August 12, 2020

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A piece of Juicy Pear Cake with whipped cream on top.

Juicy Pear CakeThis delicious cake is laced with the flavours and textures of perfectly ripe pears. You make the batter a bit on the thick side so the juices from the pears will run through to give it a perfect consistency when it's done baking. It smells heavenly, too. I hope you try this cake!


A serving of chicken potato egg salad on a lettuce leaf.

Chicken Potato Egg SaladThis is a wonderful all-in-one type of salad full of chicken, potatoes, and eggs. It's wonderful on its own, rolled in lettuce, or between two pieces of toast. You can use any type of cooked chicken for this. I simply used a can of ground chicken. Pickles can vary in saltiness, so it's best not to add any salt and do a taste test at the end to see if it needs any.


A pieces of marshmallow cheesecake on a plate.

Two Tone Marshmallow CheesecakeI had a lot of marshmallows to use up (bought them for 5 cents a bag at Big Lots) and I came across this marshmallow cheesecake recipe. I tweaked it a bit and decided to double the recipe, color and flavor the filling, making it a two-layer cheesecake.


Value of a Japanese Tea Set  - richly decorated Japanese motif pieces

Value of a Japanese Tea Set?Porcelain Japanese tea sets are often beautifully decorated. Depending on the age and condition, these sets can be valuable to collectors.


Chocolate Mousse cups covered  with whipped cream

3-Ingredient Chocolate MousseThese days, more than ever, I am all about cooking and baking with what I have on hand. My husband really wanted chocolate mousse today, but I did not have enough butter, eggs, or heavy cream. I made this luscious chocolate mousse dessert with three ingredients: marshmallows, milk, and dark chocolate. I think you will find this really hits the spot!


A cup of lemongrass ginger tea.

Lemongrass Ginger TeaLemongrass and ginger has many health benefits especially for digestion aid and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a refreshing tea you could make and versatile as you could drink this cold or warm. If you don't have an instant pot, you can boil these two simple ingredients over a stove top to achieve the same results.


plate of chicken wings

Coca-Cola Garlic Chicken WingsStaying at home makes me become a chef. From time to time they ask me to cook something to eat. I have to be creative to make every meal enjoyable with less leftovers. So I find ways to twist recipes and make it interesting.


Noodle Pancakes on plate with veggies

Savory Noodle PancakesInstant noodles is what we commonly get during this pandemic aside from canned goods. Food is scarce at this very moment and I have to innovate so that we can have something to eat until another quarantine day ends.


A plate of chicken and mojos with a dipping sauce.

Chicken and MojosWe've always wanted that Shakeys' chicken and mojos. We don't have that here in our place so I tried making my own version with the help of tips and videos on how to make them.


The blended watermelon strawberry beverage.

Blended Watermelon Strawberry BeverageSkip buying sugary drinks, you can make your own refreshing summer beverage with just two ingredients and a blender. What's great is that watermelon and strawberries are in season so the prices are even more affordable. You can make many cups for less than a few dollars.


Pizza baking in oven

Food Processor Pizza DoughThis makes a wonderful dough, and you don't have to knead it. I make several and freeze to save time.


Spicy mustard dipping sauce next to fried foods.

Spicy Mustard Dipping SauceI came up with this sauce when the Louisiana-style chicken restaurant we order food from never had their spicy mustard dipping sauce available, mostly due to popularity. You can use whatever type and add as much spiciness to this as you want. I used habanero hot sauce. So good!


Jewelry Made from Nespresso Coffee Cups - bracelets

Jewelry Made from Nespresso Coffee CupsI made this jewelry from empty Nespresso cups. Empty the cups. Rinse them out and let dry. Then process them into jewelry. You will find enough tutorials on the internet so do not throw that cup away anymore, but recycle them into nice jewelry.


Family Size Chicken Pot Pie

Family Size Chicken Pot PieI am still doing my COVID meals for 4 families in my neighborhood. I am just loving it. I have also received some resource help through church funding which has been a great blessing, and very rewarding! I tried a new recipe of my own to make square foil pan Chicken Pot pies 'Family Size' and they came out great.


A bowl of butter pecan ice cream.

Butter Pecan Ice CreamThis is lower sugar and very rich butter pecan ice cream using the traditional 'custard' method. I only used 1/2 the sugar called in the recipe and use pure heavy cream.


