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This page contains baking and dessert recipes by everyday experts in the kitchen.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

Rhubarb Cobbler RecipesThe tart taste of rhubarb is perfect for making a delicious cobbler. This page contains rhubarb cobbler recipes.


Cake Box Mix Pound Cake

Boxed Cake Mix Pound Cake RecipesPound cake can be made very easily if you use a cake box mix to start with. This page contains cake box mix pound cake recipes.


Bread Machine

Recipes Using All Purpose Flour in Bread Machine?You can successfully substitute all purpose flour for bread flour in you bread machine. This is a page about recipes using all purpose flour in bread machine.


Cake Mix in Bowl With Wisk

Improving Boxed Cake MixesThis is a page about improving boxed cake mixes. Bake an almost from scratch dessert by starting with a boxed cake mix and adding your own flavors and extra ingredients.


Muffin Tin Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Muffin Tin Pineapple Upside Down Cake...This page contains muffin tin pineapple upside down cake recipes. Make your next pineapple upside down cake in muffin tins for a sweet little treat.


Peanut butter fudge made with cake frosting and peanut butter.

Cake Frosting Fudge RecipesThis page contains cake frosting fudge recipes. A quick and easy way to make fudge begins with a tub of cake frosting.


Cream Cheese Sweetheart Cake - Finished Cake

Cream Cheese Sweetheart Cake RecipeA sweetheart cake is more like a brownie or cookie in texture. This particular recipe includes the addition of a delicious cream cheese based glaze. This page contains a cream cheese sweetheart cake recipe.


Making Cherry Cobbler Using Dried Cherries

Making Cherry Cobbler Using Dried Cherries?You don't have to have fresh cherries to make a delicious cobbler. This is a page about making cherry cobbler using dried cherries.


Slice of orange cake on a white plate (topped with an orange slice)

Making Orange Cake from a Yellow Cake MixThis is a page about making orange cake from a yellow cake mix. Yellow cake mix can be a good start to creating your own orange flavored cake.


Sliced homemade bread on a cutting board

Reducing the Yeast Taste in Homemade...This is a page about reducing the yeast taste in homemade bread. Sometimes when making your own bread the recipe you use produces loaves that have a noticeably yeasty taste.


finished Bread Sticks

Best Ever Bread Sticks Using Rhodes Frozen DoughConveniently frozen bread dough can be formed into bread sticks and delightfully seasoned. This is a page about making the best ever bread sticks using Rhodes frozen dough.


Baked Apple Dumplings in a red baking dish.

Canned Biscuit Apple Dumplings?Canned biscuits or even crescent rolls can be used to make apple dumplings saving the time of making the dumpling pastry component of this tasty dessert. This is a page about making canned biscuit apple dumplings.



Caramel Apple Crisps on plate

Caramel Apple CrispsEnjoy the flavour of caramel apples? These rose-shaped dessert cups are full of caramel and apple, and only have a handful ingredients in them. They're so easy to put together and they won't weigh you down. You don't need special tools or techniques to make these super pretty rose-like goodies; I even used my toaster oven!


Puff Puffs

Puff Puffs (African Doughnuts)These tasty little puff doughnuts are easy to make and will be a hit from your kitchen. This is a page about puff puffs (African doughnuts).


Cheesecake with slice taken out

Cheapskate Cheesecake RecipeA frugal version of cheesecake made with graham cracker crumbs and cream cheese. This is a page about cheapskate cheesecake.


Yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Homemade Yellow Cake RecipesThis page contains homemade yellow cake recipes. Many people like yellow cake. You don't have to buy it in a box, you can easily make yellow cake from scratch.


Powdered Milk

Powdered Milk Ice Cream Recipes?This page contains powdered milk ice cream recipes. Believe it or not you can make delicious ice cream at home starting with powdered milk.


Perfect Banana Bread Loaf

Keeping Banana Bread from Splitting on Top?Banana bread typically splits while baking there is no problem with this occurring, but sometimes the split may be minimized. This is a page about keeping banana bread from splitting on top.


round flat rhubarb bread/cake with slice in foreground

Rhubarb Bread RecipesRhubarb makes a great quick bread for the rhubarb lover in your house. This page contains rhubarb bread recipes.


Apple turnover on a white plate.

Using Biscuits to Make Turnovers?Turnovers can easily be made using canned biscuits. This method helps save the time that would otherwise be needed to make pie crust dough. The crust consistency may not be the same however. This is a page about using biscuits to make turnovers.


