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This page contains tips and information about storing food.

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Homemade Potato Salad

How Long Will Homemade Potato Salad Keep in the Refrigerator?If stored in a fridge with a consistently cold temperature and kept well covered, many people find that homemade potato salad can last from 5 - 10 days. This is a page about, "How long will homemade potato salad keep in the refrigerator?".


Canned Sauerkraut

Shelf Life of Canned Sauerkraut?This page is about the shelf life of canned sauerkraut. A fermented cabbage product that is very acidic.


Preventing Mold On Berries, Moldy Strawberry

Preventing Mold On Fresh BerriesThis is a page about preventing mold on fresh berries. It is so disappointing to buy fresh berries only to have them mold before you can use them all.


Soy Milk and Beans

Storing Soy Milk Without RefrigerationSoy milk is a popular substitute for people who need to avoid dairy. This is a page about storing soy milk without refrigeration.


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Vacuum Sealing Fresh Onions?I have just purchased a food vacuum sealer and I have just tried to seal a heap of sliced fresh onions, but I can't get a good seal on the bag, because it keeps sucking juices from the onions. Does anyone know whether I am doing something wrong here?


Almond Bark

Storing Almond Bark?This is a page about storing almond bark. Almond bark is a vegetable oil based candy coating. With proper storage the bark can be kept for while.



Wooden Scoop of Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar Tips and TricksOnce opened keeping your brown sugar from getting packed and hard can be a challenge. This page contains brown sugar tips and tricks.


Freezing Bell Peppers, Canning Bell Peppers, Peeling Bell Peppers, Drying Bell Peppers, Storing Bell Peppers, Growing Bell Peppers, Selecting Good Bell Peppers, Red, Green and Yellow Bell Peppers

Storing Bell PeppersStoring your bell peppers properly will ensure they are fresh and ready to use when you need them. This is a page about storing bell peppers.



Storing Bagels?This is a page about storing bagels. You will want to use the best method for storing your left over bagels to keep them fresh.


Storing Sugar

Storing SugarGranulated sugar should be store in a sealed container in a cool dry location. If sugar is a free from pests and other contaminants and stored properly, it has an indefinite shelf life. Keep reading for more tips and information about storing sugar.


Keeping Cookies Soft

Keeping Cookies SoftThis is a page about keeping cookies soft. Now that you have made a batch of soft chewy cookies, you will want to keep them that way.


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Use an Old Freezer as a PantrySomeone gave us a huge used upright freezer. It worked fine, but I didn't really need THAT much freezer space and it needed to be defrosted way too often for me.


Cleaning and Storing Romaine Hearts

Cleaning and Storing Romaine HeartsCareful preparation of your romain lettuce can help increase its shelf life and make it easier to quickly make a delicious salad. This is a page about cleaning and storing romaine hearts.


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Storing Corn or Flour Tortillas?What do you store your corn tortillas in?


Selecting Good Strawberries. Storing Strawberries.Bunch of Ripe Red Streawberries

Storing StrawberriesThis is a page about storing strawberries. Strawberries are a wonderful tasty treat to have in your garden. However, they can spoil quickly once they are ripe. Storing them properly will ensure you can enjoy them even longer.


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Storing Pancake Mix?I bought some boxes of CarbSimple pancake mix which were already out of date. So far, the mix is still quite tasty and not spoiled. As this product is no longer manufactured, I want to keep them. What is the best method?


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Keeping Oil From Solidifying in the Fridge?How can I stop the oil in marinated feta solidifying when placed in fridge?


A bunch of bananas.

Storing BananasThis is a page about storing bananas. Bananas are a good snack for your body and muscles. Storing bananas properly will allow them to ripen and prevent bruising.


Baking Powder

Storing Baking PowderThis is a page about storing baking powder. Proper storage of baking powder will increase its shelf life.


Garlic Bulbs

Preserving GarlicThis is a page about preserving garlic. There are several ways fresh garlic can be preserved and stored for later use.


Small Pile of Button Mushrooms

Storing MushroomsMushrooms are notoriously difficult to store and keep fresh. Storing your mushrooms properly will keep you mushrooms fresh and ready to use for a longer period of time.



Avocados from Florida

Storing AvocadosThis is a page about storing avocados. Knowing how to best store your avocados will ensure that you fully enjoy these delicious fruit.


Growing Broccoli, Storing Broccoli, Canning Broccoli

Storing BroccoliIt is important to store broccoli correctly in order to preserve it's flavor and nutrients. This is a page about storing broccoli.


Asparagus in vacuum sealed bags.

