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Individual Breakfast Squares baked in brownie pan

Savory Breakfast Squares RecipeUsing a brownie squares pan or muffin tin, you can make handy protein rich servings for an easy breakfast when you haven't much time. This page contains savory breakfast squares recipe.


Quick Breakfast Ideas, Healthy muesli breakfast with milk

Quick Breakfast IdeasThis is a page contains quick breakfast ideas. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but we are almost always so rushed.


Corned beef with potato on plate

Corned Beef with Potato RecipeTurn a can of corned beef into a full breakfast meal with the addition of onion, potato, and eggs. This page contains a corned beef with potato recipe.


Brazilian French Toast

Brazilian French ToastThis is a page about Brazilian french toast. This cinnamon sugar coated, crispy french toast is sure to become a favorite.


Egg cooked in middle of bread slice.

"Egg in the Hole" RecipesThis is a fun way to make eggs with pan toasted bread. This page contains "egg in the hole" recipes.


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Recipe for Gritzwurst Using Pork?I am looking for a recipe for homemade Gritzwurst using pork?


Pancakes with sliced bananas and powdered sugar.

Banana Pancake RecipesBanana pancakes are a great alternative to plain. These fruity cakes can also be eaten without added sweetener due to their naturally sweet flavor. This page contains banana pancake recipes.


baked Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

Hashbrown Breakfast CasseroleHere's a breakfast casserole with hashbrowns, meat, eggs and cheese that is easy to get prepped ahead of time. This page contains a hashbrown breakfast casserole.


Maple Sausage with Stuffed Waffles sprinkled with powdered sugar

Maple Sausage Stuffed WafflesAdd chunks of maple flavored sausage to waffle batter to make this delicious breakfast or brunch treat. Warm maple syrup would be the perfect topping for the crispy stuffed waffles.


The finished Cranberry Apple Oat and Quinoa Breakfast Bake

Cranberry Apple Oat and Quinoa Breakfast BakeThis is a very filling dish. The cranberries and apples complement each other nicely. Quinoa is on sale at my supermarket, so this was economical as well. I did not use nuts and substituted powdered ginger for the crystallized ginger.


Using Leftovers for Breakfast

Using Leftovers for BreakfastLast night, we enjoyed Thai takeout and we had some leftovers. Although we could have used it for lunch, there wasn't very much left. I decided to make a hearty breakfast instead. I heated the leftovers up in a pan and then scrambled eggs in the mixture. The resulting dish was the perfect start to the day and was enjoyed by the whole family.


A slice of avocado toast.

Wonderful Avocado ToastIf you are like me and get overwhelmed with cooking, then this breakfast is perfect for you! It's simple, it's quick, it tastes great, and the best thing is that it's healthy for you too! The avocado has good nutritional benefits for the heart, and much more.



A completed ham, egg and cheese bake.

Ham, Egg and Cheese BakeThis is made the night before and refrigerated, so all you have to do is bake it. I halved the recipe and baked it in an 8 by 8 inch dish. This recipe freezes well. It is very filling!


A stack of pancakes with syrup.

Fluffy Banana Choco Chip PancakeHere's a simple recipe you can even teach your kids to do it for themselves. This doesn't necessarily need measuring since our leavening agents baking soda and baking powder are absent in this recipe. These two are ingredients you have to put correctly into your batter or else you'll have a weird tasting pancake. The other ingredients, they can be estimated so it's safe for your children to participate this activity but still teach them the right estimate and proper procedure to get good results.


Cutting the sheet pancake into pieces.

Lemon Blueberry Sheet PancakesDelicious and much less messy than making on the stovetop. These freeze well and reheat in 90 seconds from frozen.


Several finished waffles.

Make Ahead Raised WafflesThese are light, fluffy and tender. Because the batter is made the evening before, it saves time in the morning. They freeze well.


A healthy acai bowl with lots of fruits and toppings.

Healthy Açaí BowlThis is some cool stuff! It looks pretty, tastes pretty, and it's healthy ;) This is an awesome substitute for ice cream. It's just as yummy, just in a different way.


