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Sauerkraut in a white bowl.

Coleslaw Sauerkraut RecipeThis recipe uses store-bought coleslaw, that is then fermented into sauerkraut. If you have never made your own sauerkraut, give this easy recipe a try.


Making Jelly from Fruit Juice

Making Jelly from Fruit JuiceThis is a page about making jelly from fruit juice. A quick way to make jelly even if you don't have a lot of seasonal fruit is to use fruit juice.


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Making Salsa Without Peppers?Is there a recipe out there on how to make salsa without peppers for people who are allergic to peppers?


Blackberry Jam Recipes, Jar of blackberry jam on a plate with fresh blackberries.

Blackberry Jam RecipesThis page contains blackberry jam recipes. Blackberries are a great fruit for making jam. Making your own jam allows you to enjoy blackberries throughout the year.


Jam That Didn't Set

Uses for Jam That Didn't SetThis is a page about uses for jam that didn't set. Runny jam is not necessarily a complete loss.


Mayonnaise in dish with fresh basil leaves.

Fat Free Mayonnaise RecipesThis page contains recipes for fat free mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is a common ingredient in recipes such as salads, sandwiches and dips, but it can be very full of fat and calories. Making your own allows you to control what ingredients are included to make it a healthy condiment.


Blackberry Jam in jar with spoon and blackberries on wooden board

Making Blackberry Jam Without PectinSometimes, you want to be able to make jam without storebought pectin. This is a page about making blackberry jam without pectin.


Freezer Jam

Freezer Jam Tips and RecipesThe freshest fruit flavor can be achieved with freezer jam, but it can be a challenge to get the consistency you want. This page contains freezer jam tips and recipes.


Mulberry Jam

Mulberry Jam Recipes?This page contains mulberry jam recipes. Mulberries may look a lot like blackberries, but they taste very differently. Their sweet, tart, and somewhat peppery flavor taste wonderful in homemade jam.



Dijonaise Recipes?This page contains Dijonaise recipes. Dijonaise is a tasty blend of Dijon mustard and other ingredients, that can be used in a wide variety of recipes.


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Flavored Mayonnaise RecipesThis page contains flavored mayonnaise recipes. Flavored mayonnaise is great for an unusual sandwich spread or dipping sauce, there are endless ways to season mayo.


Basket of crab apples next to three jars of crab apple jelly and loose crab apples.

Crab Apple Jelly RecipeThis is a page about crab apple jelly recipe. Those cute little crabapples are not just ornamental. You can make a delicious jelly from them.



Homemade Mayonnaise with ingredients on a wooden table

Easy Mayonnaise RecipeMaking homemade mayo is super simple and allows you to tailor the flavor to your liking. This page has recipes for easy mayonnaise.


Beet Jelly

Beet Jelly RecipesThis page contains beet jelly recipes. A distinctively delicious, nutritious jelly can be made with beet roots.


Stack of pancakes with strawberry syrup.

Jell-O Syrup Recipe?This page contains a Jell-O syrup recipe. Mix Jell-O, sugar, water, and corn starch to make a quick syrup for pancakes and more.


Homemade lemon curd in a jar.

Lemon Curd RecipesThis page contains lemon curd recipes. Lemon curd is a sweet, yet tart fruit spread that is delicious on toast or scones. Besides using it on bread, it is the main ingredient in lemon meringue pie.


Sweet and Sour Refrigerator Pickles

Sweet and Sour Refrigerator PicklesA simple pickle recipe that is refrigerated instead of sealed and stored by canning. This is a page about sweet and sour refrigerator pickles.


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Mayhaw Jelly Recipe?My mom used to make Mayhaw jelly and it was so good. It had a slight tartness to it that I never have found in any that I have purchased. My mom really didn't want to share the recipe. Would anyone happen to know how to do this? If anyone knows how to make it like this, please let me know how its done. I would be so grateful!


Pickled Ginger

Pickled Ginger RecipesThis page contains pickled ginger recipes. A yummy condiment that is often eaten between sushi dishes.


A slice of toast with grape jelly on it.

Grape Jam Recipes?This page contains recipes for grape jam. Grape jam is very popular. Next time you have grapes, why not try making your own.


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Cranberry Spread RecipesA tasty spread for sandwiches is cranberry sauce mixed with mayonnaise or cream cheese. It's especially nice on turkey sandwiches.


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Apple KetchupThis is a delicious change of pace from tomato ketchup. It goes particularly well with pork and chicken.


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Onion Garlic JamA neighbor friend gave me a bag of red onions. I don't use red onions too often so I needed to find a recipe so that I wouldn't waste them. I found this recipe and tried it out. This recipe could also be used for white onions if you want a flavor that is less strong.


