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Frugal international meal recipes submitted by the ThriftyFun community. Recipes include: Chinese, German, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese and more.

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Easy Chicken Egg Rolls on a plate.

Making Chicken Egg RollsThese easy to make, delicious egg rolls are baked rather than fried. They are a great accompaniment to stir fry or any other dish. This page contains a recipe and instructions for making chicken egg rolls.


A plate of pizza dough empanadas

Making Pizza Dough EmpanadasMake easy empanadas by using ready made pizza dough from the grocery store. This is a page about making pizza dough empanadas.


Italian Rice Ball or Arancini

Italian Rice Ball RecipesThis page contains Italian rice ball recipes. A tasty finger food that is great for parties or to bring to potlucks.


Potato Knishes

Potato Knish RecipesThis page contains potato knish recipes. The potato knish is a tasty baked pastry filled with potatoes and seasonings.


Homemade Salsa

Salsa Recipes Without Cilantro?Although many salsa recipes include cilantro, you can make delicious salsa without this pungent herb. This page contains salsa recipes without cilantro.


Skillet Carne Asada on plate with peppers lime and cabbage

Skillet Carne Asada RecipeYou can make delicious carne asada at home on your stove. This page contains a recipe for skillet carne asada.


Vietnamese Beef Ragout (Lagu Bo)

Vietnamese Beef Ragout (Lagu Bo)This is a page about Vietnamese beef ragout (lagu bo). Many Vietnamese recipes are influenced by the French who colonized Vietnam. Try this delicious soup with carved vegetables.


Chicken Taquito Appetizers

Mexican Appetizer RecipesThis page contains Mexican appetizer recipes. There are many tasty Mexican style appetizers for you to choose from for your next dinner or party.


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Branjol and Gram DhallCurry to eat with rice, puri or roti. Soak gram dhall for few hour. Boil and set aside.


Seven layer dip.

Layered Mexican Dip RecipesA layered dip is a wonderful way to combine the flavors you like with your chips. This page contains layered Mexican dip recipes.


Korean food spread centered on meal in a bowl

Authentic Korean RecipesThis page contains Authentic Korean Recipes. When making Korean egg rolls, dumplings or cakes, you want to use the right ingredients so it tastes like the real thing.


Skillet With Fajitas

Fajita RecipesFajitas are a popular quick dinner option. With it's fast grilling and simple ingredients it's no surprise this dish a favorite with many families.



Beef Teriyaki

Beef Teriyaki RecipesTeriyaki beef is an easy to prepare, delicious meal for any occasion. This page contains beef teriyaki recipes.


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Using Mrs. Wage's Packaged Salsa Mix?How much chopped onion and chopped green pepper do I add to packaged salsa mix? I am using Mrs. Wage's packaged salsa mix. I have used it before with the ingredients mentioned, but only tomatoes is mentioned now.


Split Pea and Eggplant Stew on plate

Split Pea and Eggplant Stew (Gheimeh Bademjan)Gheimeh Bademjan is a hearty Persian stew of eggplant, split peas and small pieces of meat. It is traditionally made with lamb or mutton, but in this version, beef is substituted.


adding pork belly

Vietnamese Sticky Rice Cakes (Banh Chung)Although time consuming to make, these savory rice cakes are well worth the effort. This page explains how to make Vietnamese sticky rice cakes (banh chung).


Easy Lasagna

Easy Lasagna RecipesThere are many recipes available that allow you to make lasagna quickly and easily for those times when you can't prepare it in the more traditional way. This page contains easy lasagna recipes.


Veal Parmesan

Veal Parmesan RecipesThis page contains veal parmesan recipes. An elegant Italian dish made with young beef.


Japanese Style Watermelon Rind Pickles in bowl

Japanese Style Watermelon Rind PicklesThis is one of my family's longtime "waste not want not" recipes. Don't throw out your watermelon rinds! With a bit of salt, you'll have a beautifully refreshing and crunchy pickle. It goes really well with a warm bowl of rice or noodles.


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Coconut Pandan Sticky RiceThis is my Vietnamese inspired Coconut Pandan Sticky Rice with layered mung beans. This is a sticky rice dessert - you can serve warm or eat at room temperature. The toppings are optional - mung beans and sesame.


A dish of Hungarian goulash.

