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Rice Krispy Treat Watermelon Slices

Making Rice Krispy Treat Watermelon...Give the ever popular rice cereal treats a summertime look. This is a page about Rice Krispy treat watermelon slices.


Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas RecipeGarbanzo beans can be roasted for a delicious crunchy snack. This page contains roasted chickpeas recipe.


Pretzels on White Background

Recipes Using PretzelsPretzels can be used to make some interesting sweet and savory entrees. This page contains recipes using pretzels.


A corn tortilla being rolled out to make chips.

Homemade Corn ChipsMaking fresh corn chips at home can be done from scratch or just cutting up pre-made tortillas. You can season them with what you like.


Gluten Free Chex Party Mix closeup

Gluten Free Chex PartyIt is simple to make gluten free Chex party mix. With only a few substitutions, you will be on your way to enjoying your favorite holiday snack! Check out this page to get gluten free party mix recipes.


Pile of Chili Crispitos

Chili Crispitos RecipesThese deep fried, rolled up tortillas are filled with seasoned meat. You can add beans, cheese, peppers, and onions to the filling. Give these recipes a try! This page contains chili crispitos recipes.


Nachos Recipes

Nachos RecipesThere are many delicious ways to make this popular snack. This page contains nacho recipes.


Spicy Peanuts in bowl

Spicy PeanutsWe bought an insanely massive bag of peanuts that were on sale at the shops. My dad was eating them and said that although he definitely approved of the price, the flavour was nothing special. They were just plain old peanuts, after all. Had we bought the spicy peanuts he liked, for the same price, we would have gotten 1/10th the amount of peanuts. So, with a few spices, I decided to turn the plain peanuts into his favourite peanuts.


melted cheese on hotdog buns

Quick and Easy Cheesy BreadThis is a simple way to make a snack or add to a meal. We like to have it with tomato soup. When we are having spaghetti, we sprinkle some garlic on it. This is an easy way to use up some buns or bread before they go stale.


Banana Turon on plate

Banana TuronIn most schools this kind of snack is being sold because it's what most kids love. This one is kid friendly, healthy snack because its main ingredient is banana.


A collection of oyster crackers.

Ranch Flavored CrackersRanch seasoning is a favorite flavor for snacking. Ordinary crackers are used to make these savory treats that are perfect to go with soups and salads.


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No Bake Almond Butter Energy BitesDo you need a little extra energy to make it through the day? Here is a tasty no bake treat you can make yourself with simple and healthy ingredients.



A finished cheese crisp.

Seasoned Mozzarella Parmesan Baked CrispsWant a quick and tasty snack? You can make these mozzarella parmesan seasoned baked crisps. They also make a great appetizer to pair with some marinara sauce too!


A plate of squash sardine pancakes.

Squash Sardines PancakesSavory pancakes are not just a snack to my small family. We serve them in meals and the best is to pair them with hot steamed rice. This one I'm making is a kid friendly veggie pancake which I invented in my kitchen lab to trick my picky eater kid again! And it worked well.


pile of Cauliflower Cheese Crisps on plate

Cauliflower Cheese CrispsI'd say more than a sweet-tooth, I have a salt-tooth! This can be an issue for someone like me who tends to be more low gluten and low carb. These are an awesomely delicious snack that work well for gluten-free and low carb diets. To compare them to something you might be familiar with, they taste like a more complex, adult version of a Cheez-It cracker. Give them a try!


The butterfinger bites on a tray.

Homemade Butterfinger CandyThis quick and easy treat tastes like Butterfinger candybars!


man holding bowl of popcorn

Making Popcorn in BagsThis is a fun popcorn recipe. It is very simple and you can make it in your oven. You can of course choose any flavoring you want, butter, oil, spices, etc.


pressing Cheerio Peanut Butter treats into pan

Cheerio Peanut Butter TreatsIf you enjoy crispy rice treats give this Cheerio version a try. Marshmallows, butter, and peanut butter are melted to form the base and then you mix in the cereal. Everyone will be standing around the fridge waiting to enjoy this tasty snack.


Bread Chips on plate with dipping sauce

Making Bread ChipsYou can make your own seasoned bread chips easily and quickly at home. The recipe on this page uses Parmesan cheese as the main seasoning, but other choices could also be used alone or in combination with the cheese.


Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips

Salt and Vinegar Zucchini ChipsThis carb conscious snack has all the flavor of salt and vinegar potato chips without the guilt. Use an oven or a dehydrator to add a satisfying crispness to the flavored zucchini slices.