Double Decker Wicker Baskets Floral Display - display outside

Double Decker Wicker Baskets Floral DisplayI got two square baskets last week, and thought how cute it would be to stack them and put some faux flowers inside.


Flat Belly Drink in pitcher & glass

Cucumber Lemon Ginger Flat Belly DrinkMy mother got me hooked on this easy to make drink that helps with digestion, constipation, and belly bloat. You just need to pop the 3 ingredients in water overnight, refrigerate, then drink throughout the next day. The antioxidants are excellent, as well. I just came off being sick for several weeks and this really helped flush everything out.


A baked breaded cod filet.

Baked Cod with Parmesan Bread CrumbsThis is my first attempt with baked cod and I'm really happy with how it turned out. It may not look appealing but it was very delicious, flavorful and not dry. It would have been better with some more butter, but I didn't have any on hand. Quick with simple ingredients and a meal ready in less than 20 minutes.


Homemade Tahitian eepoo.

Making Tahitian EepooEepoo is a simple dish to make and tastes so good with fresh coconut milk. Normally we eat Eepoo with raw fish, taro, and bananas. This is a sweet food because it is made with fresh, raw coconut and coconut water.


Four Necklaces for a Dollar - foam head with a white headwrap necklace with a vintage style button in the center

Making Four Necklaces for a DollarUsing a package of headwraps from the Dollar Store and an added embellishment, you have a new necklace!


Wrap Banana Stems in Plastic - stem of bananas wrapped in plastic

Wrap Banana Stems in PlasticMany people like to wrap the stems of their banana with plastic wrap to slow down the ripening process. It can give you more days before bananas turn brown and overripe.


A trash bag being used as a cape for cutting hair.

Trash Bag as Cape for Cutting HairBeing homebound with the Covid-19 virus for over 2 months and needing haircuts before the virus, I think our hair grew faster than ever. My husband was getting desperate for a haircut and it will be another two weeks before his hair appointment. He decided he would let me cut his hair.


Spicy Tuna Avocado Rolls on plate

Spicy Tuna Avocado RollsIf you are craving sushi and need a quick fix, try these spicy tuna hand rolls. They are super easy to make and will satisfy your need for sushi. I added fresh shredded cabbage for a lovely crunch as everything else in this roll is soft and creamy. Because the soy and wasabi are integrated into the mixture inside, there is no need to dip these rolls.


cut Instant Noodle Pizza

Instant Noodle PizzaWe're craving for pizza. But as of this moment I'm really out of budget since I have bought all necessary goods for the lockdown. I don't wanna go out either so here's another kitchen innovation for the hungry home buddies.


Fresh Fish Tacos

Fresh Fish TacosI've heard a lot of people mention they don't like fish tacos because they're mushy and none of the flavours stand out as much as other meat tacos. Here is a way to make them crisp and refreshing. Using only coleslaw and salsa as accompaniments really helps the fish stand out.


A completed pan of the Poorman's Meal.

The Poorman's MealThis is another recipe from Clara Cannucciari, who had a YouTube channel with recipes from the Great Depression. It was a hit in our home. I used small, thin-skinned potatoes, so I did not peel them.


sketch of finished water bucket

Making Pet Drinking BucketsSome pets live outdoors so they need a water supply. The idea I came up with is a reasonable idea and takes less labour to keep water good. We bought a 5 gallon bucket made of plastic, with a lid to keep on at all times. We cut a house shaped hole in the side, this is access of the pet to drink. If you do this you will lessen objects falling in the water and less green forming in the bucket. The size is determined according to the pet you have. We have a large dog in a pen.


baked cheese bread

Grain-Free Cheesy Jalapeno BreadI made these bread for a friend who is on a strict keto diet that's to help with a certain ailment. The flour that you'd usually find in this bread has been replaced with Parmesan cheese, and you'd almost never know it. For only having 4 ingredients, this bread is chewy, moist, and crazy delicious! You can up the heat factor by adding more jalapeno, but I kept it on a medium-heat level here.


baked BTC Sandwiches

BTC (Bacon, Tomato Soup, Cheese) SandwichesThese open-faced sandwiches were a favorite during my childhood days. I taught my children at a young age to make them and they have carried on this family recipe to their children. It is kid-friendly meal for the kids not only eat, but help make!