Hungarian GoulashThis is a recipe from my sister that my family has enjoyed for years. Her husband was in the Air Force and they travelled to many foreign places. She picked up this recipe in Germany.


Salmon Chan-Chan Yaki ready to serve

Salmon Chan-Chan YakiChan-chan yaki is a Japanese dish that uses fish and vegetables with a sweet and savoury miso sauce. They say that "chan-chan" is the sound the spatulas make when used to flip and piece up the ingredients on the hot pan. This is typically made on an electric griddle at the table with everyone sitting around, but you can use a big pan and serve it up in plates with rice.


A super stuffed beef burrito cut in half.

Super Stuffed Beef BurritoSomething my friends and family ask me to make all the time are my super stuffed burritos. I fill them with all the goodies and wrap them up really tight so nothing falls out. Follow my recipe and rolling technique to find out how I make these yummy burritos!


A plate of seafood tacos.

Seafood "Alley" TacosEver price a lobster or shrimp taco? Some places charge $8.99 for a two taco shrimp plate or $9.99 for a two taco lobster plate. I made these homemade seafood tacos for less than $.50 per taco. I call them "Alley" tacos because they are cheaper than a street taco!


A flour tortilla filled with fish and fresh slaw.

Battered Fish Tacos with Fresh SlawThese tacos are filled with puffy, crispy buttermilk fried fish and a wonderfully refreshing cabbage, corn, and pepper slaw. The flavours are as vibrant as the colours presented. Enjoy!


Vietnamese Banana and Taro Tapioca Pudding

Vietnamese Banana and Taro Tapioca PuddingThis is a sweet and creamy Vietnamese pudding dessert. This is a refreshing dessert that is typically served cool but can be served warm if you prefer.


2 Fish Tacos with Lime Crema

Fish Tacos with Lime Cremaand zesty. But they can be even fresher (and so much cheaper) when you make them yourself. These tacos came out to about a buck a serving, and I even used my toaster oven. I'd buy that for a dollar! :)



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Tuna SisigTuna Sisig is usually served in bars because men like to pair it with their cold beers. Also perfect with rice. Sisig means "to snack on something sour" that's why it's always served drizzled with lime.


A plate of Korean grilled wings.

Korean Grilled WingsHere's an easy to marinate and flavorful grilled wings. You can serve this as an appetizer or make for a main dish with rice. You could also bake this if you wanted too.


A serving of chicken katsu curry on a plate.

Chicken Katsu CurryJapanese curry is one of my absolute favourite comfort meals. Adding chicken katsu to it just knocks it out of the park. Chicken katsu is a crispy fried chicken cutlet cooked to perfection.


Shrimp paste served with sliced mangoes.

Sweet and Spicy Shrimp PasteShrimp paste or "baguong alamang" is one of the best livelihood products in my country. It is an appetiser or could also be used as condiment. This is usually served with rice or paired with green mangoes.


cooked crepe

Making Vietnamese Crepes (Banh Xeo)You can make your own Vietnamese crepe batter from scratch. Banh Xeo, a savory fried pancake that has a thin is typically filled with pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and eaten with vegetables and dipping sauce.


Celery and Herb Stew on plate with rice

Celery and Herb StewMany traditional Persian stews are difficult to make, but I find this one great for beginners. Believe me when I say it does not taste beginner at all. The celery gets fried with mint and parsley, making it very fragrant and tender. You can use any kind of meat you like for this stew. I used beef. You could also make it vegetarian. Serve with a bed of basmati rice.


Coco-Mango Glazed Palitaw on plate

Making Coco-Mango Glazed PalitawThis sticky snack is called "palitaw" from the word "litaw" which means float. Its called palitaw because the round flat sticky pieces float when they are being cooked.


Buko-Pandan Cake on plate

Making Buko-Pandan CakeNatural is always a good thing especially with food. This recipe uses coconut and pandan with no added artificial colors or flavorings.


Homemade Tahitian eepoo.

Making Tahitian EepooEepoo is a simple dish to make and tastes so good with fresh coconut milk. Normally we eat Eepoo with raw fish, taro, and bananas. This is a sweet food because it is made with fresh, raw coconut and coconut water.


A bowl of hearty shrimp soup.