Seasoned Pretzel Twists

Making Seasoned Pretzel TwistsUse puff pastry to make these tasty baked pretzel snacks. The ingredients and steps are found on this page. Serve them plain or with a dip.


Two bowls of cereal on a white background.

Recipes Using CerealPackaged cereals are used in a variety of recipes, typically sweet snacks or granola bars, along with some savory snack mixes. This page contains several recipes using popular boxed cereals.


Peanut Butter Cereal Snacks in paper liners

Peanut Butter Cereal SnacksCereal can get messy when you need a snack for the kids. Here's an alternative that adds some peanut butter protein and is easier to handle.


mixed Honey Coconut Popcorn

Honey Coconut PopcornMake popcorn with coconut oil. Mix the popped corn with salt and drizzled honey for a delicious treat.


popped popcorn

Best Stovetop PopcornSkip the microwave and hot air poppers, cook delicious popcorn right on your stove. This is a page about making the best stovetop popcorn.


A batch of baked caramel popcorn.

Baked Caramel PopcornOnce you have popped corn a delicious treat can be made by coating with caramel and baking it. This is a page about baked caramel popcorn.


bowl of Garlic Furikake Popcorn

Garlic Furikake PopcornThis is a great twist on regular popcorn. It's laced with browned garlic oil and furikake, which is a lovely dried seaweed and toasted sesame seed topping. Furikake is most widely used as a topping on white rice in Japan, but I think it's absolutely scrumptious on popcorn. It can come in many flavours, some spicy, some sweet, and some with flaked fish. I love them all! You can find furikake in the Asian aisles of most grocery stores and on several online shops.



Lime Kale Chips

Lime Kale ChipsA green leaf vegetable that can be used to make very nutritious chips. This page is about making lime kale chips.


White chocolate being poured over popcorn.

White Chocolate Popcorn RecipesPopcorn is a favorite snack. You can make it savory or indulge your sweet tooth with a delicious white chocolate variation. This page contains white chocolate popcorn recipes.


Cream and strawberry treat put in ice cream cone bowls.

Healthy Ice Cream Cone SnacksIce cream cones don't have to be used for only scoops of ice cream. This page is about making healthy ice cream cone snacks.


"Chicken Leg" Shaped Crispy Treats on board

"Chicken Leg" Shaped Crispy TreatsJuly 6th is National Fried Chicken Day. I have a group of friends who are fried chicken lovers that like to make chicken on this day. I thought it would be fun to make a sweet treat version that looked like fried chicken. This is a fun and simple recipe for all ages. No baking necessary!


finished Pastel Filled Banana Bread

Pastel Filled Banana BreadBananas are almost everywhere where we live. The best thing is that you can cook them in many ways; from pancakes, to cakes and bread. You can even make doughnuts out of them. This recipe is simple and healthy.


Energy Balls on bowl

Chocolate Avocado Energy BallsHealthy alternative to have around for kids out of school or when you are out and about!


Healthy Kale Chips in bowl

Healthy Kale Chips RecipeA nutritious flavor filled snack that is simple to make with fresh kale leaves. This is a page about healthy kale chips recipe.


Spicy Ranch Crackers

Spicy Ranch CrackersI make these often to have on hand for a spicy snack. I got the recipe from a fellow school mom who made these for one of our bake sales. I had to share the recipe! They are delicious and easy to make. It only takes a few minutes to mix together but the longer the crackers sit in the bags the better they taste. I usually let mine sit several hours, turning the bags often to coat the crackers.


Crispy Cheese Tortillas on plate

Crispy Cheese TortillasThese cheese tacos were something my mom use to make. I've been making them now and then for years, and everyone always enjoys them. They're easy to make, and really yummy.


A batch of small pretzels in a white bowl.

Making Honey Mustard PretzelsHoney and mustard are a popular flavor combination and suit pretzels perfectly. This is a page about making honey mustard pretzels.


Stack of Rice Cakes

Recipes Using Rice CakesWhile rice cakes can be a little on the bland side, you can turn them into crunchy, yummy treats. Here are some quick and easy recipes using rice cakes.


How to Prepare Ginkgo Nuts - Cooked and shelled Ginkgo nuts.

How to Prepare Ginkgo NutsThis popular Japanese snack can be prepared easily at home. Ginkgo nuts have a unique, nutty flavor and texture. Additionally, there are health benefits associated with including them, in moderation, in your diet. This is a page about how to prepare ginkgo nuts.


Kool-Aid and Jell-O Popsicles

Kool-Aid and Jell-O Popsicle RecipesMix up two popular flavors into some deliciously refreshing popsicles. Make these Kool-Aid and Jell-O popsicle recipes for a yummy snack on a hot summer day.