A cooked waffle in the waffle maker.

Easy Homemade WafflesThis is a basic recipe that can have variations, if desired. It only takes one bowl, makes plenty, and freezes well for future breakfasts.


Two plates of French toast.

French ToastOkay so this is such a perfect thing to make. It's affordable, quick, and just what I like in the morning!! So I hope you enjoy this as much as I do:) On with the recipe!


A completed carrot cake overnight oats in a mason jar.

Carrot Cake Overnight OatsMaking overnight oats in mason jars is great if you have a busy schedule or need to feed your whole family in the morning. This version of oatmeal is made in a jiffy but tastes extraordinary. Since it's packed with fresh grated carrot, Greek yogurt, flax and chia seeds, it's full of nutrients. However, it tastes exactly like a decadent carrot cake. Enjoy!


A stack of peanut butter pancakes.

Peanut Butter Pancake RecipesPeanut butter pairs wonderfully with fluffy pancake batter. Add syrup and/or fruit and you will have a perfect breakfast or brunch recipe.


Two egg bites on a plate with toast.

Instant Pot Egg BitesThese are a copycat version of the Starbucks version, which are $5 for two. Since I have never had them at Starbucks, I cannot say whether they taste the same, but I can say they are good. You can get a mold like I used, or use silicone baking cups.


A stack of pancakes with syrup and fruit on the top.

Velvety Peanut Butter PancakesIf you are a peanut butter fan like I am, you will love these pancakes. They are silky smooth have just the right amount of peanuty goodness. They are rich, as well, so a little goes a long way. Any topping or syrup goes great with these. I like fruit and a touch of maple!


cooked Banana Pancakes on plate

Healthy Banana PancakesI have been cooking a lot during the quarantine, and I am also freezing a lot in anticipation of going back to work. This recipe makes 20 pancakes, so I will have breakfast for busy workday mornings. This uses flaxseed, which keeps you full all morning.


Pancake in a Mug

Pancake in a MugSo easy and fast. I made my own pancake mix.


Mung Bean Porridge in bowl

Making Mung Bean PorridgeOn weekends we usually have porridge for breakfast. It is common in traditional Asian culture to eat porridge. To switch it up from traditional rice porridge, we had mung bean porridge. Very easy to make with simple ingredients.


stack of Chocolate Chunk Pancakes with whipped cream

Chocolate Chunk PancakesI like to use chunks of chocolate instead of chips because it leaves big portions of the chocolate gooey. With a big dollop of whipped cream, I often serve these for dessert, too!



Completed strawberry cheese pandesal

Strawberry Cheese PandesalPandesal is a popular morning breakfast in the Philippines. It is best paired with black coffee. Pandesal got even more famous for its newly discovered varieties. It used to be plain. Then someone added flavor to it which made it more appealing. The new flavors are ube, strawberry, and chocolate.


piled crepes with strawberries

Perfect CrepesKnowing how to make a good crepe comes in handy because you can fill them with whatever you like. They make a wonderful treat whether it's morning, noon, or night. I like to serve them with fresh fruit for breakfast, and tuck them with dark chocolate for dessert. They also make great wraps for things like smoked salmon and cream cheese.


A plate of pumpkin waffles.

Making Pumpkin WafflesMake delicious pumpkin waffles using canned puree, pie spices, and other additions such as chopped apples, or nuts. They are sure to be a hit, not only at breakfast.


on plate

Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast BurritosFor a tasty breakfast burrito try this recipe. It combines, crispy tater tots, cheese, veggies such as peppers and onions, and a meat of your choice. They can be frozen for quick meals later on.


Raspberry Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Pancakes stacked on plate

Raspberry Marshmallow Chocolate Chip PancakesA special breakfast can be a tower of pancakes with marshmallows that puffed up and toasted, tart raspberries and dark chocolate chips for a perfectly balanced sweetness.


