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This page contains tips and guides about cleaning household appliances.

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Glass Top Stove

Removing Burnt Food Stains on a Glass Top StoveThis is a page about removing burnt food stains on a glass top stove. While often easier to clean than traditional stoves, glass top stoves do have their own cleaning issues.


Removing Burnt Popcorn Smell and Stains from a Microwave

Removing Burnt Popcorn Smell and Stains from a...This is a page about removing burnt popcorn smell and stains from a microwave. Overcooking popcorn in the microwave can result in a burnt odor and staining.


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Cleaning a Tanning Bed?I have just got a tanning bed. I'm not sure what to clean it with. I don't want to buy the expensive cleaning stuff from the company ir possible. Any ideas?


Open chest freezer

Cleaning a Freezer After a Power OutageThis is a page about cleaning a freezer after a power outage. A power outage can leave your freezer full of spoiled food. It is important to clean out the freezer and remove any odors before putting new food in it.



Cleaning a Moldy RefrigeratorAfter a power outage or malfunction a refrigerator that had food in it is not a pretty site. Mold can grow rapidly in these conditions. This is a page about cleaning a moldy refrigerator.


Blue clothes in a dryer

Cleaning Ink Out of a DryerYou open the dryer door to find the colorful evidence of a pen that made it through the wash. This is a page about cleaning ink out of a dryer.




Cleaning a Refrigerator GasketHaving clean gaskets help your door to seal better. This page is about cleaning a refrigerator gasket.


Photo of a white microwave oven.

Removing Odors from the MicrowaveMicrowaves can pick up odors from the foods that you cook, especially if they get burnt. It is unappealing to use a microwave that smells bad. This is a page about removing odors from the microwave.


electric deep fryer

Cleaning Grease off a Deep FryerDry, cooked on grease can be tough to remove and deep fryers can spatter a lot. This is a page about cleaning grease off a deep fryer.


Kitchen Oven

Cleaning Heat Stains on Kitchen Stoves?Heat stains on ovens and stovetops can be a challenge to remove properly. This is a page about cleaning heat stains on kitchen stoves.


Microwave popcorn being made.

Removing Burnt Smell From a MicrowaveWhen food gets burnt in a microwave it can leave behind a strong burnt odor that can be challenging to remove. This page shares advice about removing burnt smell from a microwave.


View from inside of a front load washing machine of a man holding his nose.

Rotten Egg Smell in a Front Loading WasherThis is a page about rotten egg smell in a front load washer. A foul odor coming from your washer is not a pleasant situation. Determining the source and cause are needed to eliminate the problem and prevent it from occurring in the future.


Cleaning a Smooth Cooktop Range

Cleaning Melted Plastic From a Smooth Cooktop...Accidents happen and sometimes plastic containers or packaging are placed on hot smooth top ranges. This is a page about cleaning melted plastic from a smooth cooktop range.


Glass top stove covered in white powder

Cleaning Burnt Sugar on a Smooth Top StoveThis is a page about cleaning burnt sugar on a smooth top stove. Boiled over sugary foods can be difficult to clean off your smooth top stove.


woman cleaning the outside of a refrigerator

Cleaning the Outside of a RefrigeratorThis is a page about cleaning the outside of a refrigerator. The exterior of your fridge can get pretty dirty from constant use.


Cleaning a Burnt Microwave

Cleaning a Burnt MicrowaveThis is a page about cleaning a burnt microwave. Using too high a power setting or starting to heat your food and walking away, sometimes results in a burn marks in your microwave.


Hand pouring fabric softener into washing machine compartment

Cleaning Fabric Softener Build Up...This is a page about cleaning fabric softener build up from a washer. Fabric softener can build up and become a gooey mess in the dispenser on your washer.


A rubber gloved hand cleaning oven racks with a pink sponge.

Using Ammonia for Cleaning Oven RacksPlacing dirty oven racks in a plastic trash bag with some household ammonia is an effective method for cleaning them. This is a page about using ammonia for cleaning oven racks.


Cleaning a stainless steel dishwasher.