Buying Bags for a Rival Vacuum Sealer?Vacuum sealers can save a lot of money but they do need to have a regular supply of storage bags. This is a page about buying bags for a Rival vacuum sealer.


Photo of different types of lettuce.

Keeping Lettuce FreshThis is a page about keeping lettuce fresh. Have you been disappointed when you opened the crisper to get out the lettuce for a green salad, only to find it beginning to rust. The reddish brown tinged leaves are not very appetizing.


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How Long Does Spaghetti Sauce Keep Once Opened?Once a jar of tomato/spaghetti sauce has been opened, how long will it keep in the refrigerator?


A plastic container with a rubber band sticking out, to help with opening.

Removing Lids from Plastic ContainersIf you have trouble removing the lids on your plastic storage containers, try this ingenious use of a recycled rubber band, like those found on produce. This is a page about removing lids from plastic containers.


Vacuum Sealed Corn

Using a Vacuum SealerThis is a page about using a vacuum sealer. A popular food storage method is the use of a vacuum sealer.


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How to Store Marshmallows?What is the best way to store marshmallows?


storing green onions

Storing Green OnionsThis is a page about storing green onions. Green onions can be difficult to keep nice and fresh for later use.


Vacuum sealer on tile counter with vacuum bag containing a chicken thigh.  Multiple other meat items such as hot dogs are off to the side and two rolls of unused vacuum bags are in the background.

Reusing Vacuum Sealer Bags?Food safety should be your first concern reusing plastic food bags. This page is about reusing vacuum sealer bags.


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Shelf Life of Bisquick Stored in the Refrigerator?Since my husband and I don't finish a box of Bisquick very quickly now that the kids are gone, I wonder how long it is safe to use. I started keeping it in the refrigerator, thinking that would keep it good past the "Best by Date".


Sliced Cantaloupe

Storing Cantaloupe?This is a page about storing cantaloupe. Once you bring a cantaloupe home from the market you will want to choose the best way to store it.


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Keeping Coffee Mate from Getting Hard?We use Coffee Mate in our church kitchen, but it gets hard as a rock when the air conditioner is turned off. What can we use for the creamer? I have already contacted Coffee-Mate they had no suggestions other then to keep it out of humid areas.



Storing PotatoesPotatoes can begin to spoil or sprout while being stored. This is a page about storing potatoes.


Storing Bread

Storing BreadThis page is about storing bread. There are a number of ways to keep your bread fresh as long as possible.



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Storing Sour Cream?Sour cream will usually last 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. Some people prefer to store it upside down to keep the air out, which can extend the shelf life.


Brown sugar being stored in an airtight cannister.

How To Store Brown SugarBrown sugar is a great pantry staple to have on hand but it can get hard if not stored properly. An airtight container is a must and many people store a piece of bread to absorb excess moisture.


Butter stored in a glass container.

Storing ButterButter can be expensive but it can also be difficult to use up bulk shopping before it goes bad. Here are some tips for long term storage.


A pile of powdered parmesan cheese.

Shelf Life of Powdered Parmesan Cheese?Powdered Parmesan cheese is a convenient way to always have some available. There should be a "best used by date" on the packaging. This cheese, according to Kraft Foods, can be safely kept in the cupboard or the fridge. Freezing is safe but not recommended as it can decrease the quality of the cheese.


A cooler with ice in recycled bottles.

Using a Cooler During the HolidaysCoolers are not just for camping or summer parties. During the winter holidays they come in handy to hold the overflow from your refrigerator.


A plate of uncooked cabbage rolls.

Storing Uncooked Cabbage Rolls?Cabbage rolls are a classic comfort food dish. Sometimes, too many are made to cook at once and some will need to be stored in the refrigerator before cooking.


A binder clip used as a chip clip

Binder Clips for Closing Food BagsBinder clips are a sturdy alternative to the colorful plastic clips used for keeping chip bags and other food packages closed. Try some; you may find that they are a better choice than the popular plastic options.


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Vacuum Sealing Cucumbers?Can you vacuum seal cucumbers? If so, what is the best method? Do you slice them or quarter them first?


wooden crate piled with fresh cucumbers

Storing CucumbersCooks and home gardeners have a number of useful suggestions for storing fresh cucumbers. Read on to find a way that works best for you. This is a page about storing cucumbers.


A can stored next to a jar fill of condensed milk.

Proper Storage for Open Canned GoodsTransfer canned goods into a well sterilized jar or any clean container before storing them into your fridge. Never place cans of food in the fridge as it creates rust over time because of the moisture it creates, which tends to mix with the food.