Sweet Potato Waffle on plate

Sweet Potato WafflesThese delicious waffles are made from scratch using mashed canned sweet potatoes, rolled oats, and whole wheat flour. The complete list of ingredients and instructions can be viewed below.


brushing Waffle with butter

Making Churro WafflesThese, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, waffles are reminiscent of churros. Apply melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar for a yummy breakfast meal.


Cornflake Crusted Cinnamon French Toast on plate

Cornflake Crusted Cinnamon French ToastDress up your favorite cinnamon French toast recipe by adding one more step. Coat the bread slices with crushed corn flakes after them have been submerged in the egg and milk mixture. The result is crunchy on the outside and custardy on the inside.


fork in Steak and Egg Hash

Steak and Egg HashCombine leftover steak bits or other meat with sautéed potatoes, chopped onion, and garlic. Once once these ingredients are tossed and the meat is heated though crack an egg in the center and cover to finish. This recipe serves one.


flipped pancake

Flourless Peanut Butter Banana PancakesTry these low carb flourless peanut butter banana pancakes. The recipe follows.


stack of Sausage-Stuffed Pancakes

Fluffy Sausage-Stuffed PancakesUsing a DIY buttermilk pancake recipe you can whip up a stack of sweet and savory sausage stuffed pancakes.


Avocado Breakfast Wrap

Avocado Breakfast WrapSeasoned, mashed avocado and a fried egg rolled up in a wrap is a great healthy food choice. Try one for breakfast.


baked Waffle on plate with syrup & blueberries

Cottage Cheese WafflesCottage cheese and whole wheat flour are included in this waffle recipe, resulting a light fluffy waffles.


A plate of Belgian waffles served with fruit.

Making Belgian WafflesBelgian waffles are a popular choice because of their light airy middle and crispy, deep pocketed outside. Try making them instead of the usual waffle and then add your favorite topping.


stack of pineapple upside down pancakes

Making Pineapple Upside Down PancakesMake a scrumptious pancake breakfast reminiscent of pineapple upside down cake. The ingredients list and instructions are found on this page.



Pancakes on plate with whipped cream

Flourless Peanut Butter Banana PancakesI love these super low-carb flourless pancakes. They are mainly just mashed banana, egg, and peanut butter. They don't need added sugar inside because the ripened banana and peanut butter are already sweet. They are very custardy and dreamy! I find they are great before a big workout as they give me quite a bit of energy and don't weigh me down.


A stack of oatmeal waffles.

Oatmeal Waffle RecipesImprove upon the typical white flour waffles you usually have and add oatmeal to the recipe, examples are found on this page. You can also use leftover oatmeal in your waffle maker for a fast nutritious breakfast meal or snack.


bowl removed from Instant Pot Blueberry Oatmeal

Instant Pot Blueberry OatmealAn instant pot can make quick work and a hearty breakfast of blueberry oatmeal. You can make a pot large enough to use for a number of days.


finished Cottage Cheese Crunch Bowl

Cottage Cheese Crunch BowlThis recipe is packed with healthy proteins, good fats, and fruit. Cottage cheese is the main ingredients with granola giving it crunch. Sweeten it with what you like.


Microwave Cheesy Breakfast-in-a-Mug on a plate

Microwave Cheesy Breakfast-in-a-MugFor a gluten-free quick meal, try this cheesy breakfast-in-a-mug cooked in the microwave.


Corned Beef Hash and Egg Breakfast

Corned Beef Hash and Egg Breakfast RecipeUse leftover corned beef, potato and onion to make this delicious hash. Served with eggs, it makes a perfect breakfast.


Tator Tot Breakfast Sandwiches on plates

Tater Tot Breakfast SandwichUse tater tots as a version of hashbrowns to make the outside of this delicious breakfast sandwich. Add bacon, egg and cheese for a hearty gluten free start to the day.


Cheesy Hash Browns

Cheesy Hash Browns RecipeThese super creamy hash browns are sure to be a hit at a potluck or family meal. They are easy to make and delicious! This is a page about cheesy hash browns.