Removing Water Marks from Stainless Steel Dishwasher Front?While durable, stainless steel does have the disadvantage of showing water marks. This is a page about removing water marks from stainless steel dishwasher front.


Cleaning a Gas Oven

Cleaning a Gas Oven?Cleaning an oven, while necessary, is probably one of the least exciting household cleaning jobs. This is a page about cleaning a gas oven.


Open dishwasher.

Cleaning Dishwasher Rinse Agent Dispenser?Rust and lime can build up in the rinse aid dispenser of your dishwasher, leaving your dishes not so squeaky clean. This page is about cleaning rust from the rinse agent dispenser in a dishwasher.




Deodorizing a Non-Removable Refrigerator Drip Pan?This is a page about deodorizing a non-removable refrigerator drip pan. When you can't remove and clean the drip pan in a refrigerator, you may need to get creative to remove the scum and goo.


Woman cleaning Exterior of a Refrigerator

Cleaning Nicotine Stains from the Exterior of a...This is a page about cleaning nicotine stains from the exterior of a refrigerator. Nicotine stains can get everywhere in a home where someone has smoked.


Removing Soap Scum from Dishwasher

Removing Soap Scum from a Dishwasher?This is a page about removing soap scum from a dishwasher. Removing the built up residue in your dishwasher from detergents can seem daunting.


Washing Machine

Cleaning Soap Scum Out of a Washing Machine?This is a page about cleaning soap scum out of a washing machine. Some detergents can leave a layer of soap scum inside your washing machine.



Cleaning a PercolatorThis page is about cleaning a percolator. Coffee stains can be stubborn to remove from a pot.


Freezer full of frozen bags of food.

Cleaning a Smelly FreezerThis is a page about cleaning a smelly freezer. Cleaning the stench out of a freezer can be difficult especially if you have a lot of built up ice. With these tips you will have your freezer smelling fresh again.


Hand cleaning inside of a microwave oven with a rag

Removing Yellow Stains from Inside a...This is a page about removing yellow stains from inside a microwave. Burning food in your microwave can often leave unsightly yellow stains that are difficult to remove.


Stove Burner

Removing Melted Plastic from a Stove Burner?It happens, the burner on the stove is still hot and you accidentally put a plastic bowl, spoon, or even a bag on the burner. Too late you get it off, but the damage is done. This is a page about removing melted plastic from a stove burner.


Cleaning gas burners with a sponge.

Cleaning the Burners on a Gas StoveFood particles and grease build up on gas stove burners can effect your cooking and be unsightly. A clean burner will help with even heat distribution and the efficiency of your stove. This is a page about cleaning the burners of a gas stove.


row of white refrigerators

Cleaning Textured Appliances?This is a page about cleaning textured appliances. The textured finish on your appliances may reduce the appearance of fingerprints, but it can present its own cleaning challenges.


Cleaning a Fabric Softener Dispenser

Cleaning a Fabric Softener DispenserA clothes washer's softener dispenser can develop a build up and become pretty gunky. This page is about cleaning a fabric softener dispenser.


Home rotisserie oven with chicken on spin

Cleaning a RotisserieThis is a page about cleaning a rotisserie. A rotisserie may seem difficult to clean, but if done soon after use and with the right cleaner it is easier.


Burner with clean drip pans.

Cleaning Your Burner's Drip PansThis is a page about cleaning your burner's drip pans. The drip pans on your range can get really messy. Once the spills burn on you have a challenging cleaning job ahead.


Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Cleaning Stainless Steel AppliancesKeeping your stainless steel sparkling and streak free can be a challenge. This page is about cleaning stainless steel appliances.


Woman standing in front of open refrigerator door holding her nose

Refrigerator Fan Blowing a Bad Smell?This is a page about refrigerator fan blowing bad smell. Odors in your refrigerator drip pan can be blown into your home by the fridge fan.



Old worn white metal refrigerator.

Removing Rust on a RefrigeratorRefrigerators are expensive and can occasionally acquire bits of rust. This is a page about removing rust on a refrigerator.