Glass Jars filled with pantry items.

Storing Boxed Cake MixesStored in a cool dry place boxed cake mixes typically will last 12 - 18 months. You can also buy boxed cake mixes when they are on sale and then store them in the freezer for future use. This is a page about storing boxed cake mixes.


Storing Homemade Chocolate Covered Wafers - chocolate candies

Storing Homemade Chocolate Covered Wafers?How do I store wafers dipped in chocolate as they get moist and are left with no more crunch. As it's rainy days where I stay. So, I can get rid of the moisture?


A large can being used to fill a freezer bag.

Filling Ziploc Freezer BagsThis is a page about filling Ziploc freezer bags. A large can, with both ends removed, is perfect for holding open a freezer bag while you fill it up. No more slumping bags, means that the outside of the bag stays clean too.


Handheld vacuum sealer.

Ziplock Vs. Reynolds Vacuum SealersTwo well-known names in food storage have their own version of the Food Saver vacuum sealer. This page has information about Ziplock vs. Reynolds vacuum sealers.


Beef, chicken and salmon in vacuum plastic bag.

Buying Bags for a Decosonic Pak' N Save?These popular vacuum sealers are no longer manufactured but the supplies are sometimes available online. This is a page about buying bags for a Decosonic Pak' N Save.


Large Vacuum Sealer sealing food

Vacuum Sealer ReviewsVacuum sealers, like the popular Food Saver, make it easy to save money in the kitchen by vacuum storing food. This page contains vacuum sealer reviews.


Drinking Straw

Sealing Food Packaging with a Drinking StrawThis is a page about sealing food packaging with a drinking straw. Use plastic drinking straws to help seal plastic food storage bags.


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Using Vacuum Seal Bags?Are vacuum seal machines useful for either refrigerating or freezing zucchini?


Several types of citrus fruit.

Storing Citrus FruitCitrus fruits can be stored for a while but they will eventually mold of not used or preserved. Here is an idea that can help with storing citrus fruit for longer periods of time.


Spaghetti stored in 2-liter plastic soda bottles, in the pantry.

2-Liter Bottle Pasta ContainerI always buy my pasta in bulk but the packaging that comes with them is not always the best. Huge amounts of spaghetti in opened flimsy plastic bags aren't always the best in my cupboards.


Egg Crates for Veggie Storage - Potatoes and onions in egg crates.

Use Egg Crates for Veggie StorageSome smaller vegetables can be stored in an empty egg carton to keep them separate from other vegetables. This is a page about using egg crates for veggie storage.


hanging onions

Using Pantyhose to Store OnionsExtend the life of your onions by keeping them dry. Use an old panty hose leg to hang them; tying a knot between each one is even more helpful. This is a page about using pantyhose to store onions.


Hanging potatoes in pantyhose.

Making a Nylon Potato KeeperThis is a page about nylon potato keeper. A fun way to store potatoes that keeps the air flowing freely is in a nylon stocking.


A basket of sweet potatoes.

Storing Sweet Potatoes?Deciding how to best store your sweet potatoes depends on how many you are storing. A garden harvest may require a different method than a few purchased at the market. This is a page about storing sweet potatoes.


A pile of bacon slices.

Keeping Bacon FreshDespite the preservatives used in processing bacon, exposure to air can cause it to turn an unappetizing color. This is a page about keeping bacon fresh.


Woman holding out a partially empty bottle of wine with a cork partially reinserted

Preserving an Open Bottle of WineThis is a page about preserving an opened bottle of wine. There are a number of ways you can keep an open bottle of wine fresh.


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Container for Liquid Coffee Creamer?The bottles they come in always leave a leaky, sticky mess and for some silly reason, I cannot think of a different type of container to use. What can I use for a 32 oz bottle of creamer? Any good glass jars with pour spouts?


Top view of tomato paste can with a spoonful of paste removed against a white background

Storing Leftover Tomato PasteOften a recipe will call for less than a can of tomato paste, leaving you with leftovers to store. This is a page about storing leftover tomato paste.


Storing Cuties in Their Bag

Storing Cuties in Their BagDo you buy the bags of Cuties? If you do, turn the bag on its side and tear open the side of the bag. The wrapper/handle is rigid enough to create a bowl. You might want to place a plate underneath just in case an orange leaks. :)


fruit and veggies

Storing ProduceThis is a page about storing produce. Whether you are storing produce from your garden or the market, proper storage will help keep it fresh longer.


