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Glider chair with ottoman.

Finding Glider Chair Replacement CushionsMany glider chairs have fabric upholstered cushions that may need to be replaced long before the chair itself. This is a page about finding glider chair replacement cushions.


Brown leather reclining sofa.

Slipcovers for Reclining CouchesFinding slipcovers for your reclining couch may be difficult. This is a page about slipcovers for reclining couches.


Buying Octagon Soap

Buying Octagon SoapThis is a page about buying Octagon soap. Multipurpose Octagon soap can sometimes be difficult to find at your local market.


Sewing Machine

Precision Deluxe Sewing Machine Manual?This page is about finding a Precision Deluxe sewing machine manual. Often we find ourselves without the manual to our sewing machine. Sometimes it has gotten lost or we purchased a used machine that did not come with one.


Regal Breadmaker Instruction Manual

Regal Bread Maker Instruction Manuals and...This is a page about Regal breadmaker instruction manuals and recipes. Small appliance manuals are sometimes lost or not available for items purchased second hand. Trying to find the correct manual for your bread maker can be easier than you think.


Fabric on rolls in a fabric store.

Finding Fabric That is Under $2.00 Per Yard?Finding very inexpensive fabric may take some searching both locally and on the internet, but it is possible to find. This is a page about finding fabric that is under $2.00 per yard.


How Can I Find Discontinued Wallpaper?

How Can I Find Discontinued...If you need extra to replace a damaged section or to cover another area, it can be difficult to find more of the same wallpaper. This is a page about finding discontinued wallpaper.



Where Can I Buy Laundry Bluing?This is a page about buying bluing. Liquid bluing is a laundry product used to improve the appearance of whites. Although less commonly used than bleach for whitening, bluing is generally easy to buy.


Front Loading Washer

Buying a Front Loading Washer With Reversible...This is a page about buying a front load washer with reversible door. When installing washer you may need to change the direction the loading door opens, so it is nice to buy one that makes that possible.



Pop Up Camper

Replacement Canvas for a Pop Up Camper?The canvas walls on a pop up camper can be damaged or wear out and need to be replaced. You may need to shop around to find a good price. This is a page about replacement canvas for a pop up camper.


Close up of an electric blanket cord.

Finding Replacement Cords and Controls for an...Maybe the dog didn't eat your homework, but perhaps he did take out the cord to your electric blanket. Finding a replacement cord or a control for an electric blanket can be difficult. This is a page about finding replacement cords and controls for an electric blanket.


Green Packing Peanuts

Finding Free Packing Peanuts?When you are in business and are shipping items, you can save money and recycle by reusing another businesses' waste. This is a page about finding free packing peanuts.


Microwave Pressure Cooker

Instruction Manual for a Microwave Pressure Cooker?The recipes and instructions that come with a microwave pressure cooker are important to have to take advantage of this time saving device. This page features advice to help people locate an instruction manual for microwave pressure cooker.


Hitachi Bread Machine

Hitachi Bread Machine Instruction Manuals and...This is a page about Hitachi bread machine instruction manuals and recipes. Losing the manual for your bread machine can be frustrating, but there may be a solution.


Plastic Cylinder Vases

Where Can I Find Inexpensive Plastic Cylinder Vases?Many celebrations and parties may call for flower arrangements or centerpieces made using cylindrical vases. Finding a source with a good price may take a little research. This page answers the question: Where Can I Find Inexpensive Plastic Cylinder Vases?


A grilled cheese sandwich made with American block cheese.

Buying Government Cheese?This is a page about buying "government" cheese. In years past the Federal government has given out cheese to low income individuals and families. Many people really liked this cheese and would like to buy it now.


Squeezo Strainer Manual?Someone recently gave me a Squeezo Strainer however it is missing the instruction/recipe manual. Does anyone have a manual for the Squeezo? I checked on the web and I could not download it.


A close up of a sewing machine needle.

Manual for a Vogue Stitch Sewing Machine?Finding a manual for a vintage sewing machine can be a challenge. This is a page about finding a manual for a Vogue Stitch sewing machine.


Woman Looking at Free Fabric Samples

Finding Free Fabric SamplesI am looking for a place that will give free fabric samples. This page has advice about finding free fabric samples for craft projects.


kitchen appliances

Manual for Culinare Rocket ChefSmall kitchen appliances such as food processors can be found reasonably priced at yard sales and thrift stores. Unfortunately, the manual is often not included. This is a page about manual for Culinare Rocket Chef.


