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Imitation Crab Cakes

Recipes Using Imitation CrabImitation crab is actually made from fish and flavored to taste like crab. This less expensive substitute for crab can be used in many recipes calling for crab.


Canned Salmon

Recipes Using Canned SalmonCanned salmon is the main ingredient in many delicious and easy to prepare recipes. This page contains recipes using canned salmon.


Salmon Patty on a Plate

Salmon Patty RecipesYou can enjoy scrumptious salmon patties without going to an expensive seafood restaurant. This page contains salmon patty recipes.


Seafood Casserole

Seafood Casserole RecipesPlan your next casserole around the seafood or seafood combination of your choice. This page contains seafood casserole recipes.


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Shrimp TidbitsMix all together. Place on mound of muffin halves. Place under broiler until bubbly, about 5 minutes. Watch carefully


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Easy Crab CakesIf you have canned crab meat on hand, these crab cakes are extremely easy to make, quick and tasty! You will have a meal ready in less than 10 minutes. (1 pound can yields 6 generous sized crab cakes.)


Fried Sweet Potato Shrimp Cakes on towel

Fried Sweet Potato Shrimp CakesJulienne cut sweet potatoes and diced shrimp are combined in an egg and flour batter. Then scoops of the mix are pan fried. They can be served with a salad or rice or alone as an appetizer.


Almond Crusted Shrimp on plate

Making Almond Crusted ShrimpGround almonds mixed with coconut flour and seasonings is used to make these delicious fried shrimp. They are juicy on the inside and delightfully crunchy on the outside.


Spaghetti alle Cockle on plate

Making Spaghetti alle CockleServe spaghetti noodles with your favorite shellfish for an elegant dinner. The cockles, mussels or other shellfish are cooked in white wine and garlic.


Sweet Chili Shrimp in bowl

Making Sweet Chili ShrimpSweet chili sauce is a staple for many Southeast Asian cuisines. Combine it with fresh aromatics to make these delicious stir fried shrimp.


A pan of caramelized onions.

Onion Side Dish RecipesOnions prepared in various ways can be served as a delicious side dish with your choice of meat or veggie main meal. Try scalloped, creamed, or another option found below.


Cuttlefish Cubes with Star Beans in bowl

Cuttlefish Cubes with Star BeansThis stir fry recipe uses cuttlefish and star beans, from SE Asia. You can substitute any type of squid for the cuttlefish and green beans if you cannot find these at your local Asian supermarket.



Spanish Style Shrimp and Rice on plate

Spanish Style Shrimp and RicePeas, chopped fresh tomato, onions, shrimp, and delicious herbs and spices combine with cooked rice to create a scrumptious meal that is easy to make.


cooking Sweet Potato and Shrimp Cakes

Sweet Potato Shrimp CakesShredded sweet potatoes, fried shrimp cake flour, fish sauce, and a few more seasonings combine to make the base for a shrimp topped patty. Fry in a skillet for an amazing appetizer or serve with lettuce and a side of greens.


Octopus in Sprite in bowl

Octopus in SpriteOctopus meat can get a rubberized texture when cooked. Sprite helps to tenderize the meat and make a flavor filled dish.


cooked Garlic Basil Scallops

Garlic Basil ScallopsThis delicious garlic and basil seasoned scallop recipe is quick and easy to make. Follow the instructions provided to prepare them so that they turn out just right, not undercooked or rubbery.


A plate of tuna patties with a dipping sauce.

Making Tuna Cakes/PattiesOpen a can of tuna and choose one of the delicious recipes below. Make them all over time and choose your favorite(s). Tuna cakes are a quick, easy, and nutritious meal. Add a side of veggies or a salad and you are done.


Sauteed shrimp and garlic in a pan.

Garlic Shrimp RecipesGarlic is a very good addition to many shrimp recipes. Here are some various garlic shrimp recipes.


Stir Fry Green Mussels on plate with lemon

Stir Fry Green MusselsStir fry some green mussels with scallions, ginger, garlic and seasonings for an yummy appetizer for a special meal.


shrimp, onions, and garlic in pan

Sautéed Shrimp with Garlic and OnionsThis savory dish is elegant enough for a date night or party but easy enough for everyday. Garlic and onions flavor the lightly sautéed shrimp and a dash of oyster sauce finishes the dish.