Japanese Style Puff Pancakes on plate with fruit, syrup and whipped cream

Japanese Style Puff PancakesThese fluffy pancakes are just as easy to make as the traditional European or American style but turn out much higher. This page is about making Japanese style puff pancakes.


Mini Cream Cheese Crepes on plate and sprinkled with powdered sugar

Mini Cream Cheese CrepesThese delicious, rich pancakes are easier to make in a smaller size. This is a page about mini cream cheese crepes.


A pan of baked French toast.

Boozy Almond Baked French ToastIf you are having an adult breakfast or brunch, this delicious baked French toast will please your guests. This page contains a recipe for boozy almond baked French toast.


Bowl of syrup with a spoon.

Maple Flavored Syrup RecipesMake inexpensive maple flavored syrup at home with a few simple ingredients. This page contains maple flavored syrup recipes.


Turkey Avocado Breakfast in Bowl

Turkey Avocado Breakfast BowlThis is my go-to meal after a nice strength workout (and not only for breakfast). The lean turkey is packed with protein, and the avocado is fantastic for muscle building. Avocados are also high in electrolyte potassium, which is awesome for healthy nerve contractions and keeping your blood pressure at normal levels. Health benefits aside, this is also a crazy delicious meal!


Grilled eggplant halves on a plate

Grilled Eggplant OmeletEggplant is a wonderful vegetable to add to any dish, including eggs and cheese to create this delicious omelet. This page contains a recipe for grilled eggplant omelet.


full English breakfast on plate

Full English Breakfast in AmericaA breakfast dish my family and I love to have when we go back home to is the Full English. In America, I make them for special occasions. The latest occasion is England making it to the semi-finals in the World Cup. Hooray! Some of the ingredients that typically go in these breakfasts (like black pudding and rashers) aren't easily accessible to us, so we make do with what's at the regular grocery store. I've come up with a nice process to get the best out of what we have, and my family here and across the pond definitely approve!


Pancakes on plate

Pancakes with Jarred Baby FruitI got a free jar of baby fruit at the supermarket. With no one to give it to, I did a search and found this recipe. I substituted a stevia brown sugar blend and I used whey instead of milk. Store leftovers with waxed paper between them. Freeze if you wish.


Pancakes cooking in a pan.

Griddle Cake RecipesWhether made on a griddle or in a big fry pan, these pancake recipes can make a delicious breakfast. This page contains griddle cake recipes.


Tasty and healthy oatmeal porridge with mango, pomegranate and seeds.

Porridge-Fruit Melange RecipeThis page contains a porridge-fruit melange recipe. This creamy oatmeal recipe is full of fresh fruit. It's a great alternative to your normal breakfast oatmeal.


Garlicky Eggs in a Basket on plate

Garlicky Eggs in a BasketWhen my band mates are over for breakfast, they always ask me to make my famous garlicky eggs in a basket. The eggs are perfectly cooked in the center of a soft cloud of dough with a beautifully crisp exterior. You'll love these!


Vegan French Toast with Strawberry Compote

Vegan French Toast with Strawberry CompoteThis is an egg and dairy free French toast that has a crispy outside and custardy middle. Flax and nut milk are used in place of eggs and milk. Use any type of bread you like (I used sourdough here). You can add a bit of cinnamon in the mix if you like, but I wanted the homemade strawberry compote to shine.


Oats in a bowl

Making Overnight OatsHave oatmeal ready to eat in the morning. It can be made in the refrigerator while you sleep. This is a page about making overnight oats.


Cinnamon Donut Chips - bake thicker slices longer if needed

Cinnamon Donut Chips RecipeThis page contains a cinnamon donut chips recipe. Sprinkle thin sliced, stale donuts, with cinnamon sugar, and toast in the oven for a delicious chip to have with tea or coffee or as a snack anytime.



Pre Soaked OatmealI have come across a lot of interesting information that indicates that the best way to eat grains is to soak them, so as to eliminate phytic acid and other undigestible agents.