Star Shaped Lime Tortilla Chips

Star Shaped Lime Tortilla ChipsThese chips are fun for patriotic parties on Independence Day, but also great for birthday parties. They're easy to bake up in the oven with just a few ingredients. No frying necessary!


Cinnamon Apple Chips - Two apple slices that have been dried and seasoned.

Cinnamon Apple Chips RecipeMake some of these delicious fruit chips to snack on instead of corn or potato ones. This page contains a cinnamon apple chips recipe.



Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Chocolate Chip Granola Bars RecipeGranola bars make a great snack at home or on the go. Add some chocolate chips to your homemade granola bars for some sweetness and instant energy. This page contains chocolate chip granola bars recipe.


Bowl of caramel corn

Homemade Caramel CornThis sweet treat of caramel covered popcorn is always a hit with kids of all ages. This page is about homemade caramel corn.


A bowl of caramel corn.

Microwave Caramel CornIf you love the flavor of caramel corn, then try making some at home anytime. This is a page about microwave caramel corn.


Walnuts flavored with rosemary and other spices.

Rosemary WalnutsThese spicy rosemary flavored walnuts are easy to make and make a tasty snack for a party or just for you and the family. This page contains a recipe for rosemary walnuts.


A plate of crunchy spaghetti with cheese.

Crunchy Spaghetti with CheeseThis impromptu crunchy cheesy snack is simple to make from ingredients you probably have on hand. This is a page about crunchy spaghetti with cheese.


cut treats

Trix Cereal Treats RecipeThis page contains a Trix cereal treats recipe.Borrowing from the crispy rice type treat, try making this standby snack using Trix cereal for a fruity taste.


A chocolate cake with potato chips on the chocolate dressing.

Peanut Potato Chip Chocolate Stout Cake RecipeThis page contains peanut potato chip chocolate stout cake recipe. The ultimate sweet and savory dessert that can be thrown together for a great snack.


Snack mix of orange, brown, and yellow candies, butterscotch chips, pretzel nuggets, and nuts

Halloween Snack Mix RecipesColorful holiday snack mixes can be a hit for party treats or bake sales. This page contains Halloween snack mix recipes.


Crunchy Chickpea Snacks

Crunchy Chickpea SnacksChickpeas are high in fiber and protein making them a good snack choice. Try a crunchy alternative to hummus, using this healthy legume. This is a page about crunchy chickpea snacks.


Easy Apple Snack

Easy Apple SnackSimple enough to make in a pinch and avoid all those cookies, candy bars and other high fat snacks! Mine tasted like candy apples. YUM!


Making a Peanut Butter Snail

Making a Peanut Butter SnailThis is a page about peanut butter snail. A peanut butter snail is a yummy treat your kids will love to devour.


bowl of pita chips

Homemade Pita Chips RecipesPita chips are a nice alternative to potato or corn chips. They are also fun and easy to make. This is a page about homemade pita chips recipes.


Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

Making Chocolate Dipped Potato ChipsThis is a page about making chocolate dipped potato chips. The sweet taste of chocolate combines with the saltiness of the potato chips for a delicious treat.


potato chips

Making Microwave Crisps or Potato ChipsThis is a page about making crisps or potato chips in the microwave. One healthier way to make potato crisps or chips is to use your microwave.


Caramel Crispix

Caramel Crispix RecipesThis page contains caramel Crispix recipes. This easy to make caramel coated Crispix cereal snack can be varied by the addition of extra ingredients.


Bowl of Popcorn

Homemade Microwave PopcornThis is a page about homemade microwave popcorn. You can save money and control the ingredients by making your own microwave popcorn.


Pudding Snack

Pudding Snack RecipesThis is a page about pudding snack recipes. Pudding is a popular snack food.


"Puppy Love" Puppy Chow

Puppy Chow Snack RecipesThis page contains Puppy Chow snack recipes. Puppy Chow, also known as Muddy Buddies or Sweet Minglers, is a delicious treat made with Chex cereal.


Roasted Edamame

Recipes Using Edamame (Soybeans)Edamame beans are a delicious and healthy snack. They are easy to prepare and sure to be popular with family and guests. This page contains recipes using edamame or soybeans.


Saltine Crackers

Recipes Using Saltine CrackersFrom simple snacks to adding texture and flavor to soups, there are many ways to use saltine crackers in recipes. This page contains recipes using Saltine crackers.


Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Peanut Butter and Banana RecipesThis page contains peanut butter and banana recipes. Snacks, desserts and smoothies can be made with the combination of these healthy ingredients.


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Egg and Nut Free Cereal Bar Recipes?Please can anyone give me a recipe for peanut-butter free cereal bars? not necessarily just Rice Krispies. I always have leftover cereal like Cheerios too.


Homemade Wheat Thins

Homemade Wheat Thins RecipesThis page contains homemade wheat thins recipes. Making your own crackers can be delicious and fun.


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Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls RecipesThis page contains fried macaroni and cheese balls recipes. You can use up leftover mac and cheese to make these delicious fried snacks.


Oyster Crackers in a Bowl

Seasoned Oyster Cracker RecipesThis page contains seasoned oyster cracker recipes. Oyster crackers can be seasoned to make a variety of tasty snacks.


PayDay Bar

Payday Snack Mix RecipesThis page contains payday snack mix recipes. A fun party snack mix made with the flavor of a favorite candy bar can be delicious.


Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato Chip RecipesIf you like potato chips, give sweet potato chips a try for a delicious variation on this popular snack. This page contains sweet potato chip recipes.


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English Flapjacks RecipesThis page contains English flapjack recipes. These inexpensive pan cakes treats are wonderful for teatime.


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Cereal Balls RecipesThis page contains cereal balls recipes. Trying making this cereal snack as an alternative to Krispie treats.


Mixed Nuts in a Bowl

Flavored Nut RecipesSweet, savory, or spicy, flavored nuts are a favorite snack for parties or everyday. This page contains flavored nut recipes.


Snack Mix

Snack Mix RecipesThis page contains snack mix recipes. Snack mix is a favorite party or anytime snack; make your own for a variety of flavor options.


Cheese and Tomato Snack

Cheese Snack IdeasThis page contains cheese snack ideas. Cheese is a great snack food and can easily be made into a creative and tasty snack or appetizer.


No Bake Cereal Bars on White Background

No Bake Cereal BarsThis page contains recipes for no bake cereal bars. Try making no bake cereal bars for a snack or quick breakfast.


Bowl of Popcorn

Savory Popcorn RecipesThis page contains savory popcorn recipes. By adding a variety of dried spices to your popcorn you can create a delicious savory snack for your next party or movie night.


Carmel Popcorn

Sweet Popcorn RecipesPopcorn can be the base for a variety of sweet treats. This page contains sweet popcorn recipes.


Bowl of caramel corn

Caramel Corn RecipesCaramel popcorn is always a hit for snacks and special occasions. This page contains caramel corn recipes.


stack of popcorn balls

Popcorn Ball RecipesAn inexpensive fun treat for many occasions is popcorn balls. This page contains popcorn ball recipes.


Rice Krispies Easter eggs.

Easter Rice Krispies Treat RecipesGet out your Rice Krispies treat recipe and make creative Easter treats. This page contains Easter Rice Krispies treat recipes.


Chex Mix

Homemade Chex Mix RecipesThis page contains homemade Chex Mix recipes. Homemade Chex Mix is a good party or family night snack.



Microwave Peanut Brittle RecipesThis page contains microwave peanut brittle recipes. Your microwave offers a quick and convenient option to the traditional stovetop method of making peanut brittle.


A plate of deep fried dill pickle chips.

Fried Dill Pickle Chip RecipesFried pickle chips are a unique snack that many people love. If you haven't tried them before, you are in for a yummy treat.


Trail Mix

Trail Mix RecipesTrail mix is not just for hiking. This tasty treat makes a good anytime snack and a nice addition to a packed lunch. This page contains trail mix recipes.


Cheese ball on plate with crackers and berries

Cheese Ball RecipesThere's nothing like a good cheese ball as the center of a snack tray. There are many simple tasty ones to make at home. This page contains cheese ball recipes.


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Cheesy BreadFast, and simple. Great as a snack for kids and adults alike. Try adding it as a side to soup or spaghetti dinners.


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Puppy ChowGreat holiday snack!


Homemade potato chips in a bowl.

Homemade Potato Chip RecipesThis page contains homemade potato chip recipes. Potato chips a delicious, salty snack. It is easy to make them at home, which also gives you the opportunity to make them healthier than the store bought ones.


Graham cracker on a red background.

Homemade Graham Cracker RecipesThis page contains homemade graham cracker recipes. Graham crackers are great for s'mores, pie crusts, and just for snacking. Making your own graham crackers allows you to make crackers that are superior to store bought ones.


