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The stains on our clothes reflect our daily activities. This page contains tips and ideas on how to remove clothing stains.

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Red on a shirt transferred to the white.

Removing Dye Transfers from ClothingOne of the more frustrating and difficult clothing stains you can encounter is dye transfer. This is a page about removing dye transfer stains from clothing.


Yellowed Lace Christening Gown

Lace Christening Gown Has YellowedOver time, stored white clothing such as christening and wedding gowns can yellow. Products such as Oxi-Clean or hydrogen peroxide can be very effective in whitening them. Laundry bluing is also a good choice. This is a page about cleaning a lace christening gown that has yellowed.


Removing Dye Transfer from Faux Leather Coat - black dye on white coat

Removing Dye Transfer from Faux Leather Coat?A black leather/fabric dress transferred black dye to my long white faux leather coat. The tag says 100% polyester. I've tried vinegar, baking soda, Dawn, Tide, Carbona Stain Devils #2 and #8, but nothing works to remove the black stain.


Pairs of blue jeans.

How to Fix Dye from Jeans that Transferred to Other Clothing in WashThe blue dye in jeans is notorious for transferring to other clothing in the wash. It can be difficult to remove especially if the other clothing is not able to be bleached. This is a page about how to fix dye from jeans that transferred to other clothing in the wash.


Pulling stored clothing out of a box.

Stains on Stored ClothingStored clothing can develop mysterious yellow stains, a very disappointing discovery. This is a page about stains on stored clothing.


Khaki Pants

How to Fix Dye That Bled on Khaki PantsSome clothing dye is not colorfast and can bleed on other garments in the wash. Non chlorine bleach may work to remove dye from khaki pants. This is a page about how to fix dye that bled on khaki pants.


Two white t-shirts hanging on a clothes line

Cleaning Yellow Hydrogen Peroxide...This is a page about cleaning yellow hydrogen peroxide stains on clothing. Using hydrogen peroxide to remove stains on some fabrics can unfortunately leave you with a new yellow stain.


A woman holding a basket full of laundry.

Cleaning Ink Out of a Load of Laundry?It is horrifying to open the washer, or even worse the dryer, to discover the pen in the load of wash and the ink stains on all of your laundry. This is a page about cleaning ink out of a load of laundry.



Cleaning WD-40 Stains from ClothingOil can be a difficult substance to remove from fabric. This page is about cleaning WD-40 stains from clothing.


Wedding Dress

Removing a Blood Stain on a Wedding DressThis is a page about removing a blood stain on a wedding dress. A blood stain on your wedding dress should be removed with care, as many of these garments are dry clean only.


Christening Gown

Cleaning an Old Christening GownChristening gowns are often used for several generations. However, over time they may yellow with age. This is a page has advice about how to clean an old christening gown.


Two color rugby shirt.

Clothing is Bleeding Onto ItselfWhen washing clothes, colors may bleed. This page is about clothing is bleeding onto itself.



Picture of a red striped shirt in a washer.

Blue Stains Showing Up on Washed ClothingIt can be hard to figure out why there are mysterious blue marks when your clothes come out of the washer. This is a page about blue stains showing up on washed clothing.


Blue Jeans

Removing Permanent Marker on JeansThis is a page about removing permanent marker on jeans. Permanent marker can be a tough clothing stain to remove.


Vintage Doll

Cleaning Vintage Doll Clothes?This is a page about cleaning vintage doll clothes. Old doll accessories can become discolored with age. Cleaning the clothing can take special care.


A woman looking at a mysterious grease stain on her laundered clothing.

Mysterious Grease Stains on ClothingThis is a page about mysterious grease stains on clothing. Sometimes clothes come out of the washer with strange grease or oil-like stains on them that were not there before washing.


A messy baby getting tomato sauce stains on his clothing.

Removing Tomato Sauce Stains on ClothingThis is a page about removing tomato sauce stains on clothing. Don't panic when the tomato sauce drips on your clothing.


Removing Stains from a Satin Dress

Removing Stains from a Satin Dress?This is a page about removing stains from a satin dress. Removing stains on satin dresses can be tricky.


