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This page has hundreds of recipes for preparing many varieties of fish. The recipes are shared by our community of everyday experts.

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Toaster Oven Baked Salmon covered with green onions

Toaster Oven Baked SalmonAdding salmon to your diet is a great way to get Omega-3 fatty acids. Making this toaster oven baked salmon is fast and easy.


Salmon Patties on a blue plate with greens.

Cornmeal Salmon Patties RecipeThese delicious salmon patties are made with canned salmon and a few other ingredients. They are full of flavor and easy to make. This page contains a cornmeal salmon patties recipe.


Canned Mackerel

Recipes Using Canned MackerelThis inexpensive, nutritious fish is consumed worldwide. This page contains recipes using canned mackerel.


rice, salad and tuna steak on plate

Air Fryer Tuna SteaksYou can reduce the calories and fats by using an air fryer to cook your tuna steaks. There is much less mess and your tuna is ready quickly.


Baked Salmon On White Plate

Baked Salmon RecipesIf you love baked salmon, you may be always on the lookout for new recipes. This page contains baked salmon recipes.


Salmon Loaf

Salmon Loaf RecipesAn economical way to enjoy the great taste of salmon is to make a loaf. This page contains salmon loaf recipes.


salmon on plate

Canned Salmon Over RiceCanned salmon is a frugal alternative to fresh fish and is available any season. Just add rice to make a quick and nourishing main dish. This is a page about serving canned salmon over rice.



Mackerel RecipesThis page contains mackerel recipes. Mackerel is not only inexpensive, but it also contains Omega 3 fatty acids and other valuable nutrients.



Swordfish RecipesSwordfish can be prepared in many delicious ways. This page contains swordfish recipes.


Panko Crusted Cod

Panko Crusted Cod RecipesThis page contains panko crusted cod recipes. These flaky crumbs help to create tasty breading for your baked fish.


A baked salmon loaf.

Salmon LoafThis is a great way to use a can of salmon. It can be eaten hot or cold.


The completed meal in a frying pan.

Salmon Sauteed TomatoesThis is a great and simple salmon meal you can make especially if you enjoy sauce over your rice. Or, you could also dip the sauce with bread instead.



Two salmon fillets on a cutting board.

Salmon Fillet RecipesSalmon fillets can be baked, pan fried or even grilled. This nutritious fish can be flavored with all sorts of other ingredients from many cultures.


Poached Salmon on dinner plate

Poached SalmonWith the gift of a bottle of wine, I decided to look for recipes. This recipe doesn't heat up the kitchen, eliminates any fish odors, and can be eaten hot, room temperature or cold. I opted for the cold, since we are in the middle of a heat wave.


Salmon on dinner plate

Soy Citrus SalmonI learned this quick and super delicious pan-fried salmon technique from my mother. Sprinkling the fish with a bit of flour before frying it not only gives it a crisp exterior, but it also lends to making a nice pan sauce when soy and citrus juices are added. The result is a tender piece of fish with a nice crunch and full bodied flavour. You can use any citrus fruit you like.


A plate of salmon with avocado mango salsa.

Salmon with Avocado and Mango SalsaI got all the ingredients on sale, and thoroughly enjoyed this easy to prepare, gourmet meal. It is done in less than 30 minutes. I halved the recipe, and since I only had dried cilantro, used half the amount of the fresh called for in the recipe.


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Grilled Salmon on Cedar PlankHere is a very simple dry rub seasoning for your salmon to grill on a cedar plank. The cedar planks adds a nice smoky wood flavor and you don't need any oil. Plus it's much cheaper to grill your own salmon on cedar plank vs. eating out at a restaurant!


Tuna Patties Alaking on a plate.

Tuna Patties AlakingWhen meat is too mainstream during meal time. Let's try a lighter version and improve our cooking skills using ingredients which are only available on the pantry. It's always our cravings that make me think of doing unusual recipes in my kitchen.


Chili fish cakes on a plate.

Chili Fish CakesEverybody loves spicy in the house. We also love that street food style cooking with sweet savory gravy like sauce. The twist is, I put the spicy flavor into the fish cake and not in the sauce.


The baked salmon filets.

Asian Inspired Baked SalmonThis is one of those easy recipes to whip up that doesn't require any time to marinate in the fridge. I went a little heavy on the lemongrass (I absolutely love lemongrass) and fish sauce but it's just so delicious! You can add more or less red peppers depending on your spicy tolerance. This salmon pairs perfectly with rice and side soup!


A portion of ginger garlic lemongrass salmon.

