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Free Knitting Pattern for a Polo Neck Insert

I'm looking for a free knitting pattern for a polo neck insert. I had one years ago but lost it.

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Bugs in Air Tight Flour Jars

I have what I thought was an air tight LaParfiet jar for my brown bread flour, but sure enough I went to use it the other day and found little black bugs. How did they get in if the jar is airtight?

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Reviving a Dull Laminate Floor

My laminate floor is dull. Please help? I've tried Bono cleaner for laminate floors to no avail. They are clean, but have dull spots. What can I do? I've heard vinegar and water is good, but afraid to try it.

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Using Fresh Pumpkins Frozen in the Field
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Value of 1883 The American Cyclopaedia

What is the value of a complete leather bound 1883 set of The American Cyclopaedia in good condition? If there is value, how might I go about selling it?

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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

Can I get any survivor benefits? My husband died in the Philippines November 6, 2014. We were married on December 6, 2010. I haven't been to the USA and I don't have a Social Security number.

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Slogan for Day Care Centre

I am going to start an infants' day care in my home. It will be named " Adonah Daycare " for 6 months to 2.5 years.

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Smoke Detector Won't Stop Chirping

I replaced the batttery to no a vil. I removed electric battery backed detector from the ceiling mount. The chirp is coming from inside the ceiling, not the unit. Please help me.

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Finding Free Fabric

I am looking to find free fabric scraps does anyone know where I could find them? I will be making quilts for my church for Christmas.

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Recipes Using Lipton Soup Mix
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Breakfast Pie Recipes
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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday

My boyfriend will be 19 in a couple of months and I really don't know what to get him.

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Removing Rust from Refrigerator Door

How do I remove rust off the outside of a fridge door?

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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica
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4 Wheel Drive Not Working on Ford Ranger

I have put 2 new hubs and bearings on my front wheels. Now my 4-wheel drive won't work. Anyone know the answer? It is a 98 Ford Ranger. Thank you.

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Removing Glue from Bathroom Tiles

I have sticky glue on my bathroom tiles that has been there for a long time. It has become very hard in texure. How can I remove it?

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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits

My father was in the navy during WWII. I am now on Social Security disability. It is difficult to live on a fixed income. I want to know if I, his daughter, can apply for Social Security benefits from my father.

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Pool Party Ideas for 14th Birthday

I am having a pool party for my birthday. Everyone is around the age of 14 and I have not a clue what to do. I mean we have got like party food and cake, but I am not sure as the party goes for 3 hours.

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Home Interior Design Shop Names

I would like suggestions for a name for a home interior decorative shop. Thank you.

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Treating a Puppy for Worms

My Rot puppy is 2 months old and I found long thick worms in her stool. She is also vomiting now. My vet gave her some medicines, but no use. Please help me as I can't see her so low.

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York Antique Auto Wallpaper Border

I am looking for York wallpaper border EB8989BD R-11. It has antique cars in front of a cafe.

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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 18th Birthday

Ok, so my boyfriend is turning 18 December 11th, and I have no clue what to get him. He's into Magic the Gathering, Papa Roach music, and is on the wrestling team.

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Asking a Girl to a Dance

I know this girl who is in speech and debate and she is a year older than me. I don't know her that well. We don't really talk, but we say hi to each other, etc.

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Smoke Alarm Goes Off When Air Conditioner On

The smoke alarm goes off when the central air is on, if you close all windows it will not go off. But if you open any window an inch the alarm goes off. It's a new house, no appliances in yet, no one living there yet. It will not go off at all during heat cycle. It is not near vents or lights.

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Discontinued Carey Lind Wallpaper
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Cooking a Turkey Breast in a Bag

Can you cook a 10 lb turkey breast (bone out) in a turkey bag in an Oster turkey roaster or do you have to take it out of the bag it came in?

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Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell from Fabric Headboard

I just purchased a fabric headboard and frame. It looks perfect and I got it for a great price, but, when I got it home I realized just how it reeked of cigarette smoke! I sprayed diluted white vinegar a few times and that didn't help. I also put out bowls of activated charcoal, but that didn't help either.