Two pairs of men's boxer briefs in the colors white and red hanging on a clothesline

Cleaning Feces Stains on UnderwearThere are a number of ways to successfully remove feces stains on underwear. This is a page about cleaning feces stains on underwear.


Greasy burgers being cooked at a fast food restaurant.

Cleaning Greasy Fast Food Employee's Clothes?The fast food work environment can easily result in grease stained clothing than can be tough to clean. This is a page about cleaning greasy fast food employee's clothes.


Ashtray Full of Cigarettes

Removing Nicotine Stains on ClothingThis is a page about removing nicotine stains on clothing. Nicotine can leave ugly yellow stains on clothing.


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Tide-To-Go Pen Left Yellow Stain On Clothing?How do I remove a yellow stain left by Tide-To-Go? It has been washed and dried once or twice since the actual stain. My sweater is cotton and spandex, and says "do not bleach".


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Clothes Have a Blue Tint After Washing?What would cause a blue tint on my white clothes? I think my washing machine is causing it, is that possible?


A mechanic pouring transmission fluid into a funnel.

Removing Transmission Fluid from Clothes?This is a page about removing transmission fluid from clothes. When working on your car or adding more fluids sometimes you can get stains on your clothing.


Distressed woman in shirt that is white hombre to pink holding laundry detergent bottle

White Clothing Turned PinkThis is a page about white clothing turned pink. Clothing in the wash can pickup dye from other items and change color.


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Removing Cow Manure Stain on Clothing?I went walking and got cow poo on my trousers. Any suggestions for removal of stain would be welcome.


Photo of a teacher writing on a dry erase board with her sleeves rolled up.

Removing Dry Erase Marker Stains on ClothingThis page is about removing dry erase marker stains on clothing. White board markers can leave stains on clothing which can be difficult to remove.



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Removing Creosote from Clothing?I sat on a creosote railroad tie in my yard. Then I found that the seat of my pants was coated with creosote tar. Can any one give me a solution for removing the creosote? Thanks!


Closeup of dye bleed damage on a dress.

Dress Bled on Itself in Wash?Brightly colored sections on a dress can bleed onto the surrounding lighter parts. This page is about what to do when a dress bled on itself in wash.


Yellowed Wedding Dress

Whitening a Yellowed Wedding Dress?This is a page about whitening a yellowed wedding dress. Stored wedding dresses often yellow over time.


Removing Highlighter Stains on Clothing

Removing Highlighter Stains on Clothing?After a long night of studying, you may find a few highlighter stains on your clothing. This is a page about highlighter stain on polyester.


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Bleach Discolored Metal Buttons Staining Shirt?I put a white shirt with brass/bronze buttons in a weak bleach solution. A few hours later I found black stains around all the buttons, obviously discoloring from the buttons. Is there a way to save my shirt? Thanks.


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How Do I Get RustOleum Paint Out of Clothing?How do I get black Rustoleum paint out of pink clothing?


A bottle of nail polish spilled on a white background.

Removing Nail Polish From Synthetic FabricsRemoving nail polish from synthetics can require some care so as not to damage the fabric. This is a page about removing nail polish from synthetic fabrics.


multiple caps of different color Sharpie markers

How to Remove Sharpie From ClothingAlthough Sharpie markers are intended to be permanent, if you need to remove an accidental or intentional mark on a piece of clothing this page contains several suggestions including alcohol, nail polish remover, or a Magic Eraser. This is a page about how to remove Sharpie from clothing.


Lipstick stain on a white shirt.

Removing Lipstick Stains on ClothingLipstick leaves an oily waxy stain on clothing that can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing lipstick stains on clothing.


stains on white bra

White Bra Dyed by Dark Clothing?New clothing can transfer dye onto a white bra during normal wear and this can be difficult to remove with regular washing. Special products may be able to restore your white bra or, at least, lighten the dye.


Jar of Vaseline.

How to Remove Vaseline Stains on ClothingBecause it is petroleum based, Vaseline leaves an oil based stain on clothing that can be problematic to remove. This is a page about how to remove Vaseline stains on clothing.


A cup of coke spilling.