Resin Figurine

Shopping for Unpainted Pecan Resin FigurinesThis page is about shopping for unpainted resin figurines. A fun craft can be painting plain polyresin figures to create your own unique decorations or gifts.


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H20 HD Steam Mop Replacement Water Tank?Where can I purchase a H20 HD steam mop water tank?


Swiffer WetJet

Replacement Parts for a Swiffer WetJet?This is a page about replacement parts for a Swiffer WetJet. Finding replacement parts for many small household appliances and cleaning tools can be frustrating.


Anniversary clock.

Finding Parts for a Quartz 85 Anniversary Clock?There are online sources for purchasing the replacement movement for a quartz 85 clock. This is a page about finding parts for a Quartz 85 anniversary clock.



George Foreman Rotisserie Oven

Replacement Parts for George Foreman...This is a page about finding replacement parts for George Foreman rotisserie oven. Replacement parts for George Foreman grills and ovens are not available at the stores of purchase.


Close up image of cooler with metal rack inside

Replacement Parts for Gott Cooler?This is a page about replacement parts for Gott cooler. If you can find replacement parts for your cooler it may cost less to repair than to replace.


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Where Can I Find Spic and Span Cleaner?I've been searching for Spic and Span to clean floors. I'm not finding it in any of the stores where I shop. Any ideas? Thanks


Strawberry Basket

Buying Strawberry Baskets in Bulk?This is a page about buying strawberry baskets in bulk. If you need the plastic basket containers to market your bountiful strawberry crop, you want to find where to buy them wholesale.


A woman shopping for cleaning products.

Where to Buy Top Job CleanerIt is frustrating to be unable to find a favorite cleaning product. You can find Top Job cleaner on the internet, if it is unavailable in a local store. This is a page about where to buy Top Job cleaner.


Photo of a pumice stone.

Where Can I Buy a Pumice Stone?This is a page about "Where can I buy a pumice stone?". Pumice stones can be used for a number of cleaning jobs.


Galloping Gourmet Convection Oven Tips and Tricks

Galloping Gourmet Convection Oven Tips...This page contains tips and tricks for using a Galloping Gourmet convection oven. Finding manuals or parts for small kitchen appliances is a common necessity; they get misplaced, left out of packaging, or aren't with the appliance if purchased used.


A bathtub's overflow drain.

Finding a Stopper for Bathtub Overflow DrainThe overflow drain in the bathtub is meant to prevent the tub from overflowing. Here are some suggestions about after market options to bypass the overflow drain.


white packing peanuts on black background

Finding Free Packing Peanuts?This is a page about finding free packing peanuts. Finding free packing peanuts may take a bit of searching. Freecycle is one option, also some retailers discard those received in their merchandise and may give you some for free.


Blue dish soap similar to Dawn.

Buying Dawn Dish Soap in AustraliaDawn dish soap has so many uses that it has developed a reputation outside of the United States. This is a page about buying Dawn dish soap in Australia.


red air mattress

Finding Replacement Caps for Your Air Mattress?This is a page about finding replacement caps for your air mattress. An air mattress without its valve cap is not very useful.


Products on Sale At Target

What Happens To Discontinued Products At...This is a page about "What happens to discontinued products at Target?". The internet is filled with requests from consumers looking for products that were discontinued by Target.


Getting Replacement Parts for a Thane H2O Mop - broken water container

Getting Replacement Parts for a Thane H2O Mop?I have a Thane Housewares H2O Mop Steam Cleaner, OEM-TV-001. The secondary model number is: TDC03638-2. This unit was working great until someone was too harsh when removing the water tank in order to fill it. Now, it has a piece broken out of it, leaving the unit non-usable.


Aluminum Pop Tabs

Buying Bulk Aluminum Pop TabsThis is a page about buying bulk aluminum pop tabs. Crafting with pop tabs may require you to obtain pop tabs from multiple sources, especially if you haven't been saving them yourself. Here are some suggestions on where to find bulk pop tabs.



Finding Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine User ManualsIf you have lost the manual for your sewing machine, it may be useful pick up another one. Often they are available online or can be purchased from an individual selling the manual. This is a page about finding Good Housekeeper sewing machine user manuals.



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Garden Soxx?Where can I purchase something called Garden Soxx? Has anyone tried these?


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Shopping for Olive Pimento Cheese Spread?I would like to buy olive pimento cheese spread in the jar. I can't find it in the store anymore, only old English and pimento. Does anyone know where I can find it? Is it still made?


Welbilt Bread Machine

Finding Welbilt Bread Machine ManualsThis is a page about finding Welbilt bread machine manuals. Whether you lost the manual or came upon a used bread machine at a good price, but without a manual, it can be frustrating not to have the reference manual.


