaments for your Christmas tree or to make into a garland.


Wooden Ball Gift Tag Decoration Ornament - hanging on the tree

Making a Wooden Ball Gift Tag OrnamentWooden beads strung together with a handmade gift tag below and a pretty ribbon on the top do double duty as a gift tag and ornament. Instructions and a supplies list follow.


Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornament - ready to hang on the tree or gift

Making Mason Jar Lid Christmas OrnamentsThe lids from Mason style jars can be reused in lots of crafts. This page offers a Christmas ornament project.


Clothespin Reindeer - color the bottom of the legs with a black marker to make hooves, add eyes and nose

Making Clothespin ReindeerYou too can make cute clothespin reindeer from both peg style and spring clip pins. Use them as decorations or hang on the tree. This craft is offered with a supplies list, instructions, and photos.


Coastal Beach Ornaments - closeup of a filled ball with blue box, and snowflake ribbon around the center

Making Coastal Beach OrnamentsFill glass or plastic ornaments with beach sand and small shells. They can be used as Christmas ornaments or displays. Alternatively you can use embellishments that make them fun to display year round.


DIY Wire Star Christmas Tree Topper - wire topper on a small table top tree

DIY Wire Star Christmas Tree TopperFashion a wire star shaped Christmas tree topper using 16g craft wire. See how to make one below.


Rainbow Unicorn Ornament - ornament hanging on the tree

Making a Rainbow Unicorn OrnamentA foam plate, colorful scraps of tulle, and a glitter paper horn transform into a rainbow unicorn ornament to adorn your tree or a child's room.



Paper Snow Globe Ornament - hand holding the paper snow globe decoration

Making a Paper Snow Globe OrnamentConstruction paper, acrylic paint, glue, and a pipe cleaner for the hanger are the only supplies that you need to make this cute paper snow globe ornament. This is a good project to make with your children.


Ballerina Gingerbread Ornament - ornament on the tree

Making a Paper Ballerina Gingerbread OrnamentDraw or trace a gingerbread cookie shape and then embellish with crafts supplies you probably already have. The instructions and supply list for making a ballerina gingerbread ornament can be found below.


Rainbow Pinecone Ornaments - two versions of the ornament

Making Rainbow Pinecone OrnamentsPaint pinecones in rainbow colors. Add a twine loop for hanging, a bow, and a bell if you like. These are easy and fun to make holiday ornaments.


Succulent Pinecone Ornament - hand holding up the decorated cone ornament

Making a Succulent Pinecone OrnamentGlue cuttings from your succulent plants onto a pinecone, add a twine hanger, and a decorative ribbon on top to make your own ornaments.


Yo Yo Christmas Angel Ornament - finished ornament

Making a Yo Yo Christmas Angel OrnamentUse leftover yo yos from another project or quickly make a couple of new ones to use in assembling this cute yo yo Christmas angel ornament. A supplies list and instructions can be found on this page.


Folded Christmas Tree Ornament - hand holding the ornaments with fireplace bricks in the background

Making a Folded Paper Christmas Tree OrnamentUse the craft paper of your choice, or as in this case your children's artwork to make these accordion folded paper Christmas tree ornaments. Instructions and photos can be found on this page.


Melted Snowman Ornament - finished ornament with ribbon hanger added

Making a Melted Snowman OrnamentThis version of the melted snowman ornament is made using hot glue and paint to create the main element. A felt hat and a string or ribbon hanger complete the ornament. Learn how to make your own on this page.


Light Bulb Grinch Ornament - add a circle of white fabric to the hat tip and then add a hanger

DIY Light Bulb Grinch OrnamentWith a burnt out light bulb, green paint, and some basic painting skills you are on your way to making this Grinch ornament. This is a no sew project.


Pinecone Reindeer Ornament  - ready to hang

Making a Pinecone Reindeer OrnamentEmbellish a pinecone with ribbon ears, pipe cleaner antlers, googly eyes, and a pom pom nose to create this cute reindeer ornament. Learn how on this page.