Cleaning Coke Stains From Clothing?This is a page about cleaning Coke stains from clothing. So many of people enjoy having a Coke with their meal that spills and the inevitable clothing stains are a common occurrence.


Vick's Vaporub

Vicks VapoRub Stains on Clothing?This is a page about Vicks VapoRub stains on clothing. Because of its oil base Vicks VapoRub stains may need special treatment.


A bottle of hydrogen peroxide, great to use to remove blood stains.

Removing Blood Stains from Clothing and FabricIf treated before before they set blood stains can generally be removed. This is a page about removing blood stains from clothing and fabric.


Correction fluid.

Removing White Out Stains on ClothingUsing paper correction fluid can mistakenly end up where you don't want it. This page is about removing white out stains on clothing.



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Removing Stains from Soap Bubble Mixture on Children's Clothing?Bubble blowing mixture leaves brown stains on my grandchildren's clothing, mostly cotton t-shirts. How can I remove the stains? Too many of their clothes are being spoiled! Please help.


Clothes soaking in a plastic tub.

Baking Soda and Dawn for Clothing StainsThis paste is an especially good for grease stains in modern day materials. This is a page about using baking soda and dawn for clothing stains.


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How Do I Remove Nacho Cheese Stain from Clothes?How do I get year old nacho cheese out of my sweatshirt? I have a sweatshirt for the league my son plays baseball for. And last year I washed it and put it away. Well I just took it out and behold a nacho cheese stain! Please help I do not want to buy another one.


Woman looking at clothing in a laundry basket.

Remembering to Treat Stained ClothingStained clothing is not always treated and laundered right away. To help remind yourself to deal with the stain when washing the item, try either tying a knot where the stain is or gently tying the piece of clothing in a loose knot. This is a page about remembering to treat stained clothing.


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Removing Aluminum and Stainless Pot Stains from Uniforms?I work with cooks and bus people that wear white uniforms. They get grey stains from aluminum and stainless steel pans. We can't find a way to get it out. Any help is great?


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Cleaning Yellowed Lace on a Dress?This is a page about cleaning yellowed lace on a dress. Often a gown or other clothing item that has been in storage for some time will be in good shape except for the lace trim.


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Removing Dried Fabric Softener from Clothing?Can anyone help me? My daughter-in-law installed one of those fabric softener devices that sticks to the drum of my dryer. When I took my new navy blue work pants out they were covered with white streaks. Is this normal? Does anyone know how to remove this from my new pants?


Man Looking at His Laundry

Washing Greasy Work Clothes?Ammonia is a great grease cutter, but never mix with bleach. Dishwashing detergent can also work well to remove grease. This is a page about washing greasy work clothes.


A young man putting on chapstick.

Cleaning ChapStick Stains on ClothingSometimes we accidentally get ChapStick stains on our clothing. This is a page about cleaning ChapStick stains on clothing.


A purple shirt with white paint spatters.

Removing Paint Stains from Dried ClothingThis is a page about removing paint stains from dried clothing. A surprising solution for dried paint on clothing can be hair spray.


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Cement Stain on Clothing?My son works for a concrete outfit and his jeans come home caked with clay, or mud, or just plain dirt. I have a terrible time getting them clean. Any suggestions?


Removing Melted Crayon from Dried Clothes, Man removing clothes from the dryer.

Cleaning Melted Crayon from Dried ClothesReaching into the dryer to remove your laundry only to discover the violet crayon is now decorating your clean clothing is frustrating. This is a page about cleaning melted crayon from dried clothes.


girl with braces

Removing Braces Wax Stains?This is a page about removing braces wax stains. The one time you forget to check pockets is right after a family member leaves a packet of orthodontic wax in their clothing.


A little girl blowing bubbles.

Removing Bubble Mixture Stains from Clothing?This page is about removing bubble mixture stains from clothing. Playing with bubbles can be so much fun, but sometimes you can get spots on your clothes.


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Removing Adhesive From Fleece?I have adhesive from a sticker on a fleece pullover. I washed it and dried it. How do i get the glue off now?


A woman with a laundry basket.