Easy Stuffed Green Peppers

Easy Stuffed Green PeppersThese days with the stores not carrying every product we need to cook with, we have to improvise with items we have in the house. So these stuffed peppers came out better than my original, and I had to use box mixes and canned products!


A flatware tray holding tools.

Flatware Tray to Hold ToolsWe have this extra flatware tray from Ikea. It would cost more time/gas to go return it for $1.29, but I figured out what to use it for today. The perfect tool organizer for my husband's go to frequently used items - screwdrivers, box cutter, hammer, Sharpie, and tire pressure gauge. Everything fits nicely! This is an inexpensive option to help organize tools.


A woman dyeing her hair at home.

Do All Boxed Hair Dyes Have Metallic Salts in Them?I want to dye my hair with Splat in the color crimson. It says not to if I've dyed my hair with a product with metallic salts in it. What do I do?


Butterscotch Popcorn Cookies on plate

Butterscotch Popcorn CookiesWe've been having more at-home movie nights than ever lately, so that means more popcorn. That also means sometimes having popcorn leftovers. I decided to make some yummy all-in-one movie night cookies using that popcorn. They are sweet and buttery with a touch of salt to finish. The textures are just out of this world.


Gravity-Defying Ramen Cake - finished cake

Gravity-Defying Ramen CakeThis is a super cool cake you can make at home with a few fun techniques. It's a bowl of ramen with chopsticks that appear to be suspended in the air. You don't need too many obscure items to make this yourself. Making it will save you literally hundreds of dollars as these fun types of cakes don't come cheap from the specialists.


Silverware being rinsed in clean water.

Bleach Water for Rinsing DishesMy complex shares a very large waterheater between 4 units. So sometimes, getting grease off my dishes isn't easy, as the water is actually hotter in the bathroom than in the kitchen.


Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Instant Pot Hard Boiled EggsI think an Instant Pot has been a great investment. Especially when you can get it used or as a gift, you will save a lot of time and eat lots of good meals. Here's a great recipe for hard boiled eggs. Best part is, they peel straightaway!


Brown sugar being stored in an airtight cannister.

How To Store Brown SugarBrown sugar is a great pantry staple to have on hand but it can get hard if not stored properly. An airtight container is a must and many people store a piece of bread to absorb excess moisture.


Lids stored in a vinyl record holder rack

Vinyl Record Rack for Organizing Plastic ContainersI am always battling with keeping my plastic containers and lids organized. While at the thrift store, I purchased an old 45 record holder with the idea of using it to organize the lids. This is the before and after pictures.


Buko-Pandan Cake on plate

Making Buko-Pandan CakeNatural is always a good thing especially with food. This recipe uses coconut and pandan with no added artificial colors or flavorings.


A chair with a woven fabric seat.

Repairing an Old ChairI love this little chair, but it needed help. I sanded it, stained it with natural Minwax stain. Then I started the seat. I made the seat by using rag strips, braiding, and finally weaving.


#1 Dad Father's Day Card - # 1 Dad written with altered sticker letters

#1 Dad Father's Day CardHere is an easy and simple Father's Day card anyone could make. There is no excuse to have to buy a store bought card especially in the circumstances we are all in right now.


stack of Chocolate Chunk Pancakes with whipped cream

Chocolate Chunk PancakesI like to use chunks of chocolate instead of chips because it leaves big portions of the chocolate gooey. With a big dollop of whipped cream, I often serve these for dessert, too!


A piece of glazed custard chocolate cake.

Glazed Custard Chocolate CakeFinally the local government decided to deactivate the checkpoints. I left my oven at home and I got stuck in a boarding house. Now, we are finally home and I'm reunited with my dear oven. Ha ha! So I decided to bake the sweetest thing.


Coins on top of a paper cup with a plastic lid.

Hiding Car Coins in Plain SightI rarely buy coffee out but when I do, I have these cups to recycle. One day, I was throwing my change in the console, and this old cup was in there from the day before.


Annatto seeds in a wooden spoon.

Using Annatto SeedAnnatto seed is used as a red food coloring and for flavoring. Annatto is used for coloring cheeses such as cheddar and also for butter. Most often found in Caribbean, Latin American and Filipino cuisine.


A luncheon wedding buffet.

