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Established in 1999, ThriftyFun is a community of everyday experts who seek creative inexpensive solutions to daily problems. We share tips and ideas for crafting, creative recycling, gardening, frugal living, recipes, cleaning and more.

Valentine's Day Ideas
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Valentine's Day Ideas
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What Breed is My Dog?
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Does She Look Pitbull?
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Replacement Dish for Chop Wizard

I need to replace the plastic dish that holds the chopped items. The dish got cracked.

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What Breeds Are These Dogs?
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Spicing Up a Red White and Blue Bedroom

My room has white walls, with mahogany/maroon curtains and dressers. I have a blue bookcase as well. How can I spice it up a bit without my room looking too patriotic?

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House Training a Puppy
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Caring for a Silver Shark

I bought 2 silver sharks 2 weeks ago. The last couple of days 1 isn't eating and its fins are cracking. The other one is fine. Any ideas why?

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Keeping Cats Out of the Yard

I'm really scared of cats. Someone told me to sprinkle cayenne pepper around to keep them out of my yard. Is this a good idea? I just wanna keep them away with no harm.

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Bald Patches on Cat's Abdomen

My 2 year old neutered male cat has a few sore, bald patches on his lower abdomen/genital area and inner hind legs. On occasion he gets a bald patch between his shoulder blades and we usually leave it and it goes away on its own and we're thinking it's an allergy. However, this issue has scared me more.

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14th Birthday Party Ideas

My birthday is coming up in less than 2 months. So I asked my family friend to have a party at her house because mine was too small. There are 20 boys and girls coming over and I have to plan what to do. We're hosting the party upstairs where a pool table and darts table is, but what else could I do?

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Check Out This Photo
Use Napkins as Placemats
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Repairing the Velcro Closures on a Dog Coat

I'm trying to put new Velcro over the old. The adhesive doesn't stick well enough to stay. My dog has 3 coats she can't wear for this reason. Any ideas anyone?

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Vintage and Costume Jewlery Bouquet for the Bride

I saw the most gorgeous bouquet for the bride to carry instead of flowers. It was completely made from vintage brooches, costume jewelry, earrings that had no mates.

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Curtain Color Advice

We just painted our living room with Sherwin Williams Alpaca Grey and we have chocolate furniture. I am having a hard time picking a curtain color? We have a black Lab so white it out. Thank you.

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Cleaning Yellowed Antique Shirts

I recently received three dress shirts. As nearly as we can determine they are from the late 1800s or very early 1900s. They have removable collars and cuffs, bibbed fronts, etc. The problem is that they are stained with orange spots and what isn't orange is very yellowed.

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Best Plant Identification Website

Does anyone know of a website where I can identify a flower/foilage given to me in a bouquet? I would like to propagate them.

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Waverly Border 5807473

I am looking for Waverly wallpaper border #5807473 from the Faith Popcorn's Cocooning Collection. Any help would be appreciated!

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Circuit Breaker Making a Buzzing Sound

I keep getting a buzzing sound from breaker, it doesn't shut down just buzzes now and then.

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Growing Flowers and Vegetables in a 5B Zone

I live in Ajax, Ontario in Canada and would like to know what I could plant in a 5B zone, plus I am a novice at gardening.

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Lost Shipment

I shipped a package to an Ohio address, I was able to track the package to the post office in Memphis, Tennessee on December 14, 2014. The only additional information is "package is in progress". Where is the package now, 5 weeks later? I need to know where the package is! What do I do next?

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Speech Ideas for Receiving an Award

I would like to have some idea how to answer after having received an award as best supplier.

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Car Will Not Move When Put in Gear

I have a 2004 Nissan Altima. My transmision will not take off in any gear, whether it's drive, reverse, low or high gear, it will not move. I observed the shifter linkage and everything seems normal, there are no unusual sounds.

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Refrigerator Not Cooling

One day my refrigerator, not the freezer, had stopped cooling. The freezer would work sometimes and sometimes it didn't. So we replaced it with another refridgerator and a day or 2 goes by and we notice the refrigerator on that fridge stopped cooling also.

