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Established in 1999, ThriftyFun is a community of everyday experts who seek creative inexpensive solutions to daily problems. We share tips and ideas for crafting, creative recycling, gardening, frugal living, recipes, cleaning and more.

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Making Holiday Renuzit Covers

Can I get a writtern pattern for the Christmas bear, Thanksgiving turkey, Halloween witch, and the Easter bunny?

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Removing Wax Buildup on Floors

For removing wax build up, can I use a mop or a scrper to remove it? Will ammonia work without the machine?

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Making Net Scrubbies

How do I find a spool of netting to make scrubbies?

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Propagating African Violets

I had put a leaf in water, and it grew roots. I planted in perlite, but there are no plantlets coming up. Should I replant it in African violet soil? It has been several months.

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Interior Design Company Name Ideas

Can someone suggest interior design company names?

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Home Repair Help for Low Income Families

How get I get free help with home repairs? My husband died 17 years ago and I raised 4 children on my own. I work, but live pay check to pay check. It is hard get money for repairs.

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House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside

I have a 19 months old Lachon (cross Las/Bichon). We have had him since 12weeks old and we have house trained him. However within the last 2 weeks I have woken up to him having urinated and pooed in the house....

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Removing Sticky Tape Residue on Carpets

How do you remove sticky tape residue from carpets?

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Free Laptops and Training for Seniors

How can we get laptops and training for seniors, especially those that are disabled or homebound? Is there a grant available for the elderly in Baltimore City?

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Keeping a Cat from Getting Worms

How do I keep cats free of worms?

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Removing the Control Panel on a Refrigerator

I have taken out all the screws on control panel on my Kenmore (frig side) to put the light button back in the hole. I can't get the control panel to come off of the frig. How do I do this without tearing it up?

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Visiting a Pumpkin Patch
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Getting Used to New Dentures

I just got my dentures yesterday. I have both upper and lower dentures. Would it be okay to get use to them one at a time? Like lowers first than uppers? Especially when eating. I tried a banana first. It was not pretty

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Crocheted Headband Patterns
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Finches Had a Baby

I have 2 zebra finches, one girl and one boy. They have had a baby, I don't know the sex of the baby yet. The dad does all the work. The baby is now out of the nest and getting about really well, but ....

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Finding Fabric Donations for a Senior Center

I am looking for a place I can request a fabric donation for our senior center. I work with not only the elders, but with the whole community who we are teaching to sew. I would appreciate it very much if anyone can point me in the right direction.

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Survivors Benefits for Multiple Children

My mother passed away in 2007 and my two sisters and I received survivors benefits from Social Security. It recently came to my attention that my sisters who are 3 years younger than me are receiving $540 each, this is a little more than the $337 a month I received.

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Property Consultancy Business Names

I need a middle name for a property consultancy business.

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Vietnamese Recipes
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Social Security Benefits for Children of Deceased Parent

I have had 3 children that receive SSI checks in the state of Arizona. 1 child I have had for over 3 years the other 2 almost 2 years. The grandmother sends me the money for bills. What do I do to get control of these checks since I have the children.

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Instructions for a Pom Pom Maker

I have the old fashioned pom pom maker and I don't remember how to use it. Can you help with directions?

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Making a Wheelchair Lapghan
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Tomato Bisque Recipes
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Buying Dawn Soap in Australia

Can I buy Dawn soap in Newcastle N.S.W.?

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Removing Wallpaper Backing from Wall

I have been trying to remove the backing off an old plaster wall that had not been prepared properly. It is just not coming off. I tried all kinds of glue remover. It takes hours for one little spot. Could I paint over it?

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Living Room Wall Color Advice

What colour walls go with dark chocolate brown leather furniture, wood trim, and early American wood floors?

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SSI Benefits and Child Support

When my son turns 18 and collects SSI benefits for low IQ in the state of Florida, will I still be held accountable for child support?

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Getting Help After a House Fire
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Making Potting Soil With Packing Peanuts

Could I crush the packing material for making a potting soil? Will this packing material be dissolved in water, making a mess?

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What Breed is My Dog?
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Repairing a Singer Fashion Mate 258
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Value of Murphy Chair Co. Rocking Chair

I have a Murphy Chair Co., Detroit rocking chair #612. It is in very good condition. What is it worth?

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Value of 1970 Encyclopedia Britannica

What is the value of 1970 complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica?

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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

Right now I've been trying to grow my hair out long and natural, but I have dyed my hair a lot of times in the past. Once I dyed it red, so it still gets the little red tint sometimes.

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Cleaning Cat Spray
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Cats Peeing on Everything

I have 2 female cats who are not fixed (I will be rectifying that this Wednesday) who are both approximately 2-3 years old. One has been an indoor cat since she was 5 weeks old...

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Child Care Business Names

I'm starting my own child minding business, but don't know what to call it. I live on a farm so I want something that represents that in the title. Any suggestions?

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Washing Machine Won't Drain

My machine was washing then it just stopped. I can hear it trying to empty but nothing. I switched it off then switched it back on and it started to fill up again, then stopped. Any help is appreciated.

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Husband's 50th Birthday Party Ideas

I am planning my husband's 50th birthday party in February, but I'm having a hard time coming up with an original idea. He is a chef by profession. I would greatly appreciate ideas for centerpieces and other decorations. Thanks in advance.

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Curtain Color Advice

I have light yellow walls. Can I put up beige and white pattern curtains? Any suggestion on what colour for curtains?

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What Breed is My Dog?
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Getting Coupons By Mail

I would like to receive PG coupons booklet. How do I get one?

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Low Cost Vet Services in Sacramento

A very friendly dog was left here in my yard (Pit Bull). It looks like it has a large sect hanging in the stomach area. I am willing to keep her, but can't afford a vet.

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Storing Cheese

To keep cheese fresh, upon arriving home from the market take out the cheese and wrap first in wax paper and use tape to make it snug. Then wrap in plastic wrap.

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Miniature Daffodils
Check Out This Photo
Sauteed Butternut Squash
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Take-up Lever Knee Peddle Not Working

My knee peddle for the take-up lever on my industrial Consew is all of a sudden not working. It feels like it is not connected to anything and there is no pressure behind it. What could be the cause, and how do I fix it?

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Using Mexican Pottery

I went to the Del Larosa region and shopped at a pottery shop called JMB. They said their cookware and coffee mugs, etc are lead free (although their website says they are below the acceptable standards).

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Photos of Fall Leaves
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Repairing Faux Leather Upholstery
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Making Puppy Pillows
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