Plan a Lunchtime Wedding ReceptionIf you are on a budget or want more bang for your buck, I would highly look into having a lunch wedding reception versus a dinner reception. Chances are you will be paying less per person during lunch and I was even able to upgrade to a dual plate for less than one plate during dinner. Try to aim at the latest lunch slot available so it's in-between a late lunch and early dinner.


Corn Dog Muffins on plate

Jiffy Corn Dog MuffinsA great quick dinner. I made my own corn muffin mix. I halved the recipe.


man holding bowl of popcorn

Making Popcorn in BagsThis is a fun popcorn recipe. It is very simple and you can make it in your oven. You can of course choose any flavoring you want, butter, oil, spices, etc.


A finished orange meringue pie.

Orange Meringue PieI know there's such a thing as lemon meringue pie, but the other day I had a bunch of oranges so I decided to do an orange meringue pie instead. I did two versions: one a normal version and one vegan. They both were excellent.


Go With the Flow Painting - finished painting of white floral pattern on black background

Go With the Flow PaintingA simple pour paint project for those who don't know how to paint, but want to do a painting!


Paper Bottle Opener - opening a bottle with a folded paper bag

DIY Paper Bottle OpenerOpening a bottle can be so hard without a bottle opener. Last night my partner solved it with a piece of paper. It was shocking! I never thought a piece of paper could become a bottle opener.


Red, White, and Blue Decor - decoration

Red, White and Blue GobletsToday, I grabbed three plastic goblets and some decorative mediums from my stash. With a little time and fun, it is the perfect Memorial Day and 4th of July decor.


Ramen noodles and seasoning packets.

Mock Chicken GravyI haven't bought a stewing hen since the middle of the last century. It goes without saying, I don't have a reserve of chicken stock for making gravy. I don't even have a stock pot. I do have a window, though...and I make do. (that's Southern talk for improvising).


Chinese Shrimp and Green Beans on plate

Chinese Shrimp and Green BeansThis is a delicious meal using shrimp and green beans. You can eat this on a bed of rice or noodles, or you can eat it on its own like I do. The beans are carb enough for me and make the shrimp more a star of the plate! I hope you try this recipe.


Celery stalk in glass of celery Juice

Celery Superfood JuiceThis juice is so simple, so good for your health and such a beautiful green color! Understandably it has been quite the rave lately too, what with it's benefits of lower blood sugar, cholesterol. It also help boost the immune system and weight loss. It's a natural electrolyte that contains vitamin K, vitamin A, B9 and many more. It's recommended to drink 16 oz everyday but if your just starting out like I am I would start with half a cup.


Creamy Pepper Gravy over Pork Tonkatsu

Easy Pork Tonkatsu in Creamy Pepper GravyA long day of work at home, moving things, cleaning up and everything deserves a good treat so I decided to cook a rewarding dish for dinner. We couldn't eat out so the best thing to do is bring restaurant recipes at home.


piled crepes with strawberries

Perfect CrepesKnowing how to make a good crepe comes in handy because you can fill them with whatever you like. They make a wonderful treat whether it's morning, noon, or night. I like to serve them with fresh fruit for breakfast, and tuck them with dark chocolate for dessert. They also make great wraps for things like smoked salmon and cream cheese.


I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (Quilt) - finished quilt on a tile floor

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (Quilt)I made this rose themed quilt using the "quilt by the square" method of quilting and rose print and coordinating colored fabric scraps.


baked buttermilk muffins

Buttermilk MuffinsI found this in a very old Southern cookbook because I had some leftover buttermilk from another project. They are really delicious and soft and rise very well. I highly recommend this recipe.


A slice of strawberry ice cream cake.

Strawberry Ice Cream CakeIce cream cakes can be pretty expensive at the shops. Aside from the cost, it's rare you can get the flavour that you really want. They are usually available in chocolate, cookies and creme, etc. For his birthday, my best friend wanted a strawberry ice cream cake with white cake layers, so I had to make one myself!


A finished plate of garlic butter salmon.

Garlic Butter SalmonThis is a simple and delicious way to make a velvety, juicy salmon in your oven. You can lay out your favourite veggies around the salmon and drizzle the garlic butter all over them, too. This is a great one-pan oven meal.


Easy Beef and Broccoli on rice in bowl

Easy Beef and BroccoliWe wanted Chinese food but didn't have too many ingredients on hand. I was able to make this beef and broccoli dish with what I could find in the fridge. It was really good!