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Value of Vintage Winchester Reel Push...
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Curtain Color to Go With Decor

I have traditional furniture, a light brown sofa, light grey walls with white wood work and light grey carpet. My end tables are medium cherry, the curtains I have up now are dark burgundy. Help! What other colors can I use for curtains and still maintain traditional look?

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Bug a.k.a Lovebug (unknown)
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Value of a Leonardo Doll

What is the value of Lp1466? Her name is Heather. There is a crown with swords on top of the box. The doll and box are in excellent condition. She is dressed like she is from Ireland or the UK. Just looking at the way; her hair is red. I want to know the value of this doll.

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98 Ford Ranger Heater Not Working

Does anyone know why it would not work? If so please let me know, it is getting cold and colder. Thank you.

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Acting as Executor for Last Will and Testament

My dad just passed. I am executor of a simple will dividing everything (only money) between 5 siblings. $75,000 will be disbursed equally from his annuity by that company. The remaining $25,000 is in a cash bank account. I have signing power on those accounts. Can I just put that money in my account and write a check to my siblings?

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Real Estate Business Name Ideas

I reside in northern Virginia and will service all of northern, Virginia. I am opening up a residential real estate company and cannot come up with a name. I do not plan to hire other agents. Can you help me?

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Problems with Email View

My old emails from 2013-2012 are showing up, but NOT the 2014 current ones. What's happening?

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V3820 Food Saver Light

I can not get the tray light to go out. I cleaned both the upper and lower tray. The light still will not go out.

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Discontinued Carey Lind Wallpaper

I am seeking Tuscan Gold Faux With Scroll wallpaper LB8515 about 4-5 bolts. Can any one help me? I've exhausted my options. LB8518 may also work. Thanks!

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Easy Spanish Rice

Goes great with Mexican Chicken.

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New Denture Soreness

I've just got my top dentures put in, 6 weeks after the extractions. They are feeling better as days go on, but I have already got sore spots. They seem to grip a bit on my upper inside lip. It pinches where there is a stringy bit of skin above the front teeth.

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Dog Acting Strange

I have a 6 year old Pug and I first started noticing him acting strangely about 3 days ago. He has been extremely needy and tonight when I got home from work, I went to pick him up and he started continuously yelping.

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Using a Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Can you really put boiling water in the plastic tank on a cheap Hoover carpet cleaner without hurting it?

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Garden Scene Woodcarving
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Shrinkable Plastic on Wood Frame Windows

My experience using shrinkable plastic on my windows is that the tape strips the wood finish. Not a problem if you have metal, but my new house has wood. Is there something I can do or a product that won't leave a stripe on my windows?

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Removing Burnt Taste From Thermos Drinking Spout

My husband has a flourishing thermos, but somehow the lid with spout now smells and tastes like burnt coffee. How do we get rid of it?

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Using Recycled Water in a Humidifier

Can I use the discharged water from my high efficiency furnace in my humidifier? I've read it can have a higher acidity level than regular water.

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Removing Sweat Stains On Buckskin Couch

I have dark perspiration stains on my buckskin couch. How do I remove them?

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Area Rug Color Advice

I would love to buy a area rug to go under my white coffee table. The couch is sunflower yellow and the three chairs are medium green. What color would go with this color scheme?

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16th Birthday Ideas

I'm turning 16 and I have no idea what to do. Plus my parents don't really think it's that special so I can't have many friends come to my sweet 16th, only like 3. I really don't know what to do cus I don't deserve my happy turing 16. That's what my parents say and I don't even know why.

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Shopping for Kraft Roka Blue Cheese

I live in SE Kansas and have looked everywhere for Kraft Roka Blue Cheese in the 5 ounce jars. My family loves the cheese ball that contains this ingredient. Can you tell me where I could find it in my area? Joplin, Missouri is only an hour away. It would be great to find it in my hometown of Parsons Kanas though! Thank you.

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Interior Design Firm Name Ideas

Please suggest a name for a small and attractive interior design firm.

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