Hearty Shrimp SoupWe usually prepare sea foods like prawns and crabs on special occasions. These foods are very expensive in the Philippians that most of us can only afford during special seasons. The past few weeks were special since we are reunited again with family members who got stuck in far away places for months due to lock down. So we had this simple but very special dish.


Fresh Fish Tacos

Fresh Fish TacosI've heard a lot of people mention they don't like fish tacos because they're mushy and none of the flavours stand out as much as other meat tacos. Here is a way to make them crisp and refreshing. Using only coleslaw and salsa as accompaniments really helps the fish stand out.


Creamy Pepper Gravy over Pork Tonkatsu

Easy Pork Tonkatsu in Creamy Pepper GravyA long day of work at home, moving things, cleaning up and everything deserves a good treat so I decided to cook a rewarding dish for dinner. We couldn't eat out so the best thing to do is bring restaurant recipes at home.


Dak Bulgogion plate with veggies

Dak Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Chicken)This is a restaurant-quality meal easily made at home. I used chicken thighs.


Mexican Street Corn Tacos on plate

Mexican Street Corn TacosStreet tacos are a Mexican favorite, made with savory meats and corn tortillas. Bring these flavors home with this easy recipe.


Spicy Potatoes in a bowl

Chinese Crispy Spicy PotatoesThese crispy potatoes are flavored with Chinese spices, like garlic, ginger and cumin. They are perfect as a side or even as a snack.



A pile of partially sprouted mung beans.

Recipes Using Mung BeansMung beans have been cultivated for at least 3,500 years old. The beans are most commonly used in Asia for sprouting, but also cooked as whole or split beans.


Green pandan leaves.

Recipes Using PandanThe slender palm-like leaves of pandan is used to flavor Filipino, and southeast Asian dishes. It has a flavor similar to vanilla and is also used as a sweet spice in breads, cakes and beverages.


Noodle Rice with dates & raisins on plate

Noodle Rice (Reshteh Polo)Reshteh polo is a fragrant noodle and rice dish often served for Nowruz (Iranian New Year). The dish combines toasted noodles, basmati rice, raisins, and dates. Saffron rice is also an optional version. Here a bit of saffron flavored rice is sprinkled on top. A recipe for this lovely dish can be seen below.


cooked skewered chicken

Making Japanese Chicken YakitoriYakitori is a Japanese style of preparing marinated chunks of meat that are then grilled on a skewer. Chicken is a popular ingredient used in preparing yakitori. Recipes for this handheld street food can be seen below.


Homemade Mini Churros with chocolate syrup

Homemade Mini ChurrosChurros originated in Spain and Portugal. They are also popular in the Philippines and Ibero-American countries as well as being offered in many Mexican restaurants. Making these delicious fried ropes of dough at home, is easy. This recipe includes instructions for making a dark chocolate dipping sauce.


Sticky Rice Shumai on cabbage leaves plate

Sticky Rice ShumaiShumai are steamed Asian dumplings that are typically formed inside of wonton wrappers. This version is rolled in sticky rice that has been soaked in water for 30 minutes. Learn how to prepare these delicious seasoned ground chicken or pork, mushroom, and shrimp delights.


Japanese Sweet Potato Rice in bowl

Japanese Sweet Potato RiceShort grained rice, cubes of sweet potato, salt, and sesame seeds are cooked together to make this delicious rice side dish. The instructions are offered for both a rice cooker and the traditional stove top version.


Loaded Chicken Nachos on plate

Loaded Chicken NachosThe recipe for these delicious chicken nachos also includes instructions for making the tortilla chips from flour tortillas. Add cooked onions and chicken to cheese covered chips and then add your favorite toppings.


A hearty chicken soup with a lemon-egg sauce added for flavor and richness.

Avgolemono Soup RecipesThis classic Greek recipe is flavored with lemons and eggs, resulting in a creamy and hearty soup. Chicken is a common starting point and rice or orzo are also usually included.


pile of Sticky Rice Cake

Making Sticky Rice Cake (Banh Tet)Sticky rice cakes are typically sold around Chinese New Year, but using the recipe on this page you can make your own anytime.


White Adobo in jar

Making White AdoboPork cubes cooked in water, vinegar, salt and pepper, and and then fried in garlic flavored oil can be stored in a glass jar without refrigeration for a period of time. This recipe comes to us from the Philippines as a solution to conditions being experienced during the COVID pandemic.