Snowman/Joy Paper Chain Ornament - hanging on the brick fireplace

Making a Snowman/Joy Paper Chain OrnamentThis cute snowman is made from tubes of white paper, put together in a chain. It's easy to add "Joy" or any other festive term to the craft.


finished reindeer

Making a Pom-Pom ReindeerPom poms and chenille stems work up into cute little reindeer to help decorate for the holidays. You can use them as ornaments, set them up around the house, or even attach to a gift. Complete instructions and photos are included on this page.


Fused Plastic Straw Ornament - ready to add a piece of string and hang

Making Fused Plastic Straw OrnamentsColorful plastic drinking straws are the main supply needed to create fused plastic Christmas ornaments. Follow the detailed instructions to make this cute Christmas tree.


Making A Snow Globe Ornament

Making A Snow Globe OrnamentUse a plastic or glass ornament designed to have items added to create this cute snow globe ornament for your home or tree. Instructions can be found on this page.


Felt Mismatched Sock Ornaments

Making Felt Mismatched Sock OrnamentsThese mismatched sock felt ornaments are easy to make and customize. They are perfect for stocking stuffers or as a Secret Santa gift.


Felt Lipstick Ornament - felt pink lipstick ornament with hanger

Making a Felt Lipstick OrnamentFelt is so easy to work with. Add a little embroidery to make this cute felt lipstick ornament by following the instructions on this page.



A clear glass ball ornament that has been decorated.

Decorating Glass Ball Christmas OrnamentsGlass ball Christmas ornaments can be decorated on the outside or you can fill them with seasonal items to create unique ornaments. Try your hand at this great craft activity; get the older kids involved too.


Sparkling Paper Ornaments - paper ornaments hanging from a mirror frame

Making Sparkling Paper OrnamentsCover recycled paper cutouts of Christmas themed shapes, with glitter paper to make pretty, inexpensive, sparkling ornaments. String some together for a garland.


Cardboard Star Ornament  - ornament hanging on the tree

Cardboard Star OrnamentColorful twine and a star shape made from recycled cardboard are the main supplies need for this fun ornament project. It is a perfect project for a young child and allows them to participate in making special seasonal decorations.


Christmas Triangle Candy Box Ornament  - ornament on tree next to bottle cap ornament

DIY Christmas Triangle Candy Box OrnamentTransform recycled cardboard into cute Christmas triangle candy box ornaments. They can also be used as favors or tied into the bow on a gift. The instructions and accompanying photos are found on this page.


Cute Reindeer Ornament - ornament hanging on the tree

Making a Glass Reindeer OrnamentTransform a clear glass fillable ornament into a cute reindeer. This is a simple project that you can do with your children.


Candy Nose Reindeer Ornament

Candy Nose Reindeer OrnamentCreate a cute kraft paper reindeer ornament and add your favorite candy for the nose. It will look great on your tree, could be used as a gift tag, or as a gift itself. The instructions with accompanying photos follow.


Lace Frill Sock Christmas Angel - finished angel with wings added hanging from a tree branch

DIY Lace Frill Sock Christmas AngelThis pretty Christmas angel begins with a frilly lace trimmed girl's sock. The step by step photos and instructions can be found on this page.


Making hat and beard.

Yarn Santa OrnamentCreate this cute inexpensive, yarn Santa ornament. You will need just a few supplies, and you can make a lasting Christmas tree decoration with young crafters.


Fill and Chill Ornaments

Ideas for Filling Clear Plastic OrnamentsIf you don't have a lot of space for gardening at your home, consider planting vertically. This wooden vertical garden doubles as an open fence and would be good to add privacy or camouflauge a less pretty part of your yard.


Santa belt ornament

Santa Belly OrnamentAdd a glitter belt and buckle to a red ornament to create this fun Christmas tree decoration. This page shows you how to make a cute Santa belly ornament.


