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VA Disability and Child Support Arrears

I recently was awarded disability by the VA. I have child support arrears and wanted to know is there any way they can be eradicated or reduced.

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Dog Was Exposed to Parvo Won't Gain Weight

I recently found out that the dog I adopted about 2 months ago was exposed to parvo as a puppy and the owner never took him into the vet to get any vaccinations. He was extremely skinny when I got him and I just thought that he was underfed by his previous owners so I've been trying everything I can to have him put on some weight.

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Windshield Washers Not Spraying

I have a 2006 Honda CRV. The windshield washer spray only dribbles out when activated. If I release the hood latch, it works great. The nozzles seem to be clearing the hood, no water on hood. Is there a ground involved here?

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Buying Plastic Canvas

I just purchased a pattern book to make a plastic canvas doll house. Now I am having difficulty purchasing the 12' x 18' stiff plastic canvas. I live in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. Can you offer any suggestions? Does it have to be 12 x 18? I can find the smaller sizes much easier.

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Removing Fabric Transfer Dye from Clothing

My son was working with this transfer dye at school, but someone bumped into him and he has got it on the back of his school shirt. I don't know how to get the transfer dye out of it.

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Raising Zebra Finches

I have two female zebra finches and they are building a nest together and dancing together like they would if it was a male and female. Is that normal?

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Value of Children's Encyclopedia Britannia

I have volumes 3-7 of 1960-61 Children's Britannica and was wondering what value they have if any.

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What Breed is My Dog?

My dog is female German Shepherd mixed with male Dogo Argentino. So I want to know the type of breed I have.

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Using Borax in the Laundry

I just bought a 7kg front-load washer. I expect to use 1/2 cup borax per load. However, we normally wash in cold. Does borax dissolve effectively in cold water?

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Removing a Stain from Oak Floor

My oak floor is stained by my dog being sick on floor in the night. It is dark brown in color and the size of a medallion. Can I ever remove this? I have wiped it over and it doesn't budge.

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Making Wine Label Stone Absorbent Coasters

How can I use wine labels to make stone absorbent coasters.I know how to make stamped stone absorbent coasters and I know they need to be baked, but can I do it with wine labels and also bake them to make them permanent?

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Cleaning a Fiber Optic Poinsettia Tree
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Zipper Foot for Older Brother Sewing Machine

I recently inherited an old Brother SA141 sewing machine, but I'm having a hard time finding parts for it. I believe it was made in the 1970s? In particular, I'm looking for a zipper presser foot. Is there another model that is compatible? Thanks for your help!

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Life Insurance Money

My father passed away when I was about a year old. I will be 18 in 2 months. When wil I get the insurance money that he has left behind for me?

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Finding Glass Doll Cover

Where can I find a glass cover for a 15 inch porcelain Shirley Temple doll?

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Survivor Benefits

I have a 5 year old daughter. Her father was killed in 2011. He had received SS benefits since the age of 6. I tried twice, to get her his benefits but they told me she couldn't receive any because her father never worked.

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Getting Rid of Flea Eggs

My head was itching and when I scratched my head, I found a flea. I immediately took a shower and washed my hair very thoroughly. I didnt find any more fleas but when I scratched my head again ...

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Information on Porcelain Doll
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Excessive Foul Sweating

I am 25 years old male and have seriously excessive foul smelling sweating, just from my underarms. I have tried several antiperspirants, however none seem to help.

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Sewing Machine Won't Pick Up Bobbin Thread

I have the Sears Kenmore 158.140. It's old. It it's not making any stitches and the needle won't pick up the bobbin thread. Please help.

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Measuring Butter

How much is 2 tablespoons in a stick of butter?

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Cooking a Turkey in an Electric Roaster

Do I have to add water to the outer roaster pot to cook the turkey?

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Value of 1969 Murphy Red Cedar Blanket Chest

I have a cedar chest from 1969 that was damaged by Mayflower Movers during a recent move. I am making a claim and trying to determine current value of my chest.

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Feeding Ladybugs

If you don't have aphids, what can they eat?

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Making a Halloween Costume

I have some money printed fabric. It has a black background with $5, $10, etc. printed on it. How would you use it in a Halloween costume and also a dog costume?

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Value of 1916 Complete Set of Encyclopedia Britannica

I have a complete set of 1916 Encyclopedia Britannicas with the original wooden shelf that came with them. What is the value of this set?