Grain-Free Granola (Paleo)

Grain-Free Granola (Paleo)Paleo eating has been quite popular for a while now. I'm not on a paleo diet, but I do try to control the quality and amount of grains I take in. This is an excellent grain-free granola that is so delicious, you won't be sad there aren't any oats in it!


Sticky Rice and Mung Bean in bowl

Sticky Rice and Mung BeanThis is a sweet rice dish that is commonly served during breakfast, or as a dessert.


Granny's Finnish Pannukakku

Granny's Finnish PannukakkuThis a breakfast desert that was always available when visiting Granny.



Overnight Oats RecipeLet your breakfast make itself in the refridgerator during the night while you sleep. This page contains a overnight oats recipe.


Stuffed Waffle with dipping sauce

Bacon and Cheese Stuffed WafflesI got this idea for a bacon and cheese stuffed waffle after I saw my brother use leftover Christmas ham and cheese inside of a waffle... and it was awesome! I used a simple pancake mix and just added water to make the batter. I used cheese that melts nicely; smoked gruyere and mozzarella. These waffles are fabulous on their own or with a dipping sauce of equal parts mustard and mayonnaise. Enjoy!


Egg and Cheese Muffin in a Mug ready to eat

Egg and Cheese Muffin in a MugI love the taste and convenience of Egg McMuffins but I don't visit fast food chains anymore. This is a way to get the same kind of breakfast quickly using a mug and a microwave. The dough turns into a soft and fluffy English muffin and there's a perfectly cooked egg in the middle. I've made this with gluten free flour and it's worked out perfectly.


Stuffed breakfast bread braid on a cutting board.

Sausage Brunch Braid RecipeRefrigerated crescent rolls wrapped around a tasty sausage filling are hearty enough to serve as a brunch main dish. This page contains a sausage brunch braid recipe.


All In Potato Breakfast on plate

All In Potato Breakfast RecipeGo all in with this hearty and delicious breakfast. Try this all in potato breakfast recipe tomorrow morning.


Flourless Egg Muffin sitting on countertop

Gluten-Free Egg MuffinsIf you have a gluten intolerance, these delicious egg muffins are a great quick breakfast option. This page contains gluten-free egg muffins.


Avocado pancakes with fruit on plate

Avocado PancakesI've been making an effort to increase my "good" fats recently, adding more avocados, nuts and fish into my meals. I love these avocado pancakes because they're just like regular pancakes, only more fluffy and silky. They also have such a lovely flavour, I skip the syrup altogether. Okay, I also happen to love the colour green, so there's that, too! ;)


Healthy Breakfast Cookies - cookie resting in the palm of baker's hand

Healthy Breakfast CookiesThese delicious oatmeal, dried fruit, and nut based cookies are easy make for a grab and go breakfast. This is a page about healthy breakfast cookies.


Protein and Fiber Packed Breakfast Cookies

Protein and Fiber Packed Breakfast CookiesProtein and fiber are essential parts of any healthy breakfast. Bake these breakfast cookies beforehand so you have them ready to eat when you need to eat something fast and easy but don't want something unhealthy. This is a page about protein and fiber packed breakfast cookies.


Making Crepes - Triangular folded crepe sprinkled with sugar and topped with a lemon slice.

Making CrepesCrepes originated in France but now these delectably thin pancakes can be enjoyed throughout the world. This is a page about making crepes.


A stack of buttermilk pancakes on a plate.

Buttermilk Pancake RecipesEveryone will enjoy these fluffy and delectable buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. This page contains buttermilk pancake recipes.


Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookies

Oatmeal and Raisin Breakfast CookiesThese delicious cookies are like having a bowl of raisin oatmeal on the go. This is a page about oatmeal and raisin breakfast cookies.


Creamy Vanilla Pancake Syrup - homemade syrup on a plate of pancakes

Creamy Vanilla Pancake Syrup RecipeFor a change of pace from maple or other flavored syrups try making this delicious vanilla version. This page contains a recipe for creamy vanilla pancake syrup.


All-in-one Breakfast Toast

All-in-one Breakfast ToastBread topped with eggs, cheese, and bacon baked in muffin tins creates these little individual breakfast servings. This is a page about all-in-one breakfast toast.