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Badly Burnt Foreman Grill?What to do? I lent my daughter in law my Foreman Grill and I think she thought it was self cleaning, or was just too lazy. When she returned it, it looks worse then a outside grill. And she wonders why I don't go to her house for dinner. I have tried cleaning it with orange cleaner, vinegar and baking soda. I know I should not use chemicals on it. But, I don't want to buy a new one. Any suggestions. Rita



Cleaning the Filter Screen in a Dishwasher?This is a page about cleaning the filter screen in a dishwasher. Food particles and hard water deposits can eventually stop up the filter in your dishwasher.


Woman reaching into a dryer.

Removing Permanent Marker from Inside a DryerIf you accidentally get marker stains on the inside of your dryer, it is imperative to remove them entirely or they may stain your clothing. This is a page about removing permanent marker from inside a dryer.


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Removing Candle Wax from Dishwasher?I put in some candle holders into my dishwasher and the wax melted and now all of my dishes come out with a waxy film. How can I get rid of the wax that is left over in my dishwasher?


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Removing Hard Water Spots from Refrigerator?How do I remove hard water spots from a refrigerator water tray?


Hand wiping down a stainless steel dishwasher.

Removing Water Spots on Stainless Steel?This is a page about removing water spots on stainless steel. Stainless steel appliances are notorious for getting water spots. Here are some tips for cleaning them without leaving water spots behind.


Old refrigerator with yellow stains.

Removing Yellow Stains on AppliancesThe exterior and interior surfaces of appliances can become stained. Depending on the cause, many of these stains can be removed or diminished. This is a page about removing yellow stains on appliances.


Brownies overflowing on oven rack and bottom

Cleaning Oven RacksThis is a page about cleaning oven racks. Cleaning your oven racks is no fun; it can be difficult to remove the burned on food drippings. Looking for easy ways to take on this often put off task?


A dryer full of clothing.

Removing Gum from the DryerA wash day mess can happen if gum is left in a clothes pocket. This page is about removing gum from the dryer.


Close up of the metal surface and burner of an electric stove top

Removing Candle Wax from a Metal Stove Top?This is a page about removing candle wax from a metal stove top. A wax mess on your stove can be a challenge to remove any discoloration.


Clothes Dryer

Removing Odors from a Clothes Dryer?This is a page about removing odors from a clothes dryer. Occasionally something is dried in the dryer that leaves a lingering odor.


Man Loading a Dishwasher

Removing Grease in a Dishwasher?This is a page about removing grease in a dishwasher. When pans or dishes are not scraped properly, fat or shortening can leave a residue on everything in the load and the machine.


Woman with disgusted face by refrigerator

Removing Odors from a RefrigeratorThis is a page about removing odors from a refrigerator. Determining the source is the first step in removing odors from your refrigerator.


Woman holding nose while standing in front of open refrigerator door

Cleaning Rotten Meat Odors from a...This is a page about cleaning rotten meat odors from a refrigerator. A power outage or a fridge that stops working can result in spoiled food.


A microwave oven over a stove.

Cleaning a Microwave Over a StoveThis is a page about cleaning a microwave over a stove. Cleaning your over the stove microwave is a routine task. The interior and even the exterior can be splattered with food and grease. There are many ways to keep your oven clean.


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Cleaning a Self Cleaning Oven By Hand?Is it safe to use ammonia in a self-cleaning oven to clean without heating it up? I'd like to clean by hand, but don't know what to use.


Dirty drip pan and stove top.

Keeping Electric Range Drip Pans CleanThis is a page about keeping electric range drip pans clean. One way to not have to spend hours cleaning the drip pans on your range is to keep them clean.


A person wearing rubber gloves, cleaning an oven.

Using Ammonia as an Oven CleanerAmmonia is useful in cleaning the burned on food and grease off of your oven walls and racks. This is a page about using ammonia as an oven cleaner.


George Foreman Grill

Cleaning a George Foreman GrillThis is a page about cleaning a George Foreman grill. Cleaning your George Foreman grill is actually quite easy, if you consistently follow a couple of simple steps.


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Removing Eyebrow Wax from the Microwave?How do I remove eyebrow wax from the inside of my microwave oven?


Deep Freeze

Rotten Fish Smell in Freezer?A fishy smell in an appliance can be a challenge to remove. This page is about rotten fish smell in freezer.