Added topping to the mug cake.

Easiest Ever Mug CakeYou can make a quick and easy mug cake using cake mix and water or milk. Each serving can come out to about 10 cents, while commercial mug cake packages can come up to about $1 or more. This also comes in handy in my house because we usually only use half a box of cake mix at a time for smallish desserts.


A dish of orzo tossed with sun-dried tomatoes, salami and parmesan.

Sun-dried Tomato and Salami Orzo SaladThis is a budget friendly meal - great on it's own for lunch, dinner or as a side dish. What I love about pasta is that it's flexible. You can toss everything together and it will taste great!


A plate of crispy pork roast with apple onion gravy & veggies.

Crispy Pork Roast with Apple Onion GravyThis is a juicy, tender pork roast with crispy crackling on top. It pairs beautifully with the gravy made of apples and onions. Smooth and velvety, it really compliments the savoury roast. Serve this alongside oven-roasted veggies and you'll be everyone's favourite chef!


A collection of organized plastic bags.

Keeping Plastic Bags SortedToday I was trying to put out a bunch of little fires. It was raining, I was bored, you get it. So, in a big wooden drawer unit in the pantry, I had bags; all sorts of sizes and that meant I could never find the one I wanted. Which, is usually on the bottom, right?


A pair of yellow boots on the ground.

Product Review: Sloggers BootsI recently purchased a pair of these awesome boots. They are super flexible, unlike many other rubber boots that are stiff and hard to work in. They have a fabric-covered edge at the top, which makes them comfortable to wear with shorts and they are wide enough to easily stuff your pant legs into when necessary.


A security camera attached to a shower curtain rod.

Hanging a Security Camera Without DamageThis is a tip I came up with when my kids gave me a security camera to put outside. I live in a townhome governed by HOA rules. One of the rules is "no piercing of any exterior siding". While the camera worked OK in a window, the glass prevented my getting any notifications that there was someone outside.


Eyeglasses hanging on a plastic container attached to the side of a small wicker shelf.

Hanging Up ClutterI have to use a glasses magnifyer for now, till my eyes are better. They clip on my glasses, and it helps me do reading, facebook on the phone, crafts, or Kindle work. Also, this is my charging station for the phone. But, they were always in the way or I left them somewhere they weren't needed. Or, the charger was on the floor.


An Amazon Echo Dot on a wooden surface.

Making a Wall Holder for an Amazon Echo DotHas anyone made a wall holder for an Amazon Echo Dot? It is not always convenient for it to be placed on a flat surface taking up valuable table space.


A bowl of bok choy tofu shrimp soup.

Bok Choy Tofu Shrimp SoupBok choy is a vegetable we're growing in our garden. Here's an easy soup you could make that is light, refreshing and perfect to pair with any rice meal.


The shelves in a home improvement store.

Curbside Pick up for Home Improvement StoresMost home improvement stores are now offering curbside pick up with the exception of a few items that can't be picked up like: mulch, lumber, paint (however paint could be shipped home). You will be able to see which items are available for in store pick up when you are shopping online, as well as which items qualify for free shipping if you spend a certain amount.


A bowl of hearty shrimp soup.

Hearty Shrimp SoupWe usually prepare sea foods like prawns and crabs on special occasions. These foods are very expensive in the Philippians that most of us can only afford during special seasons. The past few weeks were special since we are reunited again with family members who got stuck in far away places for months due to lock down. So we had this simple but very special dish.


Completed strawberry cheese pandesal

Strawberry Cheese PandesalPandesal is a popular morning breakfast in the Philippines. It is best paired with black coffee. Pandesal got even more famous for its newly discovered varieties. It used to be plain. Then someone added flavor to it which made it more appealing. The new flavors are ube, strawberry, and chocolate.


A pan of ground turkey and sweet potato skillet.

Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato SkilletThis is a very quick meal to make, perfect if you work during the day. I omitted the cheese and added asparagus, so I made this a one-pan meal. Feel free to add other vegetables and spices to your liking. I partially cooked the sweet potatoes and the asparagus in the microwave to make it even faster.


dipped Doughnuts

Coroughnuts (Corona Doughnuts)I was thinking of making doughnuts formed like corona virus to make our snack time fun. It was actually an experiment but surprisingly, it turned out really good and my boys loved it. I named it coroughnuts.