Poor Man's Cake

Poor Man's Cake RecipesThis page contains poor man's cake recipes. Recipes of this type have been popular since the Great Depression and can be served as a simpler, less expensive alternative to the traditional fruitcake during the holidays too.


A dish of jello mixed with yogurt.

Making Jello With YogurtTry adding yogurt to your Jello mix for a different version of this popular treat. This is a page about making Jello with yogurt.


Three pies on cooling rack.

Grandma's Amish Sugar Cream Pie RecipeThis page contains Amish sugar cream pie recipes. This sweet creamy custard style pie is easy to make and will surely become a favorite.


Pan of treats cut into large squares.

Marshmallow Crisped Rice Treats (Giant Roasters)At the end of summer you can frequently find the large roasting marshmallows on clearance. Here is a great recipe for Rice Krispy treats that uses the large roasting marshmallows. This is a page about making marshmallow crisped rice treats using giant roasters.


Slice of "30 Day Cake", a type of fruited bundt cake, on a plate

Starter for a "30 Day Cake"This is a page about starter for a "30 day cake". Once you make or receive the starter this is a fun, easy, and delicious cake that your family can enjoy, as well as the friends you share the batter with.


Easy Bake Oven Recipes

Easy Bake Oven RecipesThose little packages of mix for the Easy Bake oven can be pricey. This page contains Easy Bake Oven recipes.


Sheet Cake

Sheet Cake RecipesThis page contains sheet cake recipes. Sheet cakes are easier to make than layer cakes and travel easily for parties and potluck dinners.



White loaf of bread machine bread laying next to a bread machine pan

Bread Machine Recipes for White BreadHaving a good reliable recipe for the bread you like to make can keep your bread machine working for you. This page contains bread machine recipes for white bread.


Stove Top Cornbread

Stove Top Cornbread RecipesWith no waiting for your oven to preheat, this cornbread is really quick to make. This is page shows you how to make stove top cornbread.


Cherry Cobbler

Cherry Cobbler RecipesThere are many delicious recipes available for making a delicious cherry cobbler. This page contains cherry cobbler recipes.


A slice of whole wheat bread.

Simple Whole Wheat Bread Machine RecipeMaking fresh, delicious whole grain bread at home can be easily done with the use of a bread machine. This recipe contains lots of healthy ingredients to this like flax seeds, whole oats, raw sugar, extra virgin olive oil. Plus it's considerably cheaper than a "high quality" wheat bread from the store shelves.


Apple Oatmeal pan cooling on wire rack

Making Apple Oatmeal BarsThese cinnamon apple oatmeal bars are easy to make as well as delicious. Make some soon using the recipe found on this page.


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B Is For Banana BreadMix sugar, bananas, oil and eggs in a large mixing bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients. Pour into pan.


Doo Doo Drops Recipes

Doo Doo Drops RecipesThis page contains Doo doo drop recipes. Doo doo drops, despite their name are a delicious peanut buttery, chocolate, oatmeal treat. This page contains doo doo drop recipes.


Pouring Karo corn syrup into a measuring cup.

Karo Syrup Cookie Recipes?Corn syrup is very sweet and is used in many treats. This page contains Karo syrup cookie recipes.


Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookie RecipesHomemade peanut butter cookies hot from the oven are so delicious. This page contains peanut butter cookies recipes.


Pound Cake on Wooden Table

Pound Cake RecipesThis page contains pound cake recipes. Pound cake is a rich, buttery delight; you can make it simple or elegant.


cooling Corn Toaster Cakes on wire rack

Making Corn Toaster CakesThe use of a speciality baking pan, known as a muffin top pan, is the secret to these corn toaster cakes. Their thin profile is perfect for reheating in the toaster, although the microwave works as well.


Rhubarb Cake with Mint Garnish

Rhubarb Cake RecipesThis page contains rhubarb cake recipes. Not only is rhubarb delicious in strawberry and rhubarb pie, but you can use this versatile plant in many cake recipes.