How to Fix Color That Bled on a SweaterDye from other clothing in the washer can bleed onto a favorite sweater. The fabric content of the sweater will determine possible remedies. This is a page about how to fix color that bled on a sweater.


A nail polish brush dripping.

Removing Nail Polish From FabricNail polish can be difficult to remove from textiles, especially if it has already dried. This page is about removing nail polish from clothing and fabric.


Blue Nylon Jacket

Permanent Marker Stain on a Nylon JacketYou may be able to remove permanent marker from your nylon jacket with the right products and process. This is a page about permanent marker stain on a nylon jacket.


Blue ink stain on a white dress shirt.

Ink on Clothes that Have Been DriedRemoving stains from clothing that has been through the dryer can be much more difficult than if caught when they are fresh. This is a page about ink on clothes that have been dried.


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Blood on Dry Clean Only Clothing?I got blood on two pairs of dry clean only pants - one satin and one linen. What can I do to get the blood out? Can I run them under water or will that ruin them?


Peroxide for Removing Blood Stains - pour peroxide on rag

Peroxide for Removing Blood StainsPeroxide is perfect for removing blood stains on clothing and other fabric items. This is a page about peroxide for removing blood stains.


Different colored gel ink pens.

Removing Gel Ink Pen From ClothingThis is a page about removing gel ink pen from clothing. When using gel pens the ink marks can end up on clothes. Oxiclean has been helpful for some in removing the ink.


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Rust Stains On Jeans?I have two pairs of white jeans that have rust spots on them from water. I have tried using bleach and bleach pen but it didn't work. How can i get the rust out without throwing them away?


Woman removing white laundry from the dryer

Cleaning Yellow Stains on White ClothingThis is a page about cleaning yellow stains on white clothing. Removing yellow stains from white clothing is a common laundry task.


Folded stored jeans.

Removing Dust Stains from Stored Clothing?Stored clothing often develops stains and fade lines along the folds. This is a page about removing dust stains from stored clothing.


Color Bled on White Clothing - man holding a white shirt with pink stains

Color Bled on White ClothingThere are several remedies for this situation, depending on the fiber content of the white clothing. They include, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and sometimes even time in the sun. Check the fabric for caution alerts and then choose the best solution for your garment. This is a page about color bled on white clothing.


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Removing Sudocrem From Clothing?How do you remove sudocrem from clothes and hair?


Man's hand helping a young boy drink his juice.

Removing Grape Juice Stains on ClothingGrape juice stains are a stain nightmare. That deep purple color that we love in the glass is a tough stain to remove. This is a page about removing grape juice stains on clothing.


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Color Bleed on My Bathing Suit?My brand new bathing suit is light pink and black. After swimming, I took off the suit and placed it in a towel for aprox 15 minutes until I got home. When hanging it up to dry, I discovered that the black got ALL OVER the pink! Rit, I think has a color fade removal, but I've been told you cant use it on bathing suit material.


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Chewing Tobacco Stains on Clothing?I washed and dried clothing with a chewing tobacco can unknowingly in the wash. Now all the cotton blend light colored clothes are stained. What will take these stains out now that they're dried?


A container of Carmex.

Removing Carmex Stains from Clothing?This is a page about removing Carmex stains from clothing. Carmex can leave any oily looking stain if it accidentally gets on your clothing.


Wool Sweater

Removing Stains From Wool Clothing?Because many wool clothing items are "dry clean only" we may be dismayed when they get a stain. Some stains can be removed easily at home if treated properly. This is a page about removing stains from wool clothing.


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White Lettering on Jersey Turned Pink?I've washed my daughters navy blue basketball jersey with white lettering on it. Now, the letters are pink? I've tried to use oxi clean but no help on this one.


A girl with mud stains on her clothing.

Removing Mud Stains from ClothingThis is a page about removing mud stains from clothing. Mud stains on clothing are a common occurrence. If not treated properly they can be difficult to remove.


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Cleaning Faux Leather?Hello. I hope you can help. My son cleaned his leather seats with Armor All cleaning wipes. I sat in his car with a pink faux leather coat. Dark marks transferred onto my coat. I have tried everything you suggested and the marks remain. Not even slightly gone. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you.


