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Learning to Sew Clothing
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Value of Supplement to 1940 Britannica

How much is the "Supplement to 1940 Britannica book of the year" worth? It's a hardback in good condition published in 1940.

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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

I want to ask if my mom can still claim my dad's benefits even if he died in 2006. We don't know what to do because my mom is in the Philippines and my dad was here in the US.

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Where to Buy Dawn Dish Soap

Sometime the best deals can be found online. Here is a 90oz bottle of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. If you use Dawn often, this is definitely a great deal.

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Calendar for Leftovers
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Don't Preheat Canning Lids
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Help With Kitchen Repairs
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Can Cottonwood Trees be Useful?

I have a dozen mostly cotonwood trees - 100 feet plus each. I want someone to come get them and take them away. Can anyone use them for soft pallets or anything useful?

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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color

I am a natural redhead. I dyed my hair chocolate brown but it came out dark brown, almost black. I managed to get it to fade a little bit, but not much. My red hair and old highlights are slowly coming through.

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Value of Murphy's Cedar Chest 7083

I am wanting to sell this. I live in KCMO and not sure how much I should ask for it?

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Asking a Girl to Homecoming

Ok so I really like this girl and wanna ask her to homecoming. How do I make it cute?

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Removing Deck Stain From Vinyl Siding

The former owner of our cottage splashed deck stain all over the lower row of off white vinyl siding on two sides of the cottage.

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Removing Human Urine Smell from Couch

There is a urine smell on my couch which I am unable to get rid of. I would really appreciate any tips. Thanks.

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Keeping Squirrels Out of the Dumpster

We got new dumpsters and they chewed through the lid of dumpster. Do we have to get metal tops? Ideas would be great. Thanks.

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Daycare Name Ideas

Could I get help with a name for my upcoming daycare?

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Real Estate Business Name Ideas

I am starting a new company in Orlando Florida and looking for a good name. Any suggestions?

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Truck Heater Blowing Hot Air All the Time

My 1972 Chevy pick up has hot air coming in the cab all the time. How do I fix it?

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Awful Smell in One Room

There is an awful smell in one of the bedrooms. This year it started to stink right after we turned off the swamp cooler for the year. (One of the swamp cooler's "dumps" is between the bedroom and the adjoining bathroom.)

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19th Birthday Ideas

I am turning 19 on the 19th of October so I have less than a month to plan something special. Please help me with some fun ideas!

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Cabinet Paint Color Advice

I need help picking a dark brown paint color to paint my island and vanities.

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Home Repairs for Low Income Families
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Removing a Stubborn Stain on Dress

I have a cream Karen Millen dress which appears to have a red coloured stain on it. The dry cleaners have tried, but it won't lift. Any ideas?

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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a 15th edition complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, published in 1987. They are in perfect condition.

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Garden Tractor Keeps Blowing Fuse

My garden tractor blows the fuse only when I turn it off.

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Getting Rid of Slugs

On the side of my house I have a silver trail were slugs go up and down, up and down. This happens at night. I can't make out where they come from. They go gable end up to apex and down about 2 feet from ground. Thank you.

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Value of Encyclopedia Americana

I have a set of old encyclopedia Americana volumes 1 to 30. The first issue was published in 1964 by Americana Corporation.

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What Kind of Casserole Can I Make?

I have hamburger, cheese, biscuit dough, onions, and tomato products.

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Getting Diesel Fuel Off Your Headlamps

How do you get diseal fuel off your headlamps? I went to the gas station someone on the staff put diesel fuel in the washer.

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Where to Buy Peppermint Oil

You can often find the best peppermint oil deals online. Here is an inexpensive peppermint oil that you can use to control mice.

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Moving a Stove Without Damaging Floor

Pull your stove out from the wall and clean floor, etc. When ready to push stove back into place, spray Pledge or an equal where the feet of the stove will slide. This will keep your floor from ripping or scratching.

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Adjust Tension to Avoid Broken Sewing Needles

You may need to adjust your tension dial with your fabric you are using and kind of thread, also adjust to thickness of fabric. Always use good sharp needles with your sewing and keep machine clean and oiled.

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Mix Up Common Spice Blends
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Add Essential Oil to Dish Soap

I add a few drops of essential oil to Free and Clear (hypoallergenic) dish soap to mimic the expensive all-natural soaps without the possible allergens, since even all-natural soaps can have natural ingredients I'm allergic to.

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Sandalwood for Noseeums and Mosquitoes

We winter over in Florida and I used to live there on an island. That is the worst in Florida for mosquitoes, as well as noseeums. Massive swarms in the summer! Use sandalwood incense and oils.

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Pastor Appreciation Ideas
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Young Gardener
Check Out This Photo
Soda Tab Chain
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Remedy for Smelly Dog Feet
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Containing Messy Kids
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Removing a Stain from a Jacket

I need a homemade spot remover to get a red stain out of a white jacket.

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Unclogging a Kitchen Sink With Disposal

How do I unclog a double kitchen sink with garbage disposal on one side?

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Growing Mustard Greens
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Curtain Color Advice

I just painted my kitchen a light green. My cabinets are a light oak. I will be putting new tan or white tile on the floor and eventually new counter tops. I need to know what color valance would be best?

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What Are Noseeums

Can someone please tell me what noseeums are? The dictionary is no help. I assume they're some kind of insect, and would like a more scientific name. Also I assume they're something we don't have in southern California.

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Name Ideas for an After School Program

I have 5 small kids and I am trying to open up my own after school program but need any ideas or suggestions for names.

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Using Wine Bottle Bottoms in Stained...
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17th Birthday Ideas

I'm turning 17 on October 5th, and I want to do something fun with my friends; girls and possibly guys too. I want to be remembered for this birthday. Like I want something special and fun, but I'm unable to actually have a party party. Please help.

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Getting Rid of Bugs in Pantry

I have been told that leaves from eucalyptus trees on the shelves and in containers will keeps bugs out of food. Is this true? I'm sorry. I don't know how to do photos on the computer.

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Adding Color to Simmering Granules

I tried to add colour to my granules, but they went a bit mushy and wet. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?Thank you.

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My Spaniel's Ears Are Itchy

How can I keep my dog's ears from itching?

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Maytag Washer Error Code

My washer won't do anything. The code F DL comes up. What does the code mean?

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Removing Pine Pitch on Driveway

Pine pitch has left white spots on the new asphalt coating on the driveway.

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