Skillet Bread

Skillet Bread RecipesThis page contains skillet bread recipes. Enjoy fresh pan bread baked in the oven or cooked on the stovetop.


piece of Lucky Charms No-Bake Cheesecake

Lucky Charms No-Bake CheesecakeThis is a fun and adorable rainbow layered no-bake cheesecake made from a box of the most colourful cereal, Lucky Charms! The cereal's marshmallows act as the cake's crunchy topping, while the cereal bits make up the crust. The middle is a mix of marshmallows and cream cheese that turn into a velvety ice cream like consistency when popped in the freezer. There is no need for an oven here. This is a great dessert to make for these warmer days!


amber glass plate with large buttermilk biscuits

Cat Head Biscuit RecipesThis page contains cat head biscuit recipes. A funny name for simple, delicious biscuits that turn out looking similar to cat heads.



Buttermilk Coconut Pie

Buttermilk Pie RecipesThese creamy buttermilk pies are easy to make and are sure to be well received.


Italian piadina flatbread stuffed with ham and vegetables close-up

Italian FlatbreadPiadina is the Italian term for these delicious and versatile flatbreads. This page contains recipes for Italian flatbread.


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Raisin Custard Pie RecipesThis page contains raisin custard pie recipes. This old fashioned dessert is so delicious and easy to make.


A photo of an apple pie.

Recipes Using Canned Pie FillingThis page contains recipes using canned pie filling. Pie filling can make a quick pie and used as a sweet filling for other desserts.


Coconut Pie Recipes

Coconut Pie RecipesThis page contains coconut pie recipes. No matter what your preference, custard or cream, coconut pie is a scrumptious indulgence.


Delicious cream pie.

White Pie RecipeThis no bake pie contains whipped egg whites, mixed with a thicken filling of flour, milk, sugar, butter, and more in a baked pie shell. This page contains a white pie recipe.


Jam filled cookie

Royal Raspberry TeacakesThis page contains royal raspberry teacakes. These buttery cookies with their delicious raspberry center are perfect with tea, coffee, or anytime.


Loaf of bread with rolling pin on white background

Amish Friendship Bread StarterThis is a page about Amish friendship bread starter. This pass along sweet bread is very popular. You may have received a bag of the starter yourself, but don't know how is it made to begin with.


Piece of carrot cake against a white background

Making a Carrot Cake Recipe With Canned...Even if you don't have fresh carrots you can still make a delicious carrot cake. This is a page about making a carrot cake recipe with canned carrots.


Black Bottom Cheesecake

Black Bottom Cheesecake RecipesThis page contains black bottom cheesecake recipes. This is the perfect dessert for the lover of chocolate and cheesecake, but not chocolate cheesecake.


A loaf of banana bread, with thin slices.

Cake Mix Banana Bread RecipeOne thing that makes this banana bread recipe so quick to make is it uses a cake mix. This page shows you how to make Cake Mix Banana Bread.


Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookie...The addition of cream cheese to the batter makes these thumbprint cookies even better. This page contain a cream cheese thumbprint cookie recipe.


Pudding Cheese Cake

Pudding Cheesecake RecipesThis page contains pudding cheesecake recipes. A wonderful dessert that your whole family will enjoy.


Old-Fashioned Chocolate Fudge

Old-Fashioned Chocolate Fudge RecipesIf you are not a fan of the newer methods of making fudge and are longing for the version cooked on the stove, then old fashioned fudge recipes are for you. This page contains old-fashioned chocolate fudge recipes.


Slices of frosted banana cake

Frosted Banana Bread SquaresThis is a page about frosted banana bread squares. These banana bread squares are dressed up with a delicious frosting.


Bread Machine

Bread Machine RecipesThis page contains bread machine recipes. Making homemade bread can be simplified by using a machine for many delicious recipes.


Jello with watermellon

Recipes Using JelloIn addition to the mainstay of Jello salads and molds, Jello can be used in a variety of recipes. This page contains recipes using Jello.


Raisin Bread

Raisin Bread RecipesRaisin bread lovers are always on the lookout for new recipes. This page contains raisin bread recipes.


Awesome Cinnamon Rolls

Awesome Cinnamon Rolls RecipeCinnamon rolls are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed any time of year. This page contains an awesome cinnamon rolls recipe.


Banana Split

Making a Banana SplitThis is a page about making a banana split. Perfect for sharing, the banana split is delightfully simple dessert to prepare. Put your own spin n this classic dessert by combining your favorite ice cream and topping flavors over a sliced banana.