Cleaning an Enamel Stovetop

Cleaning an Enamel StovetopThis is a page about cleaning an enamel stovetop. When cleaning your enamel stovetop you want to use methods and products that will not damage the finish.


A coffeepot being filled.

Cleaning a Coffee Pot Burner?Your coffee pot burner needs to cleaned from time to time. This is a page about cleaning a coffee pot burner.


Dishwasher full of dishes.

Cleaning a DishwasherPeriodic cleaning of your dishwasher can help prevent odors. It will also ensure that you get many years of use out of it. This is a page about cleaning a dishwasher.


Greasy gas stove.

Cleaning Grease Buildup on a Gas StoveNormal cooking often leaves a greasy film or burned spots on your stove. This is a page about cleaning grease buildup on a gas stove.


Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Cleaning a Stainless Steel RefrigeratorThis page is about cleaning a stainless steel refrigerator. Removing all the prints, streaks and film that collect on your refrigerator can be challenging.


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Cleaning a Sharp Carousel Convection Oven?I have a Sharp Carousel Convection/Microwave oven and I love it except for cleaning it. The inside of it is metal. I guess stainless steel. It doesn't say in my manual how to clean this. Food has spattered and it looks filthy. I have used the Magic Eraser and everything else I can think of.


Woman's hand cleaning an enamel cooktop

Removing a Smoke Stain on a Enamel...This is a page about smoke stain on enamel stovetop. A baked on stain on a stovetop can be difficult to remove.


Fixing a Clogged Fabric Softener Dispenser

Fixing a Clogged Fabric Softener DispenserThis is a page about fixing a clogged fabric softener dispense. The very nature of fabric softener creates the potential for clogged dispensers.


Dishwasher with the door open.

Clean Your Dishwasher with TangTang powdered orange drink can help remove the hard water spots inside your dishwasher. This is a page about clean your dishwasher with Tang.


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Deodorize Your OvenIf baking or roasting anything in your oven leaves an unpleasant odor, leave a shallow bowl of baking soda or white vinegar in the cold oven for a few days or more. This will absorb the odors in the oven.


Black smooth top cooking range.

Cleaning Spills on a Smooth Top StoveWhile there may be no more grates, elements, or drip pans to clean, food still gets on your smooth top stove. Once it dries or cooks, on these spills can be difficult to remove without damaging the surface. This is a page about cleaning spills on a smooth top stove.


Lemon and Baking Soda for Cleaning Microwave - A measuring cup with cut up lemons, water and baking soda.

Cleaning a MicrowaveYour microwave probably gets a lot of use and needs to be cleaned regularly. This is a page about cleaning a microwave.


Kitchen with black fridge, white cabinets and black countertops.

Cleaning Black Refrigerator Doors?This is a page about cleaning black refrigerator doors. A vinegar solution seems to be one of the best ways to prevent streaks and smudges when cleaning refrigerator doors.


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Garlic Smell In My Fridge?How do I get the smell of garlic out of my refrigerator and freezer?


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Cleaning Aluminum Rings on Gas Stove Top?Does anyone have any non-toxic options for cleaning those aluminum/alloy rings that sit under the burners on gas stove tops? They are removable so I could soak them in something (hot soapy water doesn't cut it) - Any ideas?


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Gasoline Smell in a Washing Machine?I washed a towel full of diesel in the washing machine. I've washed clothes several times after that and the diesel smell is still on the clothes. I've put it on many empty cycles to wash it away but no luck. Can you help?


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Removing Rust From Detergent Dispenser on Washer?How do I remove rust from my washer's detergent dispenser so it will drain properly?


Washing Machine

Musty Smell in a Front Loading WasherFront loading washers in particular can develop a musty odor. This is a page about how to remove and prevent musty smells in your front loading washing machine


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Magic Eraser to Clean IronIf you have built up gunk on your iron and absolute foolproof method to clean it is a Magic Eraser. I have tried lots of things through the years but this works amazingly well.


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Can You Use Easy Off in a Self Cleaning Oven?Good grief. I cleaned my son's self-cleaning oven with Easy Off. Have I ruined the oven?