A basket of groceries next to a smartphone.

Online Grocery Shopping and Curbside PickupMany grocery stores already have special hours for seniors, pregnant women, or those at higher risk. However, if you don't feel comfortable shopping at those times or shopping in stores in general - here's an option that I tried out and wanted to share my amazing experience.


cut Yellow Cake 7 plate of strawberry shortcake

Yellow Cake from ScratchWe picked strawberries and made jam. We can't have strawberries on hand and not have strawberry shortcake. I needed a cake so I pulled out my old recipe from the 1950's. Our neighbor, who would be over 110 years old, if she were living today, baked a lot of cakes for many occasions and this is her.


Dak Bulgogion plate with veggies

Dak Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Chicken)This is a restaurant-quality meal easily made at home. I used chicken thighs.


Homemade Baked Ziti with Veggies

Homemade Baked Ziti with VeggiesMy recipe is made to feed 4 families that are not working. It is made with chopped, healthy vegetables in my homemade Italian sauce. I make my regular Italian sauce and add a finely minced, carrot, zucchini and summer squash. It comes out a bit sweeter, but much healthier!


Burritos Incognito in baking dish

Five-Minute Burritos IncognitoHaving a busy night? But still want dinner to look homemade? This is the Mexican dish I like to make that looks like homemade enchiladas!


finished Banana Cream Pie

Homemade Banana Cream PieThis is a wonderful way to put a few bananas to use. This pie has a delicious vanilla pudding made from scratch. If you want to cut major corners, you could just use ready-made pudding to pour over the bananas! You can use your favourite pie crust recipe. I made a simple graham cracker crust.


Cooked mayo-parmesan chicken breasts.

Mayo-Parmesan ChickenThis is very easy, fast, and good hot or cold. I have no exact measurements, just do it to your taste.


Cheese Filled Potato Ballson plate with sauce

Cheese Filled Potato BallsWe're super done with French fries, potato wedges, and twisters. Today I'm making something different that's still made of potatoes. My kids eat them as long as it's fried like fries or wedges. Now I'm trying this recipe to see if they would still love it. It was a success.


A plate with a slice of bread, topped with tomato, basil and garlic topping.

Tomato, Basil and Garlic ToppingHere is a quick and easy bruschetta inspired recipe that I have been loving for an appetizer or quick snack! For an extra touch pair with brie and salami.


Ham and beans in a bowl.

Dollar Tree Country HamIn the cooler at Dollar Tree, I saw some packages of cured ham for $1.00. It looked like a bargain to me and I thought it sure would make some good seasoning for a pot of navy beans.


Rolls of wallpaper in containers.

Finding Discontinued Cole and Son WallpaperWallpaper is an attractive way to cover your walls but it can be difficult to find rolls later when you wish to repair a section. Sometimes, the manufacturer can help or there are websites that specialize in selling different patterns.


A pan of sauteed romaine lettuce.

Sautéed LettuceDH bought way too much Romaine lettuce, so I stir fried one head with an onion and two cloves of garlic. I added the last bit of pasta sauce to use it up. It was delicious. I think it would work with any kind of lettuce.


whisking the yogurt ingredients.

Easy Sweet YogurtThis is how yogurt is often made in Vietnam using sweetened condensed milk. I like how subtly sweet it is and my kids adore it. My kids grew up in Vietnam and often miss the yogurt from there so they actually jump for joy when they see me making it.


Sour Gummy Brownie on plate

Sour Gummy BrowniesI decided to make sour gummy brownies because my sour gummy cookies were such a hit. This ended up disappearing from the kitchen way faster than the cookies. The texture of the gummy candy turns into some kind of luxurious heaven when baked in the gooey chocolate brownies. The rainbow cuteness on top is also very pleasing to the eye.


Potato Pepper Omelette on plate

Potato Pepper OmeletteThis is a delicious little omelette that helps you get your veggies in. Panfrying the potatoes first gives them a nice crisp texture on the outside, but soft and fluffy in the middle. I like to lay the peppers rings on the pan first so when you flip the omelette onto a plate, you can see the pretty colours.


A bowl of Creamy Ginger Parsnip Soup.