An omelette with tomatoes and herbs.

Omelette in a Bag RecipesThese convenient individual omelettes are great for sleepovers, campouts or quick breakfasts for the whole family. Be sure to use bags that are intended for higher temperatures. This page contains omelette in a bag recipes.


Cinnamon Oat

Cinnamon Oat PancakesThe healthy goodness of oats and cinnamon join together to make these delicious pancakes. This is a page about making cinnamon oat pancakes.


A waffle sandwich made with peanut butter and bananas.

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich WafflePeanut butter and banana are an excellent favor combination to add to a waffle. This page contains peanut butter and banana sandwich waffle.


Berry Overnight Oats in bowl

Berry Overnight OatsBreakfast makes itself in the refrigerator overnight! An inexpensive and easy recipe, and a great way to recycle any jars you have.


A bowl of applesauce.

Applesauce PancakesAdding the naturally sweet flavor of applesauce to your homemade pancakes is sure to make them even more delicious. This is a page about applesauce pancakes.



Yogurt Flapjacks RecipePancakes can be made a number of different ways. Try using yogurt next time you prepare some flapjacks for you and your family. This page contains yogurt flapjacks.


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal RecipeApple cinnamon oatmeal is a hearty and healthy meal to kickstart your day. This page contains apple cinnamon oatmeal.


Homemade Crescent Rolls piled on the plate.

Sausage Cream Cheese CrescentsThese handheld cream cheese and sausage filled crescent rolls are so easy to make and sure to be a hit with you and the family. Try out this simple recipe for breakfast this weekend.


Healthy Breakfast Burritos

Healthy Breakfast Burrito RecipeBy building your own breakfast burrito, you can improve its flavor and nutritional value. This page contains a healthy breakfast burrito recipe.


Ham and Cheese Popovers in the pan

Ham and Cheese PopoversThese tasty popovers work well for either a meal, with sides, or as a snack. And they are easy enough for older kids to make themselves. This is a page about ham and cheese popovers.


Hot Vanilla Mix

Hot Vanilla Mix RecipeThis is a page about hot vanilla mix recipes. Try this creamy alternative to hot chocolate.


Slow-Carb Scrambled Eggs, Greens and Sausage

Making Slow-Carb Scrambled EggsThis is a page about making slow-carb scrambled eggs. Adding greens and healthy protein to scrambled eggs starts your day off right.


pancakes on a white plate

Blender PancakesThis is a page about blender pancakes. You can speed up the mixing of the ingredients for these cottage cheese or yogurt and oatmeal pancakes.


Not-So Spanish Omelet

Not-So Spanish Omelet RecipeThis page contains a recipe for not-so Spanish omelet. This omelet is a simple and delicious breakfast or brunch meal that everyone will enjoy.


homemade banana pancakes

Homemade Banana PancakesBanana pancakes are simple to make and delicious. You don't even need to add sugar or syrup to these sweet tasty cakes. This is a page about homemade banana pancakes.


Granola in a jar

Maple Peanut Butter Granola RecipeThis page contains a maple peanut butter granola recipe. Making your own granola allows you to play with your favorite flavor combinations.


pancakes on plate

Chocolate Chip Banana PancakesChocolate is a delicious accompaniment to the flavor of bananas in these kid friendly pancakes. This is a page about chocolate chip banana pancakes.


3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes

3 Ingredient Banana PancakesOatmeal adds a hearty texture to this low ingredient recipe. This is a page about 3 ingredient banana pancakes. This is a page about 3 ingredient banana pancakes.


2 Ingredient Pancakes

2 Ingredient PancakesLower the amount of fat and gluten in your pancakes with this low ingredient recipe. This is a page about 2 ingredient pancakes.


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Japanese Style Puff Pancake on plate

Japanese Style Puff PancakesEveryone always asks me for this recipe so I thought I would share it here. These are a favorite as far as pancakes go. Japanese style pancakes are always about twice the height of regular ones, if not more. They're velvety and creamy, very much like a sponge cake. Enjoy!