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Cleaning Plastic Off An Oven Rack?Could anyone tell me how to get hardened plastic (that melted) in my oven off? I left a small pan in there with a plastic(?) coated handle while cooking. Thank You.


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Cleaning a Water and Ice Dispenser on Refrigerator Door?I have a refrigerator with an ice/water dispenser in the door. I have used several cleansers (Comet, bleach, etc.) and am unable to make them appear clean. Does anyone else have this problem?


Dryer Lint Trap

Cleaning the Dryer Lint TrapThis page is about cleaning the dryer lint trap. Having a clean dryer lint trap improves the efficiency of your appliance.


A front loading washing machine with the door open.

Cleaning a Front Loading Washing MachineFront loaders are becoming the washing machine of choice for many families, but they do have specific cleaning issues that can cause odors. This is a page about cleaning a front loading washing machine.


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Dirt Ring in My Washing Machine?My washing machine leaves a ring of dirt after the wash is done, it also leaves dirt on the agitator and sometimes deposits scum back on the clothes. I have tried running a cycle with vinegar but it still does it.


Smooth Top Stove

Cleaning a Smooth Top StoveThe smooth top stove has eliminated the dreaded job of cleaning burners and drip pans. However, this surface does have its own challenges and precautions for cleaning. This is a page about cleaning a smooth top stove.


Woman making shocked face as she squats down next to open dishwasher

Removing Odors from a DishwasherThis is a page about removing odors from a dishwasher. Dishwashers can develop unpleasant odors for a variety of reasons, including bits of food trapped near the drain.


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Wooden Spoon Burnt in Dishwasher?My wooden spoon burned in the dishwasher. I can't get the smoke smell out of the plastic dishes or from the machine. Is it safe to use dishes? How can I get rid of this smell?


Hand holding orange sponge cleaning glass stove top

Homemade Cleaner for Glass Top StoveThis is a page about homemade cleaner for glass top stove. Rather than buy a commercial product to clean your smooth top stove, make your own.


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How Do You Clean a Breadmaker?The canister and paddle I can throw in the dishwasher, but what about the rest of the machine?


Toddler pressing up against the front of a dishwasher

Cleaning Crayon Stains in a DishwasherThis is a page about cleaning crayon stains in a dishwasher. Crayons that accidentally end up in your dishwasher can create a melted crayon mess.


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Grease in Washing Machine?A couple of weeks ago I washed a pair of my son's jeans which had grease on them, ever since I have been getting a lot of grease stains on my light clothes after I wash them. How can i get rid of this problem?


A dishwasher with the door open.

Dishwasher DeodorizingDishwashers can periodically develop a bad odor. There are temporary fixes, but for a long term remedy check the drain, garbage disposal, and other involved plumbing. This is a page about dishwasher deodorizing.


Steam Iron

Removing Rust from Steam IronThis page is about removing rust from steam iron. Having rust in or on your iron can stain your clothing.


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Getting Rid Of Gasoline Smell On Freezer?I have a small freezer that had a gasoline can sitting on it in the garage. I just moved it inside and the gasoline smell is overwhelming. I've washed it with bleach and vinegar and it hasn't made a difference. Anyone have an answer for this?


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Aluminum Foil Stuck to the Bottom of My Oven?I have some aluminum foil that accidentally got "baked" onto the oven bottom; any ideas to get it off? Everything I've tried hasn't worked for me. Thank you.


Smooth Stove Top

Cleaning Stains on a Smooth Stove TopThis is a page about cleaning stains on a smooth stove top. Smooth top or ceramic stoves are generally easier to clean than the traditional electric range top. They do, however, have their own cleaning challenges.


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Removing Yellow Stains from a Juicer?How can I remove carrot stains from a juicer?


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Grease Build Up on Oven Control Panel?How can I remove grease from the control panel on my oven? It is black and grease has built up on it and I have tried a lot of different things. It is not a slick smooth surface, the surface is somewhat textured.


A woman smelling her musty washing machine.

How to Get Rid of Musty Smells in a Washing MachineIf your washing machine is smelly, don't worry, it is simple to fix. Get tips for getting rid of musty smells in a washing machine in this page.