York Wallpaper

Finding Discontinued York Wallpaper?This is a page about finding discontinued York wallpaper. Finding some additional wallpaper to complete a project or make repairs can be very difficult, if the pattern has been discontinued.


Wallpaper Rolls

Finding Discontinued Eisenhart Wallpaper?This is a page about finding discontinued Eisenhart wallpaper. Finding some additional wallpaper to complete a room or make repairs can be a challenge, if the pattern has been discontinued.


Electric Blanket Controls

Replacement Controls for a Sunbeam Electric Blanket?This is a page about replacement controls for a Sunbeam electric blanket. Without the controls for your electric blanket it is just another blanket.


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Finding a Discontinued Fuller Brush Product?Does anyone know where I can get the Fuller Brush denture brush #384? I tried the online catalog, but it states they no longer carry this item.


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Manual for Welbilt Bread Machine Model ABM 3900?I need the manual for the Welbilt bread machine, model ABM 3900. Can someone help me please?


Bread Maker

Replacement Parts for Regal Bread Maker?This is a page about replacement parts for regal bread maker . Finding the correct parts to keep your bread machine working may be a challenge.


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Buying Sani-Flush?I haven't been able to locate an awesome product for cleaning the toilet that I used to use. Does anyone know where I can locate Sani-flush? I think it may have been taken off the market.


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Quasar Superwave Microwave/Convection Manual?We purchased a 1993 RV that has a Quasar Superwave microwave/convection oven. There were no manuals for any appliance in the rig, but I have found all online except the Quasar. Can anyone provide a manual? Perhaps scan one and email it?


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Need Help Purchasing "Pink Solution"?Do they still sell Pink Solution cleaner at Costco? Do they sell it anywhere else? Is it worth the cost? What are your reviews of it?


wood floor

Buying Johnson's Glo-Coat Floor Wax?This is a page about buying Johnson's Glo-Coat floor wax. It can be frustrating when you can't find your favorite floor care product at any of your local stores.


First Aid Cream

Finding Johnson & Johnson First Aid Cream?Johnson & Johnson first aid cream has been discontinued. Many consumers have tried substitutes with varying results. The beeswax component of this product set it apart. This is a page about finding Johnson & Johnson first aid cream.


wallpaper rolls

Finding Kim Anderson Wallpaper?This is a page about finding Kim Anderson wallpaper. Kim Anderson's beguiling photos of children make the wallpaper a popular choice.


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Over-the-Window Plant Hook?A few years ago I purchased an over-the-window plant hanger that had a curved metal bar that just slipped behind the window frame.


Woman Wearing Eyeglasses

Making Eyeglasses Scratch Resistant?This page is about making eyeglasses scratch resistant. Having a scratch resistant coating applied to your new glasses can make them cost more. There might be a less expensive way to reduce scratching.


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Can I Buy Dishwasher Detergent With Phosphates?Where can you buy dishwasher soaps with phosphates?


exercise roller machine

Finding a Vintage Roller Exercise MachineThis is a page about finding a vintage roller exercise machine. Back in the day passive exercise/massage roller machines were all the rage.


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Shopping for La Choy Brown Gravy?My mother used to buy La Choy brown gravy all the time and use it to make Chinese chicken wings. Then all of a sudden it was gone. I would love to be able to find it again.


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Spiegel Sewing Machine Manual?I need a manual for a Spiegel 805B buttonhole zig-zag machine, is there anywhere to find one? Really, I just need to find out how to thread the needle in it?


Sewing Machine

Finding Sewing Machine ManualsThis is a page about finding sewing machine manuals. Manuals get misplaced or when you buy a previously owned machine it may come without its owners manual.


stainless steel thermos

Replacement Parts for a Gott Thermos?This is a page about replacement parts for Gott thermos. It is sometimes difficult to find replacement parts for products that we have purchased.


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Lip Balm in a Rectangular Gold Tin?When I was younger, I used to have lip balm in a rectangular gold tin. I believe it was old fashioned lip balm. Does anyone know where I could get that now?


Electric tabletop grill with fish and veggies.

How to Contact the George Foreman Grill ManufacturerGeorge Foreman grills are very popular consumer products. When you need to find a replacement part it can be confusing and difficult to find the best way to contact the manufacturer. This is a page about how to contact the George foreman grill manufacturer.


glass cookie jar with wood lid

Replacement Gasket fo Goodwood Cookie Jar?I am looking for replacement rubber seals for these Goodwood brand cookie jars from the 1980s.


Inside of microwave.