A plate of potstickers.

Potsticker RecipesOriginally created in China, these delicious filled dumplings have local versions in many Asian countries and are popular worldwide. Savory fillings are wrapped inside thin dough wrappings. This appetizer is generally pan fried then steamed and served with a flavorful dipping sauce.


bowl of Tyre Pudding & family picture

Making Tyre PuddingEnglish pudding recipes are often savory rather than sweet. This version uses salt pork along with minced meat and flour to create a thick and hearty main dish.


Egg-Stuffed Pomegranate Meatball cut in half

Egg-Stuffed Pomegranate MeatballsIf you are looking for an unusual main dish, try these pomegranate and spice flavored meatballs that contain a hard boiled egg inside. This Persian inspired main dish is severed in its own broth.


Mama Mia Meatballs

Making Mama Mia MeatballsHere is a traditional Italian meatball recipe, served with tomatoes, garlic and lots of cheese over pasta. Make and freeze these for a quick weeknight dinner.


Ube (Purple Yam) Paste on bread

Ube (Purple Yam) PastePurple yams are cooked, mashed, sweetened, and further reduced to a paste. Then chilled and served as a topping. It is delicious on top of the cold dessert halo-halo or even slices of cake.


bowl of soup with egg

Homemade BatchoyMake this traditional Filipino soup to warm you up on a cold day. This easy recipe contains pork, noodles and egg in a delicious broth.


cooked breaded peppers

Making Chile RelleñosChile Relleños is a classic Mexican dish that is easy to make at home. Roasted poblano pepper halves are stuffed and then cooked, often in a egg batter.


Banana PB Cookies on plate

Making Banana PB CookiesIf you have excess bananas, use them up to make these delicious peanut butter cookies. They make a great after school snack but could be a quick breakfast too.


finished Shrimp Taco with Avocado Cream Sauce

Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Cream SauceShrimp marinated in lime juice and taco seasoning are paired with cilantro avocado cream sauce for a cool, spicy taco filling.


Lamb and Eggplant Dip with crackers

Making Lamb and Eggplant DipStart with lamb, eggplant, and lentils to begin preparing this delicious Middle Eastern dish. It can be served as an appetizer or the main course.


A plate of curry and rice.

Curry RecipesCurry provides the very distinctive taste and smell to Indian subcontinental foods. It is a combination of ground spices including turmeric, ginger, cumin, coriander, and chilies, and generally is used in preparing a sauce.


Bukayo on bread

Bukayo (Filipino Coconut Candy)Try out this popular dish from the Philippines, known as bukayo. It is made using young coconut meat that is shredded and combined with brown sugar and a bit of extra water as needed. Then cooked until soft and the liquid reduced. The resulting coconut candy is typically served with sliced bread.


eggs in food coloring

Making Colorful Kwek-kwekBatter coated hard boiled quail eggs are deep fried and sold as a street food in the Philippines. These are given added kid appeal by adding food coloring to the batter. Serve with one of the sauces included below.


stack of Pandan Pancakes with Coconut Custard

Pandan Pancakes with Coconut CustardCoconut milk custard is layered between pandan pancakes for a delicious variation on Asian tea house pandan waffles. The recipe and preparation steps can be found below. Enjoy this treat straightaway or chilled.


Indian Ground Beef with Potatoes in bowl

Indian Ground Beef with Potatoes (Keema Aloo)Keema Aloo, is a delectable Indian dish composed of ground beef, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, and regional spices. The resulting stew is perfect for serving with naan bread or a bed of rice. The recipe is offered below.


Persimmon Daikon Salad

Persimmon Daikon SaladThis sliced daikon and persimmon salad is delicious as a side to any meal. The simple recipe can be found below.


Flour Balls on skewers with sauce

Making Flour BallsAdd chopped onion and garlic to an egg and flour batter. Drop balls of the dough into hot oil and cook until lightly brown. Serve with a favorite dipping sauce.


Fish in Tausi in bowl

Making Fish with TausiA delicious salted fried fish with tausi dish is cooked with vegetables and salted black beans. It also can be a good way to use up leftover fish, as a weeknight dinner served with rice.


A taco made with chorizo and flour tortillas.