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Replacement Parts for a Glider Rocker

I need the metal part for the glider under the seat of a rocker. Where can I find one?

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What Breed Is This Little Guy?
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Finding Help for Family After House Fire

I need advice on where else to look for help for my daughter and her family. They are victims of their home burning down 2 days before Christmas. We have tried and web sites to raise money where do we turn to for help? We have gone to every ag we could think of. Can you or someone tell me what to do?

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Property Management and a POA

My husband is incarcerated and he has at least 6 homes that his dad has been taking care of, a system that has been working. Now his dad brought POA papers to my husband requesting he sign them, he didn't. My husband wrote a simple letter giving him power as overseer of the property, that's it!

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What Breed Am I?
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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

I'm 17 years old with a 10 month old. My mom gets a check for my dad being dead. She isn't using it to take care of me. If I said something could I get that check and have it in my name? I don't attend school because I'm having financial problems with transportation and day care fees.

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Value of a Curtis Publishing Company...
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Lightening Skin

My skin color turned black slowly. Could anyone suggest how I can turn it white?

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Septic System Safe Toilet Cleaners

Is Poly-Zag toilet bowl cleaner safe for private septic systems?

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Lemony Angel Hair

A lemony cold pasta salad.

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2nd Birthday Party Ideas

My little girl is turning 2 in May. She is 4 days older than her cousin. They both like Minnie Mouse and the mother doesn't want to throw a party together and I don't want to do the same theme as she is. I have no idea what kind of party to throw for a 2 year old. What should I do?

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Truck Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

I have only slightly warm air coming out of heater vents in my 1996 Ford pickup. This is after putting in a new 195 degree thermostat and antifreeze.

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Bedroom Paint and Accessory Color Advice

I am moving into a house that has dusty rose for the carpet, which can not be changed. I have oak furniture and would like to know what colors would go, bedspread, throw, wall color, etc. I don't want anything to frilly.

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Bathroom Sink Will Not Drain

I have plunged, used a zip with teeth, used Draino, and even "Liquid Lighting" (virgin sulfuric acid with 12 buffers) the drain won't drain.

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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica
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Pelmet or Valance Fabric Color Ideas

I have faux silk thermal curtains in a beige (beige tone with orange or copper undertone). My walls are a cream tone. I'm having trouble finding a pelmet fabric (I'm unable to get the same fabric as the curtains). Do I go lighter or darker? The fabric is a block colour.

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Unique But Professional Daycare Name

I am in school to open a daycare/learning center, I plan to teach sign language, spelling, and more. I came up with the name Kiddie College, unfortunately I typed the name in on Google to make sure no one owns it, but there are two different places that have Kiddie Kollege (yes, spelled with a K).

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What Is My Dog Mixed With?
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Treating a Dog's Red Itchy Ears

I have a Boxer and his ears are really red and he is always scratching them. We took him to the vet and they said he doesn't have ear mites. He also shakes his head and rubs it up against the furniture. What are some things we could do to help this redness and itching stop?

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Removing Coffee Odor from Luggage

My travel mug, filled with flavored coffee, opened in the outside pocket of my new nylon luggage. How can I remove the flavored coffee smell?

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Best Pen for Writing on Unfinished Wood

I bought a 24" monogram for my wedding guests to sign. The wood is unfinished. I tried writing on the raw wood with a red Sharpie then spraying with clear varnish, but the Sharpie ran. Any suggestions? I want it to be preserved for posterity. Any help is appreciated.

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SSI and Child Support

I am on SSI disability and my daughter is on SSI disability. I am separated from their father. I am currently filing to receive child support. How much will that effect my SSI disability, how much will that effect my daughter's SSI and will it effect the amount of my son's child support?

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Home and Property Maintenance Business

I was thinking opening and home or property maintenance business in Nevada. Someone who takes care of baby boomers or x-generation homes. The business would maintain their homes both exterior and interior. I need help on a keyword that standouts on search engine.

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Value of Webster New International Dictionary

I have a copy of the 1923, Webster New International Dictionary. What is the value? It is an extremely large dictionary with a section in the rear showing pictures and names of misc. items, such as zoology, plants, etc.

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