French Macaron Cookie Ornaments  - hang on the tree

Recycled Bottlecap Macaron Cookie OrnamentsIf you love these beautiful cookies then, this ornament craft is for you. Learn how to make recycled bottlecap macaron cookie ornaments.


Plastic Bottle Cap Ornaments - ornaments hanging on the tree

Making Plastic Bottle Cap Christmas OrnamentsThis is a page about making plastic bottle cap Christmas ornaments. You don't necessarily envision cute Christmas ornaments when you look at plastic bottle caps. But add some paint, glitter, sequins, ribbon, and beads to create these adorable ornaments.


Christmas Memorial Ornament

Making a Christmas Memorial OrnamentA memorial ornament can be easily made to keep your loved ones' memory bright during the holidays. This is a page about making a Christmas memorial ornament.


Clear Christmas ornament filled with tree, snow and a present.

Filling Clear Christmas OrnamentsA fun project for the whole family can center around filling clear ornaments with a variety of holiday themed inclusions and other tidbits. Try shells, confetti, pom poms, miniature trees, and more. This is a page about filling clear Christmas ornaments.


finished Angel ornament

Darling Angel Christmas OrnamentWhen you think of Christmas, one of the ubiquitous motifs is the angel. Make your own little angel ornament working with the project found in this page. This is a page about making a darling angel Christmas ornament.


Bottle Cap Ornaments - other versions

Making Bottle Cap Christmas OrnamentsSave the metal caps from beverage bottles and create some unique decorations for a mini Christmas tree. Have fun reusing! This is a page about making bottle cap Christmas ornaments.


Gumball Machine Ornament

Making a Gumball Machine OrnamentAdd this cute handmade ornament to your collection. It is so cute and easy to make you could gift them as gifts. This is a page about making a gumball machine ornament.


Nature Stick Christmas Tree Ornament - add glitter or confetti

Making a Nature Stick Christmas Tree OrnamentTake a walk in the woods or just around the park or neighborhood and collect some small sticks and twigs. They will be the branches for this handmade ornament. This is a page about making a nature stick Christmas tree ornament.


Poured Paint Ornaments  - several colors of paint dripped down the inside of the ornament

Making Poured Paint Glass Ornament BallsPlain glass ornaments can be made fabulous with the addition of some paint poured directly inside. This is a page about making poured paint glass ornament balls.


Pasta angel christmas ornaments

How to Make Pasta Christmas OrnamentsThese adorable pasta ornaments can be displayed on your Christmas tree for years. This is a page about how to make pasta christmas ornaments.


Cupcake Liner Ornament - finished ornament

Cupcake Liner OrnamentThis a simple and cute ornament that looks like a carnation. All you need is a ball, some glue, and some cupcake liners. I like using metallic liners because they reflect light very nicely!


Christmas Flower Ornaments - paper flowers in tree

Christmas Flower OrnamentsThese flowers are cute for hanging on the Christmas tree. They're made from toilet paper rolls.


Pasta Christmas Ornaments - ornaments against a wood background

Pasta Christmas OrnamentsI am in love with making these ornaments out of dry pasta. Some of my favourite pasta shapes to create with are penne and rotelle, but any variety can be used. Go ahead and experiment!


Crocheted Christmas Card Ornaments

Crocheted Recycled Christmas Card OrnamentsAdding a crochet border to recycled Christmas cards is one way to create pretty, unique ornaments for the tree. This is a page about making crocheted recycled Christmas card ornaments.


Miniature Wreaths - wreaths and silver snowflakes on silver tree

Mason Jar Ring Miniature WreathsI made three mini wreaths to hang on the tree using mason jar lids.


An angel ornament made from a domino with beads and jewelry findings.

Recycled Domino AngelsThis is a page about making a recycled domino angel. This cute little angel ornament is made out of a domino and old pieces of jewelry. Put that jewelry you never wear to use and make some of these angels for your Christmas tree. They make great gifts too!


Photo Christmas ornament.