Spicy Chorizo TacosTraditional chorizo originated in Spain and Portugal and is a pork sausage seasoned with paprika. Some current versions are significantly more spicy than the original sausages. Use a spicy chorizo blend when making tacos instead of ground beef.


Potato Tahdig (Crispy Potato Cake)

Making Potato Tahdig (Crispy Potato Cake)The crispy potato crust that sticks to the bottom of the pan is a traditional Persian treat, in its own right. Follow the specific directions below and its sure to become a household favorite. The carrot slices and parsley initial layer make for a beautiful presentation.


A plate of Chinese boneless spareribs

Chinese Boneless SpareribsThese savory boneless pork ribs can be served as an appetizer with Chinese hot mustard, ketchup and sesame seeds. Or serve with rice and veggies for a hearty meal.


serving dish of stew and bowl of rice

Lamb and Herb Stew (Ghormeh Sabzi)A family Persian stew recipe with wonderful herbs and spices flavoring the lamb. It uses dried limes and is best served over basmati rice.


Bengal Fish Curry in pan

Bengal Fish CurryAn east Indian dish from the state of West Bengal is this fish curry. A delicious combination of marinated fish fillets with drumsticks, vegetables, and spices. It goes great with steamed or fried rice.


A selection of Persian (Iranian) foods next to a traditional rug.

Persian RecipesOne of Iran's ethnic groups, the Persians flourished in the 11th to 15th centuries, and were influenced and traded with many Mediterranean and Asian cultures. Kebabs, khoreshes, rice pilaf, yogurt soup and hummus are just a few of their flavor filled dishes.


Persian Rice with Potato Tadig on plate

Making Persian Rice with Potato TadigThis delicious basmati rice with a potato crust dish is fairly easy to make. This variation does not call for saffron. The recipe is found on this page. Serve with a your choice of meat or a rich stew.


Shallot Yogurt Dip in bowl with crackers

Shallot Yogurt Dip (Mast Moosir)Make this traditional Persian yogurt dip, using Greek yogurt and dried Persian shallots (if available) or fresh shallots. Mast moosir may become one of your favorite dips. Refrigerate overnight for best flavor and serve with chips, crackers or bits of bread, rice, or kabob.


Walnut and Pomegranate Chicken Stew (Fesenjoon)

Making FesenjoonFesenjoon is an Iranian/Persian dish served in the fall and winter. The recipe can vary a little, but the main ingredients are finely chopped walnuts and pomegranate molasses. This delicious stew can be made with duck, chicken, small meatballs, and even pumpkin. The recipe for a version made with chicken follows. You will love the rich, sweet and sour, flavor.


Vietnamese Pandan Honeycomb cake cut on plate

Vietnamese Pandan Honeycomb CakePandan is a tropical plant from SE Asia. It is used in Vietnamese and other places to flavor rice, bread or desserts, including this delicious honeycomb cake. You can find pandan online or at an Asian supermarket.


mixing Chicken Curry With Fresh Coconut Milk

Chicken Curry With Fresh Coconut MilkThis chicken curry is made especially good with fresh coconut milk. The addition of peppers, onions, garlic and tomatoes enhance this flavor filled dish.


A skewer of Persian Lamb Kabobs with roasted vegetables.

Making Persian Lamb KabobsIn Iran, lamb and mutton are used more often than chicken or beef. These delicious lamb kabobs are perfect as a main course or as appetizers.


cooked Spanish Bacon on plate

Homemade Tocino (Spanish Bacon)This favorite breakfast dish from the Philippines is actually a carryover from Spanish influence in the country. It can be prepared using pork bellies, chicken, or beef marinated in a tasty sauce, simmered, and then lightly fried. The recipe can be found below.


baked Lasagna

Making Christmas Day LasagnaThis lasagna is perfect for family gatherings such as Christmas or other special occasions. With 2 pounds of meat and four cheeses this is a hearty dish that although quite filling often finds guests asking for seconds.


piping filling into meringue Cups

Making Brazo de Mercedes CupsTypically Brazo de Mercedes is made as a meringue roll filled with custard, however this recipe offers a different configuration, as cups. The meringue cups are filled with the delicious egg yoke and condensed milk custard. Try this twist on a traditional Pilipino recipe today.


bowl of Lomi

LomiLomi is a favorite Filipino soup made with pork, fresh egg noodles, onion, cabbage, carrots, spices, and more. The recipe for this comfort food, that is appropriate for just about any meal, follows on this page.