Creamy Ginger Parsnip SoupThis elegant creamy soup combines the earthy flavors of ginger and parsnips for a satisfying bowl. This is perfect as a first course or as a light dinner with some crusty bread.



A plate of squash sardine pancakes.

Squash Sardines PancakesSavory pancakes are not just a snack to my small family. We serve them in meals and the best is to pair them with hot steamed rice. This one I'm making is a kid friendly veggie pancake which I invented in my kitchen lab to trick my picky eater kid again! And it worked well.


A baked fresh blueberry cobbler cooling in the pan.

Fresh Blueberry CobblerThere was a great deal on blueberries at the store, so I made this. I used much less sugar than the 1/3 cup called for to sprinkle on the top. I also used whey from yogurt making instead of the whole milk.



A small dog sitting on the ground.

Liam (Mixed Breed)My daughter and the girl across the street are very good friends, her mother loves my daughter, They have a male dog named Nicky. We had another neighbor that lived a few houses down and she had a female dog Samantha. The dogs got out and Nicky got her pregnant. My daughter Olivia wanted one of the puppies,


A candle decorated with vacation memorabilia.

Candle of Vacation MemoriesDo you never know what to do with those sea shells, rocks, stones, or pretty flowers collected while on a vacation trip or an outing? Here is an idea which preserves them and brings back memories. While vacationing on the island of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, I had fun gathering flowers and shells. This is how I preserved my vacation memories.


Chair legs with yellow tennis balls on the bottom.

Replace Chair Slides with Tennis BallsI had a problem keeping slides on the feet of my table chairs. Call me a redneck. I replaced them with tennis balls and they work so much better.


A desk shelf made from recycled cans.

Major Shelf Over Desk Using CansRecently, I rearragned my bedroom/office/craft room. The scanner was a bone of contention as it was right next to the keyboard. I needed a shelf to keep things from being cluttered on the desk top.



A collection of World Book Year Books.

Worth of World Book Year Books?I have moved into my grandparents home after both of them passing. I'm responsible for going through all of their belongings and either selling for the estate or keeping for members of the family. They have a collection of The World Book Year Books 1968-2001. It is missing 1978 which is my birth year (weird). I'm just wondering what the collection may be worth. Thank you


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Is it Worth Buying a Small Freezer?I am thinking of buying a table-top freezer so that I can freeze down things and then transfer them to the big freezer. I'm hoping that the big one won't get so frosted up. Does anyone else do this and if so, does it work?


Jack o Lantern wearing a mask.

Halloween Ideas in the Time of Covid?Let's brainstorm some ideas on how to celebrate Halloween in a time where we need to practice social distancing. How can we have fun and stay safe?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Using Handy Stitch For Hemming?Does anyone happen to know of any links or personally have any videos of how to hem dresses shorts, etc, with the Mini Portable Handy Stitch Sewer. If there's a step by step video for beginners, that would be AMAZING.


A dead bug on a lint trap.

What Bug is This?Third time I find this whole lint rolling on my room floor. Dead every time. What is it?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Cleaning an Above Ground Pool?We have an 18x48" above ground pool. I started to notice that there is white stuff floating at all levels in the water. Could this be white mold and if so how do I treat it and also the water gets cloudy once in the pool. I have been trying to vacuum up the discolored cloudy spots. How long should we actually have the pump on for and how often should we clean the filter.


Identifying a Small Brown Insect?

Identifying a Small Brown Insect?Please anyone know what this is? Is it a parasite? It is about 3 cm in length.


A crystal chandelier in a dining room.

How Much is This Chandelier Worth?I bought a house built in 1989 and this chandelier was left in the dining room. Wondering if it's worth anything? One arm is loose and being held by nylon strings. The metal loops in between pendants looks rusty but maybe it's just really dirty. It's very dusty right now.


A small dog near a crate.

Is my Little Girl Full Blood Chihuahua?She is a rescue and the lady who had saved her from a bad living condition told me the family she originally came from claimed her father was a teacup size and her mother a standard size. She currently weighs 5.6 pounds and is 4 months old in the picture where she's laying down.


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Finding Help After a House FireHad a house fire, have now ran out of money The landlord is not finding a place for us; me, my husband, 2 dogs and 1 child. Please, we need help. What can we do? We ran out of money. It's been 5 months since the fire. Nowhere to go, going to be homeless in this heat.


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