Finding a Replacement Microwave Glass Tray?The glass trays in microwaves can get broken requiring you to find a replacement. Depending on the age and model of your oven this may be easy or a challenge. This is a page about finding a replacement microwave glass tray.


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Better Litterbox for Cat Who Pees Over the Side?My female cat does not squat when she pees and therefore it goes everywhere. I've tried different litter boxes and have gone to a 17 inch high tote and she still goes over the edge.


George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie

George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie ManualThis is a page about finding a George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie manual. Whether you lost the manual or purchased the rotisserie without one, you probably want to find a replacement.


Welbilt Bread Maker

Finding Welbilt Bread Maker Recipe Books?This is a page about finding Welbilt bread maker recipe books. Small appliance recipe books often get lost over time, or did not come with the item at the last garage sale you visited.


Finding Free Address Labels

Finding Free Address LabelsThis is a page about finding free address labels. You don't have to spend a lot of money on address labels.


Bottles of cleaners.

Buying "Ocean Pine" Pine Oil CleanerOcean Pine is a cleaner that has been difficult to find for some of our users. This is a page about buying Ocean Pine pine oil cleaner.


A vintage white oven.

Buying Parts for Older Appliances?As appliances get older it can become more difficult to find replacement parts. This is a page about buying parts for older appliances.


Reel Lawnmower

Finding Replacement Wheels For Reel...This is a page about finding replacement wheels for reel lawnmower. When your push lawn mower is old it may be a challenge to find wheels to fit.


Raw Peanuts

Buying Raw Peanuts?Raw peanuts can be used to roast or add flavor to many different types of dishes. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a source for buying them. This is a page about buying raw peanuts.


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Pre-paid Cell Phone Cards with Rollover Minutes?Are there any pre-paid cell phone cards for $10 that I can buy where I won't lose the minutes if I don't use them up. Right now I buy pre-paid Verizon cards and the minimum is $15. If I don't use those minutes within 30 days, I lose them.


Close up image of an electronic countertop convection oven containing a baked chicken and vegetables against a white background

Finding Manuals and Replacement Parts for Galloping Gourmet Convection Ovens?This is a page about finding manuals and replacement parts for Galloping Gourmet convection ovens. If you have lost your manual or the oven needs repair, it can sometimes be difficult to find replacements for small appliances.


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Cookware with Water Vapor Seal?Does anyone remember cookware that required something like 1 tsp. water added to the rim of the lid after it has been set on the pot? This was to make a water vapor seal. I was thinking about it the other day and wondered what happened to this line and if it ever truly functioned.


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Manual for Welbilt (Model ABM2H60) Bread Maker?I have been looking for the instruction manual to my Welbilt, model ABM2H60 Bread Maker. I see that someone on this site received a complete copy of the ABM-100 manual. I am going nuts trying to locate the actual manual, as I have recipes, etc., but need the instructions to prepare them and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Where Can I Buy Braxton Jeans?What happened to Braxton Jeans? Is there any place that still sells them?


Dutch Bottle Scraper

Buying a Dutch Bottle Scraper...This is a page about buying a Dutch bottle scraper (flessenschraper). A very useful kitchen tool to recover all of the food from narrow mouthed containers.


Wild's Ezy-Sauce

Buying Wild's Ezy-Sauce?This is a page about buying Wild's Ezy-Sauce. Wild's Ezy-Sauce is a tomato base that can be used in homemade sauces and relishes.


Sewing Machine Needle

Finding a Manual for an Atlantis Sewing Machine?Having a sewing machine is great as long as you can learn how to use it properly. Thanks to the internet it is easier to find old publications. This is a page about finding a manual for an Atlantis sewing machine.


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Manual for Welbilt Breadmaker?I am looking for an instruction manual for a Welbilt abm 3400. Does anyone know where to get one, I don't really want to pay 10 bucks for a copy?


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Waverly "Garden Room" Dishes?I'm looking for Waverly Garden Room, Garden Lane dishes.


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White Cap Pine Cleaner?Could someone please tell me where to purchase White Cap Pine Cleaner. It has to be the original white cap. The bottle is clear, the contents are an amber color, and there's a nurse's cap on the label.


Table top grill on a kitchen counter.

Finding a Drip Tray for a Foreman GrillThis small indoor grill is a popular kitchen appliance. Finding replacement parts can sometimes be a challenge. This is a page about finding a drip tray for a George Foreman grill.


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Instructions for Love and Money Looms?I am looking for instructions for the Love and Money loom.