Bell Pepper Salsa in bowl

Bell Pepper SalsaMake this delicious fresh salsa from bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, avocados, and spices. Use as you would any salsa on tacos, burritos, chips, etc.


DIY Organic Food Colouring - containers of food colors next to a swirled cake

DIY Organic Food ColouringHere is a fun project that will show you how to make food coloring from organic fruits and veggies. Plus you can eat some of the produce for dinner.


A small jar of green avocado mayonnaise.

Making Avocado MayonnaiseCombine avocado, milk, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and Tabasco sauce for a scrumptious alternative to traditional mayo.


A small jar of homemade pumpkin butter.

Making Pumpkin ButterUse fresh or canned pumpkin puree to make up a batch of tasty pumpkin butter. By adding the spices usually found in pumpkin pie you can enjoy this fall treat in other ways, on toast, sandwiches, and more. Find out how to make pumpkin butter on your stovetop or in a crockpot.



A bowl of mayonnaise on a white background.

Mayonnaise Information and ReviewsMayo is a wonderful addition on a sandwich and in many kinds of salads. This page discusses different kinds of mayonnaise.


A fresh salsa made with avocados and mangoes.

Avocado Mango Salsa RecipesCombine creamy avocados with sweet and tangy mangoes for an unusual salsa. Perfect to serve on a taco or with tortilla chips. This page contains recipes for avocado mango salsa.


jar of marmalade and orange half

Orange Marmalade RecipesMarmalade is a type of preserve typically made from citrus fruit including the rind. Consider adding shredded carrots for a tangy sweet treat. Try one or all of these orange marmalade recipes.


Pickled beansprouts with carrots and baby corn.

Pickled Bean SproutsThese pickled sprouts are typically served with certain dishes during the Chinese/Vietnamese New Year. Learn how to prepare pickled bean sprouts.


Canned Watermelon in a glass jar.

Canned Watermelon RindThere are a few interesting recipes for pickling watermelon rind for a sweet treat. This is a page about canned watermelon rind.


Spicy Pickled Cucumbers

Spicy Pickled Cucumbers RecipeGive traditional pickles a kick with this robust version. This page contains a recipe for spicy pickled cucumbers.


Jelly made with beet juice and jell-o.

Beet Juice and Jell-o Homemade JellyThis recipe tones down the earthiness of beets with dessert flavored gelatin. This is a page about beet juice and Jell-o homemade jelly.


Plate of spiced olives with glass of white wine in background

Spiced OlivesThese delicious spiced olives are easy to make and are great on pizza, salad, or alone as a snack. This is a page about making spiced olives.


Pickled Bean Sprouts in jar

Pickled Bean SproutsThis is a dish that accompanies braised pork belly or braised catfish, especially during Chinese/Vietnamese New Year. But you can eat this on any occasion too. Goes great with braised meats/poultry.


Cranberry Jelly

Cranberry Jelly RecipesThis page contains cranberry jelly recipes. The perfect combination of sweet and tart, make some cranberry jelly for yourself or to give as gifts. Here are some recipes to try.


Baked Pears with Honey

Recipes Using HoneyHoney makes a fantastic all-natural sweetener that can be used in just about any dish. Try these delectable recipes using honey.


Honey Butter Spread on Bread

Honey Butter RecipesMake a sweet treat that everyone will love to spread on some toast. Try these delicious honey butter recipes.


Zucchini Refrigerator Pickles in jar

Zucchini Refrigerator PicklesAs your zucchini multiplies exponentially in the garden, new recipes are always welcome. This page contains a recipe for making zucchini refrigerator pickles.


glass of wine

Wine Jelly RecipeWine jelly can make a mouthwatering addition to eat with cheese and crackers. This page contains wine jelly recipe.


Bacon Mayo

Making Your Own Bacon MayoBacon mayonnaise is a flavorful addition to a potato salad or sandwich. This is a page about make your own bacon mayo.



Classic Mayonnaise

Classic MayonnaiseYou can make your own mayo with simple ingredients from your pantry. Get this classic mayonnaise recipe in this page.


Peachy Salsa

Peach Salsa RecipesSweet and juicy peaches work well with more traditional salsa flavors to make this delicious variation. This page contains peach salsa recipes.


Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Making Refrigerator Dill PicklesA great way to make some quick pickles. This is a page about making refrigerator dill pickles.


Atsara (Papaya Relish)

Atsara (Papaya Relish) RecipeThis page contains a recipe for atsara (papaya relish). This pickled condiment contains green papaya, carrots, ginger and green pepper.


