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Cover a Nicotine Stain on Blouse

I have a white cotton blouse that I tried to get nicotine stains out of. A lot of the stain was removed, but you can still see yellow. Can I dye the blouse black to cover it?

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Identifying Little Black Bugs

What are these little black bugs crawling in my bed and coming from outside my window? They are small and black and there's a thousand of them just by the window and on my curtains and bed.

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Lawn Mower Backfiring and Won't Crank

I have a Yard Machine riding mower. My husband was mowing the yard. When he was about half done the mower backfired and shut off. We haven't been able to crank it since. It only backfires.

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Kenmore Washer Not Spinning Completely

My Kenmore washer is not spinning the clothes out all the way.

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H2O Steam Mop Not Heating Up

The element is not heating up to produce steam. There is no clogging. It sprays, but only cold water.

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Cat Peeing on Beds

What is a good remedy to stop my cat from peeing on my son's bed. I have my 2 boys in the same room and she continually pees on my one son's bed. Very frustrating otherwise she is a great cat.

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Getting Gum Residue Out of Clothes

I accidently washed and dried a pack of gum with my clothes and now there are streaks and spots of gum all over them. Help!

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Bleach Smell in Carpet

I cleaned the carpeting in an outdoor cat shelter with a strong solution of bleach, water, and a little laundry soap. The bleach smell is still very strong and the carpet doesn't seem to be drying even though I blotted it dry.

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Getting Rid of a Bat

I have a bat living in the 2nd floor bathroom exhaust vent over the tub that goes from the shower vent to the outside wall, 5ft. A bat bit through the plastic cover for the vent on the outside wall and is living in the tube.

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17th Birthday Gift for Boyfriend

My boyfriend is turning 17 in 12 days and he likes to play football. What can I get him for his birthday? He's a really sporty guy with a great personality that's always by my side!

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Circuit Not Working After Wiring a New Light

I tried to wire a new light in my closet and I don't know what I did but it popped and the lights in bathroom and bedroom and one plug socket on the same wall as closet don't work. I checked the breaker and it is not tripped.

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Sewing Machine Won't Stitch

I bought a unic 4in 1 Silian machine. It stiches fine at first, but suddenly it gets struck and does not stitch. Now I find and fixed the bobbin, but the stiches are not coming. Please reply to me with a solution.

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17th Birthday Party Ideas

I'm turning 17 in like 2 or 3 weeks and I'll throw a party with my friends, but I still have no idea what I want it to look like. So, I'm open for any suggestions. Since it'll be in November and it's cold the party will be inside.

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Helping Dog Deliver Puppies

During delivery does a placenta come out after each pup or only once? and how will I know if she's having trouble like the pup is backwords or stuck? how long do I wait before I know something is wrong?

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Qualifying for Survivor Benefits

My mother passed away when me and my (Downs syndrome) brother were young. I was 13 years old and my brother 15. I never even knew of the possibility of survivor benefits until I was in my 20's.

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House Trained Dog Peeing Inside
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Social Security Disability and Child Support

My ex is on Social Security Disability. I receive a monthly payment from Social Security for back child support. He recently went to jail.

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Growing Vegetables Indoors
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Name for a Graphic Design Business

I'm planning on becoming a freelance graphic designer. I'm almost to my end of university. With my degree I hope to achieve clients that can believe and trust in me. To start off I need a company name.

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What Breed is My Dog?
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Maytag Error Codes

What does the code LD mean on the Maytag 30000?

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Safety Pin and Bead Craft Projects
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Removing Stains on a Car Headliner
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Art Inspired Costume Ideas
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Jewelry Making Craft Ideas for Children
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GE Washer Won't Spin

My washer will pump water out, but will not spin. Once I get it to spin it will spin two or three times then quit. I replaced the lid switch and it still does the same.

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Finding Yarn Donations for Charity Projects

I would like to know how to get yarn donated. I am making prayer shawls for cancer patients, please help me with this project to help others.

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Caring for a Blind Kitten
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Bathroom Sink Plug Keeps Rusting

The plug hole and plug is very rusty on my bathroom sink even though I replace the plug every week, rust appears as soon as water connects to plug.

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Homemade Jack in the Box

Where can I buy the spring for it?

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Kraft Roka Blue Cheese Spread

Where can I find Kraft roka blue cheese spread in a 30 mile radius of zip 11209?

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Church Harvest Tea Theme

What theme should I use for a church harvest tea?

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Top Denture Causing Pain

I got my top denture in May. Now it is too wide and cutting into my cheek. Is there anyway I can fix this myself? I can't afford to go have it relined or get a new set at the moment and my jaw is so sore I can't put my dentures in.

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Dog in Heat Peeing Inside

My dog has been house trained for a while. She came into her first heat about two weeks ago; she just started peeing in the house and outside. She is peeing a lot, everywhere.

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Cleaning Cat Vomit Off Carpet
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Refrigerator Not Cooling

I have a Kenmore top freezer refrigerator unit. The power is on, however my refrigerator is not getting cold.

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Fabric Dye Bled Onto Dress

On a night out I managed to ruin my favourite white tee. Long story short, I had a wristband on that bleeds when it gets wet; the wristband bled bright red dye all over my white shirt.

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Removing Wallpaper Border

The border is vinyl and it sticks to your fingers in small pieces and you cannot get off your fingers.

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Bread Machine Won't Start

I have a Toast Master bread machine, Model #1197s. When I hit the start button it will not start.

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15th Birthday Ideas

It's my daughter's birthday soon and she's 15 and we don't know what to do for it. Any ideas?

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14th Birthday Party Ideas

I don't want to play babyish games. So what shall I play? My party is in my house.

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Recipe for Weight Watchers Tuna Casserole

My mom made this when I was a kid. It had peas, mushrooms, onion, bread? and buttermilk.

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Puppy Pooing in Her Cage at Night

We have got a 9 week old puppy (Boxer) she is really good throughout the day and we have had very few accidents. But when it comes to bedtime and we put her in her cage (large) which we have split half bedding...

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Removing Dead Animal Odor from a Car

We found a dead mouse in the frame under the back seat of our BMW x5. It is in a very small hole. How do we get it out and how do we get rid of the smell?

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Wood Stove Pellets as Cat Litter

Wood stove pellets at $5 for a 40 pound bag make a very nice cat litter. The pellets are made from hard wood so they last much longer than the pine pellet litter made for cats.

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Removing Facial Hair

It was my fool attempt to cleaning out my facial hairs in order to make my face smooth and more fine than before, but sadly it turned worse. Now it is not smooth, but it is more rough and has more ingrown hairs.

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Looking for Wholesale Salvage Groceries

Looking to open a salvage grocery store in New Hampshire, and would like to know if anyone has any info on reputable suppiers in the New England area. Thank you!

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Sewing Machine Needle Won't Go Down

I have a Simplicity Denim Star machine. I cannot get the needle to go all the way down with the foot pedal or manually. I opened the area with the arm that the thread goes through and noticed a metal wire...

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Machine Locks and Won't Sew

I bought a new bobbin case (verified for the correct one) for my Singer 6104. When I hold it in with my finger it sews fine, but when I put the lever over it that holds it in place it locks up.

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Curtain Color Advice

I have two teal walls and two that are a linen color, like a dark cream. What colour of curtains should I get?

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Making Fabric Christmas Ornaments

I am making primitive Xmas ornaments and would like to cut some stages. Can I mix Elmer's glue and instant coffee and brush it on the ornaments? Or can you suggest another easier alternative?

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Removing Gasoline Smell from Car Carpet

How do I remove the smell of spilled gasoline from my car carpet?

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