Buying Crochet Doilies - doily with center medallion and multiple connected smaller ones around the center

Buying Crocheted Doilies?This is a page about buying crocheted doilies. Buying pre-made doilies, if you can't crochet your own, can be difficult depending on where you live. Here are some tips if you are looking to purchase crocheted doilies.


A woman reading a recipe off a tablet, preparing a healthy meal.

Finding Weight Watcher's Quick Start MenuThe Weight Watcher's program has gone through many variations over the years. Certain plans work better for some people than others. This is a page about finding Weight Watcher's Quick Start menu.


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Buying Flip Flops in Bulk?I am looking for a source where I can purchase bulk wedge flip flops to decorate.


small bedroom

Finding Replacement Controls for a Heated...This is a page about finding replacement controls for a heated mattress pad. It can be very frustrating to find replacement controls for a variety of electric household products.


Inside of a bread machine with a loaf of fresh bread.

Oster Model 4811 Bread Machine InstructionsThis is a page about Oster model 4811 bread machine instructions. Instructions can get lost and if a small kitchen appliance is purchased used it may not have the manual. They can often be found by searching on the internet.


A high school girl wearing a nice prom dress.

Finding a Cheap Prom DressA inexpensive formal dress can be found by secondhand shopping, if you have time to look. This page is about finding a cheap prom dress.


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Where to Find Boric Acid in the UK?Where do I buy boric acid powder?


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Link: Hometown Favorites For Hard-To-Find ItemsThriftyFun gets many requests for hard-to-find foods and items. I found a great site for such things:


Various face powders and foundations with brushes displayed on grey surface

What Happened to Corn Silk Makeup?This is a page about "What happened to Corn Silk makeup?". Popular several years ago, Corn Silk makeup had a following that tried to keep up with the status of its availability as ownership changed.


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Does Zotes Make Body Soap?Does Zote make body soap? Where can I buy some? Thank you very much and have a great weekend.


Bread Machine

Replacement Parts for a Hitachi Bread Machine?This is a page about finding replacement parts for a Hitachi bread machine. Finding replacement parts for small appliances can be difficult.


Identifying Bedroom Furniture - mahogany finish 7 drawer vanity style dresser

Identifying Bedroom Furniture?My boyfriend and I are setting up a bedroom in his house using this furniture, but would like to add pieces to it. It would be a lot easier to add pieces if we knew the manufacturer or the style name of the pieces. We have a vanity with mirror, tall dresser, head and foot board, and one side table.


Crystal Decanters

Finding Replacement Plastic Stoppers for Crystal Decanters?This is a page about finding replacement plastic stoppers for crystal decanters. Some crystal decanters have a plastic cover over the glass stopper. These can break or tear over time.


Adult Diapers

Buying Adult Diapers in Bulk?This is a page about buying adult diapers in bulk. Buying adult diapers can be quite expensive. Finding a source for buying them in bulk would not only be more convenient but could probably save you money as well.


A woman using a mixer.

Finding Aunt Jemima Easy Coffee Cake Mix?This is a page about finding Aunt Jemima easy coffee cake mix. Some hard to find food mixes are available online or you might find a good substitution.


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Finding Model Number on Sunbeam Electric Blanket?How to find model number on my Sunbeam electric blanket?


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Antique Tea Cart Rubber Wheel Replacement?I need a rubber replacement for a 13 inch diameter wheel on a tea cart. What is the cost? Thanks


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Finding Carol Endres Wallpaper?Looking for obviously discontinued Carol Endres wallpaper. Borders are found but not wallpaper. Specifically, J. Apple n Bee print sentimental thank you!


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Small Kitchen Stand Mixer?Anyone know of a small kitchen stand mixer that would work well in a tiny kitchen? I have a big, heavy, glass bowl Kitchen Aid one that has to go. Not only is it too heavy for me, but the paddle never reached the bottom, making small batches impossible to make in the stand. I have an electric hand mixer, but would love recommendations on compact size mixers and where to buy them. Thank you in advance!


A textured wallpaper in an off white color.

Identifying Anaglypta or Lincrusta Wallpaper?This beautiful historical paper was used for the wainscoting for our 1890s brownstone, built in center city Philadelphia originally as a convent. Unfortunately, our adjoining neighbor's roof leaked, leaving a 2'x3' section to repair in a really obvious place at the top of the 1st-2nd floor stairwell.


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Finding Waverly Garden Party Pattern Wallpaper?I am searching for two double rolls of Waverly Garden Party Wallpaper, pattern GP5904. It is discontinued, but I really need to find two more double rolls. If anyone can assist, I would greatly appreciate it.


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