Yeast free quick bread on round cutting board

Making Bread Without Yeast?Not all bread recipes require the addition of yeast to the other dry ingredients. This is a page about making bread without yeast.


cherry cobbler

Fruit Cobbler RecipesThis page contains fruit cobbler recipes. Fruit cobbler is a very versatile dessert, as you can vary the fruit used, based on the available seasonal fruit, as well as, by using frozen or canned fruit.


Pecan Marshmallow Log

Making a Pecan Marshmallow LogThis is a page about making a pecan marshmallow log.


Cream Cheese Brownies

Cream Cheese BrowniesThis page contains cream cheese brownies recipes. If you love the flavor of chocolate and cream cheese, why not combine them into a batch of delicious cream cheese brownies.


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Does a Metal Spoon Ruin Amish Starter Bread?What happens when you use a metal spoon with the Amish starter bread recipe? Does it ruin your starters? I read the part about not using a metal bowl, but missed the metal spoon.


Lemon Chiffon Pie slices on plates with pie in the background

Lemon Chiffon Pie RecipesA cold, creamy dessert that can be made in a variety of ways. This page contains lemon chiffon pie recipes.


Sliced moist banana bread.

Making Banana Bread Moist?Banana bread should be moist after baking. If yours is too dry try adding more banana, apples, or even sour cream to the mix. This is a page about making banana bread moist.


Indian Summer Cornbread on plate

Indian Summer CornbreadA favorite bread from the northern Cherokee nation to enjoy with a drizzle of honey or butter. This recipe is for Indian summer cornbread.


Oatmeal cocolate chip cookie on baking sheet

Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies...Reproducing your favorite store bought cookies at home can save you money. This page is about Kashi oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies (copycat).


Separating Eggs

Making a White Cake Using Whole Eggs?Using whole eggs in a white cake will give the batter a yellowish tint. If this does not concern you then they can certainly be used. You may need to adjust the amount of liquid added. This is a page about making a white cake using whole eggs.


Old Fashioned Shake

Making Old Fashioned Soda Fountain TreatsThis is a page about old fashioned soda fountain treats. Most soda fountains served sodas, floats, sundaes, shakes and malts and the ever popular banana split. You can make them at home.


Jewish apple cake on plate

Jewish Apple Cake RecipesThis page contains Jewish apple cake recipes. A delicious cake for any time of year.


My Homemade Butter Pound Cake

Homemade Butter Pound Cake RecipeUsing real butter in your homemade pound cake is the key to this delicious dessert. This page contains a homemade butter pound cake recipe.


Pan Dulce (Sweet Breads)

Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread) RecipesThis page contains pan dulce (sweet bread) recipes. Mexican pan dulce is a lightly sweetened chewy sweet pastry.


soft breadstick

Soft Breadstick RecipesThis page contains soft breadstick recipes. A yummy addition to many main dishes or salads are bread sticks.


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Substitute for Cream Cheese in Cheesecake?My husband occasionally picks up a Jell-o No Bake Cheesecake for me to make. What do they use for the "cheesecake" filling that we could possibly pull out of our pantry to substitute for cream cheese when we do not have cream cheese stocked in the fridge?


Instant Mashed Potatoes in a bowl.

Instant Mashed Potato Frosting Recipe?Make a tasty cake frosting with a surprising ingredient you can find in your pantry. This page contains a recipe for instant mashed potato frosting.


Chocolate and Peanut Clusters

Peanut Cluster RecipesPeanut clusters are an easy to make candy treat. This page contains peanut cluster recipes.


Fridge Milk Tart

Fridge Milk Tart RecipeTry this no bake cookie crumb and custard tart. It is delicious and may likely become a family or personal favorite. The recipe follows.


Cherry Cobbler

Cooking Cobbler for 100 People?Cobbler is a no fuss dessert. Making enough for a crowd simply requires recalculating the ingredients and making sure you have enough baking pans. This is a page about cooking cobbler for 100 people.


baked Pantry Pie

Pantry PieThe ingredients in this pie are typical pantry staples, with the exception of the pie crust. The pie is unique, delicious and always a favorite at potluck dinners.


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Fry Cake RecipeMy great-grandmother used to make what she called fry cakes. She was a very country person, so the recipe would not be fancy. Hoping some one can help.


Chocolate Mug Cake

Coffee Mug Cake RecipesA personal cake can be made in a coffee mug. This page contains coffee mug cake recipes.


flourless peanut butter cookies

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookie RecipesBake up a batch of flourless peanut butter cookies and pour the milk. This page contains flourless peanut butter cookie recipes.