Salmon Filet with Crab and Potato Salad

Salmon Filet with Crab and Potato SaladA seafood feast can be a salmon filet with crusty skin served with a simple crab and potato salad drizzled with a lemon olive oil sauce.


assembling Tostada on plate

Making Seafood TostadasThese seafood tostadas are a fresh and delicious meal you and your family will love.


Shrimp Ceviche in bowl

Shrimp CevicheThis shrimp ceviche is the perfect meal for these hot summer days as it is served chilled. It's full of protein, veggies and bright citrus juices. Serve it on top of a tostada shell, or scoop it up with tortilla chips.


Mussels on spaghetti noodles

Recipes Using MusselsMussels can be prepared in a variety of ways, from the traditional butter and wine sauced steamed version to stir fried dishes, or tomato based sauces with steam mussels served with pasta. The page contains recipes using mussels.


Shrimp and veggies being cooked in a wok

Zesty Shrimp and VeggiesThis recipe is full of flavor and wonderful veggies. It can easily be customized to contain your favorite vegetables too. This is a page about zesty shrimp and veggies.


Fried shrimp cakes on a plate with a clear dipping sauce.

Making Shrimp CakesShrimp cakes are a great alternative to crab cakes. These are a crispy and delicious appetizer.


Salmon cakes in a cast iron pan.

Salmon Patties Using Cottage CheeseTry adding cottage cheese to canned or leftover salmon to make delicious patties. This is a page about making salmon patties using cottage cheese.



A slice crabmeat pie with a side of steamed broccoli and carrots.

Crabmeat Pie RecipeMake a quiche like pie using crab, cheese, eggs, half and half, and seasonings baked in a pie shell. This page contains a crabmeat pie recipe.


Cajun Fried Salmon topped with lemon slices.

Cajun Fried SalmonSprinkle Cajun or creole seasoning on your salmon filet and brown it in butter. Cover and continue cooking until done. This is a page about making Cajun fried salmon.


Mussels with Garlic and Tomato on plate

Mussels with Garlic and Tomato Sauce RecipeThis delicious meal begins by preparing a sauce using diced canned tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, celery, garlic, and of course tasty mussels. This page contains a mussels with garlic and tomato sauce recipe.


Baked Coconut Shrimp with lettuce and sweet pepper sauce

Baked Coconut Shrimp RecipeMake a small batch or enough for guests of this delicious and easy to make breaded coconut shrimp recipe. This page contains a baked coconut shrimp recipe.


Pineapple Pepper Prawns in serving bowl

Pineapple Pepper PrawnsI love making this dish in the fall because of the colours that match the season. It's got a nice spicy kick from the chili paste and a sweetness from the juicy pineapple. It's a rather nice transitional kiss goodbye to the summer. This dish is great for those trying to stick to something more low-carb.


Crispy Fried Shrimp with Garlic on plate

Crispy Fried Shrimp with GarlicThis fried shrimp is topped with garlic. It goes perfectly with rice and side of soup. The recipe for Sweet & Sour Catfish Soup, which is one of my favorites would go nicely with this recipe. The link to it is listed below.


Garlic Lime

Garlic Lime Shrimp RecipeShrimp is easy to make very delicious with a little garlic, lime and some spices. Make this delectable garlic lime shrimp recipe next time you want some yummy seafood.


Crunchy Fried Shrimp on foil lined tray.

Crunchy Fried Shrimp RecipeFry up some crunchy shrimp as a delicious appetizer for your next party or gathering. This page contains crunchy fried shrimp recipe.


Linguine with Fresh Clam Sauce

Linguine with Fresh Clam SauceEnjoy this light, thin pasta with a fresh seafood sauce for a quick dinner. This is a page about linguine with fresh clam sauce.


Canjun grilled shrimp with lime on a wood board.

Cajun Lime Grilled Shrimp RecipeThis page contains cajun lime grilled shrimp recipe. Spicy marinated shrimp cooked on the grill can be a great main dish.


Shrimp on a round slice of toast.

Shrimp Toast RecipeThis page contains shrimp toast recipe. A delicious Chinese style fried toast can be made with minced shrimp.


Crab au gratin being spooned out of a casserole dish

Crab Bake Recipe?This is a page about crab bake recipe. Many Chinese buffet restaurants serve a baked dish made with imitation crab, cheese, and a sauce.


