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Established in 1999, ThriftyFun is a community of everyday experts who seek creative inexpensive solutions to daily problems. We share tips and ideas for crafting, creative recycling, gardening, frugal living, recipes, cleaning and more.

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Freezing Banana Peppers

How do you freeze banana peppers?

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Tennessee Baked Taters

Davy also loved his taters! Older kids can make this easy baked potato recipe.

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Heisenberg (Orange Tabby)
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Selling a Poplar Tree

I have a large poplar tree that was struck by lightening yet is alive and doing well. I'd like to see if I can sell it.

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Crimson Tide Cross Stitch Pattern

I am looking for the cross stitch pattern for the Alabama Crimson Tide team. Do you know where I can find it or where I can look for it?

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Growing Summer Savory
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Filling Bare Spots in Your Autumn Garden
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Using Dyed Wood Mulch
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Scrap Yarn Ball
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Growing Grapefruit from Seed
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Repurposing Crocs
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Home Day Care Business Name

I'm looking to start a home day care. We live in an area called 'Swanavon', close to the city with park/trails, lots of trees. I would like something sweet, comforting and cool! Any suggestions?

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Value of Dynasty Doll

I have a Dynasty Doll - named Tatiana #28/950 pieces worldwide. Does anyone have an idea of its' value?

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Transplanting a Weeping Cherry

I have two 12 year old weeping cherry trees, and they are too close together. Can they be transplanted and if so how do I do it without killing them?

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Decorating a White Rainbow Tea Table

My color is white and I have 3 days to figure out decorations and food. Can you please give me some ideas?

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Kitchen Paint Colour Advice

My kitchen is small with white units and black marble effect worktops. I need advice on which colour would look good on walls.

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Pumpkin Pie Square (or Bar) Recipes
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Use Gravel for Cleaning Bottles

I shake a small amount of rough cut small gravel with some detergent and water to clean our bottles that have stuff stuck to the inside. Just strain off and rinse the gravel, let dry, and it is ready for next time.

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Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids
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Grants for Costs Not Paid By Medicare
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Removing Stains on Micro Suede Furniture
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Preventing Animals from Damaging Plants...
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Preparing Container Plants for Winter
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Television Reviews
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Baked Hamburger Recipes
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Weigh Down Pet Water Bowl
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Using Wine in Cooking
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Winning Craft Entries At The State Fair
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Creating Adequate Drainage in Your Yard
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Bacon Appetizer Recipes
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Radon in the Home
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Cranberry Salad Recipes
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Converting Slides to a Digital Format
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Grow Microgreens Indoors

Using discarded foam egg containers, separate the top from the bottom. Cut holes in the bottom of each individual egg compartment and fit the lid beneath the bottom. Moisten some seed starting top soil and fill eleven of the separate compartments.

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Living Room Paint Color Advice

My furniture pieces are cranberry red, navy blue, sage green, and tan. The flooring is hardwood, mid-range brown. Drapes are navy blue. What color should I paint the walls? Beige is not an option.

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Does Baking Soda Kill Bed Bugs?

I'm trying to find out if baking soda kills off bed bugs. Does anyone know? I want to get them before they infest my apartment, I detected them early. They are here due to a neighbor who brought in road side furniture.

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Wine Stains on Old Crocheted Tablecloth

How can I remove wine stains from a really old crocheted table cloth? Grandma made it, probably 60 years ago and it has lain in my aunt's dresser drawer for at least 40 years. I've soaked it regular laundry soap. Now soaking in lemon juice/water. Help!

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Remedy for Nightly Leg Cramps

My legs are so sore from leg cramps at night and my hands also. There are not many meds I can take as I have a very bad stomach, and tons of allergies.

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Value of Murphy Chairs
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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

How do I get rid of bed bugs myself? I'm not infested yet, I think my neighbor down stairs brought them here. I saw him bring in used furniture and now I'm suffering for it.

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Davy Crockett's Corn Fritters

Davy's favorite. Watch out, he will eat them all!

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Removing a Musty Odor from Furniture

How do I remove a very strong musty odor from a wooden hutch?

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Freeze Cooking Grease Before Discarding
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Growing Mimosas from Root Suckers

In an area where a mimosa tree was cut down, new sprouts are growing from the old root systems.Can I cut a short section from the root with a 24 inch sprout attached and replant it in another spot, in the fall, successfully?

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Removing Bleach Smell

How to I remove the smell of bleach in my sink?

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Mix Sweet and Plain Cereal Together
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Business Name for a House Flipping Company

I am looking for a good business name. We are going to buy houses, do repairs, and then sell them. We need a good business name idea.

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Removing Tree Sap From Leather

How can I remove cottonwood sap from leather boat seats?

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Tips for Choosing a Lawn Care Service
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Gingerbread Cupcake Recipes
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When to Avoid Using Mulch
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Uses For Chip Clips
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