Baked Ginger Garlic Lemongrass SalmonHere's a quick and simple wet rub for salmon made with a few ingredients. Paired with white rice and side of vegetables. A perfect light meal for lunch or dinner.


Spicy Tuna Avocado Rolls on plate

Spicy Tuna Avocado RollsIf you are craving sushi and need a quick fix, try these spicy tuna hand rolls. They are super easy to make and will satisfy your need for sushi. I added fresh shredded cabbage for a lovely crunch as everything else in this roll is soft and creamy. Because the soy and wasabi are integrated into the mixture inside, there is no need to dip these rolls.


A finished plate of garlic butter salmon.

Garlic Butter SalmonThis is a simple and delicious way to make a velvety, juicy salmon in your oven. You can lay out your favourite veggies around the salmon and drizzle the garlic butter all over them, too. This is a great one-pan oven meal.


A baked breaded cod filet.

Baked Cod with Parmesan Bread CrumbsThis is my first attempt with baked cod and I'm really happy with how it turned out. It may not look appealing but it was very delicious, flavorful and not dry. It would have been better with some more butter, but I didn't have any on hand. Quick with simple ingredients and a meal ready in less than 20 minutes.


Marinated Yellowfin Tuna

Marinated Yellowfin TunaMarinate your yellowfin tuna with soy sauce, ginger and spices for an hour. Add the lime juice just before cooking for a moist, delicious entree.


Tuna Tartare with rice on plate

Making Tuna TartareFresh tuna is perfect for making this tasty dish. The addition of parsley and ginger add a nice flavor. The instructions for preparing this raw fish dish can be found below.


A plate of cooked tilapia.

Quick and Healthy TilapiaA relatively inexpensive fish is tilapia. It is quick and easy to prepare for a delicious, dinner main dish.



Spiced Maple Pecan Salmon on plate

Spiced Maple Pecan SalmonPecan, maple syrup, orange slices, and fall pumpkin spices combine to offer a sweet alternative to savory salmon. Try some tonight.


Salmon fritters in a bowl.

Making Salmon FrittersCanned salmon, bread crumbs, eggs, vinegar, flour, and seasonings combine to make these delicious salmon fritters. This page contains step by step instructions and a photo of the finished fritters.


Cheesy Fish Rolls on plate

Cheesy Fish RollsSchools are celebrating Nutrition the month of July. My kid's school celebrates it today and they will be having market day activity. Parents are involved in putting up a marketplace and booths where nutritious goods are being displayed for sale.


cooked Fish Nuggets

Making Fish NuggetsYou can make street food style fish nuggets from leftover fish so nothing goes to waste. The fish is mixed with flour, onions and garlic, and fried for tasty finger food.


Tuna Stuffed Avocado on plate

Tuna Stuffed Avocado RecipeUse half an avocado as a bowl for this delicious tuna salad. As you eat the tuna mixture, you can scrap out the creamy avocado from the skin. A great alternative to having tuna salad on bread.


Creamy Caesar Herb Crusted Haddock on plate with salad

Creamy Caesar Herb Crusted Haddock RecipeUse caesar dressing, herbs and breadcrumbs to make this flaky baked haddock. This page contains a reicpe for creamy caesar herb crusted haddock.


Fried Sea Bass on plate

Fried Sea Bass RecipeMake this simple fried fish dinner with just a few ingredients. This page contains a recipe for fried sea bass.


Salmon Topped with Pineapple and Mushrooms on plate

Salmon Topped with Pineapple and MushroomsSautéed white and green onions, pineapple, and mushrooms go wonderfully with seasoned cooked salmon fillets. This is a recipe for salmon topped with pineapple and mushrooms.


Baked Salmon with Dill Sauce and beans on plate

Baked Salmon with Dill SauceA delicious compliment to salmon is a creamy dill sauce. This is a page about baked salmon with dill sauce.


Honey Garlic Salmon with pasta & broccoli on plate

Honey Garlic SalmonThis is an incredibly easy way to make your salmon pop with just a handful of ingredients. It's sweet, it's savoury, and can be ready in about 10 minutes. Enjoy!


Fish Fries with bowl of sauce on plate

Fish FriesMy kid wanted fries but then again there's nothing on my fridge but a thousand grams of anchovies. I don't know what its called in some countries, but in mine we call them fish fries. So here's a unique, healthy snack I made for my picky eater kid.


cooked Fish, lemon and broccoli on platter

Pan Steamed Lemon Butter FishThis is a fantastic and easy-to-put-together dish that ensures your fish will be moist and flavourful. I like leaving the skin on my lemons when I eat them cooked (Mediterranean style) but if you'd like yours toned down a bit, simply remove the skin from the slices before putting them in the pan. I used sole fish here but you can use any fish you like.