Lazy Man's Shrimp Alfredo

Lazy Man's Shrimp AlfredoThis is a page about lazy man's shrimp Alfredo. Shrimp combines well with Alfredo sauce for a delicious main dish.


Crustless Tuna Tart

Crustless Tuna TartThis delicious crustless tuna tart is perfect for someone on a gluten free diet or anyone who is cutting carbs. This is a page about crustless tuna tart.


Platter of Oysters Rockefeller

Recipes Using OystersThese bivalve mollusks are a delicacy and and an interesting seafood to incorporate into casseroles, soups and other dishes. They are also served raw in the half shell.



Fried Seafood Sandwich

Fried Seafood Sandwich RecipesThis page contains fried seafood sandwich recipes. Using fish fillets, seafood patties, oysters, or your own personal favorite seafood, you can create delicious sandwiches.


cooked lobster

Recipes Using LobsterThis page contains recipes using lobster. Treat yourself or your family to the luxurious, special treat of lobster for dinner.


Cilantro Lime Shrimp

Cilantro Lime Shrimp RecipesThis page contains cilantro lime shrimp recipes. Sauteed, seasoned shrimp is a delicious meal with vegetables and rice.


Grilled Scallops

Recipes Using ScallopsThe meat of these shellfish are naturally low in total and saturated fat. They are delicious a baked, fried and simmered in sauces. This page contains recipes using scallops.


Scallop bisque with seared scallops.

Seafood Bisque RecipesA well crafted bisque can be a gourmet and thrifty way of extending the rich, aromatic flavor of scallops, crab or other seafood. This page contains seafood bisque recipes.


Grilled Scallop Kabob

Scallop Kabob RecipesThis page contains scallop kabob recipes. The meats of these shellfish are naturally low in total and saturated fat. They are delicious prepared a variety of ways.


canned salmon

Salmon Squares RecipesA favorite seafood of many that can be used in a variety of delicious recipes. This page contains salmon squares recipes.


Cooked Crab

Cooking With Crab Meat?This is a page about cooking with crab meat. Many recipes use crab meat, both fresh or canned.


Crab Quiche

Crab Quiche RecipesThis page contains crab quiche recipes. Crab quiche is a great way to serve up a bit of crab in a special, but easy to make meal.


Grilled Prawns

Grilled Prawn RecipesThis page contains grilled prawn recipes. Large succulent prawns are perfect for grilling.


Shrimp Stir Fry

Shrimp Stir Fry RecipesThis page contains shrimp stir fry recipes. Add shrimp to your favorite stir fry recipe for a delicious meal.


Shrimp Grilling in BBQ

Grilled Shrimp RecipesGrilling is a great way to prepare shrimp. This page contains grilled shrimp recipes.


Pad Thai with shrimp

Pad Thai RecipesIf you are a fan of Pad Thai, make one of these delicious variations at home anytime. This page contains Pad Thai recipes.


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Grilled Monkfish RecipesThis page contains grilled monkfish recipes. The firm texture of monkfish makes it a natural for grilling.


Shrimp Kabobs

Seafood Kabob (Skewer) RecipesThis page contains seafood kabob (skewer) recipes. A wide variety of seafood, including fish and shellfish, can be used along with your favorite veggies or fruit in making kabob.


Sea Bass Recipes

Sea Bass RecipesThis page contains sea bass recipes. Sea bass is a lightly flavored fish which makes it a good choice for many recipes.


Crab Cake Recipes

Crab Cake RecipesA delicious way to stretch crab or imitation crab meat can be accomplished by making cakes. This page contains crab cake recipes.


Shrimp Scampi Ingredients

Shrimp Scampi RecipesThis page contains shrimp scampi recipes. Often made with a blend of butter and garlic, shrimp scampi recipes can be varied to satisfy individual tastes.


Spaghetti With Shrimp

Recipes Using ShrimpThis page contains recipes using shrimp. There are so many recipes that call for shrimp as an ingredient; try one today.


Smoked Salmon on Toast

Smoked Salmon RecipesThis page contains smoked salmon recipes. The full of flavor of smoked salmon enhances many kinds of entrees.


Tuna Sushi

Recipes Using TunaInexpensive and protein rich tuna is very versatile for meals and snacks. This page contains recipes using tuna.


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Prawn Recipes?Does any one have some good recipes for prawns?


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Seafood Pot Pies Dinner for 2. I know there are a lot of us out there! This is good and easy. I love pot pies and sea food.