Wooden Spoon Stirring Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn RecipesThis page contains homemade kettle corn recipes. Kettle corn is a treat that isn't just for the fair and Saturday market. You can easily make yummy kettle corn at home.


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Spiced SeedsCombine pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds, soy sauce and oil. Toss gently and season with celery salt, pepper, and onion powder. Spread in shallow pan.


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Rolo PretzelsIt's extremely easy, and they are "just right" bites. Decide how many you'd like to make. (I usually make about 50). Put parchment paper on the cookie sheet. Place pretzels on the cookie sheet.


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Cinnamon Popcorn Crunch Such a good tasting treat to eat in front of a roaring fire!


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Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix?I tasted a homemade party snack mix a while back. It was sweet and spicy and just plain wonderful. It may have had chili powder or taco seasoning and brown sugar. It had pretzels and Bugles in it. Might anyone have the recipe for this? Thank you.


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Cinnamon Bun PopcornThis is especially yummy with the addition of the pecans and white chocolate.


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Baked Parmesan TreatsIf you like Parmesan you will love this yummy, crispy snack! You will need to work in batches if you only have one baking sheet. If you have two sheets, try to set them side by side on the same rack or switch their positions half way through baking.


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Blizzard Party MixSpray 9x13 inch pan with non-stick cooking spray. Combine first four ingredients in large bowl. Microwave white chocolate chips in medium bowl on medium power for 1 minute.


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Looking for a Non Sweet Binder for Making Snacks?Looking for a non-sweet binder (non sweet corn syrup, marshmallow, etc.), for non-sweet snacks, canapes, etc., for cocktail hour.


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Party MixMix. Bake in 250 degrees F oven 2 hours. Stir every 15 minutes.


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Crispie CrunchiesThis is a recipe that your kids might really like to make. Mix first 4 ingredients. Stir into melted bark. Quickly spoon onto cookie sheet or waxed paper to cool.


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Cinnamon PopcornSo much cheaper than buying it and so good. Mix all but popcorn and bring to a boil, boil one minute. Add popped corn, shake well to distribute syrup. Microwave 1 minute, shake again and microwave one minute again.


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Honey Nut Recipe?I am looking for a recipe for honeyed nuts.


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Root Beer Float Popsicles - popsicle

Root Beer Float PopsiclesThis is a super easy treat using your favorite vanilla ice cream and root beer, that the kids can help with and enjoy eating. We are already on our 2nd batch in 2 days. It's a nice way to cool down in summer.


Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted ChickpeasI had never thought about eating chickpeas until I saw a cooking demonstration on our local TV station. They were tasting them and saying how good they were. I pulled up the recipe on their website and the recipe they have is from Chop Chop magazine.


Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

Chocolate Dipped Potato ChipsThe perfect combination of salty and sweet, these potato chips are easy to make and would make a great gift. Maybe your special someone needs some this Valentine's day.


Stack of Vietnamese Rice Crackers

Vietnamese Sesame Rice CrackerThese rice crackers are a delicious crunchy snack that are great on their own, or in combination with dips or rice noodle dishes. Also known as banh trang or banh da.


roasted seeds upclose

Soy Sauce Pumpkin SeedsIf you love to roast the seeds from your pumpkins, try this tasty recipe!


finished snail

Peanut Butter SnailA cute way to get children to eat a healthy snack. You could substitute cream cheese or hummus for the peanut butter.


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Chex party mix in a red cup.

Homemade Chex MixThis video shows you how to make delicious Chex mix. It's a great recipe for you next party.


Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

Chocolate Dipped Potato ChipsThese sweet and salty chocolate dipped potato chips are simple to make and are a fun treat to bring to a party.


Banana Oatmeal Fingers

Banana Oatmeal FingersBanana Oatmeal Fingers are a great breakfast or snack for babies and toddlers.



Beef Jerky Chex Mix Recipes?I would like a good recipe for a beef jerky Chex mix. Any suggestions?


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Making Homemade Granola Bars?I'm looking for a recipe for homemade granola bars. Preferably one without too much sugar. Any ideas?


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Party Mix Recipes?Does anyone have recipes for 'party mixes' that uses nuts, fruits, or cereal. My family loves the Chex party mix and would love to try some new ones. THANKS


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Making Tortilla Chips?How do you make tortillas chips?


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Recipe for Cereal Snack Mix Using Honey?Recently I made a recipe from a box of either Crispix cereal or corn Chex. The recipe was on the side of the box. It called for honey, the cereal, nuts and pretzels. Does anyone have that recipe? Please!


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Homemade Potato Chip Recipes?I would like to get recipes for homemade potato chips.Thanks!


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