Cornflake Crusted Cinnamon French Toast with whipped cream & syrup

Cornflake Crusted Cinnamon French ToastCoating your French toast in lightly crushed cornflakes before cooking them is wonderful! You get a soft custardy inside and an exterior that has a lovely crunch with a fabulous nutty flavour. These go great with any number of toppings: fruit, syrups, honey, whipped cream, or powdered sugar. These don't have to be a morning treat as they actually make a superb dessert, as well!


Healthy Breakfast Burritos

Healthy Breakfast BurritosQuick and easy recipe to make. Pack a nutritional punch you just can't get through a fast-food drive-through!


Easy Ricotta Pancakes

Easy Ricotta PancakesThis is my version of silky, delicious ricotta pancakes without having to separate the eggs to create volume. They have become a favourite with everyone I've served them to. It's hard to go back to regular pancakes after a taste of these, and now, they're not so hard to make!


Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cups

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast CupsThese delicious and healthy breakfast cups are perfect for someone who needs to eat breakfast on the run. They are moist in the middle with a crunchy white chocolate topping. Somewhere in between a bowl of oatmeal and a muffin.


hand held Woven Bacon Shell Breakfast Taco

Woven Bacon Shell Breakfast TacoThis low carb breakfast taco isn't only super delicious, it looks super cool! Weave the bacon, pop it in the oven, and fill with your favourite breakfast foods. This will be a hit for your family and friends.


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A plate of breakfast cookies made with healthy ingredients.

Healthy Breakfast CookiesTreat your children at breakfast time with these tasty treats. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Baked Blueberry Banana Oatmeal

Baked Blueberry Banana OatmealThis a delicious and nutritious breakfast recipe. Check out this video and learn how to make it.


Homemade Banana Pancakes

Homemade Banana PancakesBanana pancakes are a delicious treat. Making them is super easy, learn how in this short video.


2 Ingredient Pancakes

2 Ingredient PancakesThese two ingredient, gluten free pancakes are super simple to make. Learn how with this short video.


A fluffy Japanese style pancake in a snowflake shape with syrup.

Japanese Style Puff PancakesThese fluffy pancakes are a delicious alternative to traditional pancakes. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Homemade Granola

Homemade GranolaGranola isn't one of the cheapest foods but it is definitely nutritious and a great way to start your morning.


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A slice of avocado toast.

Wonderful Avocado ToastIf you are like me and get overwhelmed with cooking, then this breakfast is perfect for you! It's simple, it's quick, it tastes great, and the best thing is that it's healthy for you too! The avocado has good nutritional benefits for the heart, and much more.


The finished Cranberry Apple Oat and Quinoa Breakfast Bake

Cranberry Apple Oat and Quinoa Breakfast BakeThis is a very filling dish. The cranberries and apples complement each other nicely. Quinoa is on sale at my supermarket, so this was economical as well. I did not use nuts and substituted powdered ginger for the crystallized ginger.


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Peanut Butter and Jelly French ToastA fun breakfast for PB&J lovers.



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Looking for a recipe recently in People Magazine.I am looking for a recipe that was recently in People Magazine that was a French bread bake with apples, dried cranberries, and light brown sugar. Does anyone have this?


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Wave Oven Breakfast Recipes?I am looking for breakfast recipes for a Big Boss rapid wave oven.


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Cruise Ship Muesli Recipe?On my last cruise I fell in love with the muselix breakfast that was offered. It was creamy, contained strawberries and cranberries, and was delicious!


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Healthy and Low Calorie Breakfast Bar Recipe?I would sincerely appreciate a few recipes for a healthy and low calorie breakfast bar?


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Perfect Banana Pancakes?Do you have a great recipe for banana pancakes? Please share it.


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Overnight French Toast Casserole?I am looking for a recipe for overnite French toast casserole/bake. It uses vanilla liquid coffee creamer, day old bread and half and half. Those are the only contents I can remember.


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