Honey Lime Salmon on foil

Honey Lime Salmon DinnerEnjoy lime and honey baked or seared salmon with a few sautéed vegetables and rice for a delicious meal. This page contains a honey lime salmon dinner.


Tuna salad in an avocado.

Making Tuna BoatsTuna boats are a delicious alternative to traditional tuna sandwiches. This is a page about making tuna boats.


Salmon patty burger.

Super Special Salmon Patties RecipeSalmon is the main ingredient for making these delicious fish patties. This page contains a recipe for super special salmon patties.



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Suggestions for Serving Cold Sautéed Salmon?Recently, someone gave me a beautiful salmon steak. I quickly sautéed the fish in coconut oil. It tasted OK, not really good. I refrigerated the rest. Tonight, I tasted the chilled fish. It was much better cold, but still, it had that 'fishy' taste.


Fish cooked in banana leaf

Cooking Fish in Banana LeavesMany cultures cook fish inside banana leaves as bananas are grown in tropical climates worldwide. This is a page about cooking fish in banana leaves.


Pita bread stuffed with tuna salad.

Recipes for Tuna PocketsTuna is delicious served hot or cold and can be combined with so many different flavors. This page contains recipes for tuna pockets.


cooked fish on dinner plate

Ginger Soy Snapper FishThis is a simple way to put together a delicious high protein fish with an Asian twist. You can skip the pan frying method here and insert the dredged fish into an oven preheated at 425F for 15 minutes.


Salmon with fresh greens on a white plate.

Green Onion Salmon RecipeFresh green onions are a perfect addition when cooking salmon filets.This page contains a recipe for green onion salmon.


mixed Salmon Salad

Salmon SaladVery easy to make and an ideal meal when you are busy. Perfect for on the go because you could eat this salad at room temperature or cold. You can make this salad into a sandwich with sandwich slices, hot dog buns, hamburger buns or even serve as an appetizer over crackers. It is very versatile!


Japanese Style Sardines on plate

Japanese Style Sardines (Iwashi Nitsuke)Sardines are believed to have numerous health benefits, when eaten as part of a healthy diet. Here is a great Japanese-style sardines recipe to try. This is a page about Japanese style sardines (iwashi nitsuke).


Fish on Cutting Board

How to Cook Fish in a Paper BagThere are endless recipes for preparing baked fresh fish in a paper bag. Change up the type of fish and the spices, to serve this delicious healthy meal often. This is a page about how to cook fish in a paper bag.


Baked Salmon with Marinade on a plate with a baked potato and broccoli

Baked Salmon with MarinadeA deliciously, seasoned main dish is this marinated salmon recipe. This page contains baked salmon with marinade.


finished Fried Fish Drops on plate with bowl of sauce

Fried Fish DropsLeftovers! So many of them inside my fridge, that I'm making a new recipe innovation. I call these fish drops literally because its made of fish that is dropped into boiling oil.


baked dish

Sesame Garden Fish Bake RecipeFrozen or fresh fish fillets combined with garden produce can be baked into a tasty, easy to prepare meal. This is a page containing a sesame garden fish bake recipe.


Fish Sticks in Mozzarella Blankets on plate

Fish Sticks in Mozzarella BlanketsI was thinking about making shawarma. I am making a twist on the pita bread because I don't have the right ingredients for the whole shawarma recipe. I turned a fish loaf into something interesting.


Leftover Fish Patties on plate

Leftover Fish PattiesTurn leftover fish into delicious fish patties for a whole new meal. This is a page about making leftover fish patties.


Tasty pan fried salmon patty.

Recipes Using Salmon PattiesSalmon patties can easily be cooked up to accompany just about any side dish for a quick and healthy meal. This page contains recipes using salmon patties.


Ahi Tuna Wrap fillings

Ahi Tuna WrapThis is a very light, quick and healthy lunch or dinner.


Breaded haddock.

Recipes Using HaddockHaddock is a delicious fish you can add to just about any meal. This page contains recipes using haddock.


Lightly Fried Cod Fillet on plate

Lightly Fried Cod Fillet RecipeFry up some delicious cod for your next lunch or dinner. This page contains lightly fried cod fillet recipe.


Bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Making Smoked Salmon Bagels at HomeWith just a few ingredients, smoked salmon bagels are inexpensive and easy to make. This is a page about making smoked salmon bagels at home.