Making Glass Photo Christmas OrnamentsAdding a photo to a clear glass ball ornament is a good way to create very personalized holiday decorations. This is a page about making glass photo Christmas ornaments.


Christmas Ornaments

Putting a Photo on a Christmas Ornament?Christmas ornaments are often something we share with family and friends. Adding a photo to a Christmas ornament is a great way to remember someone during the holidays or even to give as a gift. Here are some ideas about putting a photo on a Christmas ornament.


Plastic Lid Photo Ornament

Making Recycled Plastic Lid Photo OrnamentsRecycled plastic lids from a variety of food product containers work well for making photo Christmas ornaments. This is a page about recycled plastic lid photo ornaments.


An angel pinecone Christmas ornament

Pinecone Angel OrnamentsGather some pinecones and make these little angel ornaments as a family project. This is a page about pinecone angel ornaments.


Glitter Coke Lid Ornament

Plastic Coke Lid Christmas TreeMake a sparkly Christmas decoration or ornament using soda bottle lids that would typically end up in the trash. This is a page about plastic Coke lid Christmas tree.


Spool Santa Ornament - finished and hanging by the string

Making a Spool Santa OrnamentThis cute Santa ornament is easy to make, starting with a red thread spool. This is a page about making a spool Santa ornament.


paper doily in shape of fan

Making Doily Fan OrnamentsThis is a page about making doily fan ornaments. Paper doilies can be used to make pretty Victorian style fan ornaments.


3-D Paper Ornament in tree

Making a 3-D Paper OrnamentThis is a page about 3-d paper ornament. This 3-D paper ornament is fun, easy to make, and will look great on any Christmas tree.


A baby spoon incorporated into an ornament.

Infant Spoon Christmas OrnamentI place my children's infant feeding spoon on my Christmas tree each year to remind us of the simplicity of the meaning of the baby Jesus in the manger; and to remember the fun times we had, watching our children growing up with the excitement in their eyes at Christmas.


Aluminum Ornament

Making Punched Aluminum OrnamentsThis is a page about making punched aluminum ornaments. This easy to make Christmas craft will look great on your tree this year.


Finished red and white paper pinecone.

Making Paper Pinecone OrnamentsThis is a page about making paper pinecone ornaments. Try these cute folded paper ornaments on your Christmas tree.


Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament

Making a Fabric Christmas Tree OrnamentThis is a page about making fabric Christmas tree ornaments. Crafting fun and easy Christmas tree ornaments from fabric is a great craft for kids and adults alike.


Rigitoni Reindeer

Making a Rigatoni Reindeer Ornament or PinThis is a page about making a rigatoni reindeer ornament or pin. A piece of pasta is the first thing you need to make this cute seasonal pin or ornament.


Felt Bling Christmas Ornaments

Making Felt Bling Christmas OrnamentsThis is a page about making felt bling Christmas ornaments. Felt ornaments can be as simple or as complex as you like. Get the whole family involved in making some for the tree.


Completed stars, one iridescent silver and one red.

Making 3D Paper Star Christmas OrnamentsThis page is about making 3D paper star Christmas ornaments. Recycle gift wrap or other paper to make a folded paper decoration for your holiday tree.


Noel Ornament made from Scrabble pieces

Making a Scrabble Tile Christmas OrnamentThis is a page about making a Scrabble tile Christmas ornament. Tiles from old Scrabble games are great for making various crafts, from jewelry to Christmas ornaments.


front view

Making a Tassel Angel OrnamentThis is a page about making a tassel angel ornament. Decorative tassels lend themselves to creating beautiful angel Christmas ornaments.


Candy cane decorated with pipe cleaner, google eyes, and a pom pom.

Making Candy Cane ReindeerThis is a page about making a candy cane reindeer. You can easily make a cute reindeer from a candy cane to use as a decoration or ornament.


bulbs with hangers

Making Paper Christmas Lightbulb OrnamentsThis is a page about making paper Christmas lightbulb ornaments. The kids will enjoy making these cute paper Christmas lights to use as ornaments or a garland.