Mother's Day Heart  Cookies

Making Mother's Day CookiesA sweet gift for mom on her special day is a plate of homemade cookies. The kids can help or make this gift themselves. This is a page about making Mother's Day cookies.


Creamy Fruta ready to serve

Creamy Fruta RecipeThis easy to make dessert treat is sure to be a hit with your kids. This page contains creamy fruta recipe.


Three pieces of peanut butter fudge against a white background

Making Peanut Butter Fudge Using Vanilla...This is a page about making peanut butter fudge using vanilla frosting. A new twist on fudge making starts with packaged cake frosting.


A slice of coffee cake on a plate.

Bisquick Coffee Cake Recipe?Quick, easy and delicious, a coffeecake made with bisquick is a fantastic treat. This page contains recipe for bisquick coffee cake.


A slice of chocolate meringue pie with a very thin crust being served on a white plate

Gluten Free Chocolate Meringue PieWhen you need to avoid wheat and gluten, you can still enjoy rich chocolate pie. This is a page about gluten free chocolate meringue pie.


REed Jello in Bowl

Finger Jello (Gelatin) RecipesThis page contains finger Jello (gelatin) recipes. Finger Jello is just that a firmer version that is easily cut into shapes and eaten with your fingers.


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Manuel and Recipes for Welbilt Bread Oven #ABM550?I have lost the manual to my Welbilt bread oven model#ABM550, serial #N39233207. Does anyone know where I can find another and some recipes too?


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Recipe for Subway Honey Oat Bread?I am looking for a recipe similar to Subway honey oat bread.


Vanilla Pudding Pie

Vanilla Pudding Pie RecipesThis page contains vanilla pudding pie recipes. Pudding is a yummy filling for a cold, dessert pie.



20+ Tasty Cheesecake RecipesIf you are a cheesecake lover, you are probably always on the lookout for another recipe. This page contains cheesecake recipes.


Banana Pound Cake

Banana Pound Cake RecipesThis page contains banana pound cake recipes. Fruit flavored pound cakes are easy to make.


cooked naan bread

Yeast Free Naan Bread RecipeNaan bread can be made without yeast so it is a fast delicious option as snack or side with a meal. This is a page about yeast free naan bread recipe.


Homemade chocolate truffles.

Homemade TrufflesChocolate truffles are a smooth, creamy, delectable confection. Traditionally they are made with a chocolate ganache center coated with chocolate or cocoa. You can customize them by substituting your favorite fruits, nuts, or other sweet fillings. This is a page about homemade truffles.


Caramel Pecan Brownies

Caramel Pecan Brownie RecipesAdding caramel and pecans to your brownies makes a great dessert even better. This page contains caramel pecan brownie recipes.


Cherry Crisp

Cherry Crisp RecipesSweet or tart cherries, covered with a delicious oatmeal crunch topping, with or without nuts, that is cherry crisp. This page contains cherry crisp recipes.


baked Berry Hand Pies

Berry Hand PiesUse cookie cutters to make these cute berry flavor jam hand pies. The kids will love the fun shapes.


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The muffins cooling on a cutting board.

Chocolate Chunk Banana Protein MuffinsI love making these little protein muffins. They are wonderful as a post-workout snack. I also like to have one for dessert as they keep me from waking up in the middle of the night from hunger pangs. When you have them warm out the oven, the chocolate chunks are super gooey and lovely. You can achieve this later on by popping one in the microwave for 10 seconds.


A plate of cinnamon sugar doughnuts.

Pancake DoughnutsIf you're craving doughnuts but are too lazy to mix and wait for your batter to rise, try this pancake mix-doughnut hack. Just mix and pipe then you'll have an easy and delicious doughnut snack!


Sour Gummy Brownie on plate

Sour Gummy BrowniesI decided to make sour gummy brownies because my sour gummy cookies were such a hit. This ended up disappearing from the kitchen way faster than the cookies. The texture of the gummy candy turns into some kind of luxurious heaven when baked in the gooey chocolate brownies. The rainbow cuteness on top is also very pleasing to the eye. We love these!