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Removing Pumpkin Stains from Clothing?I made pumpkin soup and it spattered on my cotton shirt. How do I remove it?


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Removing Rodent Urine Stains?Does anyone know how to get mouse/rat urine stains from clothing? I had my off-season clothing hung in my spare bedroom closet but found evidence of droppings and yellow urine stains on the shoulders of the hanging items. I tried regular laundering but the urine stains remained. Didn't want to try anything else until I consulted my friends. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Flarp Stains on Clothing?How do you remove noise putty from clothes?


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Set in Gum on Clothing?I need some hints on how to get chewing gum out of a shirt after going through the dryer.


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Removing a Hand Sanitizer Stain on Clothing?I got some hand sanitizer spilled on a brand new black top. It shows stains and I can't get them to wash out. Has anyone had this happen and what did they do?


A blue basin with soapy clothing.

Hand Washing ClothingWhether you are caring for delicates or just don't have access to a washing machine, it's possible to hand wash your clothing without any special equipment or detergents. These tips are great if you are traveling without access to a laundromat.


Colorful Paint splatters on shoes and jeans.

Removing Paint from Jeans?I wore my favorite jeans when helping my girlfriend paint her front room bright yellow. I got paint all down my pant legs. How do I get it out? Please help.


A woman pouring laundry detergent into a measuring cup.

Removing Laundry Detergent StainsSometimes laundry detergent can cause stains instead of removing them. Many people recommend using vinegar or bleaching the stain out of the clothing.


Silk scarf on white background.

Cleaning Permanent Ink From Silk?Permanent ink stains on silk can sometimes be removed by using an alcohol based product, such as hairspray or rubbing alcohol itself. As with all stains and fabric types, test on a small spot first.


An arm in a white cast.

Removing Plaster Cast Residue from Clothing?Sometimes in the process of applying a cast to a broken arm or leg, plaster residue can get on the patient's clothing. Learn how to possibly remove it here.


A mechanic with very greasy stained hands and clothing.

Removing Diesel Stains from Clothing?A diesel stain is very oily. There are a number of clothing stain removing products on the market such as Oxyclean, Lestoil, Vanish, Awesome and more, that may work for you.


A man in a dirty shirt, checking the oil in his car's engine.

GoJo Hand Cleaner For StainsThere are many products on the market that are used for removing clothing stains. Additionally some commercial products can be successfully used for tasks other than their intended purpose. Some people have had success using GoJo hand cleaner for stains.


A woman looking at stains in laundry.

Removing Oily Stains on ClothingRemoving oily stains on clothing can be a challenge especially if it has already been washed and dried. This page offers some suggestions for removing them from your clothes.


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Removing Aleene's Jewel-It Embellishing Glue from a Shirt?How do I remove glue spots from a shirt that we put embellishments on? I tried Goo Gone, but that has not worked. I used Aleene's Jewel-It embellishing glue.


removing burnt spray starch

Removing Burnt Spray Starch on Clothing?If you are using spray starch, always start with a clean iron to avoid burn marks. If you manage to get burnt marks on your clothing, try scrubbing it out with an abrasive detergent or baking soda.


Permanent marker covered by isopropyl alcohol to remove stains.

Removing Permanent Marker from Clothing with Isopropyl AlcoholMost people have a bottle of rubbing alcohol in their medicine cabinet and it is one of the best stain removers for ink. This is a page about removing permanent marker from clothing with isopropyl alcohol.


Grease stains on white.

Removing a Grease Stain on PolyesterDawn detergent is the hands down recommended winner in the fight against grease stains on clothing and other fabrics. This is a page about removing a grease stain on polyester.


Slab of vegetable shortening.

Removing Crisco Stains from Clothing?Oily, greasy stains from shortenings such as Crisco need to be treated with products intended to remove such stains. One common solution is to treat the stain with Dawn dish soap and then wash. Air dry and repeat as needed. This is a page about removing Crisco stains from clothing.