Popsicle Stick Tree Ornament

Making Popsicle Stick Christmas OrnamentsPopsicle or craft sticks have long been used to make a wide variety of crafts. This is a page about making Popsicle stick Christmas ornaments.


Glitter ornament.

Making a Gold Glitter Ball OrnamentThis is a page about making a gold glitter ball ornament. A glittery gold ball ornament is not only easy to make, but will definitely add sparkle to your tree.


An ornament of a Christmas Dog

Making Christmas Dog OrnamentsThis is a page about making Christmas dog ornaments. This cute dog ornament would be fun to make with your children or grandchildren.


Santa holding a red ornament.

Making a Santa OrnamentThis is a page about making a Santa ornament. There are so many ways to make cute Santa ornaments to decorate your tree and home.


red painted sled with cross member and ribbon pull tied on

Making a Popsicle Stick Wooden Sled OrnamentThis is a page about making a Popsicle stick wooden sled ornament. Popsicle sticks are excellent craft supplies to have on hand for you and the kids to use for making cute ornaments.


Ribbon Angel

Making a Ribbon AngelThis is a page about making a ribbon angel. An inexpensive ornament to make that can decorate a Christmas tree or be a fun gift.


Felt Penguin Ornament

Making a Felt Penguin OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt penguin ornament. This cute little felt tree ornament is easy and inexpensive to make. Make several and give as gifts or use them to make a garland.


Felt Pickle Ornament

Making a Felt Pickle OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt pickle ornament. According to some, finding the pickle ornament results in a special gift from St. Nick. Here is an easy to make felt version.


Felt Holly Ornament

Making Felt Holly OrnamentsThis is a page about making felt holly ornaments. These holly leaves won't prick your fingers.


Felt Santa Hat Ornament

Making a Felt Santa Hat OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt Santa hat ornament. Looks like Santa left his hat hanging on your tree before heading on to his next stop.


Felt Antique Christmas Baubles

Making Felt Antique Christmas BaublesThis is a page about making felt antique Christmas baubles. Reminiscent of antique glass ornaments these felt reproductions lend an air of times gone by to your Christmas tree.


Felt Candy Ornament

Making a Felt Candy OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt candy ornament. Sweet enough to eat, these felt candy ornaments will look nice on your tree or as part of a garland.


Felt Candy Cane Ornament

Making a Felt Candy Cane OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt candy cane ornament. These red and white felt candy cane ornaments are fun to make.


Felt Snowman Ornament

Making a Felt Snowman OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt snowman ornament. This little snowman won't melt as he adorns your tree.


felt xmas tree

Making a Felt Christmas Tree OrnamentThis is a page about making a felt Christmas tree ornament. This cute little felt tree will look nice on your tree, as part of a garland, or as a gift tag.


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Pinecone Reindeer Ornament  - ready to hang

Pinecone Reindeer OrnamentMake this cute reindeer ornament with just a few supplies - a pinecone, ribbon, a pipe cleaner, pom pom, googly eyes, and hot glue.


Scrabble Tile and Dollar Tree Ornaments - three more ornaments

Scrabble Tile and Dollar Tree OrnamentsI love Scrabble tiles and making things from them. I also love Dollar Tree ornaments. Today, I made some ornaments from both.


Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas Balls - finished balls hanging on a lighted piece of garland

Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas BallsI'm pretty late with Christmas decorations this time. There is no time to buy new Christmas balls, travel time takes longer than shopping so I'd rather spend it making an alternative holiday tree ornament.


Clothespin Reindeer  - reindeer ornaments hanging on the wall

Clothespin ReindeerEvery Christmas I love to make new decorations and ornaments. And this year, I found two reindeer crafts that I had to try. They are easy to make and can be used as regular decor that you set out or ornaments for the tree. I like the traditional look, but you could also mix it up with different paint and accessory colors!


Paper Plate Ornament - ready to hang

Paper Plate OrnamentHere's an inexpensive kid's craft for making paper plate ornaments. It would be a perfect little station for the kids if you're hosting a Christmas party!