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Melted Rubber Inside a Dryer?How do I remove melted rubber (from the sole of a tennis shoe) from inside of an electric dryer?


Close up of empty front load washing machine with the door open

Front Loading Washer Smells BadThis is a page about front loading washer smells bad. Because of their extremely tight seal, front load washers can be more prone to developing odors due to mold growth.


Gas Stove Grates

Cleaning Stove GratesThis is a page about cleaning stove grates. Cast iron, enamel or ceramic gas stove grates can become dirty with burned on foods.


The inside of a clean dishwasher.

Cleaning a Smelly Dishwasher?If your dishwasher has food particulatesleft over in it, that food can rot and begin to smell bad. This is a page about cleaning a smelly dishwasher.


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paper towel removing lint on dryer filter

Cleaning the Clothes Dryer FilterWhen cleaning the lint filter on my dryer (which I do before every load), I use a small, damp paper towel. I have found that this works better than me licking the tips of my fingers to do it. The damp paper towel removes the lint better and cuts down on the dust that cleaning the filter creates.


Cleaning a Stovetop

Cleaning a StovetopThis morning, the weather was cool and I thought it would be a good time to clean the top of the kitchen stove. The large eye gets used a lot and over a period of time the stove top looks awful with baked on grease around the stove eye. To remove it, I use Easy Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner.


A clean hair dryer.

Cleaning Your Hair DryerDust can clog the motor, and shorten its life. I used a combination of a vacuum cleaner and an old toothbrush to clean mine.


Refrigerator Care and Cleaning Tips

Refrigerator Care and Cleaning TipsNext time you scrub out your refrigerator, scrub it with baking soda added to your water. It gives it a clean fresh smell. Then, remove the lid of the baking soda box and place it in the back to absorb odors.


Cleaning a Stovetop

Cleaning a StovetopThis is a page about cleaning a stovetop. The top of a range can develop stubborn baked-on spills that can be difficult to remove.


A clean freezer with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Clean Fridge And Freezer Interior With PeroxideFor years I've used baking soda to clean inside my refrigerator and freezer. I've found something I think I like better. Peroxide.


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A line of ants near and in a microwave.

Exterminating Bugs From a MicrowaveMicrowaves can become a haven for unwelcome pests and it could be difficult to eradicate them. They can hide in the internal workings, which will require a pesticide or disassembly in order to evict them.


A clean, empty freezer.

Removing Items Stuck to Freezer Shelf?On occasion food items and plastic bags of food can get stuck to a freezer shelf. Two good ways to try and remove them are using a blow dryer or very warm water.


Vinegar and water in front of a Keurig coffee machine.

Cleaning Your K-Cup Coffee MakerThose of us who have a K-cup coffee maker know how important it is to keep it running smoothly. Cleaning it regularly is a must. One year on Christmas morning, I learned the hard way, with several guests wanting coffee, and a machine that was on strike because it needed to be cleaned. I now make a point of cleaning it on the 1st day of each month.


Clean Hair from Vacuum Brush Roll

Clean Hair from Vacuum Brush RollHave you ever looked underneath your vacuum brush? Or notice your vacuum isn't functioning at full capacity/strength. Or perhaps the roller is stuck and not suctioning well. If so, see if there is hair stuck like mine. Easy to fix.



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Remedy for Odor from Front Load Washing Machine?After using the washing machine I keep the door ajar. Several hours or longer later there is a musty odor from the machine and in the inside. Any solutions? The machine is three years old and besides that I really like it.


A lemon in a covered dish for the microwave.

Covering Lemon in MicrowaveCan you put the plastic cover on when steaming?


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Cleaning a Coffee Pot?How to clean a coffee pot?


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Removing a Gasoline Odor from a Front Load Washer?Can I user Awesome to repair my front load washer that now smells like gas after running a gas soaked piece of clothing through it instead of throwing it away.


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Cleaning a Glass Cook Top?Can I use baking soda to clean my glass cook top?


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Cleaning Burned Grease Off of Stove Elements?How do I clean burned on grease on my heating elements on my stove?


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