Pan Fried Tilapia with green onion and ginger chunks on plate

Pan Fried Tilapia RecipeThis tilapia dish is quick and easy to make and adds that often overlooked fish meal to your diet. This page contains a pan fried tilapia recipe.


Tilapia and Rice - finished dish

Tilapia and Rice RecipeTilapia fish and rice is simple mouthwatering dish that will certainly get gobbled up. This page contains tilapia and rice.


Steamed Fish Packets

Making Steamed Fish PacketsMake a delicious meal of steamed fish with minimal prep using this easy recipe. This page shows you how to make steamed fish packets.


Raw Fish with Coconut Milk

Raw Fish With Coconut Milk RecipeThis page contains a raw fish with coconut milk recipe. Many cuisines have their own recipes based on raw fish.


finished salmon

Pistachio and Cream Salmon RecipeThe addition of cream and pistachios to this salmon dish really makes it special. This page contains a pistachio and cream salmon recipe.


Left-Over Hake and Corn Cakes

Left-Over Hake and Corn Cakes RecipeThis page contains a left-over hake and corn cakes recipe. Make delicious fish and corn cakes with leftovers from a previous meal.


Salmon cakes in a cast iron pan with a sprig of dill.

Salmon Cake RecipesThis page contains salmon cake recipes. This is a delicious way to prepare salmon for a protein rich main course.


2 Fried salmon patties with a wedge of lime and a cob of corn.

Fried Salmon PattiesThis is a page about fried salmon patties. Stretch a can of salmon with other ingredients to make delicious fried patties for dinner.


Vegetable Stuffed Fish

Vegetable Stuffed FishThis recipe was originally called flounder florentine. However I found it works with any firm white-fleshed fish. I also experimented with some Swiss chard from my garden instead of the spinach, with good results.


Baked Salmon in Orange Juice Recipe

Baked Salmon in Orange Juice RecipeTry this sweet and savory baked salmon next time you have a nice fresh fillet. This page contains a baked salmon in orange juice recipe.


Brown Sugar Salmon

Brown Sugar SalmonThis page contains a recipe for brown sugar salmon. Salmon tastes delicious when prepared with either a sweet or savory glaze or spice mix.


Baked Salmon Cakes

Muffin Tin Salmon CakesThis is a page about muffin tin salmon cakes. Preparing a recipe in a muffin tin allows you to make nicely sized single servings.


Fish Cake Recipes

Fish Cake RecipesWhether enjoying patties with your meal or making burgers on the grill, fish is a great alternative to red meat. This page contains fish cake recipes.


Sole meal on plate

Sole RecipesThis page contains sole recipes. The mild flavor of sole makes it a good choice in many recipes.


Fish Creole

Fish Creole RecipesThis page contains fish creole recipes. Southern creole recipes are usually very spicy with garlic and hot peppers.


Baked Flounder

Baked Flounder RecipesFlounder is a perfect fish to cook in the oven. There are many different ways to prepare it including stuffed, breaded, and covered with a tasty sauce. This page contains baked flounder recipes.


Tuna Crescent Rolls

Tuna Crescent Rolls RecipesThis page contains tuna crescent roll recipes. A yummy baked dish using tuna fish and cream cheese.


Tuna Cheese Twist

Tuna Cheese Twist RecipesThis page contains tuna cheese twist recipes. A delicious baked entree for holidays, parties or anytime.


Raw Cod

Recipes Using CodCod is a mild flavored, flaky white fish that lends itself to many recipes. This page contains recipes using cod.


Baked Cod

Baked Cod RecipesThe mild flavor of cod makes it a perfect choice for many baked fish recipes. This page contains baked cod recipes.


Tuna and Pasta

Tuna Pasta RecipesTuna and pasta make a great combination. This page contains tuna pasta recipes.


Grilled Red Snapper

Grilled Red Snapper RecipesGrilled fish makes a delicious main course. This page contains grilled red snapper recipes.


Grilled Salmon Recipes

Grilled Salmon RecipesThis page contains grilled salmon recipes. Grilled salmon is delicious but you have to be careful not to overcook it.


fried catfish

Recipes Using CatfishThis page contains recipes using catfish. Try some delicious catfish for dinner tonight.


fish casserole

Fish Casserole RecipesThis page contains fish casserole recipes. Fish casseroles are a nice alternative to the typical meat based casserole.


Tilapia With Pineapple and Apple Salsa

Tilapia RecipesThis farm raised fish is a current favorite in many recipes. This page contains tilapia recipes.