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Cream Shrimp Sauce In a small fry pan, combine the half-and-half and garlic over low heat. When it begins to bubble, but not boil, add the butter and shrimp and simmer for just about 2 minutes.


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Cajun Butter Sauce for Shrimp?Does anyone have a recipe for Cajun butter sauce used for shrimp?


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Peter's PotDrain seafood and flake. combine remaining ingredients. Add seafood. Put in a large casserole. Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees F for 1 hour.


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Crab Meat ImperialSaute' green pepper and pimento in butter in saucepan until tender. Add next 4 ingredients, stirring until smooth. Add milk gradually. Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Stir a small amount of hot mixture into egg yolk. Stir egg yolk into hot mixture.


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CrabbiesRecipes for Crabbies.


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Crab MousseGenerously brush oil in mold. Set upside down on paper towel in freezer. Combine soup and cream cheese in saucepan over low heat until creamy. Dissolve gelatin in cold water over low heat. Mix with soup mixture.


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Garlic Marinade for Shrimp on the Grill?Does anyone have a good marinade for garlic shrimp on the grill?


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Cheese-free Recipes For Canned Pink Crab Meat?I have a couple dozen cans of BumbleBee "premium select" pink crab meat, and I've run out of things to do with it. Here's the catch: I'm allergic to dairy products (milk and things made from milk).


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Dilled Cucumber-Shrimp SpreadPlace all ingredients except pepper, cucumber and shrimp in bowl of food processor fitted with steel blade or in blender container. Cover and process until smooth, about 30 seconds.


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Recipes Using Canned Crab Meat?I have a request for recipes using canned crabmeat.


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Cooking - Tips and Recipes?What is the best way to cook swordfish and how long do you cook it for?


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Seafood Appetizers for the Baby ShowerThe baby shower is fast approaching and you've chosen your main course but you find yourself at a loss as to what to serve your guests for appetizers? If your guests enjoy seafood (and have no allergies) consider a variety of appetizers from the sea to whet appetites and tempt taste buds.


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Buffalo ShrimpI used to buy this at a restaurant and for 5 large shrimp it was $20 so I created my own interpretation for much less and I feel tastier!


Shrimp Scampi

Light Shrimp ScampiThis recipe is a family favorite and, unlike many of our favorites, this one is healthy! My kids love it. It is excellent over spinach pasta.


Spanish Style Shrimp and Rice on plate

Spanish Style Shrimp and RiceThis is a twist on traditional Spanish rice made with shrimp. It's almost like a Paella, but with several steps pulled out, making it a very easy to put together meal. I love to make this when I have cooked rice to use up.


Tuna Mushroom Puffs on plate

Tuna Mushroom PuffsTuna, cheese and mushrooms are my husbands favorite. He loves baked goodies and so I am putting this recipe down for our Father's Day celebration.


Lazy Man's Shrimp Alfredo

Lazy Man's Shrimp AlfredoI usually make my own Alfredo sauce, but Lipton (Knorr) product is very good. I used the Lipton Alfredo Noodle. Then went on to tweak my meal. It turned out great! And I served my dinner with a chopped salad, with bacon and bleu cheese dressing.


finished plate

Zesty Shrimp and VeggiesThis recipe was made up as I walked through the doors of the supermarket. Only knowing I wanted it to have shrimp. Then off to the produce department for the bulk of this wonderful invention. You will be amazed. I was!


Cilantro Lime Shrimp

Cilantro Lime ShrimpThis shrimp recipe is very flavorful and easy to make.


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Recipes Using Canned Mackerel?How can I use canned mackerel in a recipe?


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Seafood Stuffing Recipe?I buy seafood stuffing at my local supermarket, that I love. It has breadcrumbs, imitation crab meat, seasonings, and butter. I have tried to make my own and it does not taste great. Does anybody have a tasty recipe for me?


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Crab Cakes Using Canned Crab?I am hoping someone has a recipe for crab cakes using canned crab. Thank you.


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School Lunchroom Tuna Dish?I am looking for the tuna dish that we used to have in school. It doesn't have noodles. I think it had a filling of tuna, cheese, and white sauce which was rolled in dough and cut into circles, but I'm not sure.


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Canned Mackerel Recipes?I need a recipe with canned mackerel. Thanks.


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Recipe for Stovetop Stuffing Crabcakes?Does anyone have the recipe for Stovetop stuffing crab cakes?


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