Jar of Rhubarb Marmalade with cloth covered lid in front of several stalks of rhubarb

Rhubarb Marmalade RecipesThis page contains rhubarb marmalade recipes. Rhubarb lovers aren't just limited to pie, perhaps you can make some marmalade to enjoy over time.


Orange Jelly (or marmalade) in a glass bowl with a clear plastic spoon of jelly laying across the top

Frozen Orange Juice Jelly RecipeThis page contains a frozen orange juice jelly recipe. Juice can be used instead of fresh fruit to make delicious jellies.


A jelly jar full of red jam with a red and white cloth on top. and fresh raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries beside it.

Making Berry JamWhen in season berries are plentiful and reasonably priced, making them an excellent choice for homemade jam. This is a page about making berry jam.


Blended tomato salsa in a glass bowl with chips against a white background

Making Salsa Using Canned TomatoesYou can make some delicious salsa even when you don't have fresh tomatoes available. This is a page about making salsa using canned tomatoes.


Cranberry Salsa

Cranberry SalsaThis is a page about cranberry salsa. Enjoy this fruity, sweet, spicy variation on the traditional tomato or tomatillo based salsas.


Growing Strawberries

Strawberry Jam and Jelly RecipesThis page contains strawberry jam and jelly recipes. A favorite homemade preserve for many is made of fresh strawberries from the market or garden.


wasabi horseradish and paste

Recipes Using WasabiThis page contains recipes using wasabi. Often called Japanese horseradish, this hot condiment is prepared from the plant stems. Being difficult to cultivate, wasabi is rarely found outside of Japan, and is often prepared with horseradish, mustard and green food coloring.


bowl of red, green, and black grapes

Pickled Grape RecipesThis page contains pickled grape recipes. When grapes are in season, try this different way of serving them. Spicy pickled grapes are a delicious alternative to olives on an antipasto platter or in recipes.


Shrimp and cocktail sauce

Cocktail Sauce RecipesThis page contains cocktail sauce recipes. A delicious condiment to serve with all kinds of seafood is cocktail sauce.


Tomato Jam

Tomato Jam Recipes?This page contains tomato jam recipes. Whether you think of them as a fruit or vegetable, tomatoes are a great choice for making delicious jam for the family and friends.


Homemade Condiments

Homemade Condiment RecipesThis page contains homemade condiment recipes. Though often purchased at the grocery store, you can make your own sauces and relishes at home.


Steak With Sauce

Recipes Using Steak Sauce?This page contains recipes using steak sauce. Different meat's flavor is often enhanced by using A-1, Heinz 57, Lea and Perrins, or other meat condiments.


Peach Jam

Peach Jam and Jelly RecipesA flavorful fruit that makes wonderful preserves. This page contains peach jam and jelly recipes.


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Looking for a Pumpkin Salsa Recipe?I need a recipe for pumpkin salsa. Would appreciate one if someone has one to share. Thanks.


A dish of cranberry ketchup.

Cranberry KetchupSweet and tangy or notably tart, whatever your preference cranberry ketchup is a delicious condiment to serve with turkey or other meats. You might even like it on sweet potato fries.


Garlic Chilli Sauce

Garlic Chilli Sauce Recipes?This page contains garlic chili sauce recipes. Making your own garlic chili sauce allows you to adjust the sweet and spicy levels of this tasty condiment.


Making Microwave Jam

Making Microwave JamThis is a page about making microwave jam. Making jam in the microwave is a fast alternative to the more traditional method.


Apple Butter being Spread on Toast

Apple Butter RecipesApple butter is a delicious spread you can use in place of other jams and jellies; it can also be used in cooking. This page contains apple butter recipes.


Chutney Recipes

Chutney RecipesThis page contains chutney recipes. Making this delicious condiment can help you preserve a variety of fresh foods.


Dill Pickle on White Background

Bread and Butter Pickle RecipesThis page contains bread and butter pickle recipes. These sweet and spicy pickles are a simple, homemade favorite.


Flavored Oil

Flavored Oil RecipesThis page contains flavored oil recipes. Spices and herbs can combine with oil to create an interesting addition to many dishes.


Zucchini Relish Recipes

Zucchini Relish RecipesThis page contains zucchini relish recipes. A nice change of pace from the usual pickle relish.


Red Jello on White Plate

Sugar-Free Jelly RecipesThis page contains sugar-free jelly recipes. Reducing sugar intake is on everyone's mind who is striving for a healthier diet.


Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jelly RecipesThis page contains pepper jelly recipes. Make your own pepper jelly to mix with cream cheese for a dip or to serve with meat.