Truffles on plate

3 Ingredient TrufflesThese beautiful little truffles will blow you away. They are creamy and decadent, yet so easy to make. You just need a pack of Oreo cookies, a block of cream cheese, and a bag of chocolate chips. Sprinkles are totally optional. I only used them to make them pop for my Valentine!


finished Babycakes on plate

Lemon Lime Soda BabycakesThese tiny cakes are incredible. I have to start with that because I've never had such a perfect, zesty cake in my life. I tweaked a poundcake recipe to use some lemon lime soda I had in the house. Now these are my family's favourite little cakes. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked to make them! They are so easy to make, and taste better than cupcakes from a pricey bakery. Please try these!


A completed lemon-jello pound cake.

Lemon Jell-O Pound CakeI pulled out some old recipes and stared cooking more foods that are not gluten free. I don't get to enjoy them myself, but my family does.


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A tray of peanut butter cookies.

Flourless Peanut Butter CookiesThese easy peanut butter cookies are entirely gluten-free. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Hedgehog Cupcakes

Hedgehog CupcakesThese cute hedgehog cupcakes are perfect for a party or school event. Learn how to make them in this short video.


A glass pie plate filled with cinnamon rolls.

Awesome Cinnamon RollsMake these delicious cinnamon rolls for a weekend breakfast or brunch. They are so easy and your family is sure to love them. Learn how to make Awesome Cinnamon Rolls in this short video.


Rice Krispy Treat Watermelon Slices

Rice Krispy Treat Watermelon SlicesThese colorful rice krispy treats look like watermelon slices, perfect for a late summer event. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Pouring the caramel flavored Jello into apples.

Caramel Apple Jello ShotsHere is a perfect adult treat for cool autumn nights, Jello shots flavored with caramel apple. Learn how to make them in this short video.


A serving of peach crumble topped with ice cream.

Peach CrumblePeach crumble is a classic summertime dessert, especially if you are lucky enough to have ripe fresh peaches. Learn how to make it in this short video.


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Marshmallow Fluff Frosting

Marshmallow Fluff FrostingThis is a nice fluffy frosting with just a hint of vanilla. It is like a cheater Italian merengue frosting.


Fresh baked muffins on a cooling rack.

Fresh Cranberry MuffinsAnother low-sugar recipe that tastes great. The recipe says you get 8 muffins, but I got 12.


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Applesauce Crazy CakeA crazy or wacky cake is missing a traditional ingredient. This one has no eggs, so it is good for those times when eggs are expensive, you ran out of eggs, need to watch your cholesterol or there is an allergy.


Muffins on a cooling rack.

Cinnamon Apple MuffinsI like low sugar recipes, and I always post my successes. This has an optional cinnamon sugar topping, which will post but did not use to save calories.


Ginger snaps next to a cup of coffee.

Ginger Snaps (Gluten Free)I love ginger snaps and took an old recipe for ginger cookies and made it gluten free by using gluten free flour. Since I was experimenting, I cut the original recipe in half and it made 89 cookies which is a plenty for me. This is my version.


A pan of chocolate chip bar cookies.

Chocolate Chip Bar CookiesI got this recipe many years ago at my baby shower. Someone always asks for the recipe. Instead of chocolate chips, you can use butternut chips, peanut butter chips, chocolate covered peanuts or raisins, or plain raisins. Coconut and nuts may also be added.


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Ambrosia RecipesWhat happened to ambrosia, food of the gods? We had it a few times around Christmas and I loved it. I haven't heard of it in decades.


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2 Ingredient Fudge Recipe?I need help. I am looking for a 2 ingredient fudge recipe that does not use milk or butter. Would anyone have a recipe?


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Thumbprint Cookie Dough Spreading?I mixed my cookie batter to make thumbprint cookies, however I didn't have time to bake them so I refrigerated the dough overnight. Now the dough is too sticky and the cookies are coming out flat. How do I remedy this? Should the dough be room temperature or cold? Should I add more flour to the batter? I'm afraid that it might take away the flavor.


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Cherry Cobbler with Dried Cherries?I am gonna fix my first cobbler ever! I received some dried cherries and want to use them in this cobbler. Please have a simple recipe for me that is both sweet and crusty.


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Making an Individual Bagel?I am on Weight Watchers. Sometimes in the morning I make a bagel with 1/4 cup flour. This morning I even tried boiling it first. But I think I'm using the wrong amount of yeast. How much yeast to 1/4 cup flour? I did use bread flour.


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What Size Loaf Pan to Use?What size loaf does this recipe make? My breadmaker can make 1, 1 1/2 and 2 lb loaves. Also, that's a LOT of sugar - I'm diabetic, so can I use an alternative?


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