Rainbow Pinecone Ornaments - two versions of the ornament

Rainbow Pinecone OrnamentsBrighten your Christmas tree with these colorful and beautiful rainbow bell pinecone ornaments! These ornaments would also make great gifts too!


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Felt Antique Christmas Baubles

Felt Antique Christmas BaublesLet your kids decorate their own felt Christmas tree with these cute antique inspired felt baubles. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Making Felt Gingerbread Man Ornaments

Making Felt Gingerbread Man OrnamentsThis video shows the steps to making your own Felt Gingerbread Man Ornaments. This ornaments make great gifts.


Cork Reindeer

Cork Reindeer VideoIn this video you will learn how to make this cork reindeer with step by step instructions.


Felt Candy Cane Ornament

Felt Candy Cane OrnamentThis felt candy cane ornament is simple to make. Hang it on your tree or have your kids decorate a felt christmas tree with felt ornaments. Learn how to make one in this step by step video.



Rainbow Unicorn Ornament - ornament hanging on the tree

Rainbow Unicorn OrnamentHere's a trending animal this year, unicorns. Of course my daughter was a unicorn for Halloween (one of her outfits.) With the left over colorful tulle I had, I was able to make this really simple unicorn ornament.


Light Bulb Grinch Ornament - Grinch light bulb ornament

DIY Light Bulb Grinch OrnamentI made this Grinch ornament from a burnt out light bulb. All you need is acrylic paint, some red and white fabric, and some hot glue. No sewing is necessary. Tie on some ribbon and hang it on the tree. I think he's pretty cute!


Wooden Ball Gift Tag Decoration Ornament - hanging on the tree

Wooden Ball Gift Tag OrnamentHere is a tutorial on how to make this cute, wooden ball tag ornament for your tree or to use as a gift tag for a present.


Ballerina Gingerbread Ornament - ornament on the tree

Ballerina Gingerbread OrnamentYou can make lots of cute and fun ornaments with just paper (feel free to adjust with supplies you already own). Here's one I made for my daughter to reflect her personality and I used her favorite color for the shirt.


Personalized Felt Ornaments  - large and small felt ornaments on the tree

Personalized Felt OrnamentsMaking personalized felt ornaments was really fun and most of all really thrifty versus buying Christmas ornaments. You can make a bunch for your tree and probably enough to make as gifts! Let me share with you all some of the ornaments I made.


3D Paper Star Ornament - star hanging on the tree

3D Paper Star OrnamentIt's the first day of the Christmas month and today I'll start with smaller Christmas decorations. The most common ornament is the star. This one is very basic, but a little complicated.


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Styrofoam Glue?I have been working with Styrofoam balls making Christmas ornaments with sequins. My problem is the straight pins. I have been unable to find any pins with a big enough head to keep the sequins in place. I saw that you could use glue. What kind of glue is safe for Styrofoam?


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Making Fabric Christmas Ornaments?I am making primitive Xmas ornaments and would like to cut some stages. Can I mix Elmer's glue and instant coffee and brush it on the ornaments? Or can you suggest another easier alternative?


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Handmade Plaster Christmas Tree Ornaments?I'm looking for somewhere to make or purchase a Christmas tree ornament that I could paint or have made to look like a relative that plays bball. It doesn't need to be perfect, or to look like him exactly, but his jersey number has to be correct. Any leads on where to find this?


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Patterns Hole Punched Frozen Juice Tops?Where can I get templates for frozen juice tops made with a hammer and nails? You pound holes in the top.


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Making Christmas Tree Ornaments from Used Cards?How many Christmas cards does it take to make a medium size Christmas tree ornament?


Vintage ornament and popcorn garland on tree.

Making Vintage Christmas Ornaments and Decorations?I am looking for patterns for Christmas ornaments and decorations from 1900 to 1949. My mother-in-law had a beautiful set of hand made decorations from those years.


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