Dill Pickle on White Background

Dill Pickle RecipesThis page contains dill pickle recipes. When the huge harvest of cucumbers comes in, make your own dill pickles.


Relish in Red Dish

Relish RecipesThis page contains relish recipes. No matter which type you make, fruit or vegetable, you can easily make your own delicious relish for home use or gift giving.


Recipes Using Tomatoes

Tomato Relish RecipesThis page contains tomato relish recipes. When faced with an abundance of tomatoes, making a relish can be a good way to preserve them.


Rhubarb Jam on White Plate

Rhubarb Jam RecipesThis page contains rhubarb jam recipes. A hardy garden perennial, rhubarb makes a great jam, when you sweeten it up.


Pico de Gallo salsa.

Pico de Gallo RecipesThis page contains Pico de Gallo recipes. Pico de Gallo is a refreshing salsa that can easily be made at home.


Canning Raspberries, Raspberry Jam Recipes. Canning Tips and Tricks. Jar of Jam Being Pulled from Canner

Raspberry Jam RecipesRaspberry jam is a wonderful addition to morning toast, a peanut butter and jam sandwich or many other dishes. This page contains raspberry jam recipes.


Toast and orange marmalade.

Marmalade RecipesThis page contains marmalade recipes. Marmalade is a preserve made from the juice and peel of citrus fruit. Many of us are familiar with orange marmalade, but you can also make this tasty treat using lemons or limes, alone or in combination.


Bowl of salsa surrounded by tomatoes.

Mild Salsa RecipesThis page contains mild salsa recipes. Making your own salsa not only allows you to use fresh ingredients, but you can also adjust the heat. Mild salsas are easy to prepare using the milder varieties of chilies.


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Cranberry Orange RelishThis is an easy and delicious side dish I make especially at holiday times, but other times too as I buy and freeze cranberries in the fall when they're available. Just put the package as is in the freezer then wash and use when needed.


Open glass serving glass of mustard with white plastic serving utensiles.

Homemade Mustard RecipesThis page contains homemade mustard recipes. There are so many different variations on regular yellow mustard. Want to try making your own special blend? Homemade mustard is not only great for home use but makes a tasty gift.


A trio of savory Asian sauces.

Homemade Asian CondimentsThis is a page about making Asian condiments at home. These spicy, sweet or highly flavored sauces can be traditionally found in countries such as Japan or Vietnam, or can be influenced by modern Asian Fusion cooking.


Fresh tomatoes surrounding three bottles of homemade ketchup.

Homemade Ketchup RecipesThis page contains homemade ketchup recipes. Ketchup is easier to make at home than you would think. Making your own allows you to adjust the flavor from sweet and vinegary to spicy, or even sugar free, depending on the ingredients you use in each batch.


Mayonnaise in dish with fresh basil leaves.

Homemade Mayonnaise RecipesThis page contains homemade mayonnaise recipes. Mayonnaise is not just a sandwich spread but is used in numerous recipes. Making your own fresh mayonnaise is easy and allows you to experiment with specialty flavors.


Fruit tree in bloom.

Pear Butter Novice?I am making pear butter this year and have a good juicer. I want to try to make it without sugar or sweeteners. I would like to use lemon juice to keep it from browning, but I am afraid it will make it sour. I am going to cook it in a slow cooker. Will this help keep it from discoloring?


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Making Plum Preserves?I've been given some plums, more than I can eat before they spoil. I would like to make a small amount of plum preserves, without pectin, to keep in the fridge. Is that possible?


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Chokecherry Jelly Recipes?Today I harvested over 40 lbs. of chokecherries and froze them. Does anyone have a great jelly recipe they would share? I have heard that some people put crab apples with the cherries when they are cooking them down for juice or replace 1 cup of canned apple juice for one cup of chokecherry juice.


A bowl of fig jam and some fresh figs.

Fig Jam RecipesThis page contains fig jam recipes. If you like figs, you may also enjoy fig jam. Making jam is a great way to preserve your figs and share them with friends.


Jar of apricot jam and an apricot cut in half on a table.

Apricot Jam RecipesThis page contains apricot jam recipes. Apricots are a great fruit for making jam. Making your own jam allows you to enjoy apricots throughout the year.


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Making Watermelon Rind Preserves?How do you make watermelon rind preserves? Can you freeze the meat of watermelon?


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Orange Blossom Jelly Tastes Too Strong?I made orange blossom jelly and used too much orange water. Can I redo it to dilute the flavor?


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Recipe for Banana Spread or Jam?I am looking for a recipe for a jam or spread to use up some ripe bananas. I have lots of banana bread and muffin recipes. Thank you.