Spicy Sweet Dried Fish on plate

Spicy Sweet Dried FishDried fish is soaked in a mixture of brown sugar, water, and diced chilies. Then after reducing the liquid and coating the fish, the pieces are fried and served, often with rice. Make this spicy sweet dried fish dish using the recipe provided on this page.


Thai Siomai with chili sauce

Thai SiomaiSiomai is a steamed dumpling containing meat, jicama, carrots, and seasonings. They are simple to make and can easily have their contents changed to your liking.


Korean Soy Bean Paste Soup

Korean Soy Bean Paste SoupA Korean recipe for a spicy, healthy soup using soy bean paste, tofu and veggies. It is best served with sticky rice and kimchi.


Squash Adobo with Pork Bits on plate

Squash Adobo with Pork BitsCombine onions, garlic, soy sauce, pork bits, and squash for a wonderful squash and pork adobo main dish that picks up a bit of sweetness from the squash. The recipe is offered on this page.


Beef Tapa ala Filipino

Beef Tapa ala FilipinoBeef tapas are a favorite dish in the Philippines. Seasoned, marinated thin slices of beef are used to prepare this tasty dish which can be served and enjoyed at any meal.


Prawns in spicy sauce

Making Spicy PrawnsThis special occasion prawn dish from the Philippines may become a special occasion meal for you as well. The preparation instructions, ingredients, and accompanying photos appear on this page.


adding chili sauce to pot

Instant Pot Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli and Beef (Bun Bo Hue)Beef shanks, meatballs, and fried pork patties combine with various seasonings and finally rice vermicelli to create this delicious bun bo hue. The complete recipe follows.


Butter Chicken in bowl

Instant Pot Butter ChickenAn Indian inspired buttery chicken meal that can be made in less time in an instant pot. Serve this garam masala and curry spiced entree with rice or naam bread.


Pichi Pichi

Making Pichi PichiPichi Pichi is a favorite breakfast meal in the Philippines. It consists of steamed, sweetened cassava. Learn how to prepare this delicious dessert.


cooked Carnitas

Instant Pot CarnitasYour Instant Pot can be used for so many recipes. Try this delicious pork carnitas dish and have dinner ready in an hour.


cut Japanese Fruit Sandwich on plate

Japanese Fruit SandwichThis Japanese sweet treat is assembled as you would a sandwich. It is made with slices of bread whipped cream and fresh fruits of your choice.


formed Glutinous Rice Balls

Making Sticky Rice BallsMaking sticky rice balls can be fun and tasty. A treat made with steamed glutinous rice batter and often shared around the Chinese new year.


Hawaiian Fish Paksiw on plate

Filipino Paksiw RecipesPaksiw is the second most popular cooking tradition in the Philippines after adobo. This is a favorite everyday method for cooking fish. When pineapple is added to the typical ingredients used in boiling the fish, it is referred to as Hawaiian. This page contains a recipe for Hawaiian fish paksiw.


Tuna Mayo Onigiri with fruit on plate

Tuna Mayo OnigiriThese delicious Japanese style seaweed wrapped rice balls are stuffed with a tasty tuna salad style filling. They are easy to make and a great fast to grab snack or light meal. Make them in traditional ball shapes or triangles and with or without the nori, dried seaweed sheet wrappers.


A plate of deep fried egg rolls.

Making Egg RollsMaking your own eggs rolls at home is easy and relatively fast. It also allows you to personally determine the types of fillings you prefer. Choose from the recipes on this page. Provide a dipping sauce if desired and enjoy.


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Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup in bowl

Thai Coconut Shrimp SoupThriftyFun has been doing Soup of the Week posts which have been making me crave soups nonstop. I thought I'd add one of my favourite coconut shrimp soup recipes with you. This soup is sweet, spicy, savoury, and super velvety. I know you will fall in love with it! If you can't find some of the ingredients, read the segment below for substitutions.


Sticky Rice Shumai on cabbage leaves plate

Sticky Rice ShumaiShumai is a delicate and delicious Asian dumpling, traditionally formed with a thin flour-based wonton style wrapper. You can forego using the wrappers and roll them in sticky mochi rice before steaming. I love the textures of these more than traditional shumai!