Freezing Cauliflower

Storing CauliflowerCauliflower can be frozen or stored for a few days in the refrigerator. This is a page about storing cauliflower.


A bowl of leftover turkey.

How to Keep Turkey from Drying Out When Reheating?Roasted turkey can easily dry out if not stored properly. This is a page about keeping turkey from drying out when reheating.


Sealing Plastic Bags With Recycled Plastic Bottle Tops

Sealing Plastic Bags With Recycled Plastic...This is a page about sealing plastic bags with recycled plastic bottle tops. Use the top portion of a plastic bottle, including the cap to easily seal plastic food storage bags.


Shelf Life of Lemon Curd

Shelf Life of Lemon Curd?This is a page about the shelf life of lemon curd. Proper storage will allow you to keep unused lemon curd longer.


powdered cocoa

Storing CocoaStoring cocoa properly will ensure that it stays fresh in between uses. This is a page about storing cocoa.


container with a head of lettuce

Using Lock & Lock ContainersThis is a page about using Lock & Lock containers. These containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can help you organize and store your fresh and dry foods.



Storing Yeast?This is a page about storing yeast. Keeping your baking or brewing yeast alive, will ensure it will be active when you need to use it.


Frozen Veggies

Storing Vacuum Sealed FoodThis is a page about storing vacuum sealed food. Vacuum sealing is a simple way of preserving food. If airborne bacteria can't get to the food, spoilage can be avoided.


Food Storage Containers

Using Food Storage ContainersThis is a page about using food storage containers. There are several things you might want to consider when deciding to use different types of food storage containers.


Getting a scoop of chocolate ice cream from the container.

Storing Ice CreamThis is a page about storing ice cream. Keeping this favorite dessert in an airtight container at a cold temperature, helps it maintain its creamy consistency.


Pasta and Grains in Jars

Storing Pasta and GrainsDried grains and pastas can be preserved for a long time if kept in air tight and bug proof containers. This is a page about storing pasta and grains.



Storing ChocolateThis page is about storing chocolate. Maintain the color, shape and freshness of your cacao seed product until it is consumed.


Vegetables on Small Shelf

Storing VegetablesThis page is about storing vegetables. Many kinds of vegetables can be stored specially to be preserved longer.


Plastic milk bottle with an expiration date on it.

Keeping Track of Food Expiration DatesThis page is about keeping track of food expiration dates. Reduce food spoilage by dating your purchases to help maintain a good food rotation system.



Storing WatermelonWatermelon can be stored in or out of the fridge for varying periods of time. This is a page about storing watermelon.


Fresh Parsley

Storing Fresh Parsley?This is a page about storing fresh parsley. When storing fresh parsley, your goal is to keep it fresh and prevent it from getting too dry, limp, or even too moist.


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Storing Fresh Mint?This is a page about storing fresh mint. Keeping you fresh mint fresh is actually quite easy to do.


Root Cellar

Making an Above Ground Root Cellar?This is a page about making an above ground root cellar. You can make an alternative to the traditional below ground root cellar for storing your veggies.


Garlic Keeper

Making a Garlic Keeper?This is a page about making a garlic keeper. While there are an endless variety of garlic keepers available for purchase, you can save money by making your own.


Powdered Sugar in Bowl

Storing Powdered SugarAn airtight container is helpful to maintain the consistency of this food. This page is about storing powdered sugar.


Fresh Apricots

Storing Fresh ApricotsThis is a page about storing fresh apricots. Protect your fresh apricots from bruising by storing them properly.


Indoor Root Cellar

Creating an Indoor Root Cellar?This is a page about creating an indoor root cellar. One way to preserve many types of garden vegetables is to store them in a root cellar.


Storing Popcorn

Storing PopcornThis is a page about storing popcorn. Proper storage of unpopped popcorn will help prolong its freshness and yield.


Storing Mayonnaise

Storing MayonnaiseThis is a page about storing mayonnaise. Mayonnaise like many foods has certain storage recommendations to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage.


Storing Fresh Ginger

Storing Fresh GingerThis page is about storing fresh ginger. Keep this root fresh and available to add to your Asian recipes.


A row of recycled jars with lids.

Recycled Containers for Food StorageThis is a page about recycled containers for food storage. Plastic and glass containers can have a new recycled life by being used for storing food.


Storing Peanuts

Storing Peanuts?This is a page about storing peanuts. There are some guidelines for storing food to retain flavor and nutrition.


A jar full of raw oats.

Storing OatmealThis page is about storing oatmeal. This grain will keep for a long time if properly stored.