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Strawberry Refrigerator Jam?I am looking for a recipe for refrigerator strawberry jam.


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PiccaliliThe first recipe for piccalili I tried. It was already old back then, in 1980. It makes a fairly small batch, about 8 half pints. It is very good as a relish.


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Caramel Apple Jam In a large kettle, mix apples, water, and butter. Cook and stir over low heat until apples are soft. Stir in pectin; bring to a full rolling boil, stirring constantly. Stir in sugars, cinnamon, and nutmeg.


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Apple ButterBoil the cider until it is reduced to 1 quart. Pare apples, core and slice in thin pieces. Add apples to cider and cook slowly until the mixture begins to thicken.


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Rose-Petal JellyThis exotically sweet jelly is lovely on brown bread spread with butter or cream cheese or as a filling for cookies and cakes. For maximum flavor use very fragrant roses, preferably red or deep pink.


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What Causes Crystallization in Jams and Jellies?What is the cause of crystallization in jams and jellies?


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Pear HoneyWash, pare, and core pears. Slice before measuring. Run through food chopper, using the fine blade. Dice the pineapple fine. Combine with the pears and add lime rind and juice; add sugar.


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Sweet And Sour MustardCombine mustard and vinegar in pan, preferably glass or enamelware. Stir, cover and leave overnight. The next day add sugar, egg and salt. Stir and cook, boiling briefly until the mixture thickens slightly.


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Jelly Won't Set Up?My pear jelly won't gel. I made it from Asian pears (apple pear).


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Freezer Jam Is Grainy and Sugary?I made raspberry freezer jam. It set up very nicely and tastes very good; however, it is grainy and sugary. What can I do?


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Making Pear Butter from Canned Pears?How can I make pear butter with canned pears?


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DIY Organic Food Colouring - containers of food colors next to a swirled cake

DIY Organic Food ColouringI was chatting with a friend recently about how his kids are allergic to red food dye. It made me do some research, where I found that it contains plenty of chemicals, including petroleum. I decided to make my own food colouring from organic fruits and vegetables, and it was a total success!


spoonful of chutney

Sweet Tangy Mango ChutneyThis is a popular mango chutney from India which is sweet, yet tangy and really yummy!


Fresh Papaya Chutney

Fresh Papaya ChutneyFresh fruit chutney is delicious and easy to make. Chutney can be made with a variety of fruits. I happen to use papayas because I have many papayas trees that yields around 8 to 12 papayas each week. I have also made fresh ripe or green mango chutney.


Cranberry Salsa

Cranberry SalsaI admit I used to only serve cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner because of the bright colour to add a little umph to the plate. Now that I make cranberry salsa, it's all about the amazing sweet, salty, spicy flavour! I get asked for this recipe ALL the time. I hope you enjoy it, too!


Peachy Salsa

Peachy SalsaA refreshing side dish for fish, chicken and other meats. Try some on burritos, tacos or with chips.


Cole Slaw Sauerkraut

Cole Slaw SauerkrautDid you know that homemade sauerkraut has the same healthy probiotics that yogurt has? You can make sauerkraut from many vegetables, too. This easy recipe only needs three ingredients to make a healthy, crunchy, homemade sauerkraut, that's great tasting and good for you!


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How to Make Berry Jam

How to Make Berry JamThis video shows you how to make delicious berry jam using fresh picked berries.


Homemade Fresh Salsa

Homemade Fresh SalsaCheck out this video and learn how to make this delicious fresh salsa.



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Making Jalapeno Jelly?I lost my recipe for jalapeno jelly. It was like the one in the Ball Liquid Pectin folder, but it also called for concentrated apple juice. Can I use the same amount of juice as the vinegar?


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Recipe for Hamburger Relish?Years ago in Florida I used to buy hamburger relish. We all liked it. Now in Georgia we can not find it. It was made of ketchup and pickle relish. I need a recipe, maybe other ingredients too.


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Sugar Not Dissolving in Freezer Jam?I am making raspberry freezer jam. I used organic sugar, but after 45 minutes of stirring it is still not disolved, what to do?


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Making Bread and Butter Pickles?I cut up the cucumbers and onions, added salt and put in a large stainless steel bowl and refrigerated overnight, as I did not have time to cover them with ice and drain in 1 1/2 hrs as most recipes suggest. Can you skip the ice down step? Or do I need to ice cukes and onions before canning?


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Making Jelly from Orange Juice?I have a bottle of orange juice from the dairy department. Can you make jelly from it and how? My son left a bottle in fridge.


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Making Blackberry Rhubarb Jam?When you say chopped rhubarb, is the rhubarb measurement in large chunks or diced?


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