Veggie Egg Roll pieces on plate

Veggie Egg RollsI love making egg rolls at home because I can be quite picky about what's put in the middles when I order them at restaurants. Plus it costs so much less! Try these crispy rolls as an appetizer, or as a main dish. I love using soy, vinegar and chili paste as a dipping sauce. Yum!


Spring Roll on plate

Spring Rolls with Masago (Fish Roe)A nice light yet filling appetizer or snack featuring masago*. You can customize your spring roll wraps however you would like, but this is a combination I enjoy making. The amount yield varies depending how ingredients you use per spring roll. With 4 small avocados, I made 8 rolls and plenty of left over ingredients.


round dish of Creamy Ratatouille

Creamy RatatouilleThis is a beautiful vegetable ratatouille that is immersed in a tomato sauce, swirled with a homemade Bechamel sauce. It's lovely and crisp on top, and soft and creamy on the bottom. This is a delight to enjoy any time of the year.


Cucumber Kimchi in bowl

Cucumber KimchiAn easy to make side dish that pairs well with any Asian meal. You get a nice crunch and some spice (you can adjust the spice level depending on your preference).


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Grilled Beef La Lot

Grilled Beef La LotBeef la lot is a delicious Vietnamese recipe. These little beef rolls are great as an appetizer or served with rice noodles.


Baked Tacos

Baked TacosThese baked tacos have the best parts of both a crunchy taco and a taco casserole. Learn how to make them with this video.


Indian Butter ChickenChicken makhani is a delicious classic Indian dish.


Making Crepes

Making CrepesCrepes are a fun breakfast food and are super simple to make. Check out this video and learn how to make them.


Indian Veggie Pilaf

Indian Veggie PilafThis is an Indian rice side dish with green beans, carrots, peas and cauliflower.


Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla SoupChicken tortilla soup is healthy and delicious too. Make this recipe by following the steps in this video.


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A plate of seafood tacos.

Seafood "Alley" TacosEver price a lobster or shrimp taco? Some places charge $8.99 for a two taco shrimp plate or $9.99 for a two taco lobster plate. I made these homemade seafood tacos for less than $.50 per taco. I call them "Alley" tacos because they are cheaper than a street taco!


A flour tortilla filled with fish and fresh slaw.

Battered Fish Tacos with Fresh SlawThese tacos are filled with puffy, crispy buttermilk fried fish and a wonderfully refreshing cabbage, corn, and pepper slaw. The flavours are as vibrant as the colours presented. Enjoy!


Draining the sticky rice in a colander.

Coconut Pandan Sticky RiceThis is my Vietnamese inspired Coconut Pandan Sticky Rice with layered mung beans. This is a sticky rice dessert - you can serve warm or eat at room temperature. The toppings are optional - mung beans and sesame.


Sauerbraten over noodles with a dollop of sour cream.

SauerbratenMy sister and her family were stationed in Germany in the 1990s. She has shared a few German dishes with me. This is one of my favorite.


A super stuffed beef burrito cut in half.

Super Stuffed Beef BurritoSomething my friends and family ask me to make all the time are my super stuffed burritos. I fill them with all the goodies and wrap them up really tight so nothing falls out. Follow my recipe and rolling technique to find out how I make these yummy burritos!


A serving of chicken katsu curry on a plate.

Chicken Katsu CurryJapanese curry is one of my absolute favourite comfort meals. Adding chicken katsu to it just knocks it out of the park. Chicken katsu is a crispy fried chicken cutlet cooked to perfection.


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Kimchi Recipes?I would like to make kimchi. I have tried a couple of recipes, but haven't gotten the right one yet.


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Making Taco Shells from Scratch?I'm ready in a quandary here. I was making tacos at home. I didn't have any of the tortilla shells (soft) so I decided to make my own; big mistake! Or I screwed up, somehow.


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Easy Black Bean Salsa Recipe?I am looking for an easy, throw together fast black bean salsa. I usually have items on hand, but it never tastes quite right like others I have tasted. Thanks


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Taco Recipes?I am looking for taco recipes.


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Romanian Dish Called Galushka?Does anyone know how to make this recipe? I know you soak the cabbage for a week.


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Making Lasagna?How should I measure all of the ingredients for this size of a pan, 16 5/8 x 11 7/8 x 2 1/2?


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