Mystery Pink Spots on Whites After Soaking in Vinegar and Water

Mystery Pink Spots on Whites After Soaking in Vinegar and Water?I tried soaking a few whites in a mixture of hot water and vinegar. I had a few of my husband's undershirts, a pair of ankle socks, and a sports bra in a bucket. After a couple of hours I checked on the items and noticed pink stains on my sports bra. We have city water, a water softener, and I have had my water tested.


Hand washing a blue shirt in a sink.

Removing Stains on Nylon ClothingDepending on the type of stain, there are a couple of good options for removing it. Try vinegar and a soft toothbrush. A bit of laundry soap may also be required. This is a page about removing stains on nylon clothing.


Silk Shirt

Cleaning an Oily Stain on SilkCare should be taken when cleaning silk. If you can not take the item to a professional cleaner this page offers advice about cleaning an oily stain on silk.


Hand washing dark clothes.

Removing Bat Poop Stains from Laundry?You may need to use a brush and detergent or peroxide to remove these sticky poop stains. This is a page about removing bat poop stains from laundry.


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Boiling Water for Removing Fruit StainsMy Aunt taught me how to make strawberry preserves and I got some on my T-shirt I was wearing. I thought my shirt was forever stained by the juice of the strawberries. She showed me that when you take your shirt and stretch it over a bowl inside out and pour boiling water on the stain, it disappears!


Two people with paint stains on their jeans.

Removing Dried Paint on ClothingIt's easy to get paint on your clothing, and it can be very difficult to be removed after the paint has dried. This is a page about removing dried paint on clothing.


Hands with paint touching a gray shirt.

Removing Latex Paint from ClothingIf you notice wet paint before it dries, it is much easier to remove. If you find it dried, there are some techniques you can use. This is a page about removing latex paint from clothing.


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Woman removing a Grease stain.

Removing Grease Stains from ClothingGrease or oil stains can be difficult to remove from clothing. This is a page about removing grease (oil) stains from clothing.


Deodorant build-up on a t-shirt.

How to Remove Deodorant Build-upDeodorant can leave an unsightly residue on clothing that can be difficult to remove. This is a page about how to remove deodorant build-up.


How to Get Grease Out of Fabrics - Woman eating a greasy hamburger

How to Get Grease Out of FabricsGrease stains can be caused by a number of things. For light stains on washable fabrics, a simple laundry pre-treat is usually all that is needed to remove many stains.


Removing Sunscreen Stains from Clothing

Removing Sunscreen Stains from ClothingWhen using sunscreen you are bound to get some on your clothing and the stains can be difficult to remove, especially from white clothing. This page has advice about removing sunscreen stains from whites as well as darker clothing.


Baby clothes hanging up.

Stain Remover for Tough Baby StainsStains on baby clothing can be really hard to remove without special treatment. This is a page about stain remover for tough baby stains.


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Ink On Shoe?How to remove pen ink from the rubber sole of shoes if the area isn't smooth?


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Black Clothing Dye Ran on White Shirt Waistband?I have a black skirt with a white elastic waistband and it's turned grey/pink. How do I get it white again without ruining the black part?


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Black Dye Transferred in the Wash?I usually wash different colored jeans separately, but didn't this time. I washed a new pair of black jeans with bleach-washed blue jeans and now the blue jeans have black dye on them everywhere. Anyone have any great tricks to remove the black dye from the blue jeans? I am trying hard to save them.


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Red Color Bled On White Lace?Twenty-five years ago, I made a Christmas tree skirt with green/red plaid taffeta and red twill on other side, with expensive delicate white lace. I over watered the tree this year and the skirt got wet. The red twill bled onto the white lace. How do I get the red dye out of the white lace. I have used Oxyclean with peroxide so far. Waiting a little while before rinsing. Any other suggestions?


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Cleaning Dirty Uniform Work Shirts?My husband works for WM. His work shirts are yellow and silver. I tried to get the stains he gets on them out with Oxi stain remover and a Spray and Wash with no results. Can someone give me a good recommendation to get these tough stains out?


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How to Tub Wash my Shorts?I have some white clothing I would like to tub wash, since i'm broke until end of the month. I have 1 pair of white "thick material" shorts that I have a hard time washing, its 60% Polyester and 40% cotton, it's hard to get some blood stains and other "gross" stuff off it.


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