Fish Fillet on White

Fish Fillet RecipesThis page contains fish fillet recipes. Fish is often a healthy alternative to red meat, but finding good recipes is key to overall enjoyment of the meal.


Broiled Salmon

Broiled Salmon RecipesThis page contains broiled salmon recipes. A excellent way to prepare a perfect salmon dinner is by broiling.


Roasted Trout on Plate

Trout RecipesPerfectly cooked trout is incredibly good for breakfast or dinner. This page contains trout recipes.


Frying Fish Sticks

Homemade Fish Stick RecipesThis page contains homemade fish stick recipes. You can make your own healthy version of the ever popular fish stick.


Baked Flounder

Baked Fish RecipesSeasoning, temperature and cooking time are important in creating the perfect baked fish dinner. This page contains recipes for baked fish.


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Baked Honey FishSprinkle fish with salt and pepper. Mix egg yolk, honey, garlic and soy sauce. Roll fillets in mixture. Place in buttered baking dish with lid. Dot generously with butter.


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Oven Fried FishPat fish dry. Dip in melted butter and then in crushed cracker crumbs with salt and pepper. Place on rack on cookie sheet. Bake in 400 degree F oven until golden.


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Fisherman's Crispy CoatingIn a shallow bowl, whisk together egg and milk. In another bowl combine cereal, flour, cornmeal, and seasonings. Dip fish into egg batter, then coat with cereal mixture. Fry


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Spud-Crusted HaddockThis is melt in your mouth delicious. Served with a lettuce salad and you have a wonderful light supper - quick too. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Pour melted butter into shallow medium dish.


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Fruited FishFresh, easy and low calorie.


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Ginger SnapperThoroughly mix the soy sauce, honey, ginger, and garlic in a large bowl. Dip both sides of the fish into the soy sauce mixture, and place onto the aluminum foil.


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Tilapia With Lemon and CapersServe with basmati rice drizzled with fresh lemon juice and a butter lettuce salad with a light flavored vinaigrette. You can grill these filets in an aluminum foil boat too.


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Snoek (South African Fish) Recipes ?I would like a recipe for grilling, baking, frying, or smoking snoek. Thanks.


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Fish in FoilPreheat oven to 450 degrees F. Place each fish portion in the center of a piece of aluminum foil. Season to taste. Place veggies and 2 Tbsp. of water on top of each.


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Orange RoughyCombine margarine, lemon juice and herbs. Dredge fish in flour mixture; roll in bread crumbs. Pour oil into shallow baking pan; arrange fish in a pan in one layer.


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Grilled Citrus Cod, Halibut or TilapiaHealthy, quick and easy :-) Heat grill to medium-high. Squeeze lemon and lime juice in to a small bowl. Add garlic and whisk.


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A plate of cooked tilapia.

Quick and Healthy TilapiaWe have this for dinner quite often. It is relatively inexpensive, unbelievably easy and quick to prepare. Did I mention it's really good?


swordfish meal

Swordfish with Lemon-Garlic SauceI was looking for a good recipe for Swordfish. Found a few, tweaked a few together and came up with this one. It came out very yummy!


Steamed Fish Packets

Steamed Fish PacketsDo you want an easy, almost no prep dinner? Do you want something healthy, yet still actually tastes good? This begins with an inexpensive frozen tilapia filet. After adding a few simple ingredients, simply wrap it up and let it steam away in your oven.


panko crusted cod

Panko Crusted CodCod is a wonderfully flaky fish, that has a subtle flavor. Here is a simple recipe that has great crunch, without being fried.


baked dish

Sesame Garden Fish BakeI had a bunch of fish in the freezer and veggies from my garden that I wanted to use up. This is what I came up with, and it tasted real good. :) The cool thing about this recipe is that you don't even have to defrost your fish before cooking!



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Recipe for German Creamed Mackerel?I am looking for a recipe for a popular breakfast called German creamed mackerel.


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Cooking a Whole Salmon?My husband caught his first salmon the other day, but neither of us really know a good way to cook a whole salmon. Do any of you have any good methods and/or recipes?


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Substituting Mackerel for Herring in Sour Cream?Can mackerel be used instead of herring in sour cream? Is there a recipe?


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Recipe for Fish Pie?I am looking for a recipe for fish pie.


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Using Canned Mackerel?Your recipe says one whole can of mackerel, but what size can (no. of ounces) are you using? My Safeway store has four different sizes from 6 oz. to 20 oz.


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Grilling Catfish?How do I cook catfish on the grill?


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