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Name for Real Estate Company

I am working at a real estate company and planning to start my own company. Please suggest to me suitable names. My father's name is Abdu, Abdu and Sons? Please give me some options. In Abu Dhabi there is fantastic company name.

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What Can I Make With These Ingredients?

I have 1% milk, onions, and potatoes.

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Maytag Error Code 9

My Maytag 2000 is beeping continually with a code 9.

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Dog Has Rash and Is Losing Hair
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Survivor Benefits Eligibility

How far back can you go back to get spousal survivor benefits? I was getting Social Security at the time of my wife's death in 2004. If so, how many checks is to be received?

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Malfunctioning Pre-lit Tree

I need some electrical help! I am trying to replace burnt out bulbs on my tree. However with one row of branches, every time I replace a bulb, the whole branch turns off.

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Dim Lights on Pre-lit Tree

I have a 2 year old pre-lit tree from Lowe's. All three sections of lights seem very dim this year. Any ideas on why?

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Dog Not Eating

My 13 year old dog has is not eating his food. Had him checked out at the vet. The blood test showed he has some liver problem, so he was put on a 10 day course of antibiotics. He also put him on vet diet food, which he will not touch unless I feed it to him by hand. What can I do to help him along?

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Day Care Preschool Name

I opened a daycare preschool. I would really like a catchy educational and lovely name for my little ones. Thanks.

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Needle Stops with Thick Material

I recently acquired a Singer 319W. I was sewing 2 pieces of fabric together and it worked fine. Then I doubled up the fabric, but when I started to sew, the needle stopped when it hit the fabric, but the wheel kept turning. When I went back to the original 2 pieces of fabric, it was fine. Help!

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Iron On Transfer Removal

I put a few partial transfers on a child's apron, and I want to remove some of it that did not transfer well, like the letters, how do I do that? Please?

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What Breed is My Dog?

This is Trooper, I rescued him from a shelter about a year and a half ago. He will be turning 2 in April. They told me he is a Chihuahua terrier mix, but he's 35 pounds and insanely muscular and toned. A little bigger than a Chi! ;D He is extremely loyal and obedient. He's all white with 2 brown spots on his back, the brown mask, and a brown little butt, and lots of freckles. He also has dews not only on his front feet but his back feet too. He also has big ears, not too vocal unless someone is outside, and a pretty short flat (you honestly could balance a pencil on it) snout. P.S. Don't be afraid to tell me he's a Pit Bull, I do not breed discriminate! And who would ever wanna get rid of this little boy anyway? :P

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Abby (Beagle)
Check Out This Photo
Curtain Color Advice

Two of the walls in my room are colored in yellow, and the two other ones are light purple. The wardrobe is light brown. Can you please advise me what color curtains I should buy?

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How Long Before Benefits Start?

After my husband's death, I applied for Social Security survivor benefits for my two youngest kids. My question is how long does it take to receive my first deposit from the date of my appointment?

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Water Heater Leak

My water heater leaks. I have kids in the home and no money. It is starting to have a odor. Any ideas for finding help to fix it?

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Washer Leaves Wet Clothes

Front loader will not do a final spin to remove or spin out last bit of water. Appliance works, but does not do the fast spin at end of any cycle.

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Electric Cord Replacement

Where can I order an electric cord for my Biddeford electric blanket?

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Power Restoration

On 11-17-14, in Jacksonville, FL, a extreme wind blew down part of a tree next to the sidewalk. The branch knocked down the wires and pulled down the power pole. JEA says it's not their problem.

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Preserving Cut Bittersweet for...
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99 Chevy S10 Heat/AC Blower Not Working

My 99 S10 v6 heater/ac blower works well except the fan doesn't blow air/heat on the floor setting or the combination floor/vents. When I put the selector on floor setting, I can hear the "door" directing it to the floor open/close, and the fan running, but nothing is coming out of the floor vents.

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What Breed is My Dog?
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House Trained Dog Started Peeing on Carpet

I have a 4lb 8 yr old Yorkie that has always been potty pad trained. Just recently he started peeing on the carpet. And I can't figure out why. He poops on the pad and at night when he's in the bedroom and can't get out he will pee on the pad also. But during the day he just pees where ever he wants.

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Babysitting Activity Ideas

I need help thinking of ideas for babysitting 5 younger kids.

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Using Brewer's Yeast for Fleas on Cats

My mom uses brewer's yeast for our dogs and I was wanting to know can you use the same brewer's yeast for cats as you use for dogs or is there a different type for cats?

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