Storing Garlic

Storing GarlicThis is a page about storing garlic. Cooks ofter differ in their opinion on the best way to store fresh garlic.


Storing Root Crops

Storing Root CropsThis page is about storing root crops.Enjoying your garden bounty all winter can be accomplished by proper storage.


Storing Fresh Carrots

Storing CarrotsThis is a page about storing carrots. Proper storage of your carrots will help to keep them fresh longer.


Storing Cheese

Storing CheeseThis is a page about storing cheese. Most cooks have more cheese in the bag or block than they need for one recipe and need to store the rest for future use.


Storing Tomatoes

Storing TomatoesThis is a page about storing tomatoes. How you store your tomatoes will have an effect on their taste and shelf life.


Preserving Fresh Chives

Preserving Fresh ChivesThis page is about preserving fresh chives. Finding the best way to keep fresh chives will allow you to use them in meals year round.


A chile pepper cut lengthwise so you can see the seeds

Storing Chili PeppersThis is a page about storing chili peppers. You can have chili peppers on hand all of the time by choosing a method of storing them that meets your needs.


Storing Cabbage

Storing CabbageThis is a page about storing cabbage. By following a few simple steps you can store cabbage for quite a long time.


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avocado half with onion slice

Keep Avocados from Turning BrownTo keep your avocados from turning brown, seal them together with a cut onion. I have a little plastic container, but you can also place them in a ziplock bag. The onion will keep the avocado green longer!


sprinkles in jar

Rainbow Sprinkles Mason Jar DispenserThe lids from Parmesan cheese containers fit nicely onto mason jars. Once I learned this, I began to look for items that would work well in these new storage jars.


powdered sugar in jar

Powdered Sugar Mason Jar DispenserThe lids from Parmesan cheese containers fit nicely onto mason jars. Once I learned this, I began to look for items that would work well in these new storage jars.


Celery on White Background

Storing CeleryStoring celery and keeping it crisp is possible. This is a page about storing celery.


Cleaning and Storing Romaine Hearts

Cleaning and Storing Romaine HeartsI eat a lot of salad and like to buy the big bags of romaine hearts at Costco. I find that bagged salad goes bad very quickly, but preparing it this way myself allows the lettuce to last over a week.


Wrap Banana Stems in Plastic - stem of bananas wrapped in plastic

Wrap Banana Stems in PlasticCover the top of your banana bunch in plastic wrap will make them last a lot longer. The reason this helps is because most of the natural ethylene gas bananas use to ripen themselves is in the stem.


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Make Bananas Last Twice as LongKeep your bananas in the bottom crisper drawer of the refrigerator. They will keep for about 2 weeks. They will turn black and look utterly disgusting but inside the flesh will be white and firm. You get a perfect banana a week after everyone else has throw theirs out.


Fresh green beans from the farmer's market.

Keeping Green BeansI love the farmer's market in our little town but it is only open on Fridays. I purchased some green beans. As I was getting ready to leave, I saw some more green beans that looked even better so I bought them too.


A piece of masking tape on a container of food.

Masking Tape Tupperware LabelsHere is a way to really save food and money. No more guessing what and when food was put in tupperwares. Simply keep masking tape and a permanent marker in the kitchen to make and date labels on containers. It has made a major change for me in maintaining food freshness, and a waste free kitchen.


Sliced cheese in a plastic container.

Be A Cheesy SaverI buy the presliced blocks of cheese. They are what restaurants use, easy to peel off a slice at a time. I have an airtight container I keep it in for easy access. I save money and don't have to unwrap every price I use. I keep about 2/3rd of a package at a time in my cheese container and wrap the remainder up good until time to refill the container.



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Storing Homemade Soy MilkHow long can homemade soy milk stay good without refrigeration, if properly stored in an airtight bottle?


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Storing Brown Sugar in the Fridge?How long can I keep brown sugar in the refrigerator?


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Storing Banana Oatmeal Fingers?What is the best way to store the banana oatmeal fingers?


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Storing Almond Bark?After you heat up almond bark can you store what is left over and reuse it? If you can reuse it how many times can you reuse it?


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Shelf Life of Powdered Parmesan Cheese?I've been reading the posts on storing and keeping powdered parmesan. My brother bought me a huge bag of parmesan. I am used to keeping the cheddar powder, like what comes in Kraft dinner, in my pantry, never having any problems, so I did the same with this. I put it in a plastic bag, in a tightly covered tin.


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Using Discolored Almond Bark?My almond bark is discolored